Drive To Discover The Romantic Route Germany



Drive To Discover The Romantic Route Germany
Drive To Discover The Romantic Route Germany
The eternal bond called love is everlasting.
Since the beginning of the time, People have
cherished this mesmerizing feeling. Many
still have butterflies in their stomach while
discussing it. What better way than to
celebrate your true love via romantic route
Yes, you read it right! There is a romantic
road in Germany! The distance of about 350
kms between Wurzburg and Fusssen is
deemed with eternal bliss. Primarily used as
an important route for trading, this stretch
has been made popular via strong believes
of the locals. Many travelers have travelled
in recent past to enjoy the real Germany
basis the towns and amazing castles en
route. The romantic route Germany acts as a
life line for many towns and cities.
A total of 30 mesmerizing places in between
encourage couples to take the drive thought
the romantic road in Germany. With its sky
high popularity worldwide, the Romantic
route Germany is filled with travelers and
tourists in summers! For adventurers and
romantic couples, winter, fall and even
spring is considered the best time to parse
through the region.
If you visit Germany as a tourist, you can
plan for this trip easily. You may start this
journey from Frankfurt in the north. Take a
Romantische Strasse map and a rental car
service and drive along with your romantic
partner on this amazing journey. Here are a
few important towns and destination where
you would like to stop in between:
After an hour and half of drive from
Frankfurt, You will reach to the Wine city of
Wuzburg! The amazing Castles on the
vineyard rich background present an eternal
site to the travelers. The Wine festival is
famous! The only word of caution, don’t
drink if you are driving! The famous
restaurants and UNESCO world heritage site
of Residence Palace will refresh you and
prepare you for the rest of the journey!
Another Quick stop to tingle your taste buds
for one of a kind Tauberschwarz grapes
Drive To Discover The Romantic Route Germany
Rothenburg ob der Taubar:
Witness the ancient Germany with the
classic medieval era architecture painted
through the town of Rothenburg! Let your
soul be taken away with the beauty of Holy
Blood reredos of St. James church.
The Journey to Nordlingen is incomplete
without a high resolution camera. The
panorama view of the city attracts the
tourists to stop in between their journey of
Romantic route Germany.
Yet another example of 15th Century
architecture, the town is famous for Saint
George Minster church. Regarded as the
largest hall church in Germany, it is a scenic
site for solace hunters. St Paul church, St
Vincent Church and Museum of history is
among the other tourist attractions.
Watch the amazing beauty of this town in
night! Be it the town hall, the Perlachturm
bell tower, st. Anne’s church, the Dorint
Hotel tower, Botanical garden or the
Maximillian Museum, every site of this city
is awesome!
The Journey though Romantic route is never
ending with the endless attractions! Hold
hands and hug your partner! Embark on this
remarkable trip!