Is it just about the Money? Scheduling Stadium Events



Is it just about the Money? Scheduling Stadium Events
Is it just about the Money?
Scheduling Stadium
Legal Status of Wellington Regional
Stadium Trust
• Charitable trust established by the Wellington
City Council & Greater Wellington Regional
Council (“the Settlors”)
• Responsible for the planning, construction,
ownership, operation and maintenance of
Westpac Stadium, as a multi-purpose sporting
and cultural venue
Objectives of our Trust Deed
• To own, operate and maintain the Stadium as a high quality
multi-purpose sporting and cultural venue
• To provide high quality facilities to be used by rugby, cricket,
football, other sports codes, musical, cultural and community
event promoters
• To attract high quality and popular events for the benefit of the
public of the region
• To administer the Stadium on a prudent commercial basis so
that it is a successful, financially autonomous community asset
Councils objectives for the Trust
• Have a partnership approach with the Councils
• Have a regional focus
• Appropriately acknowledge the contribution of Councils
• Achieve maximum effectiveness, efficiency and concentrated
focus on service delivery
• Operate at breakeven after depreciation expense.
Stadium Trust key Business Plan
• Develop a full and balanced event calendar
• Maintaining and enhancing the facility
• Achieving a level of profitability that
provides for continuing capital expenditure
and meets debt reduction obligations
Public Expectations
(based on BBQ talk)
• We are going to keep the Seven’s aren’t we
(and can you get me tickets?)
• What is the next concert Steven (and why
didn’t we get U2?)
• When are we going to get a home Hurricanes
Current Event Usage Days
Days in use
Number of days
Turf renovation
Held for semi/finals
Set up days
Community events
Year ending 30 June
Scheduling Challenges:
• Managing the impact on turf quality
• Managing the clash of codes in summer while
accommodating concerts
• Maintaining home ground advantage (Phoenix)
• Over saturating the entertainment market
Priority Booking Rights
• Rugby: 1 April – 31 October (to be exercised by 1
• Cricket: 1 November – 31 March (to be exercised by 1 July)
• Phoenix – next in line
• Can accept booking of an event of international significance
for the city that over-rides priority booking rights (concert
Summer Overload 2010
• 11 major events in 30 days
• 2 nights ACDC concert, only three days turn around
for NZI Sevens
• 3 consecutive weekends of double headers
• Pitch turnaround from Concert – Sevens – Football
– Rugby – Football – Cricket
Our Community Event Policy
• Host community events where these can be
fitted into our events programme and do not
clash with the priority booking rights of our
principal tenants
• Continue to support and encourage existing
community events
Our Ideal Community Event
• Has minimal impact on the turf
• Is inclusive of the local / regional community
• Provides leverage opportunity for naming sponsor
• Avoids our key scheduling months
• Publicly says thank you