Aggie 1991v11n1 - University of Minnesota Crookston


Aggie 1991v11n1 - University of Minnesota Crookston
Address Correction
The NWSA Alumni Association
University of Minnesota, Crookston
Crookston, MN 56716
The NWSA Alumni Association
Third Class Bulk Mail
Nonprofit Organization
U.S. Postage
Crookston, MN 56716
Permit No. 10
Fall 1991
Vol. 11 No. 1
Top Aggies honored at 1991 reunion
Top aggies for the NWSA
were honored at the annual
alumni reunion held this
Over 300 alumni and
spouses packed the UMC
Conference Center for the
banquet. And most of those
people stayed and danced to
the music of Herschel Lysaker
and the American Legion
Dance Band.
Selected as Top Aggies
were: Herb W. Schroeder,
class of 1931 from Fergus
Falls; Dennis D. Warnes, class
of 1951 from Morris; and
Wayne L Pedersen, class of
1966 from Urbana, Illinois.
Herb Schroeder grew up in
Fergus Falls and, following
graduation from the NWSA,
farmed with his father.
While attending the NWSA,
he took courses relating to
agriculture because he knew
he would eventually take over
the family farm, which he did
following his father's death in
In addition to Herb's church
activities, he was also active in
community affairs including:
school board, township board
(chairperson for 33 years),
Farmers Coop Elevator Board,
Retirement Pension Trust
Fund, Board of Dairy Improvement Association, and 4-H
He was the first farmer to
serve on the Fergus Falls
Chamber of Commerce, and
1991 Top Aggies were recognized at the Northwest School of Agriculture Reunion held
recently at the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC). Pictured from left are: Allan
Larson, director of external relations; Top Aggies Dennis D. Warnes '51; Wayne L. Pedersen
'66; Herb W. Schroeder ' 31 ; and Donald Sargeant, chancellor.
he organized the West Ottertail
County unit of the Minnesota
.Jownship Officers Association.
He served on the Board of
Directors of Security State
Bank, is a stock holder and
part owner of KBRF radio
station, and is a charter
member of Kiawanis International Golden K.
Herb is featured in Who's
Who of the Midwest.
Herb and Esther
(Kronemann) were married on
June 14, 1934, and they have
two sons, Allen and Roger, and
six grandchildren.
Herb and Esther moved off
the family farm in 1965 and
retired in 1972. They have
traveled extensively in the
United States and eight
countries in Europe, plus
Algiers, Africa, Mexico, Puerto
Rico and other islands.
Herb states, "I dedicate this
Top Aggie Award of 1991 in
sincere appreciation to the
Northwest School in what it has
done for me ... to give me my
education and make possible
all of my achievements through
the years. The instructors
helped me so much to
establish leadership and
organization qualities, and their
words of encouragement gave
me a great insight into what I
could accomplish."
Dennis Warnes is a
research agronomist and
professor at the University of
Minnesota West Central
Experiment Station in Morris.
As research agronomist he
is responsible for variety
testing of all crops grown in
west central Minnesota,
herbicide trials of major crops,
disease and insect trials, crpp
rotation trials, dates of planting
and harvesting forages. He
also helps organize the annual
Summer and Fall Field Days
and Winter Crops Day.
Sec TOP AGGIES on page 10.
Po e2
Foil 1991
From President Proulx
Paul Proulx
The reunion was a
tremendbus success again this
year due to the wonderful
efforts of the alumni staff,
including all the volunteers like
Berneil Nelson and Tillie
Gebhart and all the rest who
helped out.
The weather was very
favorable adding to the joy of
the day. Both ·.the ll=ln9heon
and the-aihner were
outstanding thanks to Keith
Ramberg and his capable staff.
Hersch's band again
performed outstandingly as
usual. I want to thank
everybody who contributed to
the success of the day.
My wife and I were going to
dance only a couple rounds
and then leave to join some of
our children who were at the
lake that weekend to visit us.
But due to all the wonderful
alumni who stayed for the
evening, we danced 'til the
band quit.
Oh, such is life--wonderful if
you take the time to enjoy it!
I want to commend all
alumni that took time out to
attend. I hope you all enjoyed
it .
have suggestions for
improving the reunion, please
fell free to contact us . .
I also want to say a big
thank you to Alfan Larson, our
director. Without his muchappreciated efforts the day
would not have been a
success. 'Thanks Allan!
Plan now to attend next
year's reunion. And
you are always welcome to
stop for a cup of coffee at our
White House Alumni Center.
Allan Larson assumes
alumni duties
Allan Larson assumed
responsibility for the NWSA
alumni this spring, replacing
Blake Crosby, who resigned in
May to accept a job with
Allan Larson
Northstar Guarantee Inc. in St.
Allan is not new to NWSA
alumni. He began working for
the University of Minnesota,
Crookston (UMC) in
September of 1989 as director
of External Relations. In that
position he worked closely with
the NWSA alumni.
During the next months
Sam Bigger, assistant director
of development for·the
Northwest Experiment Station,
will assist in UMC's
area until final
plans are determined regarding
the vacancy left by Blake's
Aggies may remember Sam
as the West Polk County
extension director.
Chancellor's Column
Congratulations to top
Aggies Herb Schroeder,
Dennis Warnes and Wayne
class leaders for getting the
folks "out" for the reunion. It
was great to see that
Northwest School enthusiasm
at the banquet.
We are busy with the final
touches hiring staff, waxing
fl00rs, ordering supplies,
planning events and activities -- '
so thatthis fall will be the best
ever on campus. In addition to
the physical plant changes (the
link project is finally complete
or at least useable), there are
numerous curricula changes.
Faculty have modified courses
so that they will transfer more
readily; most courses will have
the same or similar titles,
credits and content to meet
requirements for baccalaureate
degrees. This should help
eliminate surprises if a student
were to transfer to a four-year
As you've read, funding has
been reduced in higher
education for the next
biennium in Minnesota. The
University of Minnesota will
have to reduce its budget by
$32 million over the next two
years. We are in the process
of prioritizing programs and
activities and will be eliminating
some programs and reducing
the level of services in some
Donald Sargeant
departments. These .are
difficult yet necessary cuts. At
the same time, UMC's long
range planning is to move .
toward baccalaureate
programs. This will be very
difficult in light of the present
financial status.
However, we plan to .
continue the process and a
major step will be on
September 26 when President
Hasselmo and four members
of the Board of Regents will be
visiting campus. On that day,
faculty and students will be
updating them on campus
activities as well as discussing
plans for the future.
It's always a time of
change; sometimes it's just
that the dimension is of greater '
magnitude. Presently, that
seems to be the case for UMC.
We'll keep you informed.
Enjoy the fall.
.:.-Donald Sargeant
The Aggie
Volume 11, Number 1
Fall 1991
The Northwest School of Agriculture Alumni Association Aggie is a
publication of the University of Minnesota, Crookston, published by
External Relations.
Allan Larson, director of External Relations
Ardis Thompson and Julie Hamre, support staff
Photos by Media
Send address changes and information for the newsletter to: The
Aggie, White House Alumni Center, University of Minnesota,
Crookstorr, MN 56716.
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and
. employer.
Fall 1991
New student needs ·lead
to new curricula at UMC
. Rita Meyer
New student needs lead to
new curricula at the University
of Minnesota, Crookston
liOn a survey given to
students entering UMC in the
fall of 1990, 70 percent of new
students listed a baccalaureate
degree as their educational
goal,1I said Rita Meyer, vice
chancellor for academic affairs.
Meyer presented UMC's
"New Academic Directions"
proposal to the University of
Minnesota Board of Regents.
The changes are being
made in response to the U MC
students' changing education
goals and to the University of
Minnesota Initiatives for
Excellence in undergraduate
To strengthen undergraduate education to facilitate
transfer, 115 courses have
.been revised and strengthened
to change content and match
course numbers and credit
hours. The agriculture division
dropped 12 courses and
revised 51; arts and sciences
dropped 6, added 19, and
revised 32; business dropped
14 and revised 21; hospitality
and home economics dropped
15 and revised 11.
''The summary of changes
clearly demonstrates the
centrality of the arts and
sciences," Meyer said.
"Crookston's curriculum
today is much more sensitive
to gender and to multi-cultural
New courses developed for
transfer include: Creative
Writing, Introduction to
Geography, Introduction to
Geology, Cultural Pluralism in
American History and
Introduction to Music.
In the agriculture division all
.changes facilitate transfer to
the University's College of
Agriculture; in the arts and
sciences division UMC
matched the University's
College' of liberal Arts
numbers, content and credits
so that students could
successfully transfer to most
colleges at the University-of
Minnesota, Twin Cities; the
business division is aligned to
programs in regional
institutions; and revisions in
hospitality facilitate transfer to
the University of WisconsinStout.
Part of the success of the
proposed changes rests on the
collaboration efforts both with
the University of North Dakota
(UNO) and with the University
of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
A UNO geography professor is working with
UMC's arts and sciences .'
division to develop the
geography course and will
actually teach the course for
UMC students. A Twin Cities
doctoral student is helping
develop the ethics course, and
an aQriculture orofessor is
working with the geology
In supporting UMC's new
directions, University President
Nils Hasselmo said, liThe
Crookston campus, in a
regional perspective, has a
very definite role to play in
higher education. The Regents
will discuss the future role of
the Crookston campus in the
months ahead.
Joan Phillips Flaat '41, was recognized for exemplary service to the
.NWSA Alumni Association for her time and e;fort she put forth with
the White House restoration project . What a beautiful setting to visit
with staff and alumni . If you haven 't walked through the White
House take some time to do so. Thank you, Joan!
A NSWA tradition "
Clarence '41 and Edna (Paulsad) Sargent'45 stop at the registration
desk to check in with Berneil Nelson .
Clarence' 41 and Edna
(Paulsad) Sargent '45 brought
tradition to the NWSA reunion.
Edna's father was one of
the first graduates of the
NWSA. Julius Paulsad
graduated in 1907.
On Clarence's side, all of
his brothers and sisters
graduated from the NWSA:
Edward, Lois, Clarence,
Mariam and Marlys.
Offering four-year degrees
from U MC is a progressive
step, according to Clarence
and Edna.
They remember their class
motto was "Push on - .Keep
"That's what U MC is doing
with its move toward a fouryear university. said the
Page 4
______ ________ ____
Fall 1991
Prizes awarded-at
NWSA reunion 1991
Alum coming the farthest distance
Kathryn Brandli Olson (41), Soldotna, Alaska
Alum coming the farthest distance in the United States (excluding
Hawaii and Alaska)
Don LaPlante (39), Hayward, California
Alum.coming the farthest distance in Minnesota
Lester Samuelson (46), Albert lea, Minnesota
What would a NW SA reunion be
like with out the music of Hersch
Lysaker and his band?
HAt the NWSA there
was a bond of
fellowship and
devotion of
J.. . . L
' .
.. J
--Alton Knutson .
4.1 Class President
Top Aggie in 1986
Alum with the most children or grandchildren who have or are
attending U MC
Allen Gustafson (41), Hallock, Minnesota
William Mosher (56), Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
Pederson (4'), Mahnomen, Minnesota
Most newly married alum
Gary Odegaard (66), Kindred, North Dakota
Married March 17, 1991
Alumni couple married the longest time to the same spouse
Dan (30) and Alpha Bruun (31) Letnes, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Married December 19, 1933
Alum with the youngest great-grandchild
Antionette DeMaster Agerter (31), Vancouver, Washington
There .wasn't enough time to talk for Earl Newhouse '36, Robert
Boucher '41 and Maxine Hanson '41.
Ruth Lerud '36 remembers
cleaning the house when the
Doweli family lived here.
Class leaders needed
Class leaders are needed to
help plan the 1992 NWSA
Alumni Reunion which will be
held Saturday, June 27.
Class leaders are needed
for the following classes:
1967, 1962, 1957, 1952,
1947, 1942, 1937, 1932 and
If you are willing to
volunteer your time as a class
leader, please caU the White
House Alumni Center at 218281-6510, ext. 337, or toll free .
at 1-800-232-6466.
Lu Nelson, school nurse, and Alpha Bruun Letness '31 chat about
many memories the NWSA days.
HThe NWSA was a
very unique school .
. . What made the
difference was the
people. The alumni .
had and still have
something I call
IAggie Pride'.·
Adrian van Del/en '61 and Leelie Tvinnereim Bina '61 enjoyed the
excellent banquet food.
...s .... , .......... " .)O- ................... .
--Wayne L.
'C/ass of 1966
Rose Naplln Salo's '33, (from .
Hibbing) son Mark, came aI/ the '
way ·from San Diego to. bring
Rose and her two sisters to the
Fall 1991
High school .
by college
Twenty-three high school
students are enrolled to take
classes at the University of
, Minnesota, Crookston (UMC)
this fall, according to John
Bywater, director of
admissions and enrollment
Through the Postsecondary
Enrollment Options Act, 11th
and 12th grade students have
the opportunity to study at
liThe purpose of the
program is to enhanc'e the high
school education curriculum by
providing a wider variety of
options to high school
, students,lI Bywater said.
Gwen Jorgens of
Crookston is one of those
students enrolled at UMC
under the Postsecondary
Enrollment Options Act. ,
Over the past few years, the
Jorgens family followed the
development of educational
opportunities through the
Minnesota Legislature. Living
in Crookston, open enrollment
was not an op.tionfor them, but
the Post Secondary Enrollment
Options Act was an exciting
option for their daughter.
Gwen met with the admissions
staff at U MC to discuss options
which would fit into her high
school curriculum.
"I was looking for a
challenge and realized that it
would also be good to have the
credits and the experience on
my record, Gwen said.
This fall she will begin
classes at UMC with American
History I, followed by American
History II winter quarter and
Cultural Pluralism in American
History spring quarter.
She is one of 23 higb
school students already
Page 5
"Northwest School"
The following poem was written by Glen Holmquist, class of
1944. Glen, who lives in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, says this is his
first contribution to the Northwest School alumni efforts.
Where did you get some learning
And a.bit of the Golden Rule
Some alumni give a credit
To a place named NorthWest School.
A high school on the prairie
' Now has a "memory pool."
Alumni members shrink
From that old Northwest School.
Each June some faithful gather,
"Father Time" will win th'is duel.
But, it's good to get together
To recall the Northwest School.
Now it is a college
With staff and students "cool."
Farm kids had the best of it,
When it was the Northwest School!!
--Glen Holmquist
written 5-6-91
enrolled in college courses at
UMC. While most of the
students are from Crookston,
several are from towns as far
away as
Warren, Alvarado and
"Taking classes at UMC has
many benefits for me, new and
interesting things to learn, new
people to meet, and a good
preparatory experience for
college," Gwen said. lilt will
also give me a good look at
what I will be facing when I
leave high schooL
"The NWSA gave me
my education and
made possible all of
my achievements
through the years. "
--Herb W.
Class of 1931 ,
Gladys and George Schulz '31
returned to help celebrate this
year's reunion. The
designed and ma,de the NW SA
plates and cups which are for
sale at the White House Alumni
What would we have done without Kay ,. AI Larson 's wife? She
stepped in at just the right time to help us out . Thanks. Kay and Al.
and we'll see you next year! ,
1991-92 Calendar
September 9
October 5
October 10
November 14
December 6
January 24, 25
February 5
February 14-20
April 21
May 12
May 22
Fall quarter classes begin ,
Scholarship Banquet
Torch and Shield Banquet
Ag Activities Day
Business Activities Day
Red River Valley Winte Shows
Awards Reception
Athletic Banquet
SA Reun,
"At the NWSA I
receive.d a very
good high school
and general
education. I wanted
to help farmers, so I
decided to go to
college, planning to,
be a county agent."
1941 - Members of the NWSA class of 1941 include, first row, left to right: Joan Phillips
Flaat, Edna Balstad Moen, Lorraine Capistran Johnson, lone Koznek Arnold, Alice Pagnac
Bushaw, Maxine Glass Hanson, Helen Nisbet, Doris Sjostrand Kelley, Margaret Forfang
Cameron, Kathryn Brandli Olson, Helen Rasmussen Targen, June Naplin Christensen, Anita
Mindermann Tollefson, Katherine Brown Espeseth, Robert Boucher, Herbert Johnson,
Milford Rokk.e. Second row: Alfred Johnson, Allan Gustafson, Harlan Beucler, Ted Kroulik,
Leslie Nordling, Harold Lambert, Morris Brostrom, Marlowe Moe, Jay Bergh, Alton Knutson,
arlo Lintvedt, Marcel Novak, Melvin Melin, Wilbert Swanson, Irwin Johnson, Einar Scholin,
Clarence Sargent, John Magnusson, Palme.r Pederson, C/if(prd Nybo, Harry Christianson.
--Dennis D. Warnes
Class of 1951
1920's - Members of the NWSA classes of the 1920's
row left to right: Helen Hovland Jackson '28, Isabelle Dobias
Do;'ahue '28, Hazel Stephenson Halvorson '29, Alice Naplin Dumas
'29. Second row: Ralph Hamrick '27, Walter Sprung '20, Robert
Larson ·'29.
1931 - Members of the NWSA class of 1931 include, first row, left to
right: Hazel Noyes· Perras, Marvel Noyes Smith, Marion Valor Gray,
Tony DeMaster Agerter, Helen Naplin Tomlinson, Alpha Bruun
Letnes, Dorothy Glass Morrisey, Estelle Phillip Haugom. Second
row: Clifford Kroulik, Vernon Erickson, Clinton Donley, John O.
Pearson, C. E. (Buck) Johnson, George Schulz, Helmer Nornes,
Herbert Schroeder.
1951 - Members of the NWSA class of 1951 include, first row, left to
right: Kenneth Rue, Carol Swanson Jackson, Alice Nordgaarden
Westlund . Joyce Eftefield Sather, Alice McDonald Davis, Nyla
Finney Carson , Ardis Overgaard Searles, Pat Jensen Szymanski,
Estle Eisert Nelson, Alice Grove Haaven, Jean Anderson Webster,
Viola Jensrud aus. Second row: Gordon Thompson, Merle
Lundeen, Howard Johnson, Allen Love,
Fagerstrom, Dennis
Warnes, Ken Szymanski, Donald Mosbeck, Gerald Nelson, Bruce
Bohnsack, Roger Samuelson, Dale Finkenbinder, Jon Rhude.
1956 - Members of the NWSA class of 19_56 inc'lude,
row', left to
right: Arlene Christianson Pickard, Marilyn Hovet
Iverson Mosbeck, Barbara Hylland Lunsetter. Second row: William
Moser, Leo Bettels, Donald Diedrich:
· on Class Photos
"My experience at
the NWSA provided
me with a solid
background to enter
college and
prepared me for the
transition from high
school to college.
But it also taught me
how to interact with
people. "
·1966 - Members of the NWSA class of 1966 include, first row, left to right: Kenneth Duden,
David Lunde, Elroy Lotvola, Wayne Pedersen, Brian Bohnsack, Keith Deidrick, James
Peterson, Kay Rebarchek Adams, Gary Weiss, Gary Odegaard, Bruce Str.omstad. Second
row: Robert Brault, James Wallace, David Kesler, Daniel Lundberg, Todd Mikulecky,
Courtney Abel, Richard Goodyke, Dennis Kesler, Jerome Winter, Daniel Kasprick, Darrell
1936 - Members of the NWSA class of 1936 include, first row, left to
right: Betty McVeety Nisbet, MyrtleNisbet Peterson, Ann Vander
Veen Nicho)son, Marian Hamre Haugen, Anetia Bruss Eiken, Stella
Omundson Omdahl, Pearl Thompson Gehler, Ellwood Bil/berg.
Second row: Ruth Lerud, Wallace Austin, Earl Newhouse, Harold
Nabben, Alfred Olson, Byron Hanson, Gilman Hanson.
--Wayne L.
Class (Jf 1966
1.946 - Members of the NWSA class of 1946 include, first row, left to
right: Elaine Enge Harrison, Vangie Anderson Myhre, Gloria Brandli
Brandt, Katherine Bedard Moe, Lillian-Floan Broden, Frank Rossi, '
Conrad Zak, Paul Proulx. Second row: Bob Sorvig, Reuben
Hanson, Armin Ross, Donald Steinhauer, Kenneth Johnson, David
Sorvig, Winton Knutson, Lester Samuelson.
1961 - Members of the NWSA class of- 1961 include, first row, left to
right: William O'Hara, Loretta Hanson Jensen, JoAnne Straus
Carlson, Alice Olafson Adamson, Diane Mayers Matzke, Shirley
Sheldon Keske, Leeila ,Tv{nnereim Bina, Myrna Anderson Tucker,
David Tucker. Second row: Ronald Woitzel, James Hanson, Gary
Hoper, Ronald Carlson, Bradley Cook, J ..
Hanson, Ernest
Dufauft , William Austin, Adrian Van Del/en.
Members of various NWSA classes attending the reunion include,
first row, left to right: Wi/bur Hallstrom '40, Garnet Balstad DeVine
'42, John Stromstad '33, Richard Holmgren '33, Orin Ref/ing '32.
Second row: Harriet Balstad Hanson '50, Phil Hamre '50, Margaret
Johnson Seemann '45.
Page 8
Fall 1991
Keeping "Heritage Alive"
important to N-W:SA alumni
The Heritage Fund Annual Drive was a success again this
year thanks to contributions from 671 Aggies.
A major factor that contributed to the success of the fund
drive was.the time devoted by 35 volunteers who donated time
to contact NWSA alumni during the phon-a-thon conducted
last spring.
Registration time for Willis Wagner '45, Gerhard Ross '45, Nyla
Finney Carson ' 51 and Marion Valor Gary '31
Approximately $21, 000 was contributed to the Heritage
Fund to support a variety of activities or projects: The AGGIE
newsletter, alumni reunions, board activities and expenses,
alumni recognition awards, scholarships, stationary and
supplies and upkeep of the White House Alumni Center.
It is evident from the number of donors and the dollars
contributed that the NWSA alumni have a great deal of pride in
their heritage and have a sincere desire to keep the "Aggie
Heritage Alive".
The alumni board and the development staff extend a
sincere thank you to all Who made contributions to the Heritage
Fund. We also wish to extend a special note of appreciation to
the following volunteers who so generously devoted time to
call other alumni during the phon-a-thon:
. The oldest alumni attending the
reunion Walter shared a
moment of reminiscing with
External Relations staff member
Julie Hamre. He's a young 92?
Do you remember this football
coach and cheerleader? Hersch
[ysaker and Nyla Finney Carson
'51. Nyla was a cheerleader 40
years ago for football, basketball, swimming, wrestling and
Now, how are we going to
that piece of home-made apple
pie? Top Aggie Herb Schroeder and his w.ife Esther must have
found the solution, because they both enjoyed the pie.
,,'- '
JoAnne Straus Carlson '61
Arlone Thoreson Cymbuluk '48
Donald Diedrich '56
Dale Finkenbinder' 50
Glen & Marlys Finkenbinder '55
Phil Hamre '50
Chuck & Bonnie Vesledahl Holmquist '52
Robert W. Larson '29
Allen Love ' 50
Kenneth Miller' 45
Don '50 & Ruth Iverson '55 Mosbeck
Bill Mosher '56
Berneil Nelson' 42
Roger Odegaard '60
James Olsen '55
Hazel Noyes Perras '31
Paul Proulx' 46
George Proulx '62
Pauline Finkenbinder Purath '45
Gehard Ross '45
Ardis Overgaard Searles' 50.
Ken '61 & Judy Rivard '64 Schuster
LeRoy Sondrol '55
Aller;l St. Germain ' 56
Roy Stoia ' 48
Allan Stromstad '63
Bruce Stromstad '66
Raymond '47 & Marvlyn Vesledahl '48 Stromstad
Glen Torkelson '47
Conrad Zak '46
Page 9
A new look
at continuing education
What's new is continuing
education at UMC?
UMC is involved in
providing coursework,
seminars and workshops that
are for University credit. We
are expanding programs that
are available for people in our
Interactive television (lTV)
coursework which we have
expanded significantly this year
will continue to grow. We're in
the process of providing more
services to people in the Red
River Basin, northwestern
Minnesota and northeastern
North Dakota and Manitoba.
How does UMC develop
continuing education
Programs are driven by
requests, according to Bruce
Brorson, continuing education
"I don't try to schedule
classes I think will go. Rather I
try to develop programs that
people request. If somebody
calls the continuing education
office and requests a course,
we'll to put one together,"
Brorson said.
Can you give me an
First American National
Bank of Crookston, and the
Bremer banks, visited with us
about pulling together a series
of seminars that would address
communications. Our staff met
with bank personnel and came
up with a series of three or f()ur
courses which addressed
communications. We used laptop computers to assist them
for routine writing at work,
managerial writing and a basic
correspondence writing. We're .
very eager to do those types of
Environmental issues ·are of .
major concern today. How is
UMC responding to this
UMC has a number of
science ·and agriculture people
on staff that have worked very
hard at the areas of
environmental sciences.
of the courses are: seminars
on groundwater and its
implications on the
environment and how to-test
groundwater; crop production
and ag chemicals; several in
the science area.
"The environment is a
critical iss·ue, and as we move
forward in our programming,
we're going to continue to look
for opportunities to deliver
continuing education to the
professionals in our region,"
Brorson said.
If someone has an idea for a
continuing education class
at UMC, what should they
Give us a call. UMC
continuing education's phone
number is 218-281-6510,
extension 346.
80dney Webster '48, Jean Anderson Webster '51, Viola Jensrud
Kaus '51, and Ralph Kaus enjoyed -a time to relax and visit.
Phoenix Social?
Over 90 alumni and
spouses attended the
Phoenix social last
Plans are undfJrway to
access the interest in
holding a social in the
Phoenix or another area in
late January.
If you are interest13d
contact the White House
Alumni Center as soon as
possible at 1-800-2326466.
A Letter from Blake Crosby
One of the most difficult
past four years -- soene of
as reunion class
issues I had to face as I
considered taking this new
leaders, some of you as
job was the realization that , alumni board members,
my contact with Northwest
some of you as Heritage
School Aggies was going to
Fund callers, some of you
in. other capacities, but all
y'ou have all heard time
of you as friends.
and time again that Aggies
It was an honor to have
are a special bunch and
you assist, guide, direct
indeed you really are! You
and teach me. I hope your
time and teaching have
bring a special attitude to
whatever you do. An
given me a little bit of those
attitude born by your time
Aggie attributes I
as students at the
mentioned earlier.
Northwest School.
It was a special honor to
Your stories, even the
receive the plaque making
ones that may not be quite
me a honorary Aggie. That
true, relay your sense of
honor will always hold a
community and sharing
special place in my heart.
and integrity.
Myvery best wishes to
of you . .
It has been my distinct
pleasure to
.--Blake Crosby
with man.v of'Iou over the
.- .
Georgine and Alton Arness '37 of
Fisher met on the dance floor 51
years ago. They try to come to
the reunion every summer. This
is their
of music.
Fall 1991
Foundation on a research
- Dennis was born on June
14, 1933, in Stephen and grevy
up on a 160-acre diversified
farm about 10 miles northeast
of Stephen. In addition, his
family rented another 160
acres and raised grain,
potatoes and had dairy milk
cows, pigs and chickens.
Dennis and his four
younger sisters all attended the
NWSA as did his father.
graduating from 'the
NWSA, he received his
bachelor of science degree in
agronomy from North Dakota
Agricultural College (now ND
State University) in Fargo, and
went on to receive his masters
degree from the University of
Minnesota, St. Paul. He also
has a doctorate degree in plant
breeding from the University of
After completing his
doctorate, he moved to Morris
where he is today.
He and his wife Evelyn have
three sons and five grand- .
Dennis is an active member
of First Lutheran Church where
he was on the church council
and stewardship committee.
He is a past president of the
Morris Kiwanis Club and was
the first chairperson of the
Stevens County Genealogical
Society. He is also active on
numerous University
committees. .
His hobby is genealogy and
family history. He has printed
and published three books on
his family h;story.
Dennis said, "At the NWSA I
received a very good high
school and general agriculture
education. I wanted to
farmers, so I decided to go to
college, planning to be a
county agent.
Wayne is a faculty member
at the University of Illinois -Urbana in the depar:tment of
plant pathology. Before
moving to Urbana in 1980, he
worked with the Rockefeller
. His research interests
include: genetics of hostpathogen interactions,
breeding for disease
resistance, crop loss and crop ,
disease modeling, effect of •
crop management on disease
and seed treatments and
seedling health.
He received his bachelor of
science degree in composite
science psychology and his
doctorate in plant pathology
both from North Dakota State
Wayne is a member of the
American, Canadian and North
Central Division of the
Phytopathological Society,.
American Society of Agronomy
and Crop Science Society of
He has edited numerous
journals related to phytopathology over the past five
In 1974 Wayne and Dianne
Bungum were married. Wayne
recalls that Dianne attended his
first and last basketball games
when he was an Aggie. Both
games were at Mentor, her
home town, and the Aggies
lost both games.
"But she didn't remember
rne," he said.
The Pedersens have two
They are active
members of St. Matthew's
Lutheran Church where Wayne
has served as deacon of
education, superintendent of
Sunday school, board of
finance, and many other
Wayne said, liMy
experience at the NWSA has
had a definite effect on my
career. First itgovided me
with a solid academic
b?lckground to enter college. It
also prepared me for the
transition from high school to
college. But it also taught me
how10 interact with people.
"The NWSA was a very
unique school ... What made
the difference was the people.
The alumni had and still have
'Aggie Pride'."
something I
Rossi's plan to return for 50th
Frank Rossi' 46 and his
wife Shirley from Kansas City,
Missouri, return every five
years for his class reunion.
And they plan to be here to
celebrate the 50th reunion of '
the class of '46 in five years.
Frank grew up in Warroad.
To help pay tuition costs, he
worked in the fields on John .
Stromstad's farm and in the
campus dining room.
Frank now performs with a
14-member Banjo Band, a
non-profit group which played
170 gigs last year. Donations
received from their performances are turned over to
the Salvation Army.
Frank Rossi' 46 and his wife
Shirley from Kansas City,
Missouri, kick up their heels for
another dance at the reunion.
Annual board
As part of the business
meeting, the following Aggie's
were elected to the NWSA
Alumni Association Board:
Paul Proulx' 46, Pauline
Finkenbinder Purath '45,
Donald Mosbeck '50,-James
O. ·Olson '55, Ardis Overgaard
Searles' 51, Glen Torkelson
'48, Marvlyn Vesledahl
Stromstad '49, Ken Schuster
'61, William "BiW Moser '56,
Clarence Sargent' 41, and
Berneil Nelson' 42 (Ex-officio).
Special thanks went to:
Keith Ramberg, director -of
dining, for the excellent food
and fine service, and to Berneil
Nelson, Tillie Gebhardt and
Ruth Ann Kruta for arrangements and speCial help in
planning the day's activities "
Myrtle NIsbet Peterson '36 (left)
and Betty McVeety Nisbet '36
decorated their meeting room
with a special touch. The
cupcakes were maroon and gold,
picking up the
"The move toward a four-year degreE?
would fill a great need. UMC is so well
located and has the facilities. "
--Alton Knutson
.'41 Class President
Top Aggie in 1986
Fall 1991
Pa ell
NWSA Heritage .Fund growing each year
Special thanks to the
foJlowing contributors
(some who have made
more than one contribution)
who have helped to fulfill
the dream of -keeping the
AGGIE spirit alive-.
The contributors are
identified by Senior Year.
Aakre , Vivian I. (Lundberg) '20
Abel , Courtney '66
Albertson , Kenneth S. '35
Alseth , Stanley S. '35
Anderson , Chester '39
Anderson, Clifford E. '44
Anderson, David R. '63
Anderson, Donald E. '46
Anderson , Emma (Aune) '43
Anderson, George K. '42
Anderson, Harold T. '40
AndersoQ, Howard P. '42
Anderson, Ivan J. '30
Anderson, Leona M. (Shimek) '39
Anderson, Norman L. '42
Anderson, RayW. and Elaine
(Wold) '58 and '57
Anderson, Robert C . '42
Anderson, Rose C. (Polski)
Anderson , Sam '17
Andre , James M. '56
Andring, Donald M. '45
Ardies, Calvin G. '46
Arness, Alton L. '37
Arnold, Diane M. (Swenson) '48
Arnold , lone P. (Koznek) '41
Arvesen , Carl M. '31
Augustine, Marian J. '37
Avelsgaard, John A. '68
Avery , O. K. '31
Baatz, Raymond '55
Baggett, Mabel L. (Brandl i) '39
Bancroft, Evelyn H. (Holy) '54
Barnes, Alia G. (Clow) '45
Barrick, Beulah H. (Harris) '33
Beauchane, Kenneth R. '59
Beauchane, Richard '64
Beauchane, Ronald L. '63
Beck, Raymond E. '54
, Bellamy, Richard D. '64
Bender, Dorothy (Hanson) '39
Beresford, Bruce C. Faculty
Bergeson, Paul L. '54
Bergh, Elmore '38
Bergh, Jay C. '41
Bergh, Larry M. '48
Bergman, Arlene J. (Solberg) '49
Bernstrom, Edsel R. '49
Billberg, F"wood and Dorothy
(Larson) '36 and '39
Biwer, Eddie G. '59
Bjerke, Keith D. '57
Bjornson, Neal R. '54
Blade, Anna Mae M. (Ecklund) '45
Blom, Alfred J. '45
Bloomquist, Harvey '40
Boeddeker, Henry and Marilyn
(Jahnke) '48 and '59
Bohnsack, Philip J. '59
Bolstad, Jens '52
Boman, David L. '55
Bonner, Richard J. '44
Borgmann, LaVonne (Skeie) '49
, Bothum, Joyce (Stamnes) '35
Boucher, Robert '41
Haglund, Levern '50
Jensen, Myra E, (Johannesen) '39
Haglund, Perry O . '46
Jenson, Ralph '53
Halfmann, Violet (Anderson) '40
Jirava , Lloyd F. '64
Hall, Esther May (Worman) '38
Johnsen , Shirley J . (Jensrud) '52
Eberly, Karleen J. (Johnson) '46
Johnson , Alden D. '60
Hall, Kathryn M. (Kowaliuk) '49
Ebertowski, David T. '62
Hallameck, Adele (Raymond) '23
Johnson, Arthur N. '62
Edgar , Michael and Darlyne
Hallstrom, Wilbur A. '40
Johnson , Bernice R. (in memory
(Kovar) '64
Halvorson, Hazel (Stephenson) '29
of Elmer C. Johnson '30)
Eftefield, Larry G. '56
Hamre, Phillip 0, '49
Johnson, Bernice (Kjelgren) '43
Eftefield, Wallace A. '55
Hamrick , Lowell '52
Johnson , Calmer and Clara
Eggebraaten, Kenneth '54
Hance, Jr" Robert E. '64
(Stromstad) '44
Eggebraaten, Paul D. '54
Hanson , Arden P. '39
Johnson , Camilla L. (Ecklund) '40
Egtvet, Arnold G. '45
Hanson , Arnold L. and Edna
Johnson , Duwayne W. '66
Ellinger, Earl H. '29
(Ross) '29 and '30
Johnson, Elwood C. '50
Ellinger, Glenn E. '34
Hanson , Gilman & Maxine (Glass)
Johnson , Evelyn (Steinhauer) '40
Ellinger , Milton (Bud) '40
, Herbert A. '41
Cameron, Margaret (Forfang) '41
Hanson , Harry and Nora (Howard) '33 Johnson , Kenneth R. '46
Engelstad, Clayton '47
Carlson , Allan M . '46
Hanson, .L eland O. '36
Johnson, Lavonne(Thoreson) '48
Engelstad, Marlys (Sargent) 48
Carlson, Erling H. '36
Hanson , Marjorie (Ofstedahl) '43
Johnson , Lindley C. '56
Engesether , Gerald '55
Caskey, John '44
Hanson , Martin '36
Johnson , Marvin E. '46
Cerkowniak, Marian (Pederson) '53 Engman, Chester J. '27
Hanson, Neil '61
Johnson , Raymond K. '46
Chambers, Thelma (Torkelson) '22 Enright , Donald J. '56
Hanson , Reuben S. '46
Johnson , Reynold E. '32
Erikson , James P. '42
Chapman , Keith C. '53
Hanson , Wendell W. '36
Johnson , Richard W . '38
Evans, Marshall P. and Patricia E.
Charais, Dale M. '62
Hapka , Leonard J. '43
Johnson , Tilmer J . '27
(Hoven) '37 and '36
Chisholm, Keith P. '55
Harker , Ruth K. (Baird) '47
Evenson, Elaine
Chisholm , Mark M. '51
Harrison, Janis E. (Enge) '46
Karol , Margaret J. (Moe) '36
Christensen, Dorothy (Evans) '37
Haugen , Harry A. '31
Kasprick , Lyle C. '49
Fehr , Peter E. '49
Christensen, June E. (Naplin) '41
Haugo, David A. '52
Kaufenberg , Peter M. '42
Fehr, Walter R. '61
Christenson, Dagney (Roley) '48
Hausmann, RobertW. '52
Kellerman , Leona '37
Felber, James H. '20
Christiansen , HarryW. '41
Haverkamp , James H. '66
Keirn , K. Wendell '55
Ficken , Glendora (Erickson) '40
Christianson , Dell M. '56
Hegreberg, Philip M, '36
Kemp , James 0, '61
Field, Gayle R. '66
Christopher , Fern D. (Field) '34
Heidrich , Cathryn (Hovland) '56
Kennedy , 'Larry 1:.. ' 58
Finkenbinder , Dale R. '50
Clemenson, Lyle J. '53
.Kih iy, Della
Clementson , Helen (Krogsfad) '3'4
Heitman, Howard '40
Kipp , Elaine (Berge) '41
(Love) '55
Clow, Lyle G. '43
Helm, Harold A. '58
Klemetson. Clinton '37
Finley, Edna C. (Ostlund) '43
Clow, Wilbert G. '45
Helmstetter, Teresa A, '66
Klemetson, Harold L. '38
Fisher, Esther J. (Nornes) '29
Cordes , Harold F. '29
Klovstad , Marlys (Kollar) '50
Cornelius, Edith (Peterson) '39
Hendrickson , Dennis E. '53
Kluzak , Walter and Ardith
Flesche , Perdean '58
Craigmile, Glenn '46
Hendrickson , George L. '54
(Tiegland) '46 & '41
Floan, Betty L. (Erikson) '47
Hennum, Merle '47
Knight , Helen H, (Hansen) '33
Forest, Darrell P. '63
Dahl, Morris R. '37
Hettervig , Donald E, '54
Knutson , Alton T. '41
Foss , Gerald J. '55
Dahl, Robert L. '53
Higgin, Dorothy M. (Abbott) '37
Knutson, Glendora C. (Krostue) '39
Foubert, Bernadette (Jeffrey) '37
Dahlen, Olaf A. '35
Freeland , Keith '55
Hiller , Ronald E. '59
Knutson , Loren '59
Dahlgren , Glenn L. '38
Friederichs, Paul J. '64
Hillesland, Nannie M .
Knutson , Selma (Hedstrand) '31
Dahlgren, Verne A. '37
Frigstad , Ordell J. '40
(Germunson) '39
Koppang, Talbert J , '39
Dahlsad, Clifford M. '40
Frolander, Beatrice (Carlson) '50
Hoeft , Melbern '47
Kovar, Donald G, '66
Dahnke, Alan W. '64
Hoeger, Donald L. '58
Kovar , James P. '64
Dailey, Donna J. (Filipi) '45
Garr, Margaret M. (Lerud) '34
Hoff, Henry '42
Kraft, Anton M . '59
Danielson, Richard A. '60
Gatheridge, William I. '39
Holm, James M. '49
Kral. Ebba D. (Maattala) '35
Davids, Jr., Robert .' 45
Gohdes, Sadie M. (Carlson) '56
Holmgren, Marlys (Molskness) '56
Kramer , Bruce E. '54
Davis , Alice M. (McDonald) '51
Holmgren, Richard '33
Kresl , Larry J. '57
Dawe, Chester C. '50
Goodyke, Clair (Wimpfheimer) '45
Holmquist , Charles and Bonnie
Krogh, Daryl A. '58
De Witt, Joanne (Bierbauer) '41
Goodyke, Richard N. '66
(Vesledahl) '51
Krueger, Donald p, '44
DeBoer, Una V. (Briden) '22
Goosen, David B. '56
Holmquist, Glen V. '44
Kuta, Donna (Babinski) '60
Deere, R. Geraldine (Peterson) '44
Gorden, Arvin I. '32
Holmstrom, Estelle (Filipi) '29
Kuzel, Duane C. '57
Deery, Claudia M. (Hanson) '64
Grage, Arlene J, ,(Knutson) '42
Holte, Gloria J. (Nelson) '62
Kuznia , Florence A. (Urbaniak) '44
Degerness, Alvin M. '30
Grage, Philip '59
Hoper, Mark H. '62
Kuznia, Leonard P. '53
Dehning, Marilyn A. (Hovet) '56
Graue, 'F lorence M. (Hanson) '29
Hoper , William H. '23
Delasantos, Evelyn (Osowski) '60
Gravdahl, Dennis and Marcia
La Bine, Oliver J. '38
Hoppe, Raymond H. '40
Derosier, Harold '56
(Trydahl) '63
Lamblez, Gloria (Paseka) '52
HO'rton, Cheryl T. (Bjella) '44
Gray, Marian (Valor) '31
Desautels, Doris (Tollefson) '53
Landre, Gladys E. (Rice) '24
Huard, Keith T. '51
Green, Gerald '56
Deschene, Richard I. '47
Landsverk , Obert J. '38
Huber, KathrynD. (Blair) '50
Green, Manvel R. '48
• DeVine, Garnet R. (Balstad) '42
Landsverk,Oliver A. '37
Hunstad, Joyce H. (Olson) '47
Grotte, Dorothy (Didrikson) '51
Diamond, Harvey E. '39
Richmond H. '47
Grove, Arnold '38
Diedrich, Don '56
Lapp, Thomas and Alice
HviaSte'n : Ralph W. '39
Grove, Carlos '35
Diercks, Irene K. (Holst) '35
(Christenson) '49
Groves, Frank T. '25
Donahue, Lawrence '56
Larson, Angeline (Augustine) '40
Imsdahl, Norma J. (Nielsen) '54
Gruhot, Kenneth '50
Donley, Clinton F. '31
Larson, Frederick '56
Isaac, A. Burdette (Moen) '43
Guenin, Herzele (Johnson) '38
Larson, Irene (Pulkrabek) '44
Isaacson, Clayton M. '38
Gullekson, Gelene (Balstad) '53
Dragseth, Allan '57
Larson, Robert A. '58
Iverson, Glennie J. '37
Gunderson, Russell '58
Dresner, Patricia A. (Kurtz) '45
Larson , Stella M. (Sorenson) '24
Guntzburger, Marshal '54
DuChamp, Gunhild (Nesland) '43
Lee, Helen I. (Carlson) '34
Jackson, Carol (Swanson) '50
Gunufson, Gerald A. '56
Duden, Kenneth '66
Lee"Joseph H. '43
Jackson, Helen T. (Hovland) '28
Gustafson, Charles '51
Dufault, Delores (in memory of
Lepisto, Audrey E. (Linde) Faculty
, Jankowski, Marian (Lindstrom) '47
Maurice Dufault '41)
Gustafson, Elwood B. '39
Letnes, Daniel and Alpha (Bruun)
Jarshaw, Milada P. (Kruta) '46
Dufault, Donald J. '46
'30 and '31
Jaszczak, Leo C. '60
Haak, Donavon H. '39
Dufau It, Ernest '61
Lewis, Darlene A. (Larson) '51
Jauhola, Robert E. '47
Haas, Theodore '50
Dufault, Lloyd L. '45
Lillemoe, Lillian C. (Bakken) '28
Jensen, Lauritz M. '48
Haaven, Alice (Grove) '50
Duke, Pearl C. (Henry) '32
Jensen, Marvin E. '45
Continued ()n page 12.
Hagert, Roberta (Bohnsack) '60
Dunham, Raymo,nd E. '56
Boushee, Allen J. '65
(Thayer) '47
Brandli, Allan E. '57
Brandli, Will '46
Brekke, Menford J. '45
Briden, Roger H. '22
Bring, Lowell & Muriei
(Setterholm) '51 and '56
, Broden, Lillian (Floan) '46
Brostrom, Morris S. '41
Brunelle, Willard '48
Bry , Alvina O. (Olson) '37
Buck, Mavis S. (Hasbargen) '46
Bushaw, Alice A. (Pagnac) '41
Dunlap, Ruth (Ladd) '45
Durand, Daniel R. '62
Page 12
Fall 1991
Continued from page 11.
lind, Elizabeth (Thompson) '46
lindberg , Earl L. '35
lindstrom, Carroll '49
lindstrom , Rodney '33 (in memory
of Tom Sanden '33)
lintvet, Orlo '41
Lofthus, Edwin 0 , '24
Lofton , Delsie (Filipi) '38
LOing , Willard D, '55
Lotvola, Elroy B. '66
Love, Allen R. and Lorraine (Zipoy)
'50 and '54
Loyland , Karam O. '60
Ludwig, Ruth M. (Hermanson) '24
Lund, Lloyd O. '40
Lundberg, Daniel R. '66
Lundquist, Joyce M. (Hunstad) '47
Lunsetter, Barbara (Hylland) '56
Lunsetter, Walter '32
Lyberg, Gordon '45
Lysaker, Herschel and Jeanette
Lystrom , Walter ' 50
Madson, Wesley '47
Magnusson , Allan '48
Maidment , Luke D. '58
Martell. Richard '68
Maruska , Morris '36
McCall , Donald T. '31
McFarland , Arlan '46
McGinty" Audrey M. (Bjella) '44
McGregor , Clifford '45
McQueen , Sue C: (Mery) '50
Melin , Melvin '41
Merkens, Harlan E. '64
Meyer, N. Marie (Blakely) '38
Meyer, Norma E. (Sylvester) '45
Mickelson, Jr., David O. '55
Miller, Dorothy M. (Turner) '40
Miller , Katherine A. (Viker) '39
Miller , RobertW. '67
Miller, Wallace W . '24
Milner, Donald G. '42
Mjelde , Ira T. '47
Moe , Roger '56
Moen, B. Duane and Delene
(Hegreberg) '37
Moen, Norman A. '34
Molacek, David '53
Moran , Elvin R. '45
Morgan , Ruth J. (JaEmisch) '62
Moritz , Rosella E. (Ecklund) '36
Mortenson , M. Carter '31
Mosbeck, Donald and Ruth
(Iverson) '50 & '56
Mosbectc:, Lorraine (in memory
of Warren E. Mosbeck) '45
Moser, William H. '56
Mosher, Claude L. '56
Mosher , Rodney D. '51
Nansen, Glen W. '43
Narveson, Carl R. and Sophie H.
(Krbechek) '20 and '21
Nelson, Berneil C. '42
Nelson, Bruce Q. '67
Nelson , Donald M. '40
Nelsen, Earl N. '43
Nelson, Gerald M. '50
Nelson, Louise A. '44
Nelson, Odell L. '61
Nelson, Robert A. '38
Nelson, Wayne O. '46
Newhouse , Earl A. '36
Newhouse, Ernest J. '28
Nielsen, Les H. '58
Nisbet, Herbert and Betty
(McVeety) '30 and '36
Nisbet, Richard J. '45
Nordling , Leslie '41
Nornes, Helmer and Karine
(Opdahl) '31 and '34
Nornes , NO,rah M: (Hamre) '30
Nybo , Clifford J. '41
Odell , Ethelyn (Brandli) '60
Okeson , Duane R. '40
Olson , Curtis L. '56
Olson, H. Lois (Haug) '37
Olson , Harold W. '31
Olson , James O. '55
Olson , Kathryn (Brandli) '41
Olson , Melvin C. '50
Olson , Telmer R. '28
Omundson , Lawrence O. '30
Opdahl , LeRoy '64
Ophus , Fred R. '56
Ophus , Roger H. '45
Orvis , John A . '57
Otness , Duane L. '58
Ovsak , Gene '61
Palm , DeForest '48
Palmer , Emma E. (LaBine) '47
Parduhn , Cleon D. '42
Parsell , Betty L. (Halliday) '41
Patenaude, John E. '37
Paulsen, Rita (Johnson) '50
Paulson, Henry D. '39
Pavek , Edward ' '47
Pearce, Darlene E. (Erickson) '58
Pearson, Arnold L. '47
• Pearson, Frances V. '39
Pearson, Harold S. '39
Pearson , Keith H. '45
Pearson, Orvrlle M. '43
Pearson, Violet (Johnson) '43
Pedersen, Daniel J. '62
Pedersen, Gary M. '64
Pederson, James L. '61
Pederson, Norris A. '47
Pederson, Palmer R. '41
Pederson, Paul D. '67
Perkins, Beverly A. (Weiland) '50'
Perras, Hazel M. (Noyes) '31
(Johnson) '51
Petersen, Steven R, '63
Petersen, Willard D. '38
Peterson , Donna (Danielson) '49
Peterson , Grant E. '44
Petsch , Esther (Torgerson) '32
Philipp, Lawrence '28
Philipp, Ronald '64
Philipp , Vernon W. '42
Pickard, Arlene (Christianson)
'56 (in memory of Clarence
Clemen son '34)
Poland, Laura J. (Jensen) '20
Poole, Kenneth '48
Porter , Lynn M. and Patricia
(Kirk) '57 and '56
Price , Kenneth and Rose Marie
(Kochman) '44 and '47
Proulx, Earl '47
Proulx, George D. '62
Proulx, Paul '46
Pulkrabek, Dale '44
Pulkrabek, James E. '50
Purath, Pauline (Finkenbinder) (in
memory of Warren Mosbeck) '45
Purrington, Wayne '49
Qualley, Darrel W. '58
Radzak, Evelyn A. (Sorvig) '40
Ramse, Arthur M. '26
Rasmussen, William T. '56
Redmann, Earl A. '68
Reese, Llewellyn '33
Refling , Orin '32
Ricard , Lester J. '51
Richwalski , Evinda (Koppang) '30
, Rinde , Arlene H. (Hill) '31
Risbrudt , Ralph T. '34
Roberts , Jean I. (Nisbet) '33
Robitsch , Hazel L. (Conover) '41
Rosett , Bernice (Jones) '55
Rosholt , Karlton J. '41
Ross , Armin '46
Ross , Gerhard A. '45
Rother , Annette V. (Rots) '30
Rotvold , Bonita (Bohnsack) '62
Roy , William E. '59
Roybal , Gladys M. (Moran) '41
Rude , Burdell M. '54
Rude , Richard W. '60
Rue, Kenneth H. '50
Ruebke , Elmer I. '39
Rydeen , Edmund D. '38
Salo , Rose E. (Naplin) '33
Samuelson , Robert E. '43
Sannes , John E. '62
Sargent, Clarence and Edna
(Paulsrud) '41 and '44
Sather , Joyce A. (Eftefield) '50
Satre , Grant '54
Saxman, Theodore R. '64
Schafer, Raymond P. '42
Scharmer, Deane R. '61
Schleicher , Richard P. '51
Schneider, Robert A. '45
Scholin, Arlo '44
Scholin, Vernon E. '38
Schreck , Penelope (Erickson) '49
Schroeder, Herbert W. '31
Schuett, lillian D. (Qualley) '44
Schulz, George H. '31
Schulz , Lorraine (in memory of
Walter Schulz '39)
Schuster, Judy (Rivard) '64
Schuster, Kenneth '61
Sczepanski, Edmund J. Sr. '43
Sczepanski, Frank D. '56
Sczepanski, Thomas S. '54
Searles, Ardis M. (Overgaard) '50 .
Seeger, Esther (Haugo) '34
Seemann, Margaret (Johnson) '45
Sharpe, Benneth '25
Sherwood, Laura M. (Hanson) '35
Short, David W. '46
SimmonS, Richard W. '43
Skeie, Arnold K. '55
Skrove, Beatrice E. (Eggum) '33
Slette, Tumina '31
Slominski, Harry '61
Sluka, Ronald H. '56
Smith, Gerald K. '60
Smith, Glenn N. '27
Smith, Lois E. (Sargent) '34
Smith, Marvel E. (Noyes) '31
Snustad, Eleanor (Olson) '40
Sondrol, LeRoy S. '55
Sontag, Anna A. (Jensen) '39
Sorensen, Fred A. '43
Sorenson, Ore I A. '42
Sparby, Geneva J. (Iverson) '45
Sprung, Walter V. '20
St. Germain, Allen J. '56
Stahl, Doris (Clow) '42 '
Stanko, John S. '36
Ste. Marie, Donald L. '40
Stenerson, Vernon '32
Stoia Jr., Roy S. '47
Stordahl, Art '27
Stromstad, Allan J. '63
Stromstad, Bruce '66
Stromstad, Raymond and Marvlyn
(Vesledahl) '47 and '48
Stromstad, Walter and Charlene
(Walters) '38 and '43
Sundet , John P. '38
Swan, Donna L. (Miller) '55
Swanson, Bernard T. '38
Swanson, HeimerW. '41
Swanson, Wilbert R. '41
'Swenson, Bessie G. '27
Swenson, Carroll '46
Syverson, Gordon '54
Szymanski, Kenneth F. '50
Taintor , Berget (Torkelson) '42
Tangen , Harry '32
Tangen , Oray C. '38
Taus , Wilfred W. '48
Teie , Phyllis (Magnusson) '47
Thayne, Mary R. (Saxman) '59
Thomas, Eva C. (Carter) '39
Thompson, Hilbert L. '36
Thompson , Jerome T. ;50
Thompson, John R. '38
Thompson, Orbin H. '35
Thompson, Thomas '56
Thompson , Vilma A. (Zak) '51
Thompson , Wallace '50
Thoreson,Orlie '47
Thormodson, Nelvin '44
Thorson, Dennis V. '52 '
Thureen, Harley M. '56
Thureen, Orris D. '50
Tiedemann, Gene R. '67
Timmer, Eugene '61
Tinkham, Alton W. '43
Tollefson, Bert & Anita
(Mindermann) '43 and '41
Tollefson , Evelyn (Sheldrew) (in
memory of Wesley Sheldrew '26)
Tolpingrud, lillian (Friberg) '51
Torkelson, Glen V. '47
Torkelson, Myron C. '51
Torkelson, Norman A. '45
Trangsrud, Julian P. '56
Tribon, Frances (Hofacre) '49
Urness, Vera L. (Walters) '30
Van Dellen, Adrian F. '61
. Venem, Larry A. '63
Vig , Harold D. '52
Vind, Gordon G. '48
Vraa, Arthur M.
Wagner, Harriet (Meyer)
Waldal, Selma J . '30
Wallace, Daniel A. '65
Wallace, James '66
Wallenberg, Vincent A. '44
Wardner, Marvin C. '30
Warner, Milton O. '20
Warnes, Dennis D. '50
Washburn, Edson D. '34
Waterworth , Eunice (Peterson) '49
Webster, Jean Y. (Anderson) '50
Webster, Moris W. "45
Webster , Rodney W. '48
Wefald , Lillian (Jensen) '42
Welle , Shirley R. (Winkler) '43
Wells , James '33
Wentzel , Evelyn H. (in memory
of Roland F. Wentzel) '36
Whalen, Charles T. '46
Whalen , Daniel J. '45
White , Gladys (Quantock) '34
Widner, Clarence E. '34
Widseth, Richard and Clarice
(Thureen) '48
Wimpfheimer , Duane '49
Winter, Charles R. '49
Wodahl, James O. '41
Woitzel, Paul R. '63
Wolden, Arnold '31
Worman, Gladys E. '38
Yearous, Mary (Perkins) '48
Younggren, Harley '45
Younggren, Harold '45
Younggren, Larry M. '49
Yuergens, Robert D. '63
Zak, Conrad '46
Zak, Franklin W. '46
Zak, LeRoy '51
Zammert, Charles '56
Ziegler, Allan W. '57
Ziegler, David L. '62
Ziegler, Kenneth E. '56
lone Koznek Arnold '41, Kathrine Brown Espeseth '41
and Kathryn Brandli Olson '41 could 'hardly believe
they were together again on the campus.