Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021



Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
Persistence Market Research
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight
Report 2015 to 2021
Persistence Market Research
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
Persistence Market Research Released New Market Report on “Smart Factory
Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021”.
Smart factories are affordable and offer fully integrated automation solutions for
manufacturing facilities to streamline the flow of materials during the
manufacturing process. Smart factories are characterized by increasing the use of
technology and field devices to offer complete automation in manufacturing
process. By incorporating cyber physical system into the forefront of manufacturing
flow, smart factories are able to connect every process and component across the
value chain. This interconnection of information and production has revolutionized
the automation industry and thereby, facilitated manufacturing units to perform at
an optimum level. Moreover, manufacturing companies are able to achieve shortest
time to market and zero waste production through smart factories. Automation in
smart factories makes the use of various control devices such as sensors, motors,
drives, switches and relays and networks technologies such as wired, wireless and
radio frequency identification (RFID). Integrated systems such as Manufacturing
Execution System (MES), Information Technology (IT) system, Programmable Logic
Control (PLC), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition (SCADA) are designed to meet the specific requirements of a
manufacturing unit. These industrial control systems manage the process and
streamline the flow of materials across the manufacturing line. Smart factories also
make use of industrial robots such as articulated robots, SCARA (Selective
Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm)
robots, Cartesian robots, cylindrical and other robots for various manufacturing
processes such as painting, welding, conveyance, heavy lifting etc.
One of the major factors driving the growth of smart factory market is the
increasing need for improving efficiency and energy saving in the manufacturing
process. Automation has enabled manufacturing units to utilize every second of
production time through efficient streamlining of the manufacturing process.
Technological advancements such as machine to machine communication enable
smart factories to eliminate wastage of time caused due to the delay in the process
Persistence Market Research
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
change. Moreover, with rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and services, integration of
manufacturing and engineering processes has experienced a tremendous leap
forward. However, the growth of smart factory market faces a few restraints due to
lack of standardization and interoperability issues. These factors raise concerns in
designing integrated solutions using components provided by several automation
solution providers. The shortage of trained workers and increasing skill gap further
restrains the growth of smart factory market. Other crucial factors such as cyber
security threats and associated costs limit the growth of this smart factory market in
industries such nuclear, weapons and armaments.
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With its immense applications in industries such as automotive and transportation,
packaging, mining of minerals and metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and process
industries such as oil and gas, the smart factory market is expected to experience
immense growth in coming years. Thereby, companies have invested heavily to
explore untapped opportunities in the applications of industrial robots and control
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Some of the major players in smart factory market include Intel Corporation,
General Dynamics Corporation, CMC Associates, Freescale Semiconductor Inc.,
Honeywell International Inc., Johnson Controls Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
Rockwell Automation Inc., Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SA, General Electric Co.,
Apriso Corporation, Emerson Electric Co., Invensys Plc., Teledyne Technologies Inc.,
ABB Ltd., Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, and National Instruments Corporation.
Persistence Market Research
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
Key geographies evaluated in this report are:
North America
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK
Eastern Europe
Latin America
Key features of this report
Drivers, restraints, and challenges shaping the Smart Factory market
Latest innovations and key events in the industry
Analysis of business strategies of the top players
Smart Factory market estimates and forecasts(2015 -2021)
Persistence Market Research
Smart Factory Market - PMR Market Insight Report 2015 to 2021
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