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A Magical Career - Australian International School Hong Kong
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The Newsletter for Alumni of Australian International School Hong Kong
May 2013 Volume Three
A Magical Career
ife has been nothing short of ‘magical’ for 2010 graduate
Anson Chen. After completing his studies at AISHK, Anson
decided to pursue his passion for magic and illusion by
travelling overseas where he was mentored by masters of magic in
the USA, England and Italy.
After his return he continued honing his skills, gradually building
a following and reputation for being skilled in his craft as well as a
captivating performance artist. Today, Anson is one of Hong Kong’s
most outstanding young magicians and recently worked with
celebrity Japanese celebrity magician Cyril Takayama. He joined
the ranks of headlining professionals when he delivered a one-man
show at the Wanchai Arts Centre in April.
Anson's performance at the Hong Kong Arts Centre was directed and
produced by AISHK's Director of Performing Arts, Mr Graeme Tyler.
Anson’s speciality is intimate magic that includes inviting members of the audience to join him on stage for close-up experience of
his amazing skills. He considers himself very fortunate, because “I basically get paid to do what I love,” he says. “I guess the only
difference is that in certain shows, I have to adapt my performance to the client's needs and that can sometimes be different from
what I really want in magic artistically. Because of this, I like to create my own shows whenever I can. I love having the control and
freedom to do the kinds of performances I like.”
Anson credits his experience as a student at AISHK as an important factor in developing his
confidence and ability as an all round performer.
“After spending the first few years, when I started out, focusing almost exclusively on sleightof-hand and other techniques, I realised it takes more than just skills to be a good magician.
Presentation and showmanship are equally important, if not more so. So I started taking
Drama and Music classes at school and attended various workshops on my own. I also got
into other performing arts productions as well.
"Before coming to AISHK I was in a very different learning environment and, I must say, the
education experience at AISHK was much more fulfilling. I feel students are encouraged to
be themselves and pursue their passions. Honestly, if it wasn't for the support I received, I
may not have pursued the Performing Arts at all.”
With his two shows playing to appreciative audiences, Anson looks to be well on the way to
AISHK alumni Anson Chen (centre) with Hong
developing a successful career as one of Hong Kong’s more ‘intriguing’ performance artists. Kong actor Andy Lau Tak-wah and Japanese
We look forward to hearing more about Anson’s exploits and wish him well in the future.
magician Cyril Takayama.
Old Boys' Soccer & Volleyball Tournament and Alumni Reunion
Last year's Old Boys' Reunion, held on the last Tuesday of the
school year in December, was another wonderful afternoon and early
evening of sporting action, friendship and reminiscing about old times
between former students and current and former staff at AISHK.
The 2012 edition saw the introduction of a new event, a Volleyball
Tournament, to go along with the Old Boys’ Soccer Tournament
which is always a big draw card. There were plenty of exciting
spikes, blocks and thrilling rallies amongst the teams who were as
competitive on the court as they were friendly away from it.
Congratulations to the alumni team led by Class of 2010 graduate
Natalie Hung, who won the inaugural Volleyball competition, and to the
staff team led by Mr Phillip O’Connor, who played impressively to win
the Soccer competition. This was a another great opportunity for our
former students and their families to stay in touch with the school and
let us know what they are achieving in their lives.
2013 Reunion
The next Australian Reunion will be in the southern capital city of Melbourne.
The event is open to all former staff and students and their families. We
look foward to seeing all our Melbourne alumni at what promises to be
another great alumni event! If you are interested in attending our Reunion
you can send an email to [email protected].
Where: Harbour Kitchen
Waterfront side of NAB Building
800 Bourke Street, Docklands
When: Saturday 25 May 2013
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Who: For all alumni and immediate family members
RSVP: [email protected]
Cost: AUD$25.00
Looking For Expressions of Interest from Class Representatives
Want to play a bigger role in our burgeoning Alumni community?
We are now looking for interested former students who would like to take on the role of Class Representative. Our Representatives
would represent the year group in which they graduated, for example, the Class of 2010, and help us get in touch with alumni from
that year. You would be helping us communicate with our former students and organising alumni activities for your year group.
This is a great opportunity for talented networkers with loads of passion and good communication skills. So if you want an outlet for
all that energy you have and the chance to catch up with old friends that is also a great networking opportunity, let us know at the
following email address: [email protected].
Updates from Alumni in the Workforce
We are always keen to find out how our alumni are doing and warmly invite you to stay in touch. Logon to our Alumni Portal at
http://alumni.aishk.edu.hk/index.php and add your contact details. Alternatively, you can send an email giving us an update to
the following email address: [email protected]. Let us know more about where you went after you graduated and, if you have
started a career, we'd like to know more about you and what you're doing now.
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Wedding Bells
We would like to offer warm congratulations to former AISHK student and Class of 2005
alumni Ms Sally Day, who married Mr Shaun Bruce in February.
On behalf of all of the members of the AISHK community we wish them well in their future
lives together.
If you have recently 'tied the knot', we'd like to hear from you. You are welcome to contact us
at [email protected] with your news. You are also invited to include a photo or two of your
special day which we can use with your story.
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What Are You Up To?
A Small World
Elise Mckenzie, a Class of 2006 graduate and now a teacher in her own right, got the surprise of her life recently when
she met up with another former AISHK student who is now her student, in Sydney. Here is her story.
"The new school year has started and I have welcomed four new students into my Year 9 Homeroom this year.
Imagine my surprised delight when I asked one of them, Adrian Gough, where he had transferred from and he explained to
me, 'I lived in Hong Kong'. I could see the surprise on his face when I replied 'I lived there for 12 years! Where did you go
to school?' He told me AISHK and we shared a moment of amazement, calling out names of teachers (Ms Fairweather, Mr
Oxenham, Mr McGunnigle) to verify each other's story! Of course he wanted to know what House I'd been in and was aghast,
then slightly dismayed when I proudly told him Wattle. I knew before he told me that he MUST have been a Waratah. The
rivalry remains strong.
We are now both in Delaney, one of the Houses in a high school of 1000 students and 7 Houses. We are going to have our
swimming carnival shortly and I hope Adrian's as viciously competitive as Waratah were 'back in my day' as Delaney are the
reigning champions of the school Swimming Carnival and we are determined to maintain the title. I had to chuckle to myself
when Adrian told me that Eucalypt are still faring tragically in House competitions.
We only had two years together at AISHK, Adrian arrived in 2005 in Year 1, and this makes me feel very old as he is about
6-feet tall now! It has been wonderful to share memories of an amazing place and great people, while the rest of my homeroom
listens in confused awe. Hong Kong is very far away from the Inner-West of Sydney.
Just thought the Alumni Association would like to hear about this chance reunion on the other side of the world!"
Elise Mckenzie
Rosebank College, NSW
Amy Lau | Class of 2011
Amy was without a doubt an active participant in school life whilst a student at AISHK. During her time with
us she was a Waratah House Captain, a Prefect in 2011 and an MVP in Volleyball. After graduating, Amy
moved to Australia to continue her studies at university. She is currently studying Public Relations and
Advertising at the UNSW. She is due to complete her course in 2014 after which she would like to return to
Hong Kong and pursue a career in the media or Public Relations.
Joanna Chan | Class of 2010
Joanna’s interest in the health of the mind and the body led her to study Psychology after graduating from
AISHK. She is now studying for her Bachelor’s degree at Australian National University in Canberra, where
she is exploring many different topics including Sociology and Biological Psychology, as well as Psychology.
She has just completed her second year of the course and is due to graduate in 2014. After completing her
studies she hopes to go on to study for her Master’s degree in Psychology in Sydney.
Julian Kuan | Class of 2010
After completing his studies at AISHK, Julian moved to Sydney where he is now undertaking a combined Commerce
and Civil Engineering degree. Studying at AISHK helped him prepare for life in Australia, says Julian, and gave
him the confidence to pursue his dreams away from his home in Hong Kong. He hopes to develop a career
involving Engineering and construction in Australia or Hong Kong when he graduates from his course in 2015.
Anson Chen | Class of 2010
Anson Chen explored a road less travelled after graduating from AISHK. Instead of going to college, a
quest to find out more about the intricate world of illusions took Anson to the US, England and Europe.
Today he is an emerging young talent in Hong Kong, known for an 'intimate' style of magic that allows
audiences to experience his performance at close range. He recently presented his first show at the Hong
Kong Arts Centre.
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