Chaotic_Riffs_Magazine_August_2015 Issue


Chaotic_Riffs_Magazine_August_2015 Issue
Title: Van Halen Live - Tokyo Dome In Concert
Artist: Van Halen
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release Year: 2015
Disc One Track Listing
Disc Two Track Listing
Runnin With The Devil
She's The Woman
I'm The One
Everybody Wants Some
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
China Town
Hear About it Later
Oh Pretty Woman
Me & You (Drum Solo)
You Really Got Me
Dance The Night Away
I'll wait
And The Cradle Will Rock
Hot For Teacher
Women In Love
Romeo Delight
Mean Street
Beautiful Girls
Ice Cream Man
Ain't Talkin’ About Love
13 Jump
While many VH fans may have been waiting for some new material from the mighty Van Halen that's not we get
here but with that being said what we get here is a classic dose of Van Halen material recorded during this concert
at Japan's legendary Tokyo Dome Concert Hall that was recorded during the band's 2012 A Different King Of
Truth Tour which was the first time Van Halen had toured with original lead Singer: David Lee Roth back in the
band for the first time since he last toured with the band on the 1985 tour and that tour ended way back in 1985.
So if for no other reason I think it's great that Van Halen fans get tis audio celebration from the first tour the band
did with Roth back in the band. Sure there's no Sammy Hagar era material here but then again does that really surprise anyone that much? I'll be honest it doesn't surprise me at all!
There's been a bit of controversy among the legions of Van Halen fans out there. There's a portion f the VH fan
base like me that just love it and there are others that say Roth's vocals are weak and that he's not singing like he
did in his glory days! To me I put this CD one and the sound is so live, raw, and crisp that I almost feel like I'm at
the concert where this was recorded myself! People can say what they want about Roth's ability as a Singer but to
me this is a Live album that is live, raw, in your face and it's the real deal! That is to say that unlike the 1993 live
album van Halen put out that featured Sammy Hagar the Van Halen Brothers did not go back into the studio week
with anything! This a much, better mix, has a much, more live feel to it than the live album they put out with
Sammy Hagar. That's nothing against Sammy because I'm a huge Hagar fan as well, but there was just too much
tweaking on that album. This is Roth and the rest of van Halen Raw, Live, In Your face recorded just as they
played that night and nothing was added or taken away from the mix!
Artist: Pretty Boy Floyd Title: Kiss Of Death - A tribute To Kiss Label: Deadline/Cleopatra records
Release Year: 2015
Song Titles:
King Of The Night Time World
Room Service
I Stole Your Love
I Love It Loud
Goin Blind
Creatures Of The Night
Detroit Rock City
Love Gun
Shout It Out Loud
Christine Sixteen
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
Black Diamond
It was just a few years ago when it looked as though Pretty Boy Floyd was no more, it was just a few years ago when
founding members: Lead SINGER: Steve Summers and Guitarist: Kristy Majors were fighting over the Pretty Boy
Floyd name. It seems as though that is now water under the bridge. Pretty Boy Floyd has an album of all new music on
the way, will be playing live at Rikki Rachtman's CATHOUSE LIVE Concert in Los Angeles, CA. this August. Kristy
Majors did an interview right here in this very issue of Chaotic Riffs so please sure to give that a listen and you can find
out about what Kristy has to say about this all and so much more...I must listen....You will enjoy it I promise!
Does anyone remember when Pretty Boy Floyd first exploded on the Sunset Strip and release their classic album: Electric
Boys With Electric Toys? That is the one album that people will always think of when they hear the name: Pretty Boy
Floyd but their image was always as loud and bombastic as their sound was but hey that's HOLLYWOOD and that was
and is Pretty Boy Floyd! Point being is that when I first heard and saw Pretty Boy Floyd for the first time back in the 80's
I always thought there was a bit of a Kiss/Motley Crue influence to the band which makes perfect sense for them putting
out an album like this. They could have chosen to put out a tribute/covers CD like a lot of bands featuring different cover
songs from different bands but Pretty Boy Floyd like Kiss themselves have always done things their way. As Kristy
shared with me during his latest Chaotic Riffs Magazine interview in this very issue that Kiss was a very, big influence on
him and the rest of the band so again this album makes perfect sense to me!
Pretty Boy Floyd is in a place where they have nothing left to prove, the only reason for them doing anything these days is
simply because they want to or simply fur the fun of it! Kristy shared with me that he has a new solo CD on the way and
that there's also a new Pretty Boy Floyd studio album that he and Steve Summers have recorded together.
What I really enjoyed about this CD being the Kiss fan I am is that Pretty Boy Floyd chose to record songs throughout
Kiss's entire career. Kind of surprised that Pretty Boy Floyd did not record a version of "Rock N Roll All Night" here
which is a Kiss classic I love to death but it has also been covered to death as well! On this CD here we get Pretty Boy
Floyd covering "Firehouse" , "Christine Sixteen", Goin Blind" and "Creatures Of The Night" all on the same CD! The
interesting thing is that until 2015 this album was only released and made available as a digital download but then the
pretty Boy Floyd fanb ase spoke and demanded a physical release and that's what we've got here with "Kiss Of Death - a
tribute To Kiss...To me in the end this is The Ultimate Tribute To Kiss!