“Chicano is a Mexican style of bicycle, or the lowrider bikes. So I



“Chicano is a Mexican style of bicycle, or the lowrider bikes. So I
FEATURED BIKE Jigger J. Jerusalem
“Chicano is a Mexican style of bicycle, or the
lowrider bikes. So I picked this bike to have
the same shape of the Mexican bicycle style.”
From scratch, the lowrider becomes eye-catching classic bike
t first glance, the green motorcycle looks strangely appealing. With its slim body,
eye-catching vibrant colors, and sleek gold-plated parts, anybody would think the
motorbike belongs in the classic era, yet the designer wanted to keep it that way.
Such is the case of the Green Chicano, Omar Al Tameemi’s latest creation.
It may look like it came out of the motorcycle history book, and yes, the Green Chicano with its
lowriding frame drew its inspiration from the land of burritos and guacamoles, otherwise called Mexico.
“Chicano is a Mexican style of bicycle, or the lowrider bikes. So I picked this bike to have the same
shape of the Mexican bicycle style,” said Al Tameemi, owner of Lycan Customs in Dubai, when asked by
Desert Riders Magazine on how his latest motorbike was inspired by the Mexicanos and their cool rides.
With its stripped-down body, the Green Chicano’s minimalist look may have given you
the feeling that it was just a cut-and-weld job, but it was really more than that.
Al Tameemi explained it took him and his team almost a year to finish the bike as they went on a rigid
process of conceptualizing and carefully designing the Green Chicano down to the last detail.
“This bike was built from scratch. We have designed and created most of the parts, including
the planning, changing in design or parts. It took us around eight months,” he said.
Al Tameemi is no stranger to creating a bike that stands out from the
rest of the pack. He was, after all, credited for turning a motorcycle
into what is now more famously known as the “Golden Bike.”
Khaled Al Hamadi, Overall President of the Qatar-based
Soul Riders MC with chapters in Bahrain and Saudi
Arabia, is now the proud owner of the Golden Bike.
His adoration for the Mexican-style low riders had
motivated Al Tameemi to venture into uncharted
territory yet again. “I was thinking of creating a
new style in this industry, something no one
has come up with yet. Whatever you see in this
bike has been modified and customized.”
He says the Green Chicano’s frame is “exceptional.”
“We designed it and a friend of mine
who owns a motorcycle shop in the US
built it,” Al Tameemi pointed out.
At 30 inches each wheel, the bike’s tire size is
noticeable, too. The engine, he adds, is not of a normal
kind that you can just buy from the market, but a
mix between shovel head 70’s and panhead 50’s. Ü
Green Chicano - Test Drive
Builder’s Name: Lycan Customs
Owner’s Name: Omar Al Tameemi
Year/Model: 2015
Time to build: 8 months
Engine Make/Size: Chopper Kulture Custom Pan/Shovel
Displacement: 1530cc
Cylinder: S&S
Top End: Dual plug front Shovelhead and rear Panhead
Cams: Andrews
Carburator: Chopper Kulture Super E modified
Exhaust System: Chopper Kulture stainless steel custom
Ignition: Morris Magnetto
Transmission Type: Chopper Kulture Custom 5spd
w/t kicker
Gears: OEM
Clutch: Bandit
Primary: Chopper Kulture Custom with
530 o-ring chain
Frame Make/Type: Chassis Design Co.
Rake: 34
Front End: Chassis Design Co.
Triple tree: None
Swingarm: None
Shock Absorbers: None
Brake Discs: HHI
Front: HHI
Rear: Sprotor HHI
Calippers: HHI
Front: 6 Piston HHI
Rear: 4 Piston Sprotor Brake/Drive
Front Wheel: RWW 30 Inch
Rear Wheel: RWW 30 Inch
Tires Front: V rubber
Tires Rear: V rubber
Risers: None
Handlebar: Bycycle Custom
Grips: Hippy Killer
Front Fender: None
Rear Fender: Chassis Design Co.
Fender Struts: None
Seat: Buckaneer Design
Forward Controls: Kustom Tech
Mid Controls
Tank: Lycan Customs Special
Oil Tank: Under tranny frame
Electrics: Lycan Customs
Headlight: Chopper Kulture
Taillight: Chopper Kulture
Flasher: Chopper Kulture
Paint Idea: From Old School
and Low Rider Cars
Paint: PitStop Auto Styling
Specials: 24-karat gold plating,
all electrics on left side of gas tank
FEATURED BIKE The Green Chicano
“The bike contains a lot of
clear parts. I mean, no colors
are there, clear as glass, which
you won’t find on the streets.
And of course, it’s gold plated,
as usual,” he furthered, noting
that he used around half a kilo
of 24-karat gold for the plating.
The gold leaf design has been
coated with gold, as well.
Weighing only around 170
kilograms, the Green Chicano is
very light and very easy to ride
with. The bike’s frame is made
from steel, the wheels stainless
metal. The engine is aluminum.
Some of the Green Chicano’s
parts are from Chopper Kulture
Custom based in Abu Dhabi,
including the engine, carburetor,
transmission, primary, headlight,
tail light, and exhaust system.
Al Tameemi said he has
sold all his customized bikes,
but his team is working on
five new projects which will
be ready by September.
He did not elaborate what
those bikes are or what they
will look like when they will
roll out months from now.
But one thing is sure: We will
be expecting another round
of delightful surprises up his
creative sleeve that would
have collectors of rare and
artistically enhanced motorbikes
scrambling for a first look at Al
Tameemi’s latest creations.
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