XiniX FreeBact 20 - Taikon Advisor Oy


XiniX FreeBact 20 - Taikon Advisor Oy
XiniX FreeBact 20
Fast acting and effective disinfectant for water
FreeBact is a superior product for fast and effective water-disinfection. Microorganisms such as
bacteria, virus, algae, fungi and protozoa are by FreeBact eliminated in a rapid way without affecting
the taste or smell of the water.
Freebact is primarily intended for disinfection of water in tanks and containers. Depending on the
degree of pollution in the water, water volumes in the range 200 – 400 litres are disinfected by one
bottle of FreeBact. Can also be applied for sanitation/disinfection of machine equipment, food
processing equipment, pipes etc.
FreeBact is successfully tested by a number of US and Swedish universities and laboratories.
The results achieved conform to and/or exceeds the standards set by EPA. EPA (the US Environmental
Protection Agency) is the authority that sets standards for water additives as well regarding their
efficiency as regarding any negative effects that they might have.
FreeBact contains only chemicals approved by the Swedish National Food Administration for use in
the preparation of drinking water. The test reports are available on request.
The active substances in FreeBact are since many years used around the world for daily teatment of
water in water plants, food industry, process industry and other places where an effective elimination
of harmful micro-organisms is requested.
Instructions for use:
FreeBact is a two-component product in order to ensure a
most powerful substance when it shall be used.
Before FreeBact is applied the two components within the
bottle have to be brought together/mixed in order to
generate the active substance/solution.
For activation of FreeBact, twist the cap of the bottle all the
way down. In the bottle the upper container is by this
movement opened.
The powder which is stored in the upper part flows down
into the lower container in which the liquid component is
stored. Shake the bottle a few times to achieve an effective
mixing of the two compnents. After shaking the bottle, let
it rest for 5 minutes.
Open the bottle by twisting the cap anti-clockwise (the way
bottles are normally opened). When poured into the tank/
container the liquid shows an intense yellow color which
indicates that it is activated.
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tel. +358 41 545 8027
Avoid smelling at the content. The solution generates as bi-product some gas that emits a pungent
smell. All preparation of the solution and any dilution should be undertaken in ventilated rooms,
with possibility to use water for cleaning in case of any spill on skin, clothes or sensitive surfaces.
The concentrated solution is bleaching and corrosive.
Durability and storage:
FreeBact can be stored unopened for at least 8 years.
It is recommended that the activated and opened solution is used within 60 minutes.
The date of manufacture appears on the label of the bottle.
Pour the activated FreeBact into the empty water tank/
container and add water ( up to 150 litres ).
Activate the water circulation system, in this way an effective
elimination of harmful microorganisms in the water system is
The procedure eliminates also any existing biofilm.
After sanitation, the water system, including tank/container,
has to be carefully rinsed with clean water to get rid of loose
particles and rest products.
Pour approximately half the content of an activated FreeBact
bottle into water tanks/containers the size 100 – 200 litres or a
full bottle in case of sizes 200 – 400 litres.
The water is satisfactorily disinfected after 5 minutes.
This concentration of FreeBact eliminates effectively all harmful
microorganisms and does not affect the smell and the taste of
the water.
The concentration of any active substance corresponds to what
is daily added to tapwater in many cities/villages all over the
civilised world.
Data XiniX FreeBact 20
Bottom container:
liquid activator
Upper container
dry destructor
Solution (after activation)
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
Liquid volume after activation
Total active substance per bottle (15 ml)
Concentration of solution after activation
Solubility in water
Freezing point
Bottle material
pH 1,0
pH 8,0
pH 1,0
pH < 1,0
15 mL
225 mg ClO2
15 mg ClO2/mL
100 %
-2 degr C
> 8 years