Minnesota Flight Log - General EW Rawlings Chapter



Minnesota Flight Log - General EW Rawlings Chapter
Flight Log
Vol. 23, No. 2
Gen. E.W. Rawlings Chapter #213
Air Force Association
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Minnesota Flight Log is published quarterly for
the members of the Rawlings chapter of the Air
Force Association. Members may view the
newsletter on the chapter website, www.rawlingsafa.org. To report problems or to submit items,
call Bob McGonigal at 953.884.1625, or by email
at [email protected]
U.S. Air Force Apr-Jun 2011
GET LINKED IN to Chapter News
Once on the internet, go to 'www.
Linkedin.com. In the search box at the top,
type in 'Rawlings Chapter.' You will be
prompted to either 'join the group' or to
create a free account so that you can join
the group. Once you join, you will be emailed about news, information, and
discussions about the Rawlings Chapter
and its work in the Twin Cities community.
Vic Seavers
Vice Pres
Heidi Priestley
Ralph Delperdang
David Pohlen
VP Aero Ed
Vic Seavers
VP Char Gam
Bruce Roberts
VP Ldr Dev
Garrett Sampson
VP Comm Part
VP Govt Relatn
Daniel Murphy
JROTC (in 4 local High Schools)
VP Vets Aff
Julie Eszlinger-Jensen
Veterans Members Events
VP Mbrshp
Bob McGonigal
American Aviation Heritage Soc.
VP Mentors
Garrett Sampson
Flying Gopher
You may now see the video made from the
WWII Women Veterans luncheon our chapter
sponsored in 2008. Thanks to Larry Sagstetter,
you can go to www.rawlings-afa.org and click
on the link to view the video. Thanks! Larry.
Wings of the North
Glenn Shull
Flywell Flying Club
Gary Chambers
National Eagle Center
Adventium Labs
The Swarm Lacrosse Team
U of M (Mpls) ROTC
Mrs.Doyle Larson
USA Today News
U of St.Thomas ROTC
Fat Lorenzo's
First Command
Civil Air Patrol
MN Aviation Academy
Visions of Exploration
James Industries
MISCO Speaker Company
ArcLight Technology Consulting
Military Recognition Program
4th Annual MAC-V Benefit Event
The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, a
non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, will be holding
their event on Friday, September 23, 2011 at the
934th Fort Snelling Officers' Club, 395 Hwy 5 and
Post Rd, St.Paul MN 55111. The event starts with
a Silent Auction and Raffle, an Appetizer
Reception with Live Music by the Tom Hipps
Trio. Dinner with Welcome and a brief program
followed by Live Music.
The MAC-V's mission is to provide assistance
throughout Minnesota to positively motivated
veterans and their families who are homeless or
experiencing other life crises.
Their purpose is to directly help veterans and
their families affected by homelessness in
Minnesota. It strives to serve, inform, educate,
and train others to carry a message of hope. It
aims to set a national standard for respectfully
meeting housing and supportive needs of veterans
while maintaining the worth and dignity of all
those involved.
Through outreach offices in Minneapolis, Duluth,
and Mankato, MAC-V provides and coordinates
services for veterans in need throughout
Minnesota in the areas of housing, employment,
and legal assistance.
They collaborate with other service providers to
connect veterans to a full range of services. Their
statewide focus, non-duplication of services
provided are the key to their success.
Tickets to the event, donations, and additional
information on the event, Serving Those Who
Have Served Us First, please contact MAC-V at
651.291.8756, or at www.mac-v.org.
Membership Data—Apr/May/Jun
Transferred in
Transferred out
Deceased/ Canceled
Auto Affiliated
End of June total
Chapter Meeting snapshots
May – Awards Banquet discussed
20 minutes of WWII Glider program
UST ROTC commissioning 16
Silver Wings starting new program – Active
America. PowerPoint presentation.
JROTC-Thanks for support. Official Honor
Society program: Kitty Hawk Society made
presentation to Vic Seavers. Lindberg Chapter
Presentation for “Veterans in the Arts” a new
interface program. Contact Bob McGonigal for
Wings of the North Air Expo coming up
For the Visions of Exploration, we were able
to approve 100 classrooms in getting the USA Today
newspaper and lesson plans. Thanks to Jane Vail.
934th rep, CMS Steve Orwig reviewed some
of the deployments statistics and encouraged support
by contacting Family Readiness at 6127131000.
Major Priestley presented another
opportunity to honor our service members: the
“2011 Festival of Tribute & Honor”, sponsored by
the New Hope Community Services of America,
Inc. Go to www.nhcsa-mn.org for complete details
Go to www.Rawlings-afa.org for more
June—20 - 30minutes more on the WWII glider
program, “Silent Wings”.
Thanks to Bruce and Vicky Roberts for their
dedicated involvement with our charitable gambling
CAP noted their upcoming events, including
the summer Encampment at Camp Ripley.
Dorothea Johns gave a short presentation on
the Armed Forces Service Center, Terminal 1 at the
MSP airport. Volunteers are needed. Contact Bob
McGonigal for more information. He volunteers one
4 hour block of time one day a month.
April's Annual Awards Banquet
Eagle and handler were from the National
Eagle Center, Wabasha, MN
Colors posted by Civil Air Patrol of Minnesota
POW / MIA ceremony, U of M's ROTC
Rawlings Chapter Teacher of the Year from
Richfield Middle School:
Ms. Julie White
and Chapter President, Vic Seavers
2011 Annual Award Banquet Recipients
MN Civil Air Patrol
Air National Guard
C/2LT Matthew Bruffey
133rd Airlift Wing
C/Capt Matthew Frame
SrA Kathryn Morrill, 133rd LRS
C/MAJ Nicholas Trombley
TSG Jacob Norsten, 133rd LRS
Capt Shelly Supan
MSG John Kubes, 133rd LRS
Capt Gail Kephart
MSG Derrick Schmitt, 133rd MXS
SMS David Gonsoski, 133rd CES
Park HS-C/LTC Rebecca Willenbring
Air Force Reserve
Woodbury HS-C/LTC Erin Cahill
934th Airlift Wing
Johnson HS-Cadet Vong Thao
SrA Emily Erickson, 27th APS
North HS-C/MAJ Michael Munson
TSG Ryan Ricci, 934th AW
MSG Charles Brynteson, 96th AS
U of St.Thomas C/Capt Lauren Schlichting
SMS Donald Scott, 934th MXS
U of Minnesota Cadet Corey Wohlers
Capt Troy Fiesel, 934th AW
Rawlings Chapter
SSG Matthew Heiman, 934th CES
Teacher of the Year
Front Right, Vic Seavers, Rawlings Chapter
president, and AFA's Vice Chairman of the
Board, Justin Faiferlick.
Ms. Julie White
2011 CAP Summer Encampment – a snapshot or two
The 2011 summer Encampment at Camp Ripley occurred June 11 – 18. Cadets who went had a variety
of reasons to attend. According to “The Gremlin”, the Encampment's daily news paper, it was the basic
desire to excel in CAP activities and mission. Some individuals said they wanted to test themselves
over a week's worth of intense training with exacting performance standards, or they had a desire to do
something different over the summer, or a desire to serve in the military, or they had a need for
discipline. According to Capt. Nash Pherson, Encampment's Commander, “The primary goal of
Encampment is to learn, grow, develop, and be challenged.”
If you're interested in more photos, stories, and complete overview, go to the Encampment's website
at www.cadetleadership.org/. Turn sound on for youtube videos, browse through hundreds of photos,
read the daily paper, The Gremlin, which is where the photos and text for this article were obtained.
Thanks to Kevin Sliwinski for the links.
ed. Bob McGonigal
Land Navigation
Confidence Course
Vollyball Competition
Gas mask sim training

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