Welcome ! 2013 - Gimnazjum nr 21


Welcome ! 2013 - Gimnazjum nr 21
Welcome !
This is the fourth edition of our
newspaper. This year, we write
more articles about many interesting topics. I hope you will like it . I
send you my greetings and I wish
you a pleasant reading.
Dominika Drosdeck
„Shiver”, „Linger” and „Forever” are the parts of a trilogy, written by Maggie Stiefvater. In
the first part, “Shiver” we meet a teenage girl, Grace who lives in Mercy Falls, a small
town in the United States. She seems to be an ordinary teenager but she has got a secret.
When she was a little girl, she was bitten by wolves. There are a lot of wolves in the vast
forest surrounding her town, but they aren’t usual ... They are werewolves! When someone
is bitten by a werewolf, he or she starts to be a werewolf, too. Werewolves look like ordinary people almost all year long, only with the beginning of autumn, when days are shorter
and cooler, they turn into wolves. They come back to their human body when the spring
begins. But year after year their transformation to humans is much more difficult . After
some time they become wolves and they can’t turn into people anymore.
However, Grace’s case is different. When she was bitten by wolves she got seriously ill
with high temperature and she didn’t change into a werewolf. At that time she had no idea
that the wolves which bit her were werewolves.
In the summer she meets a teenage boy Sam and soon she realizes, that he is a werewolf...
They fall in love. But soon they discover it’s the last time for Sam in a human body.
Next year he’ll become a wolf forever. Grace is in despair. She doesn’t want to say goodbye to Sam. Grace and her new friend Isabel start to think how to help and rescue Sam.
They conclude that high temperature was the cause that Grace didn’t become a werewolf.
They have a risky idea and decide to inject Sam and Isabel’s brother (who is also a werewolf) some infected blood that will result in high temperature... If you want to know the
end of the story, you really have to read it!
I strongly recommend the book. The plot is gripping and full of action! I’m sure you won’t
be able to put the book down!
Katarzyna Suchy
Dawid Podsiadło "Comfort And Happiness".
Dawid Podsiadło is a polish singer and songwriter who won the second series of X factor in
His debut album was released in May 2013. Besides his solo career he's also the lead singer
in the band named Curly Heads.
Despite his young age (he's only 20 years old), his lycris are really clever and thoughtful.
Most of the songs on the album are slow but you can find a few faster tracks too ("Trójkąty
i Kwadraty” – “Triangles and Squares”).
My favourite songs on this CD are "Nieznajomy" (“Stranger”) and "No".
I think that this album is really good and I highly recommend it.
So if you have some time find it on the internet and listen ! :)
Dominika Drosdeck
TOP 10
1.Pearl Jam - Sirens
2.The Script - Hall OF Fame ft. will.i.am
3.One Republic –Counting Stars
4.Rudimental feat.Ella Eyre –Waiting All Night
5.Tomasz Kowalski –Sen
6.Imagine Dragons –On Top Of The World
7.James Arthur - Impossible
8. 2 Chainz,Wiz Khalifa - We Own It
9.Korn –Never Never
10.Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain
Jakub Błaszczykowski - Polish footballer who plays as a midfielder, an outstanding
representative and team leader, from July 2007 Borussia Dortmund player, double
winner of the weekly poll in the category: Football Player of the Year.
He was born on 12/14/1985 in Truskolasy (town near Czestochowa).
At the age of 10, his family underwent a tragedy. His father killed his mother. The father was sentenced to 15 years in prison. After that, he was raised by his grandmother, Felicia.
At the age of seven with his three years older brother David, he began training at Rakow
Czestochowa football club. He trained at the club for eight years. In 2002, he moved to
Miner Zabrze. He performed there a couple of months. In the spring of 2003, he returned
to Czestochowa and played in the fourth-league KS Czestochowa club. His first goal was
scored on 25th October 2003 in against Gornik Zabrze. Błaszczykowski was tested in other clubs (GKS Belchatow, Tyrol Innsbruk, Lech Poznan), but eventually went to Wisla
Krakow, where he played 51 games and scored 3 goals.
Then, he moved to the leading German football club - Borussia Dortmund. Because the
Germans had a problem with the pronunciation of his name, they has decided to write a
nickname on it. In the first match against the AS Roma club, he scored a goal and an assist. So far, Cuba played 173 meetings and scored 25 goals in BVB.
Bartosz Roszer and Jakub Kowalczyk
Grand Theft Auto V Review
This year is very excited for gamers. New generation of consoles, a lot of new games and a lot
of interesting news. When everybody wait for PS4 or Xbox One, Rockstars shows his last
game for old generation of consoles. And he made the biggest success in history. 800 thousand milions dolars in one day, one bilion dolars in three days. World record! 10/10 or 9/10
from all most popular services in world. Why?
Virtual World of GTA 5 is really big and full of details and activities. The story is incredibly
interesting, cut-scenes are awesome. We have three protagonists (Michael, Franklin and Trevor) who are credible and we can switch between them whenever we want (limitations in
One really important thing: GTA 5 isn’t a realistic game. So we have always all guns with us
(25 guns!!!). Driving model isn’t realistic too, but it’s good. All protagonists have one (diffrent
for each one) special ability, which makes the game even more diverse. The shooting model
and cover system are good. Only resolution of textures reminds us that we play the old generation of consoles but it’s not a problem.
In the game we’ve got many different missions, but big bouts are the best. Single-Player campaign is really long and gives a lot of fun. We have multiplayer (Grand Theft Auto Online),
but this is a longer topic for the next review.
In my opinion Grand Theft Auto V is the best sandbox/action game and one of the best
games of this generation. I go back to killing, driving and stealing with giving 10/10 to this
Maciej Szkliniarz
Art section
The Curse of a painting
"The Crying Boy" - the painting that wowed millions and evoked panic fear. Mysterious
fires without discovering the source? The painting coming out from them unscathed?
What happened to the painter? Who was he? What happened to the boy from the portrait?
Boy with image-his life before and after painting the picture
Let's start with the fact that the boy was an orphan, his parents died in a fire ... Many people who lived in his neighborhood were delighted with the child. They often invited him
for a while defusing the hard life of orphanage. But no one wanted to adopt him. They
were afraid of ... the consequences. Since when the rumor that the very presence of the
boy brings upon a homestead fires began to spread, he ceased to be invited in. He was
lonely until he met a painter. He was delighted with the boy more than anyone else before
him. Despite the doom he adopted the boy and decided to immortalize him in a painting.
After finishing the work (1969), something incredible happened - the boy was killed in
mysterious circumstances.
The painter a victim of his own work?
The identity of the painter as well as everything related to his work is shrouded mystery .
There is however, an assumption that it is Franchot Seville. He lived in Madrid and there
painted his picture. He had also a workshop, where he died in a fire (after the boy’s
death). The workshop was burned down to the ground, however, one image survived “The
Crying Boy”.
The same picture
Not much is known about it. Sources like books and websites tell us only that the image
was shown in different forms and it is not clear who really painted it. The sources confirm
only that the homesteads where there were copies of the same original image burned
down. The reported cases were even as many as fifty.
The whole thing flowed after mysterious fires in 1985 reported by "The Sun". Residents of
the British Isles were appalled when the magazine linked all the fires with one fact. The
painting. All the houses were burned to the ground. There were only the very foundation
and ... "The Crying Boy". The cases reported among others in: Oxford, Leeds, Surrey, Nottingham and on the Isle of Wight. Every time the course of events was the same. The magazine conducted an interview with one of the firefighters, Peter Hall , who said:
- I didn’t believe in the story until we came on the call of one of the neighbors, William
Armitagea. Before we arrived it was all over. What we found there was gruesome. Under the
rubble of the house we found a charred body of 67 year-old and the image of a boy who was
crying and looking in empty space. For a moment it seemed to me that he is grining. The
painting wasn’t even charred.
A few days after the first article’s publication about the portrait, "The Sun" has announced
an action aiming at destroying all the images. Many people came to burn the cursed pictures. Before setting the fire there was silence. When they started to burn them one could
hear the screaming and crying of babies penetrating to the core, whereas there should be only the sound of shooting fire...
Julia Noworzyn
Michał Wołkiewicz
Katowice is very easy to find on the map.
This city is located in the southern part of Poland.
It is the capital of Silesia (Śląsk) and the most populous city of the region.
Katowice is the eleventh biggest city in Poland.
The history of our city is associated with mining and industry, so in
Katowice you can find many mines. However, it is wrong to think
that there are only mines here.
Nowdays, Katowice are growing in art, culture and modern architecture.
We have got the wonderful Traffic Circle, Katowice’s Gallery, a huge Silesia City Center and many, many more!
You have to see it, when you will visit the city!
In our city there are also a lot of monuments.
Main monuments are:
Silesian Insurgents Monument, Freedom Square,
Market Square, Altus Skyscraper, Parachute Tower,
Andrzej Square and many old tenament houses.
Everyone can find something for yourself in Katowi
Our beautiful city combines history with modernity
and it is worth visiting!
Historical attractions, world-class cultural events, endless entertainment, exclusive shopping; just a few reasons why people should visit Monaco.
It's city-state bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the stunning French Riviera. Monaco is
primarily associated with Monte Carlo.
This district is considered to be the gambling capital of the world
and it’s a great place for those wealthy people who want to have fun.
Besides the world-famous casinos there is also a picturesque yacht harbour. Monaco is
undoubtedly a luxurious place to visit.
Most of the famous companies have boutiques here, such as Channel and Gucci. On the
street, where the famous Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is run,
every moment sport cars are ridden, so the sound of a Ferrari or Lamborghini is normal.
One of the most interesting tourist attractions is
The Exotic Garden where some of the rarest plants in the world are grown. The most famous part of the city-state's Ville (old town) is the Prince's
Palace where people can visit the Oceanographic Museum which features a wealth of marine fauna.
Monaco has a wonderful blue sea and beautiful sandy beaches, hot,
dry summers and extremely mild winters. This Mediterranean country offers
a unique atmosphere which combines luxury, fantasy and tradition.
Wiktoria Grabny
The film inspired by American writer Cormac McCarthy’s novel is a post - apocalyptic tale
of a journey of a father and his young son trying to survive in dangerous and deserted
world destroyed by cataclysm where survivors are more cruel than wild animals. This is a
beautiful, dramatic, sad and breath-holding film. You can witness the amazing acting by
Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce and Charlize Theron.
Fans of fantasy, drama and horror movies must see this film.
I highly recommend it.
Kuba Markiewicz
My Hobby
My hobby is modeling aeroplanes. I started 5 year ago and I stopped after 3 years. I builded
a model called ''Jaskółka'' (“Swallow”) and a balloon. I took part in a competition, but
unfortunately ''Jaskółka'' was destroyed before it and the balloon wasn't a winner.
Now I want to start again – this time I will model tanks.
Jan Słaboń
1.Question: When do you have a penny all your life?
Answer: When it's your name!
2.Question: What's the difference between a fish and a piano?
Answer: You can't tuna fish!
3.Question: Why did A and B cross the road?
Answer: So they could C,D
4.Question: What letter buzzes?
Answer: Bee!
Magda Iskra
Current Events – an interview
From 9 to 13 September we had guests from Aiesec Project. It is an international nonprofit organization that lets students travel abroad and get to know other cultures.
This year, it was the very first time our school took part in such a venture. Every class
had lessons with the visitors – they talked about their countries and their cultures.
Nermeen Osman from Egypt and Aditya Deni Saputra from Indonesia stayed at our
teacher’s and student’s houses. In this issue you can read an interview with our foreign friends.
Aiesec Interview
What do you think about polish hospitality?
Nermeen Osman: I feel really lucky, because I’m in Natalie’s house and Her mom is so
kind for me.
She is driving me everywhere, she takes me for shopping… she even gave me one of her
Aditya Deni Saputra: I’m very happy to have Natalie... she is friendly and nice. She lives
near from the park. Her house is very nice and clean.
What is the most important celebration in your country?
N: I think Ramadan. We also have Easter, but Ramadan is the most important celebration.
After Ramadan we have to celebrate Id al-Fitr.
What are you doing during this Day?
A: In Indonesia we are cooking cookies and traditional food like chicken curry.
We make sacrifice… we have to have a sheep killed. We go to a professional man (a butcher) who sells meat. We don’t eat it - we give it to the poor to celebrate. When we sacrifice
the sheep it means Eid El Adha. In Indonesia actually we celebrate all the religions. We
have five religions there: Hindu, Muslim, Buddha, Christian, Catholic and Protestant. We
are a very tolerant country, because the religion is a personal thing. Even in our school
there are a lot of religions, we have classes, for example with Buddhism or Islam. It’s okay
to take a muslim lesson for a Christian.
What is the most popular music in your country?
A: In Indonesia we actually have music like Dandul, this is a music for poor people.
Do you have pets?
A: I have a cat - Tobi and a lot of fish.
N: I have one Fish called Nemo. He eats a lot of food.
Was there anything surprising?
N: I was surprised when Magda told me “You are beautiful”. Also there is not a lot of foreigners and tourists here in Katowice. It was also surprising for me that in other countries I
have been to, people use both - their native language and English, but here a lot of people
speak only Polish. So I was surprised.
A: I think the same like Nermeen, but I want to add that the people here are very nice. At
first I thought that people in European countries are very reserved, but here in Poland it’s
very different, the people are nice and friendly.
What do you think about Polish architecture?
N: Usually I’m not interested in these things but when I saw the buildings, for example I
was yesterday on the street and I saw the bank, it was very beautiful… and it’s just a bank,
I thought that it was a museum. So I think that every building is so beautiful.
A: Very beautiful, nice.
What do the teenagers in your country do in their free time?
N: There is a lot of different kind of teenagers in Egypt, but let’s say… recently everyone
has a facebook and internet, things like that and there is another group who don’t care
about the internet. They go to the street with their friends and spend time together. I think
that the girls spend more time on facebook than boys, because they prefer going out with
their friends.
A: The teenager after school play games, get together with friends. Girls like to cook together. Most of the teenagers in Indonesia play soccer. Usually every Monday the teenagers
go to the cinema, because the cinema gives the discount for all the people like 50%.
Tell us something about your traditional clothes.
N: A lot of people wear clothes like in Poland and America, but we have also traditional
clothes. For men it’s one piece of clothes, we called it galabaya, it’s so easy to wear.
A: We have many traditional costumes. I’m not originally from my hometown. I live in Bata. I don’t know about these clothes, cause I went to the private school and I wasn’t interested in this. We have to use uniforms at school.
What is your favourite food?
N: In Egipt we have a lot of delicious food, but my favourite is Mahashi. It’s like a rice with
vegetable. I also like a special kind of Cookies.
A: I like Gado-Gado - it is like a salad with vegetables.
Have you got any plans for the future?
A: I want to continue my study, after Graduation Day - it’s on November, then I’m going to
apply to the University in France to continue my study (master degree). I have two options.
First is oil and gas management and another one is the same but with luxurious goods. I am
still confused which one I want to take. After my studies, I’m going back to Indonesia, because I am going to take scholarship, but the scholarship is from Indonesian government,
they give me, but after I finish it I have to come back and work for them – it’s “Take and
give” rule.
N: I have job now, I work as a Japanese-Arabic translator. I think I like my job. I also teach,
that’s why I’m here now, I want to learn how to deal with the students etc. I want to teach
Japanese, so I’m working on it.
What is the most popular profession in your country?
N: Doctors, engineers, they don’t get a lot of money, even though the studies are so difficult,
but everyone respect them. By the way … my dream is to speak five languages: Japanese,
Arabic, English, French and Spanish.
A: Every profession like a policeman, tax officer or immigration officer. I also want to learn
new languages: French, Tai and Korean.
Thank you for this interview :)
Magdalena Bartoszek and Oliwia Bąk
Written down by: Marcin Kuchta
Breath-taking stories...
A girl of ten, Latika moved house with her parents from a small town. They came to live in
a brick tenament house. There were no children in the neigbourhood she could play with,
so one day Latika decided to go on a lonely walk and sightsee the surroundings. It was a
winter morning. The snow was ankle deep, but Latika paying no attention to it went farther.
Finally, chilled to the marrow she reached the edge of the forest. Every tree was covered
with snow. The girl imagined that the forest is a magic land, and she forgot about her mother’s warning. She went into the woods and she started going a very vague path. Here and
there, she saw a hare running deep into the forest and a deer looking for the food hidden
under snow. Suddenly, she arrived at an old, enormous house. The house looked like a castle, covered with a snow-white duvet. The windows were made of colourful stained glass
and the gate was ornamented with the statues of sad children. Latika felt like in a fairy story, and fascinated went through the gate. Unfortunately, Latika didn’t notice a rusty plate
with the writing “The Devil’s Home”. She was walking along a stony path until she heard
voices of children, so she decided to go in that direction. Latika went around the house and
saw and two girls her own age sledding down a hillock. When one of them saw Latika she
approached her and asked her to join them. The girl held a doll - it had a twisted, sad expression. Latika ignored it, and played with her new friends until late in the evening. She
suddenly realised it is getting dark and she will be late at home. The two girls suggested
that she should get warm before she comes back. Latika agreed and went into the girls’
house. They come in through an enormous door. Inside, she saw a pile of strange dolls.
Every doll had the same sad and scared expression. The door locked behind Latika, with a
low creak. Her heart stopped beating and her courage slowly deserted her when she heard
one of the girls’ voice speaking to her father: „Daddy look! We have a new toy!”. After it
everything became dark as night. Latika awake suddenly and realised that she is no longer
herself. She was now laying in the pile of the strange dolls. She regreted she had entered
the house. At once, she reminded herself about the inscription on the gate: „They are children of the devil!”, but it was too late... The teardrops went down the porcelain face.
Nadia Kremer and Marzena Mosler
“Baka to test to shoukanjuu”
Academy fumizuki is a special modern school, which encourages children to
learn science. At the beginning of the school year students write a test, which
decides what class will they attend. The classes are divided into A to F. Class A
is the best one and it has got the best equipment. Class’s F is the worst and the
tables literally break apart, so every student should have “Super Glue” J. Unfortunately, the main hero, Akihisa Yoshii gets into the class F, however together
with his friends, he doesn’t plan to bear its conditions. With the approval of the
teachers, students can use their special pets’ help to fight with other students
who have taken their equipment. As their pets are weaker than their opponents
they try different tricks, so their adventures are funny and suprising.
For me, the anime is interesting and original. In the series we can observe a
few threads at the same time so for sure the spectators cannot be bored.
The anime is based on manga (Japanease comics). Both, Manga and Anime
characters have got characteristic big eyes and strange hair colours.
I recommend you to watch it.
Szymon Korus
,, Culinary travels around Poland ''
Today we begin our journey around Poland. We set off from Silesia – the industrial land
of carbon ...
People here prepare typical dishes of the region e.g. :
- Kluski śląskie - or noodles served with a sauce and a piece of meat.
- Ajntopf - that is, a soup prepared with vegetables in broth.
Today we’re presenting you a recipe on Kluski śląskie :
- 1 kg. Potatos
- 2 eggs
- 6 spoons potato flour
- 2 spoons of wheat flour
- salt
How to prepare it:
1. Peel potatoes and cook them (or cook them in the skins and peel while still
warm).When cool, spare the razor, add the eggs and two types of flour, give some salt and
knead the dough. Shape the dough into small balls, no bigger than a walnut. Make a hole
in each with the middle finger.
Put the noodles into salted boiling water and cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes
(until they float on the surface). Remove with a slotted spoon, then drain out of water.
Serve with roasted meat, roulades, gravy or bacon topped with bacon.
Enjoy your meal !
Kinga Derwisz and Klaudia Strugacz
Milionaires' shortbread
This cake have 3 levels: shortbread, caramel and chocolate.
Ingredients for shortbread:
175 g wheat flour
125 g butter cut up in dice
50 g castor sugar
Grease the baking tray. Put the flour into the bowl and
mixed it with sugar. Add some butter and knead the
dough. Put it to the baking tray and puncture with the fork. Cook in 190˚ C by 20 minutes.
Cook it with sweetened condensed milk by 2-3 hours.
Next put it on the shortbread.
170 g milk chocolate
3-4 tbs (table spoon) butter
Melt chocolate with butter. It should be thick enough to put it on caramel.
Put the complete cake into fridge for few hours.
Bon appètit! :)
Izabella Kulhawik
E-Twinning Project
Gimnazjum nr 21
Katowice -Poland