Alpha Kappa Psi Important Dates for the 2013 Spring Semester


Alpha Kappa Psi Important Dates for the 2013 Spring Semester
Alpha Kappa Psi
I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and
2013 is starting off well for all of you!
First off, I am Eliza Carlton and I am excited to
be serving as your Vice President of Alumni
Relations this semester. I pledged the Pi Omega
chapter in the fall of 2010, and have served as a
pledge trainer, special events chair, and the last
three semesters prior as Vice President of
Membership. Outside of Alpha Kappa Psi, I am
studying retail management and also a
competitive equestrian
Pi Omega Chapter | Spring 2013
New Semester, New Officers
President: Colleen Beck
Executive Vice President: Rudy Shriram
VP of Membership: Steven Curry
VP of Finance: George Kelly
VP of Alumni: Eliza Carlton
VP of Marketing: Rutika Dhuru
Director of Funds: Joshua Schmuck
Disciplinary Warden: Connor Post
Secretary: Meaghan Waldron
Master of Rituals: Sarah Sparks
Parliamentarian: Kyle Kraujalis
Corporate Sponsorship: Charlie Kaplan
Chaplain: Mary Tucker
If you wish to contact any of the officers this
semester, don’t hesitate to ask for their contact
Important Dates for the 2013 Spring Semester
Principled Business Leadership Institute
Friday & Saturday February 15 & 16
Mid Court Interviews
Monday, March 4
Tuesday, April 9
Pi Omega Spring Formal
Saturday, April 13
Grand Prix
Saturday, April 20
Every Tuesday at 9 PM Rawls 1062
Alumni will be notified if any of the dates listed above change
Alpha Kappa Psi
Pi Omega Chapter | Spring 2013
Please feel free to
contact us if you are
ever in the area. We
would love to try to
get together with you.
Alumni are also
always welcome to
attend chapter on
Tuesday evenings!
As usual, the Midwest Region’s PBLI will be held in Chicago at Hilton’s historic Palmer House. We
hope to see as many of our alumni while we are there that weekend. If you are in the area that
weekend, please feel free to contact me if you wish to get together or will be around any of those
However, no matter where you live, we hope to see you at our formal on Saturday, April 13th. This year
out Spring Formal will take place at the Holiday Inn City Centre from 7-11 that evening. It will be $15
per person. As this event gets closer I will be sending you information so keep an eye out for that!
Above, I have also listed the Mid-Court interview and Initiation date for this semester. Our alumni are
always welcome to come back and help with interviews, participate in initiations, or see how our
chapter currently operates.
Being alumni of the Pi Omega chapter, you are always invited to visit with us any time. If you are
interested in coming to Purdue to give a presentation about your current place of employment, life
after college, etc. we would enjoy hosting you. As mentioned previously, if you are ever in the area,
please feel free to let me know so we can hopefully arrange something with you, even if it’s simply for
a brief meal.
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Alumni Newsletter
Alpha Kappa Psi
Pi Omega Chapter | Spring 2013
Update Alumni
Finally, please notice my change in email.
It is now
[email protected]
I still have access to the old email, but I
would appreciate your cooperation with
this transition. My job is to serve you, the
alumni, to the best of my ability, so please
contact me with any questions, comments,
concerns, or suggests.
In U… & I…
Please send me an email with the
following information if anything has
changed, or if you are unsure if we have
any of the following information. Anything
you can provide would be greatly
Name (First, Middle, Last)
Permanent Address
Current Address
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Initiation Date
Eliza Carlton
Majors/Minors Earned
Vice President of Alumni Relations
Current Employer & Position
Alumni Newsletter

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