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ePPa CSr CerTIfICaTIon fIrST dozen honoured
PSI Journal 3/2014
PSI 2014 Trade Show
Certified and happy. At the PSI 2014 Trade Show, EPPA chief Hans Poulis presented the first certificates in gold and silver.
EPPA CSR Certification
First dozen honoured
PPA spent three years preparing the
European Code of Conduct for the promotional products industry. In 2013, EPPA
CEO Hans Poulis presented the three-tiered
programme on the occasion of the PSI
Trade Show. Finally, at the PSI 2014 Trade
Show, the first companies were awarded
the EPPA Code of Conduct Certification:
ten in gold, two in silver.
The twelve winning companies had participated in the past few months in the pilot phase of the certification programme
for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
During this phase, they were audited by
independent inspections on the transparency of their sustainable value chain – with
a view to social, environmental and economic standards for humans and the environment.
nies. The representatives of the following
companies received the award from EPPA
CEO Hans Poulis: Brand Addition, Van Bavel Gifts & Premiums, Interimage bv, Intraco Trading bv, Giving Europe bv, Langhoff
Promotion A/S, Metz A/S, PF Concept and
Happy Silver Award winners
The Silver Certification Level went to Brandwijk Kerstpakketten/Promo.nl and Consuma-IssueTissue bv. Silver level means that
the company must recognise its social responsibility and implement the elements
of the Code in its daily operations. For the
Gold level, it is also important that the company continuously monitors and audits the
key players involved in its supply chain
right up to the manufacturer at the highest level. <
Happy Gold Award winners
The result of these audits: the Gold Certification Level was awarded to ten compa-
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