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Untitled - Sanctuary
GULFSTAR INC., which made a name for itself with roomy and comfortable trawler-type power
cruisers and motorsailers, has now entered the market with this true sailing auxiliary, a 41footer that is notable for the same features.
Nearly a year was spent in research and design work, including model testing at the Stevens
Institute tank facility, and the Gulfstar 41 will certainly show a good turn of speed compared to
the trawler types. A keel of moderate draft allows cruising in most areas and a separate skeghung rudder makes for good maneuverability. A modern high-lift keel and hull form should lend
directional stability and a favorable ballast-to-displacement ratio plus a high-aspect-ratio sail
plan are calculated to give good response in heavy airs as well as upwind ability.
The plan shows a center-cockpit, tri-cabin layout with two heads serving the after and forward
cabins and a below-decks passageway connecting the after cabin and the saloon. With the
settee and dining area of the saloon converted to sleeping quarters, she can accommodate
The galley has a six-cu.-ft. top-loading icebox, a three-burner alcohol stove with oven, and a
stainless steel sink. A pressure water system is supplied from a 53-gallon fresh water tank.
Auxiliary power is a Perkins 4-107 diesel with 2:1 reduction, and a 45-gallon fuel tank provides a
moderate range under power.
Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg Rig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 41.00' / 12.50m
LWL: 33.00' / 10.06m
Beam: 12.00' / 3.66m
Listed SA: 691 ft2 / 64.19 m2
Draft (max.) 4.90' / 1.49m
Draft (min.)
Disp. 22000 lbs./ 9979 kgs.
Ballast: 7000 lbs. / 3175 kgs.
SA/Disp.: 14.14
Bal./Disp.: 31.82%
Disp./Len.: 273.30
Designer: Lazzara
Builder: Gulfstar Yachts (USA)
Construct.: FG
Bal. type:
First Built: 1973
Last Built: 1975
# Built: 160
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make: Perkins
Model: 4-108
Type: Diesel
HP: 50
Water: 53 gals. / 201 ltrs.
Fuel: 45 gals. / 170 ltrs.
I: 45.00' / 13.72m
J: 17.00' / 5.18m
P: 38.30' / 11.67m
E: 16.10' / 4.91m
SA(Fore.): 382.50 ft / 35.53 m
SA(Main): 308.32 ft2 / 28.64 m2
Total(calc.)SA: 690.82 ft2 / 64.18 m2
DL ratio: 273.30
SA/Disp: 14.13
Est. Forestay Len.: 48.10' / 14.66m

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