November - West Loch Fairways



November - West Loch Fairways
Taxi Driver Regulation
There has been a great deal of attention
from the media about the City’s regulation of
taxicab drivers on Oahu. Recent articles in
the Star-Advertiser about taxicab driver Enio
Tablas, who has been charged with sexually
assaulting two female passengers, underscore the need for greater oversight.
In this regard, as Chair of the City Council
committee that has jurisdiction over public
safety issues, Councilmember Menor is in
the process of drafting legislation that would
tighten regulations on Oahu taxicab drivers.
These measures could include:
Strengthening background checks of
applicants for taxicab driver certificates.
The current regulations require only a
two year background check limited to
offenses in Hawaii. This is why Tablas
was able to pass the City’s taxi driver
criminal background screening in spite
of the fact that since 2006, he had been
convicted of several crimes in California and Hawaii. Councilmember Menor
will be proposing that criminal background checks be extended to a 10year nationwide database search;
Clarifying the authority of the Director
of the Department of Customer Services, which oversees regulation of
taxicabs, to be able to suspend the
certificate of a cab driver who has been
charged with a serious offense. Under
present law, the Director can suspend
or revoke a certificate only if a taxicab
driver has been convicted of an offense. This is a loophole in the law that
allows Tablas to continue operating a
taxicab while awaiting trial on the sexual assault charges;
Computerizing all taxi driver records;
Implementing mandatory random drug
screening of taxi drivers.
These changes in regulations would be a
significant overhaul of the process that taxicab drivers must follow to obtain their
certificates and would help to increase public safety. Councilmember Menor will continue to work on this issue and will provide
updates on any legislative changes.
Homeless Issues Update
As the Chair of the City Council’s Public
Health, Safety and Welfare Committee, Councilmember Menor, as well as members of the
committee, continue to work to address the
issue of homelessness on Oahu. The committee passed the following resolutions at their
October committee meeting which were subsequently approved by the full Council at its
regular Council Meeting.
Resolution 15-283 urges the City
Administration to move forward expediently
with Honolulu’s Housing First Program by
investing in more housing inventory options,
enlarging program contracts to target greater
numbers of chronically homeless people, and
making the placement of families a priority.
Resolution 15-281 CD1 requests the City
Auditor to conduct a performance audit of the
City’s Section 8 tenant-based assistance
Resolution 15-268 CD1, FD1 requests that
the City administration, after consultation with
the Urban Rest Stop Program, or programs in
other municipalities, and local hygiene service
providers, report to the Council on the
feasibility of establishing hygiene centers in
the Mapunapuna area for homeless persons.
The resolution also requests that a pilot
program be undertaken to operate such a
Resolution 15-282 requests that the
administration consider the use of ambubuses to provide mobile health services to the
Resolution 15-284 urges the Hawaii
State Legislature to appropriate sufficient
funds to ensure that the public housing rental
units currently offline are renovated to meet
the shortage of affordable housing in
Update on Community Concerns
West Loch Bike Path
The City has agreed to assume ownership of
a portion of the West Loch bike path that has
long been under the ownership of the West
Loch Fairways Association. The Association
had previously attempted to turn over ownership to the City due to liability concerns. The
City is currently finalizing a Memorandum of
Agreement for the parties to sign to effectuate
the transfer.
Ewa Villages Manager’s Mansion
The City Department of Facility Maintenance
(DFM) responded to concerns regarding trees
at the Manager’s Mansion. They stated that the
trees are in good condition and due to recent
rains will remain that way for an extended time.
DFM is considering several irrigation options
for the Ewa Villages area including the
Manager’s Mansion which does not currently
have water service. Councilmember Menor will
provide any needed updates.
Upcoming Meetings
Ewa Monthly Report for November 2015
Council Meeting
Wednesday, December 9
Ewa, Ewa Beach, Mililani, Waikele, Waipahu, Village Park, and Royal Kunia
Honolulu Hale, Third Floor Council
 Morning Session: 9 am
 Afternoon Session: 1:30 pm
Committee Meetings
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Public Health, Safety & Welfare: 9 am
Parks, Cmty & Customer Scvs: 10:30 am
Executive Matters & Legal Affairs: 1 pm
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Budget: 9 am
Public Works, Infra & Sustainability:
Rescheduled for Thursday
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Zoning & Planning: 9 am
Public Works, Infra, & Sustainability:
1 pm
Business, Econ Dev & Tourism: 2:30 pm
Useful Contact Info
For concerns regarding refuse collection
and bulky items:
 Wahiawa baseyard (Kunia Camp,
Mililani, Waipio Acres): 768-3200
Where to dispose of household trash
and residential waste material: 226-2996
(Ewa Convenience Center)
To report an abandoned vehicle: 7332530
To report a pothole: 768-7777 (City
street) or 536-7852 (State road) or email:
To file a complaint with the City’s complaint office: 768-4381 or email: [email protected]
To report sidewalks that are cracked,
uplifted or obstructed: 768-8159
For concerns regarding park maintenance: 675-6030
For concerns regarding bus and handivan operations: 768-8300
For concerns regarding motor vehicle
registration and drivers’ licensing: 5324324 or 532-4325
Barking dogs: HPD (911)
For complaints regarding public trees:
For complaints regarding satellite city
halls: 532-7747
For permits at City campgrounds: 7683440
For updates/ traffic advisories on
Honolulu’s rail transit project: 566-2299
Tel. 768.5009
Fax. 768-5011
E-mail: [email protected]
Message from Councilmember Ron Menor
Aloha Friends and Neighbors,
esterday, our nation celebrated
Veterans Day. I would like to thank
all of our veterans for the many
sacrifices they have made in serving our
country. Yesterday morning, I marched in
the 69th annual Veterans Day Parade that
was hosted by the Wahiawa Lions Club.
This is an event that I make a point of
attending every year to honor the
commitment and service of our veterans.
The Ewa Beach community recently came
together to celebrate the life of Uncle Henry
Chang Wo Jr. Uncle Henry was a fixture in
the Ewa Beach community and this loss will
be felt by many. During the October 29th
memorial service, his family, many friends,
and residents of Ewa Beach remembered
Uncle Henry and the important work he did
to revitalize the limu of the Ewa Beach
shoreline. I was honored to present his
family with an honorary certificate from the
City Council noting Uncle Henry’s many
contributions to Ewa Beach and its limu.
Also deserving of mention is Ewa Makai
Middle School. On Friday, I will be
presenting honorary certificates at an
awards assembly to honor the school and a
few outstanding individuals. The Strive HI
Awards Program recognized the Ewa Makai
Middle School P.E. Department for their
work to utilize technology in their coursework. Teachers Gregg Agena, Scott
Yorimoto, and Jan Combs received the
Team Excellence Award of Merit for their
work. Custodian Carlos Dias was also
honored by receiving the Sustained Superior
Performance Award. Ewa Makai Middle
School’s faculty and staff do a phenomenal
job in preparing our children for success.
Their exemplary work was recently
recognized by Noodle, an educational
website that recognized Ewa Makai as
being among the most innovative schools in
the nation. Congratulations to Principal Ed
Oshiro and all of his faculty and staff for this
This past Saturday, I also made a point to
Councilmember Menor marched in the 69th Annual Wahiawa Lions Club Veterans Day Parade.
Councilmember Menor joined members of the Lions Club, First Circuit Court Judge Ed Kubo (far
right), and many others at the parade.
attend the Mililani High School Trojan Bandfest. Our very own James Campbell High
School marching band performed very well
and I was extremely proud to watch them. I
would also like to extend my congratulations
and best wishes to the Campbell marching
band as they prepare for a trip to Japan
where they will be performing next year.
At the City Council’s November 4th
Council Meeting, the Council presented an
honorary certificate to the Hawaiian Railway
Society for their work in preserving the rail
lines of the Leeward Coast. The Society has
restored approximately 6.5 miles of track
and also refurbished a number of
locomotives and rail cars. A warm mahalo
to them for their work in preserving a rich
part of Hawaii’s history.
Also honored at the November 4th Council
Meeting was the Oahu Filipino Catholic
Club. The Council presented the club with
an honorary certificate recognizing the
club’s initiatives in providing children with
the opportunities to receive an education
through the club’s scholarship efforts. Several members of the Our Lady of Perpetual
Help congregation, who belong to the Catholic Club, were in attendance.
Finally, the City Council’s Committee on
Zoning and Planning has scheduled a special meeting for this Monday, November 16,
at 6 p.m. at Kapolei Hale to consider issues
relating to the Hoakalei Master Plan Update.
In closing, I would like to wish you and your
family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank
you for the opportunity to serve as your
councilmember. If you have any
concerns to share or if you need assistance,
please don’t hesitate to contact me at 7685009 or via email at [email protected]
To learn more about my latest activities as
your City Councilmember, please log on to:
Councilmember Menor with Honolulu Police Department officers at
the November 7th Leeward Discovery Fair at Leeward Community
College. Councilmember Menor handed out lunches to volunteers at
the event.
(L to R) Councilmember Menor, Frances Rivero of the Boys and Girls Club of
Hawaii, and Debbie Luning, a Weed and Seed supporter.
Councilmember Menor with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union
Councilmember Menor addressing the crowd at HawaiiUSA Federal Credit
President and CEO Karl Yoneshige at the grand opening of their new Union’s grand opening event at their new Ewa location. Councilmember Menor
Ewa branch on October 17th.
presented the branch with an honorary certificate on behalf of the City Council.
Councilmember Menor and Councilmember Pine presented
Hawaiian Railway Society member Steven Wendt with an honorary
certificate at the City Council’s November 4th meeting.
The Honolulu City Council honored the Oahu Filipino Catholic Club, which
includes Ewa Beach church members, for their work to provide students with
scholarship funds.
Councilmember Menor (far right), along with Councilmember Elefante and
Senator Nishihara (2nd and 3rd from right, Council Chair Ernie Martin (far
left), and Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui (2nd from left) participated in
the October 8th Men’s March Against Violence.
Councilmember Menor and students from the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet
Corps gathered additional signatures on a petition for the City to install
traffic calming measures on Hanakahi Street.
The James Campbell High School (JCHS) marching band performing at
the November 7th Mililani High School Trojan Bandfest which
Councilmember Menor attended.
The JCHS marching band shines, rendering an impressive performance.
Great job, Sabers!
JCHS Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) members
at the 69th Annual Wahiawa Lions Club Veterans Day Parade. The unit
was recognized as the best JROTC marching unit in the parade.
Councilmember Menor with Campbell NJROTC members. The students
are seen here accepting an award for being the best JROTC marching unit
in the Wahiawa Veterans Day Parade.

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