SkidProof Any floor. Non



SkidProof Any floor. Non
Any floor. Non-slip. Guaranteed
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How SkidProof Works
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HSL Lab Report
SATRA Ramp Tests
BRE Staining and Cleanability Report
The SkidProof system was developed specifically to combat the slippery conditions that exist
when hard, resilient floors become wet or contaminated with dust, powders or residues.
Hard surface tiles are recognised as being superior floor coverings because they are hygienic,
easily maintained, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. However, because modern massproduction methods have put quality products within the reach of the pockets of the ordinary
person, tiles are increasingly taking over from other forms of flooring materials.
SkidProof was developed with five major goals in mind.
Firstly, there was the obvious intention of making flooring surfaces
anti-slip under all
Secondly the treatment was to be developed so that it did not detract from the positive features
of tiles. (i.e. it should not affect the appearance, wear resistance, ease of maintenance, or
hygienic properties.)
Thirdly, to be the only product on the Global market that can effectively treat all flooring materials
Fourth, the product had to be easily applied and repaired, with no specialist tools or equipment
and had to have industry leading cure times to minimise disruption or down time.
And finally, SkidProof had to be a cost effective solution.
An old method of acid-etching ceramics has existed for many years, but this method had
presented difficulties of controlled application and of physical damage to the tile surface.
It was found that a method which merely created tiny holes in the surface of the tile by acidetching was unsatisfactory because the degree of etching required to achieve a reasonable
level of slip-resistance often compromised the integrity of the tile’s surface and thus led to longterm maintenance problems, such as staining and a shortening of the tile’s life. This has been
borne out by the failure of those still using acid-etch methods to remain in business!
The SkidProof system was developed and differs from all other methods in that the SkidProof
does not etch or use aggregates, but, when applied correctly, forms a diamond hard surface
coating on the surface. The unique and patent protected treatment provides for anti-slip in two
ways, firstly the coating cures to form rough structures that exist throughout the layers of the
treatment increasing the micro-roughness and secondly the exposed surface will exhibit cupshaped, concave structures that create suction between the sole and the flooring.
How SkidProof Works
SkidProof works by altering the molecular structure of a base coating as it cures. It is the
worlds first treatment to utilise “Nano technology” to create the anti slip effect. Once installed
SkidProof is non-toxic and not a culture medium (important for hospitals, kitchens, food & other
bacteriologically sensitive areas) where it will inhibit the growth of fungi, mildew and other
spores. SkidProof is the only product on the market that can anti-slip decking.
SkidProof uses state of the art binders that include additives for maximum hold on all substrates.
It is flexible and will not peel, crack or age.
The single base component provides for maximum adhesion on tiles, wood, laminate, glass,
enamel, metal, and stone, polyether (ships / yachts), elastomers, PVC and others.
All coatings have the highest possible amount of resins, are transparent and without fillers.
The extreme fineness of the structures, results in the finest of and the maximum number of
layers possible within a single coating. As a consequence the binding agents have to be
of the highest quality available. The base is fortified further by the hardness of the workedin pyrogenous, synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide in the frame of 7-16nm (nano) primary
particles. Although the structures are microscopically fine, there are countless layers of nano
particles which together combined with the binding agents provide for high abrasion and scratch
resistance. The resultant anti slip effect is high because the nano-particles offer traction to the
whole footprint under wet and dry conditions.
The anti-skid effect is only possible with the correct co-ordination between the binding agent,
primary particles and other agents. By careful manipulation of the percentages we can reproduce
any surface from smooth and glass-like, to a highly skid proof sandpaper-like surface for outdoor
and extreme circumstances.
Perfect hold (on correctly prepared substrates) will be without problem for up to five years and
eight to ten years in exceptional circumstances.
In private households a wear resistance of five years is to be expected. In high traffic areas
such as public houses two years or more is to be expected. Accordingly a two year guarantee
can be offered in most cases.
Repair can be carried out by simply cleaning and re-coating.
Like all professional treatments and coatings the perfect preparation of the surface is paramount.
The substrate should be clean, without dust, oil or residue.The correct procedures must be
followed to achieve proper results because SKIDPROOF is a three-step process.
How SkidProof Works
The mechanism of grip is from the tiny micro formed structures. This is very hard wearing
and will increase the abrasion resistance of the floor becoming an easily replaced or repaired
sacrificial non-slip coating extending the flooring’s life span indefinitely.
As SkidProof is a coating, it becomes an integral part of the floor’s surface structure, it cannot
be washed away, is not affected by sunlight, cleaning or other chemicals.
Independent tests have shown that the abrasion resistance of treated surfaces (also known
as the PEI rating) may be increased by as much as one hundred percent after treatment with
SkidProof treated surfaces are unique in that they require very little or no change to the existing
cleaning regime. Any routine hard surface cleaner can be used. Steam, high pressure washers
and powered machinery can all be used, it should be noted however that extreme abrasive
pads or materials should not be used and over time may lead to premature wearing. A medium
to light pad is ideal, they are usually blue/white in colour.
The system shown here is called the Doodlebug and is perfect
for use with a SkidProof treated floor.
Any floor. Non-slip. Guaranteed
Test Reports
SkidProof Tested – Pendulum Test - HSL
The Government testing agency The Health and Safety Laboratories were commissioned to test a
SkidProof sample to determine whether it meets the HSE standard of 35 or greater as tested by the
Pendulum testing apparatus.
The Pendulum is the only method that is accepted in legal proceedings.
The results showed that an untreated sample reached a pendulum test value of 30 in the wet, this is
deemed as unsafe. The same sample treated with SkidProof reached a pendulum test value of 54
in the wet, deemed safe (the full document will be sent on request)
Ramp Tests - SATRA
SATRA are the world’s leading research and technology organisation.
SATRA carried out two ramp tests.
The DIN11530 involves a shod human subject walking back and forth on a ramp at ever increasing
angles of inclination. Oil is continuously sprayed over the surface.
SkidProof achieved the highest rating of R13 making it suitable for all highly contaminated areas, for
example, work areas.
The second ramp test was the DIN51097 which involves a barefoot human subject walking back and
forth over ever increasing angles of inclination on a sample treated with SkidProof and contaminated
with water and a wetting agent.
SkidProof achieved an angle of 22° and a B rating. This makes SkidProof suitable for all areas
that are continuously wet, e.g. Changing rooms, shower areas (the full document will be sent on
Cleanability and Staining Test - BRE
The Building Research Establishment carried out tests to evaluate the impact of several common
surface contaminants on SkidProof’s slip resistance, surface micro roughness and reflective
Contaminants such as water, blood, red wine, coffee, tea, toilet cleaner, grout remover and cola
were used.
Exposure to contaminants was for a period of 24 hours and had negligible visual or physical impact
(the full document will be sent on request).
Any floor. Non-slip. Guaranteed
Case Studies
SkidProof - So Far
In a year SkidProof has moved at a tremendous pace and the word is spreading fast. To follow
are just some of the work that SkidProof International Ltd has been involved with so far.
One of the largest music groups in the world
contacted us regarding two of their central London
offices. They were having problems with their
floors in reception becoming wet when people were
coming in from the wet streets.
A fitness chain contacted us as they were having on
average 5-10 slips a week in their pool areas. 2 hours
after visiting their Dudley centre the job was compete.
You can see on the left
the difference betwen a
treated and untreated tile.
SkidProof - So Far
A brand new development by the owners of a new retail site in Manchester called us in as they
had over 5000 square metres of travertine that became slippery when wet.
SkidProof had already worked with the company at one of
their airports and they knew that they could be assured of a
professional service and product.
To assist the client who had fallen behind with their
deadlines, SkidProof worked day and night through the
Easter break in order to allow the client to open on time
with a ceremony conducted by the Mayor of Manchester.
If SkidProof wouldn’t have been applied to the floor then
the client wasn’t prepared to open and take the risk.
SkidProof - So Far
A facilities company in charge of the UK Police forces shooting galleries contacted us. They
were finding that whilst training people were slipping over on their power floated concrete
The recruits carry out training exercises in the
gallery with loaded weapons. Skidproof was applied
and the floors no longer carry a slip risk.
A french restaurant chain contacted us and requested
that the Skidproof treatment was applied at their
Peterborough site. Their vinyl tiles were extremely
slippery when contaminated with food and drink.
SkidProof Cost
In all cases SkidProofing your floor will cost significantly less than replacing it, and it will almost
certainly be far less than the fine and compensation you would be liable for, as a result of an
accident or criminal action.
You may get cheaper quotes, but remember we do not:
* use cheap products
* use harmful products
* use Acid Etch
* use short term solutions
* damage your floor
* invalidate any flooring warranties.
Pricing is dependent upon a few simple rules, the surface must be clean, dry and free from
grease. If required, we can of course undertake to do this for you. The size and type of area
also plays a part in the overall pricing structure. Typically our costs start from only £12 per
sqm for areas over 1000 sqm. SkidProof treatments are only applied by our own experienced
All prices are subject to a minimum charge of £250.
For a quotation and to see if you qualify for a Free Slip Risk Assessment contact us now.
Any floor. Non-slip. Guaranteed
Contact us now
for a free demonstration

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