English Civil War Wo..


English Civil War Wo..
Dear Parents,
Friday 9 May ● English Civil War Workshop ● Forms 2 & 3
On Friday 9 May, Form 2 and 3 will be taking part in a ‘hands-on’ in-depth study of the
English Civil War. This will take place at school during part of the academic day and will
be run by the ‘Sealed Knot’ company.
Pupils are encouraged to wear historical dress for the day; dressing up ideas may be
found on page two of this document.
The cost for taking part in this activity will be approximately £9 per pupil, which will be
added to the end of term bill.
We end off with a re-enactment of the Battle of Newbury on the front lawn, which should
be fun!
Yours sincerely,
There were two main sorts of soldier - pikemen and musketeers. Their basic uniform
was the same - coat, breeches and hose.
Coats were provided by the commander of the regiment and would have been in his
choice of colour (usually whatever was cheapest or most available). Prince Rupert's
regiment would, for example, wear a bluecoat. The parliament army adopted redcoats
towards the end of the civil wars, when they set up the New Model Army - which went on
to become what we know as the British Army and this is why our soldiers have had
redcoats ever since. The coat itself isn't easy to replicate - but uniformity for the two sides
can be achieved quite easily, if all pupils whose surname starts with the letters A - M
wore a blue shirt or sash and all pupils whose surname starts with the letters N - Z
wore red.
Breeches were knee breeches that came down just below the knee and were usually tied
just beneath the knee with ribbons (or more simple braid). Easiest way to achieve
breeches is to wear knee high socks and tuck trousers in. A length of ribbon could then be
tied beneath each knee with a fancy bow at the outside of the leg (or a sort of elastic
garter arrangement with a fancy bow attached would work equally well).
Hose - long socks - football socks or knee length school socks will suffice - only need to
go up to the knee.
The basic uniform can be enhanced with the addition of one or two extras - some
suggestions below ...
Hat - simple woolly hat (minus bobble!) in a plain colour or broad brimmed felt hat with a
big feather.
Belt - worn slung over a shoulder (as a sword belt called a "baldric", although probably
best if there was no sword in it!).
Fancy (or just big) collar - a square of white material, or lacey edged net, attached or
tucked in to the collar and laid across the shoulders - some parental imagination may be
required for this one!
Armour - pikemen wore armour - just a simple back and breast plate and a simple helmet
(as opposed to a whole suit of armour). These can be made from cardboard (please see