Eng Newspaperwords med facit



Eng Newspaperwords med facit
Newspaper headlines
A Write down the headline which goes
with the extracts from the newspaper
articles below.
Choose among the following:
Airport disaster
Teenager charged with smuggling
British Leyland firm closes down
Ten injured in disco blast
Suspect held in murder case
Over 2000 died in Turkish earthquake
Locked up and fined for the love of a
… Nielson was arrested after one of the
biggest ever police hunts for the killer
of Leslie Whittle….
4 ______________________________
… was arrested as he strolled through
the sunshine in Chelsea’s Kings Road
with the 8-inch long baby animal,
called Toilette, perched on his
5 ______________________________
… 13-year-old Sylvia and 16-year-old
Daphne were accused by the Nigerian
police of having tried to get large
amounts of money out of the country…
1 ______________________________
6 ______________________________
…hundreds of homes collapsed under
the impact of the tremors. The village
of Lice, with 8,000 inhabitants , was
the worst hit…
…and all seem to have died
immediately as the jet crashed only
seconds after take off from Orly….
2 ______________________________
7 ______________________________
..and after the explosion they were
transported to St. Giles Hospital. None
of them appears to be seriously hurt…
…the closure will lead to the loss of
1,200 jobs at the plant at Common
Lane in Birmingham….
3 ______________________________
B Translate the headline words. Use a
dictionary. http://tyda.se/ Learn the words.
1 blast explosion
2 case
3 charge with
4 close down
lägga ned
5 disaster
6 earthquake
7 fine (somebody)
8 injured
9 murder
5 Flygolycka i Kenyas huvudstad.
6 Polisen på Nordirland står inför nya
7 En regering som avgår.
8 Våldet runt fotbollsarenorna ökar.
E Translate these words into English.
You can find all of them in the
headlines (C ). Learn the words.
1 avgå
2 flygolycka __air crash
3 förhandlingar _negotiations
4 larm
10 suspect _
5 misslyckas __fail
C Read the following headlines:
6 riksdagsledamot (förkortn.) __MP
Soccer violence worsens
Ulster police face new riots
Middle East negotiations fail
New Zealand Government resigns
MP cleared of theft charge
Rabies alert over pet rats
Tories say no to Dublin deal
Air crash in Nairobi
D What were the articles about? Put
the correct number in the boxes above.
1 De konservativa godtar inte en
överenskommelse med Irland.
2 Misslyckade förhandlingar mellan
Israel och Jordanien.
3 Oro över att vissa husdjur kan sprida
4 En riksdagsman som frikänts i en
7 stöld
8 upplopp __riot
9 våld
10 åtal
11 överenskommelse _____deal
12 frikänna __clear___
13 regering ____government
Rabies alert
This pet may be dangerous to your health
F Choose among the headlines below
and write them down after the article
summary they belong to.
G Translate these words into English.
You can find all of them in the
headlines (F). http://tyda.se Learn the
10,000 in peace demo
Blaze wrecks palace
Telephone charges up
US President wants summit
No clue to death riddle
Life sentence in murder trial
1 Someone has been ordered to spend
the rest of his life in prison.
2 America’s head of state wants to
meet Russia’s No One.
3 A violent fire has completely
destroyed a big house.
4 Ringing someone will be more
5 The police have no idea about a
mysterious death.
6 Many people marched to show that
they hate war.
1 avgift
2 demonstration _____demo
3 dom
4 gåta
5 ledtråd
6 rättegång ______trial_____
7 toppmöte _____summit______
8 våldsam brand ____blaze
9 ödelägga ____wreck_____
H Translate this newspaper article.
(Fredriksborg TT)
Riksdagsman friad från stöldåtal
En riksdagsman från Norrland, som
i juni anhölls av polisen anklagad för
att ha stulit en tavla av Zorn från
Fredriksborgs museum frikändes i
torsdags vid en rättegång i
Fredriksborg. Polisen har nu ingen
annan misstänkt, och fallet är en
gåta för alla.
Som bekant försvann tavlan, värd
750 000 kronor under den
våldsamma branden i stadens
centrum, stadshotellet ödelades
och flera personer skadades.