Flyer - The Danish Chemical Society



Flyer - The Danish Chemical Society
The Danish Chemical Society
Annual Meeting 2016
9th of June 2016, Odense, University of Southern Denmark
Plenary lecture
Prof. Matthias Beller
Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse (LIKAT Rostock) & University of Rostock, Germany
“Be Green! Sustainable Catalysis for (Practical) Organic Synthesis”
session lectures / sektionsforedrag
The Division of Organic Chemistry /
The Division of Analytical Chemistry /
The Division of Inorganic Chemistry /
Sektionen for Organisk Kemi
Selskabet for Analytisk Kemi
Sektionen for Uorganisk Kemi
The Division of Theoretical Chemistry /
The Danish Society of the History of Chemistry /
Chemical Engineering /
Sektionen for Teoretisk Kemi
Dansk Selskab for Historisk Kemi
IDA Kemi – Kemiingeniørgruppen
The Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and
Danish Society of Pharmacology, Toxicology and
Danish Society for Molecular Spectroscopy /
Technology / Sektionen for Farmaceutisk Kemi og
Medicinal Chemistry / Dansk Selskab for Farmakologi,
Dansk Forening for Molekylspektroskopi
Toksikologi og Medicinalkemi
Ellen og Niels Bjerrums Kemikerpris 2016/
Ellen and Niels Bjerrums Chemistry award 2016
Poster Session
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