March 20 - St. Paul`s


March 20 - St. Paul`s
“ Hosana: Lord Save Us ”
Theological Seminary Day
Kalpana / Circular
Circular No. DC/92/16 From Diocesan Bishop- Regarding:
Approval of GB minutes
 Circular No. 250: From Mar Thoma Metropolitan
Regarding : Revising the salary of our Achen’s
The salary of Achen’s is fixed with effect from 1st May 2016.
Salary Scale: RS 12,000 – 200 – 14,000 – 250 - 16,500 – 325 –
19,750 – 425 – 23,575
Accordingly the Diocesan Episcopas will fix the revised
salary for each Achen and inform the parishes of their share
Parishes should take appropriate decisions to accommodate the
increase in salary in the parish budget. Monthly contribution of
members should be revised to meet the new expenditure.
Worship Service
Thanks to all who assisted in today’s worship service.
Next Sunday (Easter Sunday Service), March 27th, 2016,
there will be Holy Qurbana in Malayalam starting at 7 AM.
The chief celebrant will be our vicar Rev. Shaiju P. John.
Easter breakfast will be served to all by Agape Prayer group
Thanks to Rajith & family for today’s refreshments.
Passion Week Services
 Sandhya Namaskaram in church at 7PM
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week
 Pesaha / Passover Service: Thursday March 24th at
7PM Holy Qurbana in Malayalam.
 Good Friday Service: March 25that 9AM. First service
in English; Second & Third service in Malayalam. Kanji and
sides for everyone after the service sponsored by Mr. Ajit
Cherian & Family.
Rassissa ($2 for each communicant member) & Self denial
(upeshana varam) will be collected on Good Friday
On March 10, 2016, office bearers of our Church met with
our attorney regarding the personal lawsuit against St
Paul’s Mar Thoma Church. The attorney briefed us on the
current status of the case and the upcoming schedules.
The deposition is scheduled to start April 2016. The
estimated attorney fee to defend St. Paul’s Mar Thoma
Church up to the trial is $50,000 to $60,000.
 As unanimously decided in the general body held on
February 28, 2016, the trustees will be passing the clip
boards as a part of collection of the attorney fee to defend
the petition filed against our church. Your generous
contribution to dispense the cost is highly appreciated.
Farewell / Welcome Meeting
SS Announcements
Due to Easter services there will be no Sunday School next Sunday.
There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for students in Pre-K thru 2nd grade
only after service on Easter Sunday.
There will be a Parent Workshop for parents after church service on
April 3rd. Please mark your calendars. Details regarding speaker to
Praise and Worship team practice will be today after service in the
Sunday School room.
We would like to thanks everyone who came out to see the “The
Thorn” last night. We had 36 people from our church in attendance.
VBS will be held Monday June 27th thru Sunday July 3rd . VBS
Registration continues in the foyer today .
Bindu Joseph,
Sunday School Superintendent
Youth Fellowship
Youth Fellowship Meeting
 There will be a quick youth fellowship meeting
immediately after church service today to elect
Retreat Conveners.
Anisha Mathew,
Youth Fellowship Secretary
Sevika Sangham
 Thanks to all the Sevika Sangham members who
attended the world day prayer at Carrollton Mar
Thoma church and the Southwest Regional
conference at Oklahoma Mar Thoma church
Alice Raju,
Sevika Sanghom Secretary
Leena Panicker
Anjali Varghese
Geevarghese Mathew
Justin Mathew
Mathews Idikulla
Stanly George
Stefy Abraham
Ligi Babu
Abraham Thomas
Jamie Jacob
Change Of Address
 Mr. & Mrs. K.O Samkunju (Oommen K Sam)
5006 Seashell Ln
Garland, 75182
Tel 972.900.3926
 Mr. & Mrs. Kurian Mathew (Babykutty)
225 Callaghan Dr
Fate, 75189
Tel 214.235.7051
Have a blessed week!
[email protected]
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communication, written, spoken or visually represented contents including
materials deemed or assumed to be so are protected by U.S. Copyright laws.
The contents of this presentation are strictly confidential and private, intended
for the internal use of St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Church, Dallas members. It is not
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unless and otherwise expressed in writing by the Church Secretary and
© 2015 St. Paul’s MarThoma Church, Dallas

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