Strength in Numbers in 2011 - Ronald McDonald House Charities of


Strength in Numbers in 2011 - Ronald McDonald House Charities of
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Annual Report
Including the Summer 2012 edition of
A Publication of Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Chattanooga
Strength in Numbers in 2011
Average of 50 families
per month stayed at
Ronald McDonald House
Average of 1,833 guests a
month found respite in the
Ronald McDonald Family Room
645 children exercised
using Smartmoovz fitness
and nutritional program
40 local high school seniors
received $40,000 in scholarships
during their first year in college
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
RMHC Board Members
Report from the President of the
Board and the Executive Director
Art Holekamp, President
Jayne Holder*, Past President
Larry Vinyard, Vice-President
Mary Lynn Wilson, Secretary
Henry Hoss*, Treasurer
Members At Large
Judy Bellenfant*
Autumn Witt Boyd
Donna Brody
Sallie Brooks
David Carroll
Kim Coffey
Ellen Tucker Dowling
Carroll Duckworth
Joe Franklin
Myra Fuller*
Topper Gardenhire, D.D.S.
Jane Goodwin*
Doug Gregory
Tracy Hightower
Anne Holland
Mary Holliday*
Rick Honeycutt*
Barbara Ann Hopkins*
Janet Jorges
Marcia Kling*
Phyllis Lawrence
Joy Lewis*
Dear RMHC Friends:
Rich Mady
Bill McCord*
Diane Meadows
Merilee Milburn
Bill Moore*
Tip Oxford
Beth Painter*
Joyce Phillips
Jim Queen*
Susan Rogers
Lisa St. Charles
Beth Salling
Jimmy Scotchie
Hank Smith*
Mark Smith
Jeanie Weathington
Chris Welch
Joe Winick
Lisa Winters*
Stefanie Wittler
Dr. Barbara Wofford
Louis Wright*
* Lifetime Members
We are operating this year on the
philosophy that “a picture is worth a
thousand words,” to share the story of
our 2011 Annual Report with you. The
year had more challenges than usual, but
in true RMHC fashion, we have come
through the fire into the light once again.
The biggest challenges took two forms—
the discovery of mold in five guest rooms
in the House and the need to re-engineer
our Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
Program from a dental program to a
medical program. On the other hand,
the Board of Directors completed 18
months of work on an excellent strategic
plan with elements that prepare the
organization for sustainability, now and
in the future.
ronald mcDonald House®
MOLD, or as we like to think of
it—Make OLD new again—caused
us to close the House temporarily and
completely renovate every guest room
while we were taking care of the problem.
Ronald McDonald House Charities Staff
Jane L. Kaylor, Executive Director
Joshua Dempsey, Director of Operations
Chinyere Ubamadu, Manager of Marketing
and Public Relations
Tiffany Cobb, Director of Development
Jules Kinder, Development Officer
Wendy Evans, Donor Relations Associate
Lindsay Ropp, Development Officer
Ricky Robbins, Volunteer Coordinator
Michele Carter, Family Coordinator
Jessica Tiano, Assistant Resident Manager
Margaret Anne Cox, Operations Assistant/Events
and Activities
Garland Sherman, Maintenance Specialist
Rhonda Hampton, Housekeeping Staff
Debra McWay, Housekeeping Staff
Lyn Jaska, Housekeeping Staff
Latania Carthorn, Housekeeping Staff
Cathy Jennings, Care Mobile Coordinator
Even though only five guest rooms
were affected, the board of directors, with
counsel from experts, felt it prudent to:
• Replace all the sheetrock on exterior
guest room walls with a mold-resistant
fiberglass-backed sheetrock
• Remove all vinyl wallpaper and replace
with paint
• Retrofit the HVAC control system with
programmable thermostats and
humidity detectors
• Replace curtains with an energy efficient
Partners to the RMHC Global
Program—Hilton Supply Group, Tempurpedic, La-Z-Boy, Benjamin Moore Paint—
and local partners—the Affinity Group,
Best Buy, BrandSource, Invista, Tandus
Flooring, ICON Mechanical, EPB and
TVA’s Energy Right Program—allowed us
to complete all the renovations and make
each guest room like new again. We are
grateful for such generosity.
Love Notes Newsletter is published
quarterly by Ronald McDonald House Charities®
of Greater Chattanooga.
Jane L. Kaylor, Executive Director
Editor: Chinyere Ubamadu
Design by: Lisa Davis
200 Central Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37403
(423) 778-4300
The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities
of Greater Chattanooga is to provide a “home away
from home” for families of seriously ill or injured
children and support programs that improve the
health, education, and well-being of children.
Painters put the finishing touch on walls in guest rooms at the Ronald McDonald House.
The House renovation took four months and included the removal of old drywall, installation
of new carpets and flooring, new beds and bedroom furniture.
2011 Annual Report
Students at three Bradley County Schools
(Ocoee Middle, Black Fox and Waterville)
can now visit a mobile health clinic along
with their school nurse when they become
sick at school. Ronald McDonald Care
Mobile®, formerly a mobile dental unit, was
recently re-engineered as a school based
medical clinic. The Care Mobile is a 40 foot
state of-the-art mobile health program and
is a partnership with Ronald McDonald
House Charities®, Children’s Hospital at
Erlanger, United Way of Bradley County, Sky
Ridge Medical Center and Bradley County
Schools Office of Coordinated School
Health. For more information, please call:
(423) 298-4469.
One of 26 newly remodeled guest rooms
at the Ronald McDonald House.
Top: Care Mobile staff pictured outside the
mobile unit at a Bradley County school.
Bottom: Care Mobile Nurse Practicioner
examines a patient inside the Mobile unit.
The Orlandos pictured in the Great Room
at the Ronald McDonald House; the first
family back in the House after it reopened.
There were 22,968 visits made to the
Ronald McDonald Family Room® in 2011
by the family members of 2,902 patients in
Children’s, Erlanger or Siskin Hospitals.
Ronald McDonald
The Hassevoort family pictured in the Ronald
McDonald Family Room located on the 3rd
floor of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.
Ronald McDonald
The Ronald McDonald Family Room
played an integral part in 2011 in allowing
us to meet our mission. With the House
closed for several weeks, families who
would normally utilize the services of
the House found a haven in the Family
Room. With food, showers, laundry
facilities, computer access and a rest area,
families had everything they needed except
overnight accommodations.
When TennCare funding for the dental
program of the Ronald McDonald Care
Mobile was discontinued at the end of
2010, the partnership of RMHC and
Children’s Hospital was charged with
determining the future of the program.
The search for an appropriate program
ended when the Bradley County School
System asked us to consider using the Care
Mobile as a mobile school-based clinic.
Their school nurses average 55,000 visits
to the school clinics each year, and this
certainly justified the need for using the
Care Mobile to bring advanced care to the
students. The mobile unit was retrofitted
by its manufacturer, LifeLine, for medical
care, and the program became operational
in January of 2012. A grant from the
Bradley Memorial Health Endowment and
the investment of an additional partner,
SkyRidge Medical Center, has made it
possible for this program to move forward
and to bring healthcare to children right at
their school. The goal of the program is to
keep the child in school when possible and
to prevent the spread of contagious disease
in the school setting.
In summary: In the trials of this year,
we are reminded of a passage from
Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a
season, and a time to every purpose under
the heaven: a time to be born, and a time
to die…” and we remember the beautiful
little babies going home healthy almost
every day, and we remember those
so dear to us who have gone to their
heavenly reward—far too soon. The
season of challenges in 2011 have faded
away into the purpose of 2012, and we
have so many individuals, companies,
foundations, and organizations to thank
for their unwavering support and prayers
during the “season” 2011. We need your
continued investment in our mission as we
strive to be a sustainable organization now
and in the future. Bless you for all the ways
you are making a difference in the lives of
those we serve.
Art Holekamp
President, Board of Directors
Jane L. Kaylor
Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
2011 Income
RMHC U.S. Scholarship Program
Direct Support and Share-A-Night Campaign
Fundraising Events
(Online Auction, Children’s Festival, Golf
Tournament, Bowlarama, Bugapaluza and
Fundraising Activities
(Vehicle Donation, Direct Mail, Recycling,
Telethon and Grand Givers)
2011 Expenses
Family Room
Grants, Scholarships and Care Mobile
Fund Raising
What’s New With
Our Board
Welcome New
Starr Adams
Judy Blake
Lisa Childers
Jeff Davis
Wendy Gibson
Board Members
Dan Key
Jill Napolitano
Chris Sprouse
Mary Jane Tallant Fitzgerald
Kara West
Thank You to These Members Who
Are Completing Their Service
Topper Gardenhire
Michelle Godsey
Phyllis Lawrence
Chris Welch
Pictured are the RMHC U.S. Scholarship Recipients 2011 with local McDonald’s Owner/Operators
When Shaneka Hall won a radio
contest in Nashville and was
allowed to choose a charity for a $5,300
donation, she chose the RMHC Future
Achievers Scholarship Program. The
Future Achievers Scholarship Program
is one of four RMHC scholarship
programs, and applicants must have one
parent of African-American heritage to
be eligible. This designated gift made
it possible for us to award 5 additional
young people with $1,000 scholarships.
Funds for the scholarship program
are raised by the sale of paper flags
from Memorial Day until July 4th in
the area McDonald’s Restaurants and
supplemented by $15,000 in matching
funds from RMHC Global.
Funding for the scholarship program is
provided by local McDonald’s Restaurants
through their donation box funds and a
matching fund from RMHC Global. Since
its inception in 2002, Ronald McDonald
House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
has awarded more than $300,000 to local
high school seniors; $1,000 per student.
Ronald McDonald House Charities®
U.S. Scholarship Program provides
financial assistance to eligible graduating
high school seniors who face limited
access to educational and career opportunities. Scholarships are awarded by
local Chapters of Ronald McDonald
House Charities (RMHC), with support
from RMHC Global and McDonald’s
Corporation. Students are selected and
awards are distributed based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial
need and community involvement.
Second Year Scholarships
5 second year scholarships were awarded
to rising sophomores in recognition of their
achievements during their freshmen year.
Rising Freshmen Scholarships
• 44
from 21 area high schools planning
to attend 21 different colleges
• 2 ASIA
• 14
• 5
(Asian-Pacific descent)
Future Achievers (African-American)
HACER (Hispanic heritage)
• 23
RMHC Scholars (all other heritages)
Caitlin Shu
Dynasty Moore
Yury Zavala
Southern VA/Biology
Kelsey McDaniel
Roane State/
Physical Therapy
Derek McDowell
Southern Polytech/
Computer Science
2011 Annual Report
2012 Volunteer Hall of Fame Inductees
The RMHC Volunteer Hall of Fame was created in 2000 as a way to recognize the many volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty
or died during their service with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga. Please join us in saluting the 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees.
Pam Revill
Sue Cofer
Pam Revill’s commitment to RMHC
spans more than two decades beginning with working at Engel Stadium in
the concession stands to raise money
for the building of the House. A faithful volunteer at both the House and
Family Room and a willing volunteer
at countless special events, Pam’s love
of our organization is evidenced in all
areas. As a TVA employee, Pam’s most
recent accomplishments has been the
coordination of the Ronald McDonald House Teams for the TVA
Day of Caring, an annual event that allows TVA employees to give
back to their community. Pam is the finest example of that we
know, and worthy of her individual induction into our Volunteer
Hall of Fame!
Sue Cofer is one of those volunteers
who quietly goes about doing good,
and all of us at Ronald McDonald
House follow her into the kitchen on
the days that she cooks! Sue blesses the
resident families with meals cooked
from scratch and no one misses a meal
when she cooks! In addition to her
ulinary expertise, Sue has been a
faithful volunteer for 10 years, working at the House as well as many of our
special events. For sharing her skills and her love of helping others, Sue is the perfect candidate for our Volunteer Hall of Fame!
Ridgeland High School Key Club
Ronald McDonald House is the charity of choice for the
Kentucky-Tennessee District Key Clubs, and the Key Club from
Ridgeland High School has also given more than two decades
of service to our organization. Members of the Club cook once
a month in the Adopt-A-Meal Program and provide dinner for
the residents of the Ronald McDonald House as well as hold
work days to keep the House in good working order. Despite the
changing nature of their membership as students graduate, their
commitment has been constant and stellar, thanks to their club
sponsor, Jeannette Collins. The Volunteer Hall of Fame typically
recognizes the contributions of individuals, but the dedication of
this Key Club since before the House opened warrants this high
recognition! Susan Babineau Linda Ballew Lance Barnett
Jim Rogers
Amanda Nicole Holekamp Twitter Chatter
To get SmartMoovz at your
school or recreation site, contact
Cathy Jennings (423) 260-6141.
[email protected]
@rmhchattanooga Thanks for all you
guys do! I look forward to continuing to
work with you in the near future! #ICWW
w us
twitt tanooga
Heather [email protected]
Locking myself in the library till my final tomorrow
- except to go to @rmhchattanooga to help clean
& then @UTC_ADPi workshop. #Pilove
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
Thank you to our Grand Givers of 2011
Every gift to Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Chattanooga allows us to further our mission of
providing a “home away from home” for families of critically-ill and children and to support programs that address the health, education
and well-being of children. Grand Givers are individuals, companies, churches, or organizations who have given a GRAND – $1,000 – or
MORE during 2011. We applaud and recognize their significant contribution and investment in children and their families!
Abitibi Bowater
ACA Verification Services, LLC
ACH Federal, LLC
Actions Donations Services
AEED, inc.
Affinity Environmental Group
Alpha Delta Pi Chattanooga Alumnae
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Ameriprise Financial, Scotchie & Associates
Antron Carpet Fiber
Ms. Betty Arnold
Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
BI-LO Charities, Inc.
BI-LO #335, Lee Highway
BI-LO #349, Ft. Oglethorpe
BI-LO #373, Ooltewah
BI-LO #618, Mission Ridge
Bill Hudson & Associates
Dr. and Mrs. Woods Blake
Blood Assurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. George Bonneau
Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Brody
Mark and Sallie Brooks
Brittsville Baptist Church
Can Can Recycling
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cantrell
David and Barbara Carroll
Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples
Chattanooga Civitan Club
Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling United, Inc
Chattanooga Cotton Ball Association
Chattanooga Friends Group
Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc.
Chattanooga Tent Company
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Children’s Hospital at Erlanger
Mr. Chuck Chitty
Civitan Child Welfare Auxiliary
Coca-Cola USA
Mr. and Mrs. Litton T. Cochran, III
Combined Federal Campaign
Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation Inc.
Cornerstone Community Bank
Courtyard and Residence Inn by Marriott
Mr. Eddie Creekmore
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clay Crumbliss
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Cushen
Mr. and Mrs. William Danner
Mr. John F. Denver
Dillard’s Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Downs
Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.
Mr. Carroll Duckworth
Dupont Community Credit Union
Mr. Phil Dyer
Easy Auto
Erlanger Health System
Estate of Anna P. Smith
Estate of John David Franklin
Mario C. & Grace B. Charles Education
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Fitch
Ms. Valeria Foote
Lee and Myra Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Gadd
Tom M. Gardenhire, D.D.S.
Georgia 4-H Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Goodwin
Gordon Lee High School Key Club
Grandview Foundation, Inc.
Greens Lake Road Church of Christ
Hamico, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Arvis Harris
Harris Millworks
Ms. Nancy Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Hayes
Hazlett, Lewis & Bieter, PLLC
Heil Trailer International, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hillenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Art Holekamp
Mrs. Phyllis Holekamp
Ms. Anne Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Honeycutt
Mr. Kerry Hoyle
ICON Air & Mechanical Services
InterSign Corporation
Jalapeno Corndog Concession
Ms. Sharon Johnson
Ms. Janet Jorges
Joseph Decosimo and Company
Junior League of Chattanooga
Ms. Jane L. Kaylor
Mr. David Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Colin E. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kerfoot
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kilgore
Mr. and Mrs. David Kling
Knights of Columbus
Leon J. Simkins Charitable Foundation
Lipscomb Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Longley
Mr. and Mrs. John Loudermilk
Luken Holdings, Inc.
M & M Industries, Inc.
Malnove Holding Company, Inc.
Marshal Mize Ford
Martin Brower Co.
Massengill Tire Company, Inc.
Maxim Healthcare Services
McDonald’s Chatt-Ad Co-op
McDonald’s Corporation
McKee Foods Corporation and Affiliates
Mr. Rusty McKee
Diane Dees Meadows
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas
Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Morgan
Ms. Linda Neely
Newsoe Enterprises. Inc.
OB GYN Centre of Excellence, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oldham
Olin Chemicals
Optimist Club of Brainerd
Mr. and Mrs. Tipton Oxford
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Painter
Mr. Richard Parry and Ms. Amy Sapp
PCA Southeast
Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Pentecost
Ms. Joyce Phillips
Pratt Corrugated Holdings, Inc.
Primrose Schools of Chattanooga
Mr. and Mrs. Davis W. Ratcliff
2011 Annual Report
RCC Enterprises
Regions Bank
Research In Motion Corporation
Mr. Jonathan Richard
Ringgold Telephone Company
See Rock City, Inc.
Mr. Robert and Dr. Virginia Rodgers
Mr. Patrick Rogers
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Rone Regency Jewelers
Ms. Sharon Sackett
Sam’s Club
Scenic Chattanooga Optimist Club
Scenic City Volks Folks
Schmissrauter Family Fund
Mr. Chad Schoenmann
Science & Fantasy Convention
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Scotchie
Sequoyah Community Spirit Fund
Showtime Rentals, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Smith
Smith Family McDonald’s
Drs. Morgan and Lisa Lowery Smith
Southern Hearth and Patio
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Spehar
Dr. and Mrs. Chris St. Charles
Ms. Kim Stancil
Mr. Britton Stansell
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Tandus Flooring
Tennessee Valley Authority
The National Christian Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Thompson
U.S. Xpress Enterprises. Inc.
United Way Greater Twin Cities
Verizon Wireless
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vinyard
Volkswagen Chattanooga
Wal-Mart Foundation
Wal-Mart #756
Wal-Mart #1089
Wal-Mart #1215
Wal-Mart #1458
Wal-Mart #1469
Wal-Mart #3660
Wal-Mart #3835
Wal-Mart #4226
Wal-Mart #5251
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Weathington
Weldon F. Osborne Foundation, Inc.
Wendy Bowen Memorial Foundation
Miss Mary Lynn Wilson
Mr. Joe Winick
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Winters
Dr. Barbara Wofford
Ms. Pearl Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wright
Mr. Paul Wurm
If you would like information
on how your name can be
added to this list for 2012,
please contact Tiffany Cobb,
Director of Development,
(423) 778-4338 or tiffany.
[email protected]
This home has saved me twice... I was able to
stay right across the street from my two babies
during their stay in the NICU. It is such a blessing!
– Topher Davis, RMHC Family
RMHC of Greater Chattanooga chooses a group
of supporters each year to receive our Big Red
Shoe Awards based on their contribution to our
mission of helping families of critically ill or
injured children. We are pleased to announce
the 2012 winners:
Affinity Group
Provided remediation and mold prevention
expertise for RMHC
Chattanooga Area Mothers
of Multiples Club
Renovation of RMHC Teen Lounge and increased
offerings for entertainment in the room
Covenant Transport
Ongoing support of RMHC including raising
funds through employee “Safety Blitz” campaign
Invista and Tandus Flooring
Donation and installation of carpet and hybrid
resilient flooring for RMHC remodeling project
Marshal Mize Ford
Hole-In-One sponsor for Chattanooga RMHC
Verizon Wireless Golf Classic
Maxim Healthcare Services
Ongoing support of RMHC Verizon Wireless
Golf Classic and Bowl-a-Rama
Due to limited space we could not list all of our RMHC donors, but we appreciate each and every one of our donors. Every gift of funds, household products,
auction items, volunteer time and even discounts on services we purchase
allows us to meet our mission of helping families of critically-ill children and
keeping the children of the Tennessee Valley healthy.
Big Red Shoe
Awards 2012
Rone Regency Jewelers
Generous support of the RMHC Online Auction
and hosting a very successful in-store promotion.
Ross Glass & Aluminum, LLC
Annual ongoing support of RMHC Autumn
Children’s Festival
The best thing I ever did in my life was to
become a volunteer for RMH and Family
Room. They are the most worthy charity
that I know of and it is something that is
not beyond reach of anyone in this city.
The good that they do for families.
– Susie Johnson, RMHC Volunteer
Like us on Facebook
Search Ronald McDonald
House Charities of Greater
Dillard’s raises funds through Southern Living
Cookbooks during the holidays; employees raised
nearly $15,000 for RMHC in 2011.
McDonald’s employees raised over $42,000
in 2011 selling hearts in stores. Pictured are owner
operators and store managers.
Five area BI-LO stores conduct
annual fundraisers to benefit RMHC. In
2011, BI-LO donated over $7,000.
Pictured are volunteers
from Unum, TVA and the UTC
Wrestling Team who helped with
unloading and moving furniture into the
Ronald McDonald House during the
renovation project.
Rone Regency Jewelers
held a fundraiser during the
Christmas holiday and raised nearly
$4,000 in support of RMHC.
Rock City
celebrated 100
years of being a top
local attraction in
Chattanooga and its
Annual Enchanted
Garden of Lights
promotion raised
more than $11,000
to benefit RMHC.
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
Dayton City School students donate $500 each year to
support RMHC; funds are raised through a variety of fundraisers.
Thanks to Lake Winnepesaukah and
McDonald’s; their summer promotion partnership
raised over $23,000 in support of RMHC.
CBL Properties and Bar Louie
hosted a pre-opening VIP event at
Hamilton Place for the new upscale bar
to benefit RMHC. They raised over $560
or enough funds for 10 nights of stay for
an RMHC family.
Visit our website at
to view our current
volunteer opportunities
Several area
Walmart stores
provide $1,000 in grant
funding each year.
Love Notes
Summer 2012
Ronald McDonald House Charities®
of Greater Chattanooga
Browse Items Beginning July 9
Place Bids Anytime July 23 – August 2
Set up like the world’s most popular online auction sites, browse with
ease through Chattanooga’s largest selection of online items.
Beach trips • golf trips • restaurant gift certificates • local attractions • sports tickets • children’s activities
Go to, pick your items,
and be ready to bid July 23 – August 2, 2012.
David & Barbara Carroll
Naming a Charity
in Your Will
The ARCH Society Membership
The ARCH Society honors donors who have made a substantial
planned gift to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater
Chattanooga during their lifetime that will continue the legacy
of their generosity. All donors to the ARCH Society will receive
permanent recognition on the ARCH wall at the Ronald
McDonald House.
Arch Society Members
Grace B. Charles
Herman Collison
Myra and Lee Fuller
Merribel Gilliam
Mary Inez Greene
Mary Juanita Harris Hays
JoAnn Holcomb
Henry and Patsy Hoss
Bertha Stoker Joyce
Jane L. Kaylor
Linda Flo Kincannon
Marcia Williams Kling
Joan B. Kroc
Colonel Carl Lamberth
Ted, Judy and Rebecca Lyon
Irene Neal Martin
Lou Beaty McConnell
Bill and Sandra McCord
Mary Beth and William Moore
William Osovsky
Jim and Kathy Queen
Harold J. Riley
Paul Shepherd
Anna P. Smith
Harry M. Tate
Lenell Thompson
Mary Lynn Wilson
Lisa and Rick Winters
When we are first notified that RMHC of
Greater Chattanooga had been named in someone’s
will, the first question we always want answered is what
inspired the donor to choose us. Unfortunately, that
question often goes unanswered because the person
who could tell us is no longer with us. With Anna
Smith, however, we were able to learn from her attorney
and long-time friend that she loved children, and that
there may have been a family connection to someone
who had used our Ronald McDonald House.
Anna and her brother inherited the family farm in
Dayton and lived there most of their lives. Her brother
predeceased her and all her assets were left to four
charities. At the auction of the farm, I met her neighbors who spoke highly of her and how she would often
befriend children in the community. She lived in a time
of war and worked at the Oak Ridge Laboratory and
rode a bus to Oak Ridge with other ladies. But, she
always returned home to the farm on the weekends and
obviously enjoyed that rural lifestyle. I was personally
pleased to see one of her neighbors purchase the farm
and tell us they would be moving there.
Anna’s legacy will be used to make sure that our
Ronald McDonald House, Family Room, Care Mobile
and Scholarship programs will always be there for the
children who need them, and I think she would be really
happy about that. What about you? Have you considered what your legacy will be? Have you made a plan for
it? If not, now is the time to do so.
RMHC of Greater Chattanooga has a great Wills
Workbook that can help you think through all the
elements of estate planning, and we’ll be happy to send
it to you!
Please complete and return this reply form.
I would like a free copy of the Wills Workbook. Please contact me about a personal visit or other assistance. Please send me information about the Arch Society. Please send me free literature on how to make my will work.
I have already provided a bequest for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga in my will.
Name _____________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip ______________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________
Mail this form to: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga, 200 Central Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37403-1506
Love Notes
Summer 2012
Phonathon is a phone campaign where
volunteers make phone calls to donors to
request their continued support of Ronald
McDonald House Charities. In 2011, the
three-day effort raised nearly $100,000 to
help children and families at RMHC.
Telethon is a four-hour prime time
telecast on WTVC-News Channel 9. It is a
celebration of donors, families, volunteers,
programs and the community.
Bowl-A-Rama now in its 4th
year offers a competitive as well as
family and friends night. The event
collected over $8,000 in 2011.
Bugapaluza VW car show hosted
by Scenic City Volks Folks has become a
much anticipated area attraction. The 14th
annual event drew over 2,000 people and
raised more than $17, 000; RMHC benefits
from gate and concession sales.
The 2nd Annual Radiothon hosted by
Brewer Media helped raise awareness
for Join Us For 1 Day of Giving. Families,
volunteers and corporate partners shared
their RMHC stories on Hippie Radio, ESPN,
Cat Country and Power 94.
Join Us For 1 Day of Giving, a national
campaign to encourage support of donation boxes
at McDonald’s and Regions Banks raised more than
$17,000 locally. The effort was a partnership with
the Chattanooga Times Free Press, McDonald’s and
Regions Bank. Local celebrities served as volunteers
and collected spare change; they included area fire
departments, UTC coaches, politicians, RMHC families
and many more…
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
Holloway Family Gains
Strength to Heal After
Their Daughter’s Stroke
It’s a Rockin’ Auction Online is Chattanooga’s
largest online auction with more than 300 items including
golf trips, local attractions, sports memorabilia, restaurant
gift cards, children’s activities and much more. In 2011,
the online auction raised over $45,000.
Chattanooga RMHC
Verizon Wireless Golf
Classic held at Black Creek
Club is in its 14th year and
offers both morning and
afternoon rounds for area
golfers plus chances to win
prizes. The event raised over
$35,000. Pictured are Tom
Moscaro, hole-in-one winner,
and Ronald during the 2011
Golf Classic.
When her daughter Katelyn
suffered a stroke so suddenly, Lisa
Holloway was shocked to say the
least. Katelyn was just like any
other growing teen in seemingly
good health.
“It was very devastating to
get that news. The last thing we
Katelyn Holloway (center) with
expected was stroke because that
her mother, Lisa and stepfather,
happens to older people not
Jeff Bryant
children,” said Lisa Holloway.
At first, she said they thought Katelyn was just feeling sick but after
she fainted, they took her to the hospital. After several tests, doctors
told the Holloways, Katelyn was born with a rare condition and had a
3% chance of another stroke occurring in her lifetime.
The Holloways live in Cleveland and were able to find strength
together plus all the comforts of home at the Ronald McDonald House,
close to their daughter, while she received the care she needed at the
hospital. The family was able to rest, relax and refresh in the Ronald
McDonald Family Room inside Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in
between visiting Katelyn.
Funds contributed to the Share-A-Night Program help make it
possible for all families to have access to a “home away from home.”
You can help a family like the Holloways by donating to the ShareA-Night Fund today. Visit and click on
Share-A-Night or call (423) 778-4300.
These Children Will Live
In Our Hearts Forever…
Autumn Children’s Festival, a partnership
with the TSCPA, is in its 23rd year and has become
the longest running all children’s festival in Tennessee
Valley. In 2011 it raised more than $56,000 for RMHC.
Autumn Children’s Festival
winner of BE MORE
Congratulations to RMHC and the
Autumn Children’s Festival committee!
The longest running children’s festival in Tennessee
Valley was selected as the winner of the WTCI’s 2012
Love Notes
Summer 2012
Nevaeh Darlene Grace Davenport, Crab Orchard, TN
Jackson Fitzgerald, Dayton, TN
Hannah Goins, Rainsville, AL
Shockwon Rhodes, Dalton, GA
Jacob Caylor, Crandall, GA
Kingston Flavin, Ooltewah, TN
Chase Galyon, Athens, TN
Delaney Goins, Cleveland, TN
Pictured are festival
co-chairs; Sarah
Denton and Heather
Batson with Jane
Kaylor, Executive
Director of RMHC
of Greater
Special Donation Programs
RMHC of Greater Chattanooga has
partnered with to
help raise funds. CLASSeCASH is a local
website-based daily deal business. Each
day, subscribers receive an email with a 50%
off (or better) deal offer from a local business.
From the sale, they donate half of the profits
to local schools and non-profits. Both the
merchant and purchaser help decide who
the donation will benefit after the coupon is
sold. Sign up at
Donate Your Used Car,
Boat, Truck or RV
Do you have a car, boat or an RV that
you are no longer using and would
like to see it put to better use? Donate
it to Ronald McDonald House Charities of
Greater Chattanooga and get the maximum
tax benefit. There is no cost to you or to us for
picking up the property. For more information
visit our website at www.rmhchattanooga.
com or contact [email protected].
com or (423) 778-4300.
Cell Phone Recycling
You can raise funds for RMHC by creating your
own fundraising page using
Recycle and donate your used cell
phones with us.
Just drop them off at the Ronald McDonald
House at 200 Central Avenue any day of the
week between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
And Remember the Donation Boxes!
McDonald’s restaurants donate space at their counter
and drive-thru windows for our Donation Box Program. Donation
boxes at area restaurants raise more than $110,000 annually to
support programs at Ronald McDonald House Charities of
Greater Chattanooga. So the next time you purchase that
McCafe beverage or an Extra Value Meal, consider dropping your
change in the donation box. It truly makes a difference.
Need to Send a Gift or Make a Memorial?
To help you with your need to send a birthday, special occasion or holiday greeting or to
make a memorial gift, Ronald McDonald House Charities is happy to allow you to call us
with your gift and we’ll send the notification immediately. You may charge your donation
on MasterCard, Visa or AmEx. We hope you’ll clip this article, post it on your bulletin board
and call us when we can help you out! To make a memorial or send a birthday,
special occasion or holiday gift, call a staff member of Ronald McDonald
House Charities at (423) 778-4300. You may also donate on our website at
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga
Wish List
Pop tarts
Cake icings
Family size or gallon teabags
(regular, not decaf)
Single Serve Items:
Little Debbie® Snack Cakes
Pasta dishes (single serving packs)
Fruit cup snacks
Peanut butter crackers
Ronald McDonald House Charities provides for up to 26 families each night.
We hope you will consider RMHC when your office, church, sorority or civic
organization is considering alternate gifts.
Baby bed bumpers
Ball point pens
Ziploc baggies (snack size)
Garbage bags (drum liners)
Disinfectant spray
Liquid spray shower cleaner
Wal-Mart gift cards
Long distance calling cards
(travel size)
Feminine hygiene products
Shaving cream
Deodorant (ladies’ & men’s type)
Pssst – we could
really use these!
* Bolded items are things we need immediately.
OUR TOY POLICY: Donated toys must be new and in their original packaging, not recalled for safety reasons, and
lead-free. Only donate toys you consider safe. Due to hospital health and safety requirements, we do not accept used
toys, stuffed animals or toys not in their original packaging.
Special Thanks
to these companies for
their continued support!
Barto, Hoss & Company
Baugh Appliance Sales & Service
Brittsville Baptist Church
Coca-Cola USA
Communications & Electronics
Chattanooga Coca-Cola
Bottling United
Earthgrains-Colonial Baking Co.
Ecolab-Kay Chemical
Georgia Pacific
Greens Lake Road Church of Christ
Highland Tire and Auto Service
Martin Brower
McDonald’s Chatt-Ad Coop Nestle´ USA
S&D Coffee
Starbucks–Broad Street
Tennessee Golf Cars
Tucker Photography
Love Notes
Summer 2012
Mark y r!
It’s a Rockin’ Auction Online
Place Bids Anytime July 23 - August 2
Bid on Chattanooga’s largest selection of online items with
something for everyone at
Chattanooga RMHC Verizon Wireless Golf Classic
Monday, August 27 at Black Creek Club
Featuring real time wireless golf scoring and an on-site live
broadcast by ESPN Radio. Morning and afternoon rounds available.
Autumn Children’s Festival
October 6 – 7 at the Tennessee Riverpark
Bring the kids to the largest children’s festival in our area
with more than 100 fun filled activities for kids of all ages.
Bowl-A-Rama 2012
Saturday, November 3
at Holiday Bowl on Brainerd Road
Wednesday and Thursday, November
7-8 at Pin Strikes on Lee Highway
$25 per bowler, 4 to 5 persons per team.
Love Notes
Summer 2012
Ways You Can Help
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga provides a
“home away from home” for families of critically ill and injured children
and supports programs that improve the health and well-being of children. Your investment of time, talent and resources makes a difference.
Here are some of the ways you can help:
• Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room
• Volunteer at a special event or serve on a committee
• Ask your friends to make a donation to RMHC instead of giving gifts
• Provide a family’s night stay by donating $55.00 to Share-A-Night Fund
• Create your own fundraising page and raise funds for RMHC at:
• Designate a gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one
• Host a fundraising event to benefit RMHC of Greater Chattanooga
• Include RMHC of Greater Chattanooga in your Estate Plan
• Company matched gifts; complete your company’s application and send the gift
to RMHC of Greater Chattanooga
• Provide food and household goods from our Wish List.
• Donate your used car, boat or RV to benefit RMHC, call 1-866-628-2277
• Donate a product or service for an RMHC fundraising event
For more information,
visit our website at
and click on
Donate or Volunteer
or call us at
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