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Ensuring Your Fire Safety
The first and ultimate concern in any outbreak of fire is the safeguarding
of human lives. Everything else comes second.
Protecting lives and property from fire hazards has been our passion and our business for many years. It is the
reason that we are a multiple award-winning, recognised leader in the fire protection industry in Malaysia.
Unique Fire Industry Sdn Bhd is a full-line fire systems equipment supplier and the sole manufacturer of the
Unique brand of portable fire extinguishers. We are also the registered owner of the UNIQUE brand of fire
protection products, YAMA and COMMANDER trademarks for fire hoses.
Unique Fire’s comprehensive range of innovative fire suppression products continues to reliably serve our
customers in Malaysia and abroad. Our export markets include the ASEAN countries and the Middle East.
Company History
Our History
Unique Fire owes its humble beginnings to the energy and drive of one man, Mr Liew Sen Hoi, the founder of the
As a contractor for installing fire fighting systems in construction projects since 1975, Mr Liew gained in-depth
knowledge of fire fighting products. Nothing was installed unless it went through his hands. In 1990, the enterprising
Mr Liew made a significant decision that saw the birth of his own company, UBE Industry Sdn Bhd, servicing and
trading in what Mr Liew knew best: fire protection equipment.
New Beginnings
Mr Liew’s steadfast confidence that he had made the right decision was justified in the following years. The
company’s unique rapid growth and development prompted him to change its name to the present Unique Fire
Industry Sdn Bhd, a change that appropriately reflects the assurance of quality in its products and professionalism in
its services.
We built our first factory in Bandar Kinrara, and aggressively entered into trading. CO2 systems were imported. We
had our own assembly to refill fire extinguisher cylinders which we then sold to more established competitors. We were
also awarded more authorised distributorships of well-known fire protection equipment brands. For the next ten years,
we kept improving from year to year, winning several awards for entrepreneurship and excellence, getting ISO
certified, and steadily supplying our customers with newer and better quality products.
In 2008, we built our second factory in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. This factory was used to assemble Unique Fire’s
complete line of dry chemical portable fire extinguishers in strict adherence to the high quality assurance levels with
our customers demand of us. We kept abreast of technological advancements in fire systems, our market reach
expanded to the ASEAN countries and the Middle East, and we grew into a major force to be reckoned with in the
Malaysian fire safety industry.
In 2013, the company took a quantum leap forward with the completion of our current office, factory and warehouse
in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. This premise provided us with the space to grow our business and to date, our company
is well known and recognised as one of the reputable company in trading and servicing of fire protection equipment
as well as manufacturer of fire extinguisher in Malaysia.
Blazing the Way Ahead
Unique Fire Industry today is led by a forward-looking, hands-on management team that is steeped in the
company’s ingrained tradition of retaining wholesome family values and supplying only quality products. While
Mr Liew Sen Hoi remains the Managing Director, the reins of control are progressively being passed on to a younger
generation of Liews who have the same entrepreneurial dynamism as the company’s founder.
Essential to the business is the ability to foresee changes and speedily react to market demand. Emphasis is thus
being given to research and development and to keeping close track of new fire safety technology as well as
the latest in internationally recognised standards.
Unique Fire is already known and trusted in the local market for supplying the highest quality fire protection
equipment to various large and medium-sized projects in the construction industry that comprise high-rise
buildings and infrastructure projects for both government and non-government bodies. Our eye is now on
developing long-term international markets.
Leading by capable management of the young business-savvy Liews, Unique Fire is in fighting fit form to face the
future of the business.
Committed To Excellence
We aim to be the nation’s top go-to resource for the manufacture, sourcing and supply of only
the highest quality fire protection equipment and for proficient fire advisory services.
To achieve our objective, we are committed to ensuring that the needs and requirements of both
our local and international customers are met with professional integrity, technical expertise and
prompt delivery in all areas of fire safety management.
Our People
Fighting Fires Together
Proud as we are of our products, our greatest asset remains the men and women who daily report for work in
Unique Fire, many of whom have been with us since the day we commenced operations and without whom we
would not be where we are today. Their dedication to the company speaks of their trust in our reliability and stability
as an employer that practises good governance, corporate ethics and family-oriented values with which they identify.
What’s Unique About UNIQUE
For over 35 years, our customers have depended on us for their fire protection equipment. Our well-deserved
reputation for delivering only premium products is based on a single guiding principle:
We refuse to compromise on quality
Our persistence on quality applies to all areas of our business, from our management systems to the on-time
delivery of what our customers ordered. It is how we gained our ISO 9001 certification status.
One-Stop Shop
Not many fire protection equipment suppliers carry a comprehensive product range at competitive prices.
We do. All you need in fire protection equipment and services is under one roof. Just one call to us solves all your
fire safety needs.
We don’t sit on our laurels. An entire department, our Research & Development team, periodically attends forums
and symposiums both locally and abroad. We constantly have our finger on the pulse of the newest fire protection
technology which we can use for our products.
Quality Control
Even though our products are certified to have complied with the strictest international quality standards, constant
in-house quality control is practised to give our customers 100% assurance of quality.
Strict Compliance
Our customers’ confidence in our products is justified. All our products fulfil the most stringent international standards
and carry the requisite approvals from BOMBA, Malaysia.
On-Time Delivery
We pride ourselves on ensuring that what is required by our customers is on time delivery at all times. Stock
management is meticulously maintained at optimum level in order not to disappoint our customers. Our after-sales
service personnel also check feedback from our customers so that we can address any areas which are lacking.
Products & Services
Active Fire Protection Equipment
To reduce fire hazards, you need both active and passive protection.
Active fire protection seeks to warn, to contain and to extinguish a fire when it breaks out. Please browse
through our comprehensive range of active fire protection equipment.
Passive fire protection of a building is considered at the planning stage to limit fire hazards and risks. Talk to us about
how to minimise the risk of fire hazards.
Fire Safety Advisory Services
You require answers to fire safety so that you can make clear, well-informed and cost effective decisions on how to
protect your building and its occupants from danger. Our knowledge of fire safety can help you to steer clear of fire
hazards and safeguard your property.
Our Credentials
We are an ISO 9001 certified company. This means that we have an effective
quality management system that satisfies rigorous external auditing by an
independent body, that we are committed to our customers, and that we
are willing to work towards even better efficiency.
Our awards include the following:
SMI/SME Business Award of the Year
Award: Excellence
Award: Excellence Brand
As part of our pursuit of excellence, Unique Fire is closely associated with the following organisations:
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
In addition to providing research,training and education on fire hazards and related issues, the international nonprofit organisation develops and publishes over 300 consensus codes and standards aimed at reducing the
possibility and effects of fire and other risks.
standards through its participation with SIRIM in various working groups on both active and passive fire systems.
Its objectives include promoting the practice of professionalism, and encouraging training and development of fire
personnel via technical education.
Founded in 1918 and licensed by the Engineering Council (UK), the IFE is a non-profit making professional body
with 39 international branches. Among other objectives, the IFE upholds professional standards within all
public and private fire sectors by identifying and promoting good practice, and enhancing technical networks
SIRIM Berhad is a global research and standards development organisation wholly owned by the Malaysian
Government under the Minister of Finance Incorporated. SIRIM operates as the national agency for standards and
quality. Its focus is on promoting technological excellence in the Malaysian industry by discovering and developing
new technologies to help businesses compete better through quality and innovation.
We are a Committee Member of SIRIM and also serve on the Working Committee for Active Fire Extinguishers.
Our standard range of products, including the Unique brand of portable fire extinguishers, comply with the rules
All our imported products meet the Third
internationally recognised testing
organisations such as FM (Factory Mutual Research Corporation), UL (Underwriter
2 and 4 Way Breeching Inlet and Cabinet
Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Yama ®
Filling Series for Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Sprinkler Monitoring Equipment
2 Total Flooding
Extinguishing System
Extinguishing System
Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System
System Sensor Fire Alarm System and Equipment
System Sensor Fire Alarm System and Equipment
Seamless Cylinder
Extinguishing System
Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System
Co., Ltd
Co. ,Ltd.