Blow Molds


Blow Molds
Blow Molds
DAK Americas DAKosaurus Bottle
R&D/Leverage has a wealth of experience in
the design and manufacturing of two-stage blow
molds. Our standardized designs allow us to
be competitive in both price and delivery. Our
expertise enables us to evaluate the preform
design specific to each bottle concept to ensure
that optimum stretch ratios are achieved.
From this information we can also determine
bottle wall thickness and shrinkage rates.
R&D/Leverage supplies blow mold tooling for a
wide range of two-stage machines.
Quick change shells and molds for Sidel
Reversible lock rings
Patented base interlock
Product and preform evaluation
Base design
Prototyping and testing
High volume throughput
Change parts
Customer Benefits
Reduced tool changeover times
Longer production life, greater flexibility
Blow mold and push up cavity damage
eliminated on large bottle base cup style
Optimum stretch ratios achieved, bottle wall
thicknesses and shrinkage rates determined
Comprehensive base design evaluation
Pilot molds made in a week, acrylic models
can be provided
Five axis machining centers standard in all
manufacturing facilities worldwide
Full package of molds and change parts can
be provided by R&D/Leverage
High levels of stock parts enable shorter lead
Standard parts
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