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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
In the age of modern machines, there are still people who are passionate
about true blue motorcycling the old fashioned way. The throaty roar of an
exhaust note from a Royal Enfield is what triggers their adrenalin. The
same passion for the classic British Singles led to formation of, The Royal
Enfield Motorcycle Club 'Inddiethumpers' in December 2001.
Based in Mumbai India, the group started by three people with a dream to
share their adventures on the road with like-minded people and explore the
vast beauty of India, is now the biggest bullet club in India with approx
350 members in the family. And these members are not just from Bombay or
from India. Some of our family members are proudly flying the
Inddiethumpers flag in faraway countries like USA, UK, Australia, New
Zealand and Middle East.
Most of the people in the group are working or self employed professionals
along with some students. These people are from various walks of lifeCompany Directors, Chief Executives, Engineers, Doctors, Bankers, Sailors,
Movie Artists, Stock Traders, and Students. The normal age group of members
is from 18 till mid 40's. We are also proud to have 2 female riders in the
group besides the wives, girlfriends and kids of members joining us on the
rides as well as the grand parties Inddiethumpers are known to host. Truly
ours is a One Global Family.
Now since the scope and activities of our club has increased to such an
extent, we have registered Inddiethumpers as a Non Profit Making
The masses love to watch and read about people who dare to tread on the
unexplored paths and bring excitement to their normal steady life. From the
early days of club formation, Inddiethumpers has attracted a strong media
attention. We have been featured many times in the print media on India's
leading newspapers like "The Times of India, Indian Express, Mid-day, The
Week, Salaam Mumbai" on leading auto magazines like "Autocar, Overdrive,
Royal Enfield Beat" as well as on the television media with the likes of
stiff-upper-lip types BBC featuring us in their "Wheels" show to a more
trendy youth channel like "Channel V" dedicating their entire episode to
Inddiethumpers. News channels like "Star News, Zee News, Aaj Tak, and
Sahara News" have also featured us on regular basis. You can view all the
print media articles about the club at
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
From the tranquils of Leh & Ladakh to the political hotspot Kargil down to
the fun and excitement of Goa & Kanyakumari, Inddiethumpers have been there
and done that.
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
Still there's always more to see, roads to ride and dreams to fulfill and
every month the riders get to satisfy their kicks by doing a roundabout
ride of minimum 800 kms. These rides then become a vital source of
information, especially the information on rides to the northern frontiers
are sought after by the unwary travelers who wish to follow our paths.
But this family is not all metal and tarmac. It has a very warm heart too.
Inddiethumpers have always been instrumental in giving back goodwill to the
society. For the uninitiated roadies we have undertaken road-safety
awareness drives, donation/charity rides for other NGO's, a peace ride when
Bombay was exploding with terrorist bombing our city, Independence Day ride
when we proudly ride together expressing our freedom and spreading the
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
Three years back an idea hit one of our members Vernon and was supported to
the hilt by Daman, our club founder, Why not host a festival where Bullet
riders from all over India gather at a place in celebration of this marquee
bike. An idea that started small became a big reality in January when
"RiderMania 2003" happened.
The first edition brought together 70 bikers from all over India to Goa
where they spent 2 days of complete Fun in the Sun. This was "The First"
ever such kind of motorcycles meet in India and what better way to start,
than with, and for a marquee bike. The Old Anchor in South Goa played hosts
to the participants who began rolling in from the 10th of January 2003.
Seventy well-modified bikes with their armour of shiny paint and chrome was
an awe-inspiring sight that one can never forget. There was excitement in
the air with every participant greeting each other with a warm hug and a
spirit of brotherhood that cannot be explained. The thumps sent shock waves
in the corporate world and companies like "Royal Enfield, SKF Bearings,
Gabriel Shock Absorbers, TI Diamond, Club Mahindra and Veedol" also graced
the event. More details of the event can be viewed at
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
The second edition, "RiderMania 2004" again brought together the passionate
and loyal Royal Enfield owners from all over India. Over 130 Riders from
various parts of the country, of all ages and backgrounds, hit the roads to
be in Goa. The most diehard of the lot did over 2000 km to participate in
the festivities.
The specially built parking space at Riva Resort, Goa was lined up with
models of Royal Enfield bikes with and without modifications and
customizations. It was a treat for the eyes that left mouths gaping in awe.
A night to rival all nights, the Royal Enfield Nite was one big party. The
DJ rocked the packed dance floor with all the numbers that set the pulse
racing and there was so much camaraderie that one wished the night would
never end. More details of the event can be viewed at
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
If RiderMania 2003 and 2004 were grand, RiderMania 2005 is going to blast
the rider’s minds away and this time its Mumbai's turn to weave its charm
around the bikers. From the initial survey and its enthusiastic response,
we are expecting a minimum of 350 bikes and their riders to be present at
Never before a biker will have seen and will ever see such a mega biking
event in his lifetime. The venue, Raigad Resorts, Panvel nestled in
picturesque surroundings will be in focus of attention during this event.
Riders, so far away from home will be made to feel at home yet treated
nothing less than "A Royal". They will feel similar to reaching the
Promised Land and it will be Inddiethumpers, who will lead them on the path
of this Promised Land.
For starters the event will be a three-day event instead of earlier two.
During the earlier RM's the riders sorely missed an additional day. Wish
fulfilled, they can now look upon one more day of fun.
Ambassadors of Inddiethumpers will await their arrival at all four entry
points of Mumbai and will escort them safely to the venue. On the way they
will be greeted by flags and welcome banners leading upto the venue.
That remainder of that day will be spent relaxing. But as the dusk sets in,
the event will be kicked off with a hep fashion show with bikes and bikers
as the theme. Modified bikes from all over the country will be showcased
and a vote for the Best Modified Bike will be sought. A wild party follows
this. The DJ will keep pumping out 35000 watts of pulsating music setting
the dance floor on fire. Flair bartenders will revel the connoisseurs at
the bar with their eye-catching performance. The house chefs will treat the
partying people with their choicest Hor's D'overs followed by a sumptuous
food fest. The nights continue with high adrenaline movies screened on a
large screen.
The venue will have stalls set up where the riders can find accessories for
themselves and their bikes. Immediate Response Counters will be set having
1. Seat maker, for customized seats.
2. Paint artists, who will hand paint the design selected by the rider.
3. Tattoo artists
4. Sticker guys having the snazziest stickers for the bikes.
5. Paint protectors, guys who do Polymer coating on the bikes which keeps
the paint intact for years together.
6. Leather stalls where the riders can find leather accessories at an
affordable price.
7. Service stations where the bikes would be serviced after the long rides.
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
The venue will also have Delayed Response Counters where riders who dreamed
of getting a customized part will be actually be able to fulfill it. There
will be customization houses showcasing different silencers, tanks, saddlebags, foot pegs, LED kits, etc. basically the entire works... If a rider
has something in his mind he will be able to conceptualize it with the help
of these customization houses.
Want some more??
A treasure hunt will see the riders booming their cannons for the ultimate
glory. A Fast and Furious Biking Quiz will set their pulse racing. They
will attempt to beat the clock in the Engine Assembly Challenge. Imagine
the adrenaline.. the energy pumping around and that too without a shred of
rivalry. Confused ???
Well the objective of this event is to spread the brotherhood and we are
firm on our focus. When all riders are assembled, teams will be formed in
such a way that there is atleast one rider from every group. So during the
competitions when they see their own brothers doing better, rivalry will
automatically give way to cheers and encouragements. Harmony Prevails!!
You say what’s going to make this RiderMania A Special Event; and the
answer is "Tradition".
We intend to have one standard Royal Enfield 500cc bike customized in such
a manner that it is "That Dream Bullet" which every one longs for. The bike
will have a complete makeover from its head to tail making it, what we call
as a theme bike. Raw unadulterated power, mean retro look, a don't mess
with me attitude shouting out of each part... be it the foot pegs, the
guards, the handles, exhaust flame thrower kits, etc. The bike will be
labeled as the "RM05 Enfield of the Year" and will be auctioned for a price
starting Re.1. There will be a bidding amongst club members / individuals
for this bike and the highest bidders will take home this bike. It will be
the rolling trophy of the Rider Mania.
But things don't end here, This bike will be accompanied by a book that
contains details of the RiderMania, the people, the club/individual owning
the bike, the places where this bike went during the year, etc. This bike
will be brought back again to the subsequent RiderMania's with more
improvisation/enhancements and will be re-bided. The legacy continues...
These three days will make every rider feel, worth his salt, as to why he
is called "The Rider" and why is he different, not immortal but still
different. When he leaves the venue he will take back with him the
memories, a tradition but above all the Holy Grail, back to his hometown.
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Live On The Edge, It Takes Up Less Room
When hundreds of people gather together with One aim… with One objective
History is in making.
It took just one person to start light of freedom, which spread like wildfire.
This, is the power of One.
January 2005...Mumbai will experience the power of One when hundreds of riders
gather For One cause...
To celebrate the "Royal Enfield Bullet".
Inddiethumpers cordially invite you to be part of this celebration.
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