Art Store Auxiliary request



Art Store Auxiliary request
Request for Auxiliary Operation – Questionnaire
For questions, call the Budget Office at 644-4203.
Please attach proposed rates and a detailed and auditable rate methodology. If additional space is needed to answer
any of the questions below, please include an attachment. Requests for online courses must be coordinated by
Academic & Professional Program Services (APPS). Requestors should contact APPS prior to completing this form.
Has the Budget Manager listed on page 1 completed the appropriate FSU Training?
(Visit for more information on training opportunities)
Indicate the method that will be used for accepting collections: Online Credit Card sales only
(Example: cash register receipting in X Building, FSUCard Center, IDR)
Will this Auxiliary be collecting over $1,000 in cash, checks or credit card charges?
If so, this activity will need to be approved as a cash collection point.
(Visit for the cash collection point application or more information)
Please write the official Mission Statement or purpose of the Auxiliary.
To sell original art produced by FSU Faculty, students, and guest artists. Proceeds will be used to support academic programs.
Indicate the building and room number where the primary operations will occur:
Is the activity currently being performed through another entity?
If “Yes”, please explain.
Will the activity involve E&G support?
(Example: the use of E&G space, positions, equipment)
If “Yes”, list the E&G positions or describe the other support in detail.
FAB 220
Approximately 15% of position # 54039, occasional OPS workers
Many proposed auxiliaries are actually contracts that should be under the purview of Sponsored Research Services.
Have you contacted SRS and ruled out this possibility?
If “Yes”, with whom did you speak?
Diana Key
Do you plan to do business with federally sponsored contracts and grants?
The U.S. Office of Management and Budget has identified certain costs that may not be charged to federally sponsored
contracts and grants, directly or indirectly (including federal flow-thru funding). Auxiliaries should ensure that rates
charged to federally sponsored contracts and grants do not include unallowable costs. For more information contact
Sponsored Research Services.
What is the source and amount of start-up funding for the new auxiliary operation?
Artists contributions or consignments will be used for startup inventory.
BUD-6 Revised 01/2011
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Will this auxiliary pay for any employee positions?
If “Yes”, provide an attachment that shows the following data for each:
Position Number
Annual Gross Pay or Hourly Rate
Position Number is only required if an existing position is to be used.
Estimate revenue and expense for the initial fiscal year and the next two fiscal years:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Balance Forward
Add: Revenue
Deduct: OPS
Deduct: Expense
Total Operating Expenditures
Deduct: Transfers Out*
Ending Cash Balance
Cash as a % of Expenditures
Add: Transfers In
Cash Available
Deduct: Salary
*Please consider the possibility of an Overhead Assessment (OHA) charge that will be transferred out beginning in year 3. For more information
about the OHA and special agreements see
Identify the entities to which you will provide sales or services, and the projected percentage of revenue for each:
Your own department
C&G within your department
Other FSU departments
C&G from other departments
Projected Sales
Percentage of Total
Type of User
Other State agencies
Other outside Customers
Total Revenue
BUD-6 Revised 01/2011
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Version date: September 26, 2011 CVATD ART STORE
Concept Overview
The store will consist of an online storefront where potential customers can browse photos and
descriptions of works of Art.
The sale items will consist of original works of art, or reproductions of same, that are created in CVATD
classes, or consigned or donated by individual artists. The consignment fees will be the same for all
artists. CVATD staff has confirmed with FSU legal counsel that art work created in class at FSU belongs
entirely to the student artists.
All sales will be online, and only through credit cards.
Auxiliary Rate Sheet
Each piece of original art will be priced individually. In the future, mass produced items will have fixed
pricing if added to the store.
Cash Collections Procedures for FSU CVATD Art Store Auxiliary
There will be no invoicing as all sales will be online through credit card payment.
Check Receiving
No checks will be received. Sales will be online only by credit card payment.
Person responsible: Ashley Ivey, Media Specialist, CVATD
Backup: Robert Berg, Administrative Specialist (UBA – Art)
MS Ivey will make copies of the transaction settlement sheet, create a DT118 form and make a
copy. The completed DT118 form is then attached to the settlement sheet. Ms Ivey hand
delivers it in an envelope to the cashier’s office at Student Financial Services. Deposits are done
the morning after the online transactions take place. A copy of the settlement sheet, the copy of
the DT118, and any sales invoices will all be attached together as back-up.
Once the deposit is made, the Media Specialist then brings the receipt of deposit back to the
office verifies it to the copy of the DT118 and attaches it with the backup documentation.
Version date: September 26, 2011 Voids / Refunds
Voids will be accepted within 24 hours of purchase and a full refund will be issued. To
accommodate this policy, shipping will be delayed by at least 24 hours after a purchase is
made. Void and return notifications will be through a customer service email link that will be
monitored by several people.
Returns, less shipping and handling costs, may be made for store credit only, with receipt and
within 30 days of purchase. Merchandise must be in original condition, and return shipping is the
responsibility of the purchaser, Damaged or defective merchandise will be refunded or replaced
at the discretion of CVATD. Fine art purchases are not returnable. The third party vendor for the
credit card sales will be Cybersource. They are partnered with Bank of America, and allow
online refunds for transactions.
Card and Address Verification
Our preferred third party credit card processor, Cybersource, provides card verification checks
and billing/shipping address match checks.
Person responsible: Larry Walker, UBA Assistant Director
Backup: Mark Thorp, Finance and Admin Ops Mgr
Mr Walker will keep back-up(s) filed and, each month, will reconcile to OMNI ledgers. There will
be no accounts receivable records as all sales will be online via credit card payment.
Key Items
• Auxiliary will have to be created—Application ready to submit once rate sheet and other
questions are answered
• Cash collection point will have to be approved even though we will handle no cash, checks or
credit card receipts—Application submitted
• Application for Payment Card Merchant will have to be submitted to Student Financial
Services--can’t be approved until cash collection point is approved
• UBIT issues have to be identified and addressed—Discussed with Mike Ballow on 3
occasions. Tax reporting frequency may have to be increased depending on type of sales
• Sales tax will have to be collected on most sales. CVATD already has a tax registration
number which can also be used for the Art Store.
• Payments and 1099 forms for consignment artists will need to be discussed with Payables to
identify any issues— Discussed with Dawn Snyder 5-26. Confirmed payments would go
through Payables, and 1099 forms would be issued for payments over $600
• Contract for consignment artists will need to be drawn up specifying split, intellectual property
rights, etc—Contract has been reviewed by Art Wiedinger and is being finalized.
• Third party, PCI DSS/Visa/Bank of America approved vendor must be contracted to handle
online payments—Cybersource-Bank of America will most likely be third party vendor.
Version date: September 26, 2011 •
Online store must be set up—Ashley Ivey
Shipping and handling cost calculators need to be built into the web site--Ashley
Potential partners must be contacted
Voice and Visual guidelines need to be followed for any logo items created for resale
May 26-Larry and Ashley met with Art Wiedinger, Betty Southard, Olivia Pope, and Bill
Sweeney to discuss potential issues and opportunities for the proposed store. This group was
very enthusiastic about the project.
Credit Card Sales
When the account is setup, we will be able to take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and
the FSU Card.
When transactions take place, the funds will be deposited directly into FSU’s account. From there, we
will have to submit a DT-118 to Student Financial Services cashiering counter each time we settle a
batch (Curt Caito is the one to speak to about this, although instructions and forms are on the
Controller’s Website under SFS). The DT-118 will specify where to put the funds (Our
dept/fund/account). This form needs to be received by SFS the day after batch settling (when we close
out the transactions for the day). This will ensure that our funds are given to us expediently, and we don’t
pay additional fees. Other FSU clients using SFS payment card system are; Online Parking, Center for
Professional Development, Student Financial Services, Ringling, Theatre, Athletics, and Computer Store.
We will explore the possibility of partnerships with other FSU and non-FSU entities such as FSU
Bookstore, Turnbull Center, etc.
The following pages contain examples of some of the types of items that will be offered for sale at
the FSU College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance Art Store.
Artist at the Diner
Jay Schmetz
If you like Jay Schmetz then you may like...
Oil on canvas
24" x 30"
$1,200.00 (€1,044.00)
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"Midsummer Nights Dream" LIMITED EDITION Bronze Resin Sculpture by Joy Kirton-Smith, AP
Numbered and Signed with Certificate of Authenticity!
Item #157857
Buy It Now: $1,150.00
Save For Later
Tamara Garvey
If you like Tamara Garvey then you may like...
Birch Forest
Illustration archival print
Matte, acid free paper
11" x 17"
$20.00 (€17.40)
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Splatter Ties
Denise Carson
If you like Denise Carson then you may like...
Splatter paint vintage ties by SCAD painting professor Denise Carson! Hamish Bowles, super fabulous European
Editor at Large of Vogue magazine, purchased 4 when he visited shopSCAD during SCAD Style last year.
Each tie is a one-of-a-kind, so please specify your color preference in the comment box at the time you place your
$20.00 (€17.40)
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Savannah Tote
Vanessa Boulton
This limited edition, faux-leather tote is inspired by the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. It has a cotton-lined
interior with a back wall zip pocket and four additional pockets for cell phone, keys, sunglasses, and other
essentials. It measures 16-inches wide (across the bottom) and 11-inches tall with dual shoulder straps of 8inches. Available in green or red.
Alternate Views
$115.00 (€ 100.05)
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Crocheted Sheep
Holly Sexton
3 ft. x 2.5 ft.
Made from hand-crocheted doilies from wool yarn, polyfill, and metal armature for standing pose.
$160.00 (€139.20)
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Colorful Doves Coasters
Vanessa Boulton
$24.00 (€
Colorful Doves Coasters {set of 4}
Choose pink or blue
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