swami prakashananda - chinmaya vidyalaya



swami prakashananda - chinmaya vidyalaya
Hari Om!
Chinmaya Vidyalaya is indeed a School With a Difference
because of our excellent blend of both spiritual and secular education. An ‘educated’ person without values is a menace to society.
This is proven every day when we hear of all the scandals,
embezzling, and corruption etc. It is all done by ‘educated’ people.
We seek to educate students who will be positive contributors to
society, who will ‘give more than what they take and produce
more than what they consume,’ as we say in our Pledge every day.
The eternal values enshrined in the Gita and Upanishads form
the pillar of any great nation. If they are not imparted to our
young ones, our future as a nation is uncertain.
We are grateful to the faithful parents who entrust to us their
children in this grand effort of nation-building from the bottom
To the students, I say that you will only be lauded when you do
well and make a positive contribution to society. Only you can
distinguish yourself by being a straight, upright and righteous
person. Others cannot do it for you.
I wish all the students, staff, and parents the best for all times to
Swami Prakashananda

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