Importance of Fire Extinguisher in Our Routine Life


Importance of Fire Extinguisher in Our Routine Life
Importance of Fire Extinguisher in Our Routine Life
Fire extinguisher is an efficient tool that stops the dispersion of fire. There are different kinds of
extinguishers utilized to put out fire. Each and every tool has a precise use. So it is essential to
have a carefully knowledge of a commercial fire extinguisher before buying it for office or
home use.
Types of Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguisher is easily available in different varieties. It is essential to use the acceptable type
of fire extinguisher to extinguish fire from different reasons. Fire can be happen from electricity
short circuit, oil, wood, paper and many more. Here are some types of extinguishers that can help
Water extinguisher: It is generally found extinguisher that is utilized to tackle fire that is
flammable, normally the fire from paper and wood. It can’t be effective to put out fire from
electric sources. Though it is accessible in different sizes, the normal size is just 9 litres. The
cylinder of 6 litre Portable Fire Extinguishers is even used in different places.
Chemical extinguishers: Most recent edition of extinguishers initiated in foam or powder type, it
is somewhat quick and efficient in extinguishing fire caused because of cooking oil. It can’t be
utilized to extinguish fires from electric circuits. The Residential Fire Extinguisher assists to
cool down the hotness of the fire and decreases the possibilities of a re-ignition.
Powder fire extinguisher: these types of extinguishers are appropriate for electric fires, gas fires,
and flammable liquid as well as solid flammable fires. Today these are available in most of the
buildings and these are available in 6kgs and 9kgs cylinders. If you want to increase your
security at your workplace then along with fire extinguishers you can use Exit Signs And
Emergency Lights. These lights will give you more security in case of fire.
Carbon-dioxide extinguishers: this type of extinguisher is utilized to put out electrical fires. It
is not utilized in different places but is somewhat effective in areas where break out of electric
fire is possible. The normal sizes of the cylinders available in the market are 2kg and 5 kg. It is
Foam extinguishers: these extinguishers are appropriate for liquid fires and flammable solid
files. It is the generally used extinguisher and it is easily available in different varieties too.
Though it can’t be used to quench electrical fire, when you are using foam extinguishers you can
use Exit & Emergency Lighting to improve the level of security.
Where to place fire extinguisher and How to use
If you are using a fire extinguisher then you should put them in a suitable place. It is very
important to stop fire. It is vital to install these very important devices in a place where people
can without any difficulty find them. At residential places, it should be situated where you can
simply reach them in case of urgent situations where as in work place it is best to put them at
hallways and exits.
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