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Petrogulf Marine Brochure
Marine Lubricants
Sailor’s Partner
Marine Lubricants
Corporate Information
Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, based in the UAE, is a Petroleum & Energy company, it is one of the leading companies in the
region, manufacturing and marketing a vast range of premium quality Automotive, Industrial, Marine and speciality products.
Petrogulf are technically advanced blend of both synthetic and mineral-based oils and set new standards in performance
around the world. Our lubricants confirm to international standards of API (American Petroleum Institute) and SAE (Society of
Automotive Engineers) viscosity performance for gasoline, 2 stroke and 4 stroke diesel engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic,
turbine and for all machinery and applications on board the ships. We also manufacture specialty lubricant products for
transformer, spindle, turbine, quenching, compressor, and cutting, besides brake fluid, flushing oil and multipurpose lithium
and calcium base grease.
Customer Focus
Petrogulf is serving its customers in the Marine industry with our quality products and prompt services and has achieved
approvals from major marine engine manufacturers for our products.
Petrogulf is committed to provide its customers with comprehensive lubrication solutions that suit to their needs. Our
management philosophy is rooted in our aim of providing maximum customer satisfaction through the continuous
improvement in quality, distribution channels & all organizational processes. Innovative perspectives are adopted to
encourage new ideas to avoid conservativeness.
This has enabled us to grow into one of the leading exporters of Automotive, Industrial, Marine and other specialty lubricant
products. Our dynamic and skilled workforce continually contributes towards ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
Manufacturing Facilities
Our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008 certified plant equipped with latest technologies, has an annual production capacity of
120,000 MT with fully automated process controls which guarantee accurate and precise blending & packaging of products,
improved productivity, supply chain control & worker safety contribute to a green environment.
We also have in-house plastic cans manufacturing facility, which is strategically located with easy access to various UAE ports
that enables us to provide better service to our clients.
Petrogulf Quality Promise
PetroGulf has a hi-tech Quality Control laboratory for testing products with superior blending techniques and is manned by
experienced and qualified staff.
The company has all necessary production and testing equipment to fulfill the quality of high performance products. Our
products always exceed customer expectations. We keep control of stock quantities, capacity of the machines, equipment
and manpower in order to honour tight delivery schedules.
Main Lubricants
SAE: 50
API/ISO: 5040, 5050, 5055, 5060, 5070, 5080, 50100
Product Description: Petrogulf Marine Cylinder Oil is a superior quality Marine Cylinder Lubricant (MCL) designed for
modern low speed crosshead diesel engines operating on residual fuels having sulphur content in excess of 1%. This oil
is specially developed for diesel engines operating with higher pressures & temperatures and longer strokes. This oil is
available in SAE 50 viscosity grade with a BN (Base Number) of 40 - 100 -. This oil possesses outstanding acid neutralizing
capability and provides excellent engine cleanliness and durability.
SAE: 30
API/ISO 3005, 3006, 3007, 3008
Product Description: Petrogulf Marine System Oil Series is premium quality system oil designed for modern highly
rated low peed crosshead marine engines including those employing system oil for piston cooling. This oil is formulated
from high quality paraffinic base oils with latest additive technology to provide excellent thermal stability and oxidation
resistance. It has adequate alkalinity to neutralize any strong acids which may enter into the crankcase resulting from the
combustion of fuel sulphur. This oil is available in SAE 30 viscosity grade with a BN (Base Number) of 5 - 8.
SAE: 30 & 40
API/ISO: 3030, 3040, 4030, 4040
Product Description: Petrogulf Marine TPEO is trunk piston engine oil designed for use in medium speed diesel engines
operating on residual fuels in marine, power generation and industrial applications. It is specially designed for modern
Medium Speed 4-stroke Marine Engine running on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). The superior additive technology used in this oil
provides excellent engine cleanliness & wear protection under different operating conditions. Available in SAE 30 & 40
viscosity grades with a BN (Base Number) of 30 - 55. These oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and have better
water separation and base retention properties. These oils meet the performance requirements of API CF.
SAE: 30 & 40
API/ISO: 3012, 3015, 3020, 4012, 4015, 4020
Product Description: Petrogulf Marine TPEO MDO series are trunk piston engine oil designed for modern high or
medium speed diesel engines operating on distillate fuels. The modern additive technology used in this oil provides
superior engine cleanliness & protection. This oil is available in SAE 30 & SAE 40 viscosity grades with a BN (Base Number)
of 12, 15 & 20. These oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and meet the performance requirements of API CF.
Supplementary Lubricants
ISO: 150
Product Description: Petrogulf Synth LPG Compressor Oil is a synthetic poly-alkylene-glycol gas compressor
lubricant. Petrogulf Synth LPG Compressor Oil is primarily recommended for use in gas compressors for hydrocarbon and
chemical gases. It is especially suitable for marine compressor for use in handling of marine liquefied gas cargoes and will
easily mix with water in any ratio. Gas compressors such as reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane type can achieve
exceptionally under heavy conditions.
ISO: 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460
Product Description: Petrogulf Synth Compressor Oil are advanced fully synthetic air compressor lubricants
developed for use in rotary compressors of screw or vane design, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors.
The synthetic Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids in combination with advanced additive technology provide effective
lubrication of equipment working in extreme temperatures and severe operating conditions. These oils are specially
designed to provide excellent thermo-oxidative stability and wear protection.
Environment Friendly
Marine Lubricants
Sailor’s Partner
ISO: 220, 320, 460
Product Description: Petrogulf Synth Gear Oil specially formulated for all types of gears and bearings with higher
oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and anti-rusting properties. Petrogulf Synth Gear Oil are premium quality
synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oils offering outstanding lubrication performance and load carrying capacity under
severe operating conditions including shock loading. These are formulated from Polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base
stocks having exceptional oxidation resistance and thermal properties and excellent low temperature fluidity. Combination of naturally high VI base stocks and additive technology provides excellent protection against scuffing.
ISO: 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150,
Product Description: PetroGulf Hydraulic Oil (HVI) oils are high viscosity index (VI) multigrade hydraulic fluids. This
allows a single grade of oil to be used in marine hydraulic systems which operate in different climate zones. A particular
feature of these grades is the use of VI improvers with a very high resistance to shear. To minimize the effects of water
contamination, Petrogulf (HVI) grades have excellent water separability as measured by the sever ASTM 1401 test.
Petrogulf Hydraulic Oil (HVI) grades also contain highly effective corrosion inhibitor as demonstrated by the excellent
result in the IP135B (steel in sea water) corrosion test. These oils can be used for the lubrication of all high pressure and
high-speed vane, piston and gear type hydraulic pumps, and equipment’s operating over a wide temperature range.
Petrogulf Hydraulic Oil HVI may also used in certain marine gearboxes and for turbocharged lubrication.
ISO: 46, 68, 100
Product Description: Petrogulf Marine Compressor Oil series are high performance ashless air compressor oils specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major compressor manufacturers. Marine Air Compressor Oil specially
formulated for all reciprocating air compressors. These oils provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation,
rust & corrosion and foaming & entrained air. The low carbon forming tendency coupled with high FZG rating make these
oils suitable for both reciprocating and rotary air compressors. These oils exceed the performance requirements of DIN
51506 VDL and ISO 6743-3:2003 DAA Normal Duty.
ISO: 32, 46, 55, 68, 100
Product Description: Petrogulf Refrigeration Compressor Oil are high performance naphthenic refrigeration compressor oils specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major refrigeration compressor manufacturers. These
oils are formulated with severely hydro treated naphthenic base oils to provide excellent protection against oxidation
degradation, rust & corrosion and foaming & entrained air. These oils are specifically designed for refrigeration systems
using nonhydroflurocarbon refrigerants.
ISO: 32, 46, 68, 100
Product Description: Petrogulf Turbine Oils are formulated with High Viscosity Index base oils and selected ashless
additives to provide outstanding performance and protection in turbines. It has outstanding oxidation resistance and
thermal stability at high. It has high-load carrying capacity and excellent affinity for metal surfaces to protect against
wear and has natural detergency for improved cleanliness, protects against rust and corrosion. It has excellent low
temperature properties for use over a wide temperature range. These oils are recommended for steam, gas and hydraulic
turbine systems.
Combine Performance
with Value!
Customer Satisfaction
with Prompt Service
ISO: 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680
Product Description: Petrogulf Gear Oils are formulated using high viscosity index, solvent refined, base oils and
incorporate a special sulphur-phosphorous additive to provide extreme pressure performance which allows trouble free
applications. It has excellent water separation properties, such that excess water can be drained easily from lubrication
systems. These withstand high thermal loading, resist the formation of sludge and provides extended oil life. These
lubricants may also be used for chain drives, slide guides, plain and rolling gears.
NLGI: 0, 1, 2, 3
Product Description: Petrogulf Multipurpose Greases are lithium soap thickened & smooth textured greases, water
resistant, incorporating solvent refined base oils. They contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure
long service life and high level of protection for metal surfaces. Petrogulf Multipurpose Greases are mainly intended for
use in plain and roller bearings of all types and in all kinds of machinery under normal load conditions and within an
operating temperature range of -20°C to +120°C.
Product Description: PetroGulf ATF Dexron III are premium quality automatic transmission fluids based on high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives. These are blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading
automotive transmission manufacturers. They provide consistent, reliable, smooth and trouble free operation of automotive transmission systems and exceptionally high oxidation resistance to oil degradation and keep automatic transmission clean. A special ‘VI’ improver minimizes the changes in viscosity with operating temperature and dependable
anti-wear and gear protection provide long component life.
ISO: 15W40, 10W30
Product Description: PetroGulf Power X Diesel Engine Oil is mineral base, extra high performance diesel engine oil
that provides excellent lubrication of today’s diesel engine, promoting extended engine life. This oil is recommended for
use in naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel powered equipment from leading Japanese, European and American
Manufacturers, mixed fleets, On & off highway light and heavy duty trucking & industries including construction, mining,
quarrying, and agriculture equipment.
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Marine Lubricants
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