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best headline about Canada
10 Ways Canada Has
Already Won The
Winter Olympics
(Canada has a heart of gold. And
also just a lot of gold.)
February 12, 2014, by Tanya Chen
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Newcomer or not , answering some of
these questions is a challenge!
Taken from the Richmond Public
Library’s online Practice Citizenship
Test, the questions are samples of what
newcomers need to know before they
take that all-important next step of
becoming a Canadian Citizen.
See how well YOU do!
answers on inside front cover
1. Give an example of where English and French have equal
status in Canada.
a. In schools
b. In the workplace
c. In the Parliament of Canada
d. At City Hall
2. What are the Prairie provinces and their capital cities?
a. Alberta (Edmonton) and Saskatchewan (Regina)
b. Alberta (Edmonton), Saskatchewan (Regina) and Manitoba (Winnipeg)
c. Saskatchewan (Regina) and Manitoba (Winnipeg)
d. Saskatchewan (Regina), Manitoba (Winnipeg) and Ontario (Toronto)
3. What is the Queen’s representative in the Territories called?
a. Premier
b. Governor General
c. Commissioner
d. Member of Parliament
4. On what date did Nunavut become a territory?
a. July 1st, 1867
b. April 1st, 1999
c. June 24th, 1995
d. March 31st, 1949
5. In what industry do most Canadians work?
a. Natural resources
b. Tourism
c. Service
d. Manufacturing
Citizenship is the key to Canada
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson,
Institute for Canadian Citizenship
Co-Founder & Co-Chair
I arrived in Canada in 1942, when I was about two
and a half years old. My family took refuge here
after the Japanese conquered Hong Kong.
I am someone that didn’t belong anywhere and I
remain someone who understands the everlasting
anguish of being forcibly displaced. I am also
someone who is proud to be a Canadian citizen. I
belong to a country whose welcome is warm and
wide, and whose diversity astonishes the world.
Like many new Canadians, my journey to Canada
wasn’t the easiest, and although my family’s
struggle continued when we first arrived,
we were welcomed.
Canada is unique in the way we welcome immigrants. We embrace diversity. The arrival of new
Canadians makes our country more diverse, more interesting and more capable. Citizenship is central to
our immigration policy. When we bring people to Canada as immigrants, we’re choosing them as future
I became a Canadian citizen when I was 10 years old, and with each passing year, I grow more proud to
say I belong to a country that is bound together by citizenship.
Most Canadians believe everyone – regardless of whether they’re Canadian-born or born elsewhere
– can be a good citizen. In Canada, citizenship is equality – there is no such thing as a second-class
Canadian citizen.
I am proud to have been appointed the first immigrant
as Governor General. It was proof that Canada is a place
where the sky is the limit, and I wanted to do
more to ensure new citizens felt they had the same
access to everything Canada has to offer – just as I felt.
In 2006, I founded the Institute for Canadian Citizenship
(ICC), a non-profit charity that works to ensure our
country’s newest citizens feel welcomed and included,
and engages all Canadians in active citizenship.
The ICC helps create a sense of belonging for all
Canadians regardless of whether their family has
been here for five years or five generations.
I encourage all Canadians to take on the role
of active, engaged citizens –
it’s the only way our country can continue
to grow and succceed.
a. The Sovereign, Governor General and Prime Minister
b. The House of Commons, the Legislative Assembly and the Senate
c. The Queen, the Legislative Assembly and the Senate
d. The Queen, the House of Commons and the Senate
more practice at:
Canada’s 26th Governor General
Madame Clarkson and Deepa
Mehta officially welcoming new
citizens at an ICC community
citizenship ceremony .
Colonel-in-Chief of Princess
Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
Bestselling author with a career in
journalism spanning 30 years
6. What are the three parts of Parliament?
Read our curated Canada-themed tweets at our
Storify page :
Madame Clarkson enjoying the conversation with new citizens, Toronto’s emerging leaders and
members of the Order of Canada and Ontario at the ICC’s Order! Order! dinner-discussion series.
To learn more about the
Institute for Canadian Citizenship
please visit or
follow us on Twitter @ICCICC.
2014 Massey Lecturer (speaking in
Vancouver October 2014)

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