2016 Dual European Scrambles—Stoddard Valley OHV



2016 Dual European Scrambles—Stoddard Valley OHV
2016 Dual European Scrambles—Stoddard Valley OHV
—28040 Barstow Rd, Barstow CA 92311
From Lucerne Valley travel North on HWY 247 for (25) miles
From I-15 travel East on Barstow Road for (10) miles
Welcome to Huntington Beach MC 2016 Dual European Scrambles! We have put together (2) outstanding race courses that
will guarantee some great race action. We want to wish everyone the best of luck, a safe race, and enjoyable time!
BLM: HBMC has worked hard to maintain a good working relationship with the BLM by being responsible in the desert. 15mph MAX
in camp. Wear helmets. Do not drink and drive/ride. No fireworks. Do not dig holes with your rear bike tire—Stakes will be provided
to hold up your bike. Stay in designated ‘Spectator Areas’, anywhere else maintain a minimum of 150’-0 distance from the course.
AMA and District 37 Sanctioned: All of AMA, District 37, and BLM rules and regulations are in effect and will be enforced
SIGN-UP: Friday 4:00P—6:00P / Saturday 6:30A—2:00P / Sunday 6:30A—11:30A. Riders must bring helmet with them to signup.
ENTRY FEE: $51.00 each —or— PIE PLATE: $51.00 + $10.00 — No district 37 points / No trophies
CHASE RIDER: See sign-up for special details, instructions and requirements.
AMA MEMBERSHIP MANDATORY: Available at sign-up. Riders (17) years and younger must have both parents at sign-up or an AMA
Annual Release Form and one (1) parent or guardian with a notarized statement.
AGE REQUIREMENTS: Quad riders must be 16 years or older. No motorcycle racers under the age of (12) years old allowed.
PINS and TROPHIES: Finisher Pins—10% trophies—(3) riders make a class.
TRUDY BECK PERPETUAL MEMORIAL TROPHY: Awarded to the top woman’s overall two-day combined finisher.
POINTS: Pays District 37 Desert and California Scramble points. Classes determined by engine size.
STARTING LINE: Loop A & B starts in same general area 1.5 mile Southwest of signup; Look for arrows and indication markers.
MANDATORY RIDERS MEETING: On the starting line :10 minutes prior to the start of each row @ 8:50AM / 10:20AM / 11:50AM.
At the end of the meeting, (3) race numbers will be called out during the meeting—Riders not answering will be disqualified.
START TIME: Dead Engine—(1) minute banner drop. Saturday and Sunday: 9:00AM / 10:30AM / 12:00PM
BOMB PRACTICE DATES & TIME: AMBULANCE MUST BE PRESENT. No bomb practice Friday. Saturday and Sunday practice opens
between 7:00A—8:45A. NO BOMB PRACTICE BETWEEN START TIMES. Bomb closes THE ENTIRE DAY when the Day-Glow cards go up.
Bombs are heavily marked, and chicaned at the end to funnel everyone across the safest section.
STODDARD VALLEY OHV: Is an OPEN RIDING AREA, and you might come across play riders while racing. Maintain a watchful eye for
others, and especially when crossing manned and unmanned dirt roads.
ROAD CROSSINGS: There are a total of (4) manned road crossing—(2) per loop. Cross traffic has priority over the race. If the road
crossing crew indicates you to stop to allow traffic to pass… YOU MUST STOP OR BE DISQUALIFIED.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Course cutting is riding on other than the marked course, and/or outside of the allowable 50’-0 limit on
either side of the marked course. Violations of this rule requires the offending rider be disqualified by the club.
COURSE MARKINGS: Pink Ribbon and Day-Glow Arrows are trail markers. Plain Day-Glow or Down Arrows mean OBSTACLE or
DANGER. Day-glow ‘X’ cards indicate ROAD CROSSING and ‘W’ cards mean WRONG WAY. Follow course markings, and not the dust.
COURSE A: Distance: (10.0) miles. Great all around course, and very doable for all skill levels. Start is open, fast fun, and clean.
(2) manned road crossing… Pay attention and follow road crossing personnel directions.
COURSE B: Distance (10.0) miles. This course is super fun with a little technical areas thrown in, but still very do-able for all skill level.
(2) manned road crossing… Pay attention and follow road crossing personnel directions.
HOMECHECK and CHECKPOINTS: Running checks do not require you to stop—HOWEVER 15MPH speed limit in the chute is imposed.
PIT ROW: If your bike can not do a minimum of (35) +/- miles, then plan for pits in accordance with District 37 and BLM rules and
guidelines. A designated pit area will be immediately following Homecheck. Use a spill absorption material such as a piece of rug or
other appropriate material approximately 2’-0 x 4’-0 shall be in place under motorcycles during refueling operations.
DESIGNATED SPECTATOR AREA: Maximum of 15MPH for racers in these areas, and spectators must stay behind the yellow
caution tape which is a minimum of 50’-0 from the action.
SOUND TEST: All bikes are subject to sound testing at the discretion of the club, and are required to meet the 96db sound test limit.
ODD NUMBERED bikes are REQUIRED to be sound tested prior to their race. Sound test will be located near sign-up.
TECH INSPECTION: Will be done on the starting line. All bikes must have a red/green sticker, or an Out-of-State permit with an
approved US Forestry spark arrestor. Only approved District 37 numbers allowed.
SWEEP: Stay next to the course if you break down. Sweep will clear the loop after each race. Use a District 37 approved ‘Stuck Stub’
to relay problems. Downed rider INFO can be obtained from HBMC Race REF. If you were recorded as a broke down rider, but you
make it back on your own power, please inform Homecheck and/or HBMC Race REF that you made it back to camp. If you return to
camp, but did not finish the race for any reason, please check in with the Race REF and/or Homecheck of the course you just rode.
Race Referee: Frank Vasicek—(951) 906-9255
Risk Management: Steve Roberts—(714) 904-2556
Course A Captain: Yancy Watson—(760) 559-2562
Course B Captain: Bill Misener—(714) 788-8027
Sign-Up: Don Meza—(760) 617-7812
Website: www.huntingtonbeachmc.com
Results: www.moto-tally.com/D37/Desert/Results.aspx

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