How Does a Cryo-chamber Work


How Does a Cryo-chamber Work
How Does a Cryo-chamber Work?
Whole-body cryotherapy is a form of treatment which reportedly has a lot of health benefits associated with it.
Many athletes and celebrities get this treatment done and come out with nothing short of praises. Cryotherapy
isn’t something new. It has been used for treating inflammation and muscle injuries for centuries. However, the
technology used for providing this treatment has seen a lot of advancement in the last few years. Nowadays, a
Cryo chamber is used for offering whole-body cryotherapy. These chambers are designed specifically for this
treatment method and are supplied with liquid nitrogen for lowering the temperature inside them.
The working principle of Cryo chambers is to rapidly drop the temperature inside the chamber. This is achieved
by passing liquid nitrogen via pipes embedded into chamber walls. The liquid nitrogen sucks out the heat from
inside the chamber and lowers its temperature way below zero. Any person standing inside the Cryo chamber
will feel the temperature drop and their body will instantly go into shock. In this state, the body will try to
maintain its core temperature by directing the blood flow to the vital organs of the body. Moreover, it will also
activate all of its survival modes and fill the blood with as much oxygen and nutrients as it can.
A person is asked to stand inside a Cryo chamber for a few minutes only. During this time, the body remains in
survival mode and once the person steps outside the chamber, it starts its recovery phase. In the recovery phase,
the enriched blood is sent to the limbs and other parts of the body and delivers renewed energy. The toxins are
all flushed out and endorphins help in easing the pain being felt anywhere in the body. Moreover, the nutrientrich blood also accelerates the repair work required for muscles and bones. This is why whole-body cryotherapy
is so popular among high-performance athletes. They use it for quickening the pace of their injury recovery.
While Cryo chambers make use of liquid nitrogen for lowering the chamber’s temperature, the chambers itself
are dry. You won’t feel much hitting your body when standing inside a cryochamber, rather just experience a
tingling sensation all over your body.
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