SS Top Mount Turbo Kit PN#70002/70003 S13/S14


SS Top Mount Turbo Kit PN#70002/70003 S13/S14
SS Top Mount Turbo Kit PN#70002/70003
S13/S14 SR20DET
Thank you for your recent purchase of our SS Series Top Mount Turbo Kit. Here
enclosed is a standard installation manual. You do not necessarily have to follow
these exact directions, but it will help with the ease of installation.
We suggest in conjunction with running this turbo kit the following parts. If you do
not have these parts, please contact us and we are glad to be of assistance.
Upgraded high flow injectors
Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler
ECU Tune (ROM Tune)
*Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any improper installation procedures. If you
do not feel inclined to install this turbo kit on your own, we suggest you have a
proper shop or trained professional to perform the proper installation. Also please
note that if you make an modifications to this kit in anyway shape or form, it will
void all warranties. Certain parts in this turbo kit only have a manufacturer’s
Packing List:
(1) Garrett Turbo
(1) Tial MVR wastegate Black
(1) Mazworx SS Topmount Manifold
(1) Mazworx 3” Downpipe Assembly
(1) Mazworx Wastegate Dumptube
(1) -4an Oil Feed Line
(1) -10an Oil Drain Line
(2) -6an Water Lines
(1) Fittings Package (Separately Pre-Packaged)
Begin by removing your factory turbo, manifold, downpipe. Save your nuts and bolts
from the factory manifold as they will be re-used.
Once you have removed your factory unit, remove factory water and oil drain fittings
and replace with supplied fittings as pictured. They will be labeled oil feed (block),
water fitting (block & water neck (water neck fitting S14 engines only), and oil drain
(block). Hand tighten fittings at this point.
Now install a new exhaust manifold gasket of your choice onto the block. We prefer
to use the 7-Layer OEM S15 SR20DET exhaust manifold gasket. (Not included in kit)
Install the fittings labeled for the turbo now.
Now install the turbo manifold onto your block.
Install the top water line from the block and run it through the middle of the
Next install the oil feed line from the block.
Then install oil drain line.
Now you can bolt the turbo onto the manifold and install the oil & water lines to the
turbo. Make sure they are snug and fit but don’t over tighten them . Some are
aluminum fittings.
Your lines should look like this when all completed.
Prepped the Tial wastegate for installation. Make sure you install the sealing flange
to the wastegate before installing it on the manifold.
Install the wastegate to the manifold with Tial’s supplied V-band clamps. Do not
tighten the bolts yet as you may have to rotate the wastegate for the dumptube.
Now you can install the wastegate dumptube. Again use the V-Band clamps supplied
with the Tial wastegate.
You are almost there! Install your upper/lower downpipe section with the band
You are done! Your finished product should look like this. Don’t forget to install your
vacuum lines and whatever miscellaneous hardware.
Oh yes also, there are 2 supplied O2 sensor bungs on the downpipe. The small one is
for the “skinny O2” sensor and the other one is for the “fat O2” sensor. If you use
only the “skinny O2” sensor, the other one can be used for a wideband O2 sensor.