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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Siouxland Newsletter Summer 2010 Volume 35 Number 2
In This Issue:
Our Revolving Door
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Through The...
rmhc doors
You never know when you, your family or friends may come
through our doors. It may be to visit, to get a tour, to volunteer,
to attend a meeting or to actually stay and receive our many
services. Each day brings new faces to our doors and we are
ready to provide everyone with a WOW experience!
Our door is open to any family that has a child receiving medical care
in the Siouxland community. Whether the child is in the hospital or
receiving medical care on an inpatient or outpatient basis at some of the
area recovery and family service agencies, we are here to provide a caring,
homey, convenient and low-cost place to stay for the family.
Our services extend “beyond the doors” of the Ronald McDonald
House through the RMHC Scholarship program and the Matching
Grant Programs. These programs reach into our community to
improve the education and health of children by funding scholarships
and awarding grants.
Reunion 2010
Our goal is to help improve the health of children in the Siouxland
community—whether it is inside or outside our doors! We invite you to
come through our doors and see for yourself how RMHC of Siouxland is
striving to improve families’ lives!
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A Day Of Change!
Pockets Full of Change? Purse Feeling Heavy? Lighten Your Load!
While a spare nickel, dime, or quarter may not seem like much, in the right place, it can make a big difference! On
September 9, the RMHC will introduce their first “Day of Change” – a day where customers are encouraged to
drop their spare change in the RMHC Drop Boxes. These seemingly small donations can make a big impact!
Photos of Donors,
Tours Etc.…
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Last year, RMHC Drop Boxes raised nearly $19 million – money that helped families cope while their loved ones
were in the hospital, allowing them to stay in a local House for little to no cost. The purpose of the RMHC “Day
of Change” is to increase awareness of the RMHC Drop Boxes and boost donations in order to aid more families in
One family that was directly affected by ‘small change’ generosity was a young couple expecting their first child.
Much to their surprise, the baby arrived eight weeks early and was air lifted to a Sioux City hospital. In a rush to see
his child, the father immediately came to Sioux City with no plans where to stay and only the clothes on his back.
Thankfully, the medical staff referred him to the Ronald McDonald House where he was able to find comfort,
food, and support from other parents of ailing children. Three days later, the mother joined him and they
stayed at the House for 24 nights. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House, allowed them to save four
hours a day in transportation and hundreds of dollars on gas! Thanks to those who have donated to the
Ronald McDonald House Charities, people with loved ones in the hospital are able to find a comfortable
place to stay with home cooked meals, private bedrooms and playrooms. PLEASE drop by any Siouxland
McDonald’s Restaurant on Thursday, Sept 9 and drop your change in the canister and continue to
support this mission!
Small Change can make
a Big Change!
Helping kids
heal, keeping
kids healthy
25th Annual
Terra Charity Golf Classic:
The Final Hurrah!
A Note...
From Our Daily House Manager:
Revolving door……… Many extraordinary people have
walked through the doors of the Ronald McDonald
house. People who donate food, time, and money…..
all without hesitation. People who stop by countless
times with a few pop tabs, or large amounts of pop tabs.
People who walk through the doors as guests, friends of
guests, family members of guests……people who just
want to see what “all the talk is about”….
The 25th Annual Terra Charity Golf Classic
was a spectacular event! Terra Industries and
new owner, CF Industries, generously hosted
the 25th and final golf tournament on Monday,
June 7, 2010. Over 280 golfers enjoyed a great
day of golf at the Dakota Dunes and Sioux City
Country Club golf courses, followed by dinner, a
raffle and a short auction at the Marina Inn. The
proceeds will go to help many of the families at
the Ronald McDonald House and we are forever
grateful to have been part of this first class event!!
Many thanks to Terra and the golf committee
for allowing RMHC of Siouxland to participate
in this great day!
Then there are those who find themselves “coming back
home”…..This past June, a family found themselves
walking through our doors once again. I say again
because in July of 2009 they first came through our
doors, excited about the birth of their twins. The family
then consisted of 4 children: a ten year old, a one year old
and a new set of twins. They were thrilled! After trying
for so long to have children this was a very exciting time
for this family!…..
Well, June 2010 found a new addition., -you know
the ole, “we didn’t think we had anything to worry
about…….Surprise”., but what a beautiful surprise! They
bound through the doors of the RMHC., again., took
back their old room., waiting for the release of the
new addition from the hospital.…I watched as
the family settled in, so thrilled to be a part of their
experience. When the family checked out 36 days later, they
said……”We are really gonna miss it here……” Something to
be said about a Revolving door…….so glad Ronald McDonald has
one…..just think of all we would miss out on if we didn’t……....
“Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door....=)”
Until Next Time……
Calling all Emails!
Help us to be more earth-friendly by allowing us to
email our newsletter to you! If you are interested,
please send us your name and email address to
[email protected]. Thanks for your help in
reducing our printing and postage costs.
The Ronald McDonald House gives weary families a place to rest their heads after a long day at the hospital. A bedroom for the family and large
living areas provide a comfortable place to relax, prepare a meal and have quiet conversation. Families are asked to donate $5 a night if they are able.
Help us celebrate RMHC’s 16th birthday by joining our “Sweet 16 Campaign”. This is an opportunity for you to contribute $16 or a multiple of
16 toward our “Share-A-Night” fund. Our real costs for a family to stay is closer to $80/night. Just place your donation in the enclosed envelope
and help us to continue to provide comfort to our guest families.
Back through the doors:
Guest Family ReUnion 2010
April 18 brought several families back to the RMHC of Siouxland “Round-Up for Ronald” Family ReUnion! Many families that had stayed at the RMHouse of
Siouxland came back to celebrate our “Sweet 16th” Birthday Open House. Some families doubled their fun by attending the Abu Bekr Shrine Circus as well.
You don’t need to wait for an official event to come back and see us—we welcome back guest families anytime! Be sure to keep us posted on the progress of your
children, we love emails, pictures and cards.
The Door to Education:
RMHC of Siouxland is proud to announce the
awarding of (20) $1500 scholarships to both high
school graduates and Alumni Scholarships to previous
RMHC scholarship winners!
Applications from high school seniors were
due 2/15/10 and we had a large response from
students all around the Siouxland area. Once the
applications were processed, a committee of Board
members and community members reviewed the
applications and selected 13 high school recipients
based on their academic achievement, financial need,
volunteer experience and personal statements and
winners are achieving during their college careers.
The committee chose 7 very accomplished students
to receive $1500 each to apply toward their 2nd, 3rd
or ongoing years of undergraduate or post-graduate
RMHC of Siouxland is proud to offer assistance to
the following students to further their education:
RMHC National Scholars: Paige Stieneke (Cherokee
HS), Amanda Hanlin (Pierce HS), Jessica Stoner
(Sioux Central HS), Jamaal Crawford (Bishop
Heelan), Staci Nordquist (Beresford HS), Andrew
Hanna(Siouxland Christian HS), Nancy Martinez(
South Sioux City HS), Shayna Cooper (Odebolt
Arthur Battle Creek HS). RMHC HACER Scholars:
The Alumni Scholarships were due June 1, 2010 and Alejandra Gonzalez( Denison HS) and Ludy Diaz
we had many very qualified applicants. It is great to (Sioux City West) RMHC Asia/Pacific Scholars:
see the success that our previous RMHC scholarship John Ngo (South Sioux City HS), Thanh-Tam
Ho (Sgt. Bluff-Luton HS) RMHC Future Achiever
Scholar: Fardowsa Omar, Sioux City North
RMHC Alumni Scholars: Betsy Bies (Univ of
Oregon), Kristi Buss (Central CC Dental Hygiene),
Don Pham (Michigan St. Medical School), Humera
Ahmad (Univ. Nebraska Medical School), Lisa Thvedt
(Northwestern College), Diana Feldhacker (Creighton
Univ. PT), Katherine Tjeerdsma (Wartburg College)
“Thank you so much for this great scholarship….
With your help, I have the opportunity to help my
family and my community grow...”
“ I am very grateful for your continued support for
my education…I will remember those who help me
along the way and I will continue to try my hardest to
reach my goals so that one day I can also help others
and give back to the community.”
Mark Your Calendar!
Sat, August 14- Governor’s Charity Steer Show/Auction
Thurs, Sept 9- RMHC Day of Change
Friday, Sept 10- Onawa Golf Tournament, 9:00 AM start
October 1- Deadline for Matching Grant Applications
Fri, Nov. 19- “Denim to Diamonds” Fall Event
Sun, Dec 5- Brunch with Santa at Minerva’s Restaurant (9:00-2:00 PM)
Beyond the Doors:
RMHC Matching
Improving children’s health in the Siouxland community is an ongoing goal of
RMHC of Siouxland, Inc. With the help of our grant program, RMHC continues
to assist other Siouxland agencies with funding for programs that will improve “Denim to Diamonds” will be the theme at the Ronald McDonald House Charities
children’s health. RMHC dedicates local funds to assist which are then matched of Siouxland 2010 Fall Event on Friday, November 19, 2010. The event will be a
fun-filled and casual evening aimed to raise funds to directly benefit the guest families
with funds from RMHC Global, doubling the impact we can make to kids!
staying at the Siouxland Ronald McDonald House and RMHC programs.
RMHC of Siouxland began providing grants in 2001. During these nine years, RMHC
The dazzling evening will be held at the Marina Inn and will include a silent
has provided over $382,000 of funding support to improve children’s health!!
and live auction and delicious dinner. Ronald McDonald will be there again,
The giving continued in March, 2010, where the Matching Grant committee along with the touch-screen system to aid the bidding for the silent auction! Special
reviewed several requests for funding assistance and awarded $27,000 to six highlight will include a personal testimony from one of the Ronald McDonald House
Siouxland agencies. The following programs were selected based on their guest families.
contribution toward improving children’s health and increasing pediatric dental
More information and invitations will be sent out in mid-October. If you would like
access and care:
to sponsor, please contact the Ronald McDonald House.
Special Olympics- State Track meet expenses for 100 high school students
Big Splash Swimming- wheelchair lift for swimming pool
Plains Mental Health Clinic-Storm Lake- toys & supplies for pediatric patients
Middle School Athletic Program- Fall volleyball program equipment
Siouxland Dental Health- “Little Hearts, Little Smiles”
dental services for children
Orange City Hospital- newborn & pediatric furnishings
Matching Grant applications are reviewed 2 times/year, deadlines of March 1 and
October 1. If you would like an application or need more information, please
refer to our website, www.ronaldhouse-siouxcity.com.
The Door to Recycling—
Heat never deters golfers on a mission! This was the case for 110 golfers on
Saturday, July 17, out for a fun day for a great cause at the TownHouse Golf
Tournament at Covington Golf Course. All proceeds of the raffle, mulligans and
pick-a-putts were donated to RMHC of Siouxland.
Collecting Pop Tabs!
Our doorbell is constantly ringing with friends dropping off pop tabs!! Many
people in Siouxland assist with saving pop tabs-- Siouxland schools, groups and
individuals collect tabs each day and drop them off at the Ronald McDonald
House for recycling.
Over 50 schools in the Siouxland area participated in this effort during the
2009/2010 school year and collected over 5 million tabs!!! The contest winner
The golfers endured a VERY hot day but had good scores and lots of fun while for the elementary school division was Charter Oak/Ute Elementary (a special
playing. The golf was followed by a delicious meal of grilled steaks (thank you, thank you to the 4th graders for spear-heading this effort!) and the Middle School
John & TownHouse staff)! Great prizes for the raffle were given away ending a trophy was awarded to Cherokee Middle School. Congratulations also go out to
day that helped to improve children’s health in Siouxland. Many thanks to Rick two more additions to our School Millionaire Club, a special group of schools
Dominowski for sponsoring the tournament and to all who played, contributed that have saved over 1 million tabs for the Ronald McDonald House! Congrats
to Irving and Washington Elementary for their continued support!
and helped put on this fun event.
The Ronald McDonald House in Siouxland is
grateful to the many organizations and individuals
who donate their talents and services to assist our
families. Thank you to the following for your ongoing support:
McDonald’s Restaurants of Northwest Iowa Coop
Catalyst Systems • Coca-Cola Company • KTIV
King, Reinsch & Prosser • Waste Management
Henjes, Conner & Williams • Presto-X
Rock Solid Marketing • St. Luke’s Reg. Med Ctr.
Terra Industries • Townhouse Pizza • Merry Maids
RMHC of Siouxland, Inc.
Clockwise from top left:Velvet and our guest
speaker, Elaine Doll-Dunn. The Virginia Keck
Award to Carole Perrin- for her outstanding
Volunteer service with the Pop Tab Program.
Special Volunteer Award to Kathleen Beacomfor providing over 3900 hours of volunteer time
to RMHC of Siouxland
Volunteers bring the “heart” of the Sioux City Ronald McDonald House to the special families that
stay at our “home away from home”. We are always looking for assistance in any way that you might
be able to give it!
Responsibilities of a Volunteer range from assisting families that are staying at our House to helping
with the House upkeep and preparing for special events. Please be aware that volunteering at the
House can be challenging at times, but also very rewarding.
Each year, we get the opportunity to thank our volunteers at a Volunteer Dinner and Banquet. The
2010 Banquet was extra special as we honored and thanked all our volunteers with a special guest
speaker, Elaine Doll-Dunn. Elaine is a true inspiration to people of all ages, showing us that you can
accomplish anything if you set your mind to it! Elaine decided to become a runner in her late 40’s and
over the past 20+ years has completed 100 marathons and now sponsors her own marathon event! Her
message was filled with laughter but provided a true story of determination and success.
Board of Directors
Lynn Wold, President
Tracy Meis, Vice President
Anne Kellogg, Secretary
Nick Kuehl, Treasurer
Sandy Bergdale
Jeff Carlson
Jeanne Delfs
Candi Emanuel
Matt Greer
Shawn Keizer
Claudia Killinger
Kevin Negaard
Tim Oakley
Carolyn Rants
Tom Ross
Darlene Salmen
Ellen Schneider
Susan Unger
Todd Waggoner
Scott Wells
Paul Wofford
Barb Knepper, Executive Director
Velvet Jeratowski, Daily House Manager
Pam Schermerhorn, Resident/Night Manager
If you are interested in becoming an RMH Volunteer, please contact us either by calling 255-4084
or looking on our website (www.ronaldhouse-siouxcity.com) for the volunteer application form. We
welcome new volunteers and hope to hear from you.
A great way to help ensure that our doors will be open to all that need our services is to include RMHC
of Siouxland in your future financial planning. Help us to ensure that the programs and services that
RMHC of Siouxland provides now will continue in the future.
Laundry Detergent
Postage Stamps
Light bulbs (60W)
YOU can help by including us in your last will and testament or by setting up some other type of New baby items for gift bags
Drinking Glasses
financial vehicle that helps RMHC with our mission. How do you do this? It’s as easy as speaking to
Baking & Cooking Serving
your attorney or an estate planning professional soon to put your plans in place.
Large Packing Tape
This is important for you as it can provide you with great peace of mind and alleviates the need for
Aluminum Foil
family to guess as to your intentions. Your will speaks to your wishes when you no longer can. If you
Nightlight bulbs (15W)
would like more information or if you would like to let us know you have already included RMHC
Dishwasher Detergent
of Siouxland, Inc. in your estate plans, please call or contact us. As with any major decisions, we
Trash Bags (39 gal.)
encourage you to consult with your own advisors to ensure all planning is appropriate for your unique
Gift Bags-large
Pringles Snack Stacks
Snack bags of Potato chips
Fruity Snacks for kids
Snack size fruit cups
Fruit Box Drink
Plain Paper Plates
Bottled Water
Boxed Cereal
Break apart Cookies
Clorox Wipes
Granola type snack bars
Band- Aids
Thanks to all of our friends that have volunteered, donated wish list items or pop tabs or who have stopped by for a tour!!! We love to show off the Ronald McDonald
House and very much appreciate your help! The Quimby Red Hat Society stopped by for a tour and meeting. Lemonade for a Cause—The Keizer kids and their
friends set up a lemonade stand and donated the $42 in profit to the Ronald McDonald House! Thanks to all who worked the stand and who bought the lemonade!
Kohls- Many hands make a big impact! The Kohl’s employees worked inside and outside to make the Ronald McDonald House look beautiful! Many thanks to
all who helped. Circus tours- Each April, the schools flock to the Circus and come by the RMHouse for tours. Shown here are River Valley, Boyer Valley, Charter
Oak-Ute and LeMars.
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Siouxland Inc.
2500 Nebraska Street
Sioux City, Iowa 51104
712.255.4281 FAX