Formerly serving as Diddy's right hand Executive Producer and A&R for 10 years and holding the title of
"Senior Director of A&R" for Bad Boy Records, Conrad Dimanche is a certified veteran and has earned his
stripes as one of the top rated music industry professionals in the business. Managing the production on
platinum albums under Bad Boy from artists like Danity Kane, Day 26, Young Joc, Diddy, Notorious B.I.G.,
Carl Thomas, Black Rob and many more.
Even with his name and accomplishments already engraved in the music industry, Conrad Dimanche has
launched a brand new service dedicated to the Upper Echelon of independent talent, that puts them in
front of real A&R Executives for an intimate 1 on 1 meeting and review of their material.
Face 2 Face Meetings With Heads of A&R For Only Real Talent Looking To Get Signed: Do You Have
What It Takes To Be A Star?
Don’t miss your opportunity! Artists aren’t afforded the luxury of making a phone call to a record label and
simply scheduling a meeting with an A&R rep. Conrad can be your personal liaison to top A&R
Executives. These meetings are secured based on the personal co-sign of Conrad Dimanche. For this
reason, ALL artists must meet a certain project criteria in order to be considered for meetings.
My journey began in Queens, New York. As a
young boy of Haitian immigrants, my parents told
me that I could become anything. My father,
George Dimanche, who taught French and Spanish
at a Brooklyn High School was my inspiration. My
mother, Dina, owned a local beauty salon and I
watched as she turned her business into the most
popular salon in the area. I witnessed both of my
parent's intense work ethic and learned that there
were no free rides and by working hard I could
achieve my dreams.
As a young man, I would follow in my mother's
footsteps, teaching myself how to cut hair. I
opened a barbershop but my love for music never
wavered. I was bursting with musical talent rhymes,
licks, raps, rifts filling my mind with no mainstream
outlet. Frustrated, I would invite DJ's to spin
records at a club next to the barbershop. I was
more interested in the music at the parties then the
parties themselves.
My love for music only intensified to the point
where I could no longer ignore my passion. At first I
started to manage a few local artists careers while
still running the barbershop. I would soon put down
my cutting shears. I knew it was time to launch my
musical destiny. The only question remained - how
would I begin to make my dream come true?
I had my eye on two modern day music business
pioneers: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Russell
Simmons. I admired their musicianship but I saw
more: their ability to be creative and to be business
people. I identified with their stories and risk-taking
sensibility and wanted to emulate their success. It
would not be easy to make the leap from
barbershop owner to record mogul.
In 2006 I had an unprecedented year as one of the
emerging giants in the record industry. As the
Senior Director of A&R for Bad Boy Records, I
helped launch three number one albums. Danity
Kane “self titled album”, Day 26 “Self titled album”,
and Yung Joc “New Joc City, soon after I was
ranked #3 A&R in the world”. I managed all three of
these albums from conception to completion,
tirelessly micro managing every beat of every track.
I’m not resting on my past credits, I am a forward
thinking music executive that still works like I did
when I was a young unpaid intern.
My career also includes managing the Grammy
winning Producer Nashiem Myrick one of P. Diddy’s
original hitmen. I have produced dozens of albums,
including The Notorious B.I.G.'s smash hit Born
Again, Carl Thomas, P. Diddy, 8 Ball, MJG, Loon,
B5, Bad Boys 2 Soundtrack and Black Rob, just to
name a few. The combination of my unparalleled
talent for hearing a hit, tireless work ethic, ability to
sign new talent and business skills separated me
It was Sean “P. Diddy” Combs Bad Boy Records from most of my contemporaries.
Executive Harve Pierre who gave me my first break
when I landed an internship at Bad Boys young In spite of my success as a record executive, I think
label. I began to "dig-in" at Bad Boy Records doing of myself first as an entrepreneur. In addition to my
the most mundane tasks, coffee and errands for past at Bad Boy Records, I am now the President
everyone. I worked without pay for over a year and co-founder of an online
before making an entry level salary. I tapped into music related internet company in addition to a
my family's ideology about hard work. I did not skip record label consultant. I am now considered a role
one step of the process in learning the music model being discovered and emulated by young
business often to the detriment of my personal life. people across the country. I now know that some
I would have one-dollar hot dogs from the corner of the secrets to making it in the business is hard
vendor and the free hot chocolate in the studio was work, persistence, dedication and, of course,
also a meal for me as well. I paid my dues in full talent. Much like the last line of the Psalm 23 Bible
working numerous jobs in the music industry over quote on my arm "surely goodness and mercy shall
the past decade before being named as Senior follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in
A&R Director for Bad Boy Records. Harve Pierre the house of the Lord forever." Perhaps this
became my mentor and supporter.
reminder reassures me that through faith, talent
and hard work, dreams can come true.
Conrad Dimanche
Danity Kane l Danity Kane
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Release Year: 2006
Credits: A&R and Vocal Producer
Day26 l Day26
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Release Year: 2006
Credit: A&R
Danity Kane l Welcome To The Dollhouse
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Release Year: 2008
Credits: Associate Executive Producer, A&R
Donnie Klang l Just A Rolling Stone
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Release Year: 2008
Credit: A&R
Conrad Dimanche, CEO
Toll Free: (888) 874-0008
The Life & Career of A Bad Boy A&R Turned Entrepreneur
The Atlanta Post l March 24, 2011
What do you look for in artists, how best can someone impress you?
Uniqueness. Say something different, stand out, have a unique tone – those are indicators of
potential. We broke producer DJ Frank E. He submitted a track via PMP, and was discovered by
Mike Caren of Artist Publishing Group, who signed him in early 2008. He has since produced the
likes of Madonna, Kanye West, and the Black Eyed Peas. He went from no name to number one
on the charts.
What do you want your legacy to be?
That I was an innovator and revolutionized the music business. We are developing some serious
software for the new music business model. I am now considered a role model. Some of the
secrets to making it in the business is hard work, persistence, dedication, and of course talent.
Much like the last line of the Psalm 23 Bible quote on my arm, “surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Through faith,
talent and hard work, dreams can come true.