Types and causes of body pain



Types and causes of body pain
Types and causes of body pain
Pain is a distasteful feeling in the body which is occurred by the body’s
nervous system. The beginning of the body pain can happen slowly or
suddenly, based on several factors (for example, cognitive, emotional,
biological, environmental etc.) every person is the best moderator of the
frequency and severity of his/her body pain.
1. Back pain
It is considered as the most usual reasons people miss their work or visit
doctor. Back pain is a main reason of disability worldwide. Well, you can take
safety measures to ease or prevent back pain. If prevention doesn’t work well,
proper body mechanics and easy home remedies will cure your back in some
weeks and keep it serviceable. In some cases, surgery is required for the
treatment of back pain. Back pain that occurs swiftly and is acute can be
caused by heavy lifting or a fall. However, chronic back pain is less common as
compared to the acute pain.
Often back pain occurs with no cause that your heath advisor can diagnose
with a test. Some of the Common Causes of Back Pain includes
Skeletal irregularities.
Bulging or ruptured disks.
Muscle or ligament strain.
2. Hip pain
Hip pain is very common in people of all age group. But the Common Causes
of Hip Pain can be hard to identify. For getting the right diagnosis, the best
signs are the type and location of the pain.
Core muscle injury
Labral tears.
Hip impingement.
Gynecological floor issues.
3. Knee pain
It is a very usual problem in most of the people. While frustrating and
unpleasant, the positive aspect is that knee pain is frequently a treatable
condition. Examining the knee pain needs an alert medical history that
explains the details of the knee pain.
Some Common Causes of Knee Pain includes 
Cruciate Ligament Injury
Collateral Ligament Injury
Knee Ligament Injuries
Knee Arthritis
4. Shoulder pain
This is a versatile and wide range of motion. When there is a problem in your
shoulder, it obstructs your capability to move comfortably and can lead to
discomfort and pain.Common Causes of Shoulder Pain includes –
 broken bone (Fracture)
 Arthritis
 Instability
 tendon tear or Tendon inflammation (tendinitis or bursitis)
5. Neck pain
It is a modern epidemic which can occur in the majority of people. Some
common Neck Pain Causes includes arthritis, a trapped nerve, muscular or a
mechanical problem etc. In case the pain is mild – intense and sudden – it
could be associated to muscular rheumatism, facet syndrome or torticollis.
Slipped disc.
sitting or Sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
Stress or worry
Injury or trauma
6. Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is very common long-lasting joint condition. A place where 2
bones come together is known as joints. These bones’ ends are enclosed with
protective tissue known as cartilage. With Osteoarthritis, this cartilage
collapses, causing the bones in the joints to pat together. This can lead to
stiffness, pain and other signs. Osteoarthritis Causes includes  ligament injuries
 dislocated joints
 torn cartilage

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