Game Changer in Health Industry


Game Changer in Health Industry
Game Changer in Health Industry
A new health revolution has arrived in Cairns, and it’s about to help you
feel more revived, invigorated and healthier than you have felt in a long
Cryotherapy, which originated in Japan, has been taking Europe and the
United States by storm and Cryo Australia, which opened in Brisbane in
2016, has brought these non-invasive, hyper-cooling treatments to
Cryotherapy is a process of using cold temperatures for weight loss,
improving recovery up to eight times faster from injuries, decreasing
pain, slowing cell aging and enhancing overall health, to name just some
of its amazing benefits.
“It really is cutting-edge technology, said Cryo Australia’s General
Manager Nathan Canilho. “Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen vapours
safely to help people through a myriad of different treatments, and has
been delivering outstanding results.”
Cryo Australia uses its state-of-the-art Cryosauna to cool customers’
body temperatures for a maximum of three minutes. The Cryo X sauna is
the coldest of it’s kind in the world going down to a temperature of -196
The body’s natural reaction to the cold sends the blood to the vital organs
where it is then nourished, once exiting the sauna the body then increases
blood flow to the skin, which delivers oxygen, enzymes and nutrients
throughout the body and in the process allows clients to burn up to 800
calories. The result is inflammation is reduced, muscular endurance is
enhanced and energy levels are highly boosted.
“Yes, it’s very cold, but is absolutely invigorating,” Nathan said. “Unlike in
an ice bath, water is not touching your skin so your body stays completely
dry. After the three minutes when you come out of the Cryosauna you
feel incredibly invigorated and the results people get are just amazing.”
Cryo Australia are also the research and development partners with the
Brisbane Broncos, who are using a portable cryo chamber with the results
being analysed by the University of Queensland to study the effects of the
treatment on the athletes, including game performance and recovery
from injury.
Cryotherapy is also excellent for anti-aging facial, neck and hand
treatments. Trained staff use Localised Cryotherapy to reduce any
inflammation and puffiness, while also decreasing the size of customer’s
pores. As the temperature decreases, the body responds by producing
more collagen. From this reaction, fine lines and wrinkles begin to
Another amazing service Cryo Australia provide is the Cryo Sculpting Fat
Reduction treatment which uses cool temperature technology to spot
reduce fat in stubborn areas such as love handles, stomach, back and
thighs. The best thing is that it is extremely affordable compared to any
other competitor on the market
Peter Daley opened the Cairns clinic in late August after experiencing
first hand the results of Cryotherapy in Brisbane.
“I suffered from a bad back as well as tennis elbow, and the results after
Cryotherapy were quite amazing,” he said. “I’m pain free now. I know the
benefits of Cryotherapy, and I’m passionate about sharing them with
Peter said Cryotherpay is also excellent for weight loss, inflammation,
skin rejuvenation and treating acne, psoriasis and eczema and
rheumatoid arthritis.
Another ground-breaking health treatment offered by Cryo Australia is
through its IV iRefresh vitamin lounge, a modern hydration and
nutritional therapy through IV infusions.
“The IV iRefresh therapy is fantastic,” Peter said. “It’s great for
rehydration, boosting your immune system, jet lag, detoxifying the body,
hangovers and increasing strength and energy levels.”
Cryo Australia offers eight different IV options, all packed with pure
vitamins and essential minerals.
“The IV therapy really exploded in Brisbane,” Peter said. “Customers see
the effects immediately, especially those who are feeling sick and run
Cairns is the second clinic in the Cryo Australia group with other clinics
opening in the coming months in Sydney and Brisbane with plans to
expand into all States and major cities.
“Cryotherapy and IV therapy are game changers,” Peter said. “They’re
really affordable and the most important thing is that they really do