Keep Weight Off Over Winter


Keep Weight Off Over Winter
Keep Weight Off Over Winter
Weight gain is a common occurrence in the winter season. The major reason for this is the lack
of motivation of the people to step outside their homes due to the freezing temperatures.
Moreover, the serotonin levels in the body drop during winters as their release is linked to
sunlight exposure. It causes them to become lazy and feel tired very quickly especially when
doing exercise. This lethargy culminates in a lot of snack consumption and days spent on the
couch watching television, resulting in the dreaded outcome, weight gain. The good news is you
can keep it off by following these simple tips.
Get Yourself Moving
Venturing outside in the freezing cold during winters isn’t something you would cherish doing.
However, it can help you keep your weight in check. Simple steps like walking to the office or
taking the dog out for a walk can get you the exercise you need. Incorporating indoor activities
into your daily routine can also help if it is too cold to go outside. Dancing, house cleaning,
treadmill running and playing with kids are some indoor activities that would ensure that you
don’t spend your day lying on your couch.
Find Ways to Motivate Yourself
Doing exercise is the only way to lose weight. Thus, you must find ways to motivate yourself to
keep doing exercise in winters. One way is to put together a fun playlist, comprising of upbeat
songs and play it during your exercise sessions. It will instantly change your mood and get you in
the proper mindset needed for losing weight. Continually remind yourself that your weight
wouldn’t magically reduce on its own if your motivation levels being to drop.
Improve Your Sleeping Patterns
Getting enough sleep is of paramount importance for managing your weight. It can help you
remaining energized throughout the day and carrying out all your planned activities.
What Role Can Cryotherapy Play
Cryotherapy is widely regarded as an effective weight loss method. The reason for this is that it
stimulates the body’s metabolism and causes a rapid fat burn to quickly heat up the body. You
stand to lose as much weight during 3 minutes of Cryotherapy as you would for a 45-minute run.
Multiple cryotherapy sessions are needed in order to achieve the desired results. However, it
should be used in conjunction with exercise and not as a stand-alone treatment.
Cryo Australia is an established name in the cryotherapy treatment industry in Australia and
New Zealand. Let us help you in keeping your weight in check during the winter months.