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mold manufacture is one of the most renowned custom blow
molding manufacturers in Michigan.
Our service include mold repair, mold recondition, etc. To learn
more, visit our website.
Our Services
Mold Reconditioning
From material build up to dents in the surface, over time, the
manufacturing molding process can cause wear on your molds. This only
leads to unwanted part defects and low-quality production of plastic
Mold Repair
To keep your molds running at full production, they need to be properly
maintained and repaired. By conducting periodic mold maintenance and
repair, you can improve production, reduce downtime and lower the
overall cost of owning the tool. Typical mold repairs include building up
worn or damaged surfaces, filling in small voids, repairing parting lines
or thin walls, fixing cracks and accommodating engineering changes or
fixing mistakes.
A Pioneer in Mold Manufacturing
Since 1977 Monroe Mold has helped plastics processors operate more
efficiently. We understand how the proper mold can make or break you
during change-overs and production runs. Our experienced staff can
develop custom blow molds or repair/retrofit existing blow molds.
Monroe Mold Team
Monroe Mold was founded in 1977 to provide well-crafted, high quality
blow molds and auxiliary tooling. Monroe Mold has grown over the years
and we are proud to be expanding our work force, facility and capacity
to deliver all types of molds and tooling.
Contact Monroe Mold to start the conversation, get more information
and connect with experts who can get you exactly what you need, on
time and on budget.
Monroe Mold
1402 West Seventh Street
Monroe, MI,48161
Phone: 734-241-6898
Fax: 734-241-7932
Jim Ghesquire – President
Phone: 734-777-7431
[email protected]
Mark Gardner – Vice President
Phone: 734-777-8892
[email protected]
Perry Schwemmin – Engineering Mgr.
Phone: 734-777-8894
[email protected]
Brian Woelmer – Foreman
Phone: 734-777-5624
[email protected]

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