Rauland Responder IV – Best healthcare communication solutions


Rauland Responder IV – Best healthcare communication solutions
Rauland Responder IV – Best healthcare
communication solutions
Rauland IV is the most recent innovation in critical healthcare communication
solutions international, providing exceptional local supervision to ensure seamless
implementation and flawless operation of your system. Rauland Responder IV
provides a broad perspective on a wide range of needs and challenges, and helps us
develop the most advanced and responsive technologies in the market. That, together
with extensive local network and dedicated support teams, makes Rauland the
definitive choice here, there and everywhere.
The responder's flexibility can easily accommodate shift changes and patient-to-staff
reassignments. This modular system, easily expandable, grows with its facilities and
the needs of patients. Simplified wiring and system design allow for easy installation
and service. Respond IV is versatile enough to support all your facilities, in numerous
departments, to further expand your workflow capabilities.
For Workflow:
Rauland Responder IV solutions permit information to be mutual across a lot of
systems and departments, helping to decrease errors, get better performance, make
sure rounding and reduce wasted time and effort.
Rauland Responder IV Enterprise's clinical workflow solutions permit data to be
shared across many systems and section, helping
you decrease errors, get better performance, make
sure rounding and eliminate wasted time and
For communications:
Intelligent call routing, with fast and direct
communication between the patient and staff,
ensures that the right call reaches the right person
immediately. The responsive nursing call system
improves your communication flow to increase accuracy and decrease response time,
errors and wasted effort.
For the baseline:
The sophisticated reporting packages in the Responsive Nursing Response solution
collect data seamlessly to facilitate decision making about patient care.
Patient satisfaction
Responder IV helps to put the patient in control, allowing clear conversations
between the patient and the caregiver, from the specific requests of the patient to the
general tranquillity that the caregiver is only one button away.
• Rapid communications with known needs immediately.
• Noise reduction, which benefits patients and staff
• Smart escalations help improve patient satisfaction and increasing scores
• No need for middleware
Improved flow and performance
Respond IV solutions provide an improved response for patients throughout the care
team and in all hospital departments.
• Increase efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of patient care
• Close the communication gap between departments and staff.
• Improve workflows, increase turns in the bed and manage the performance of the
Staff satisfaction
The responder is a critical communications solution for the whole hospital that
improves the efficiency of the staff and reduces the steps and stress in each day of the
• Improves direct communication from staff to staff.
• Simplify routines and synchronize assignments.
• Reduces general page
• Makes real-time data on patient status available
Continuous support
The 24/7 continuous support of Rauland is unparalleled, with standards throughout
our network that ensure the facilities are uniform and successful.
• Delivery of local service and training.
• Collaboration in each stage of the implementation of a project: from the evaluation
and definition of objectives to the identification of technologies, implementation and