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p2 Resident/Employee of the Month
Announcements & April Review
Family Council Meeting Recap
Family members enjoyed the April 8 Family Council
Meeting that included informative forum discussions
from the latest legislative topics.
Welcome Breakfast for
DON Regina Floyd
The WVNC staff welcomed new Director of
Nursing Regina Floyd with a breakfast on April 3.
All staff enjoyed a lovely spread of biscuits with
cheese, eggs, sausage, a fruit medley, tuna
croissants, cheese squares and juice. Regina
graciously met with all staff from WVNC.
Provider Spotlight: Renita Parker, DPM
p4 We’re Listening
p5 From the Desk of the Director of Nursing
p7 Recipes and Birthdays
April Review
Contact Us
5427 Gex Road
Diamondhead, MS 39525
May 2014
Renita Parker, DPM
Dr. Renita Parker is our podiatrist at Woodland
Village Nursing Center. She has over eight years
of experience as a podiatrist, specializing in foot
and ankle care. Dr. Parker also practices at Stone
County Hospital and Clinic. She is a graduate of
Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine in
Philadelphia. She received her post-doctorate training
at the V.A. Maryland Healthcare Systems in Baltimore.
We are so thankful for Dr. Parker’s presence at our
facility and love her wonderful personality!
Volunteer Appreciation Social Review
Phone: 228.255.4832
Fax: 228.255.4833
Names to Know
Medical Director
David Northington, DO
Top left-hand photo (left to right): Rachalle Cuevas, Freddie Rose, Betty
Rose, Gerald Daussin, Tina Roundtree, Catherine Lemoyne, Lou Fogerty,
Marine Colloins and Betty Colloins; Top right-hand photo (left to right):
Mary Miller, Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes, Regina Floyd and
June Griggs; Bottom left-hand photo (left to right): Freddie Rose, Betty
Rose, Lillian Bryan, Irma Mitchell, Mary Miller, Representative Sonya
Williams-Barnes, Cecile Ladner, Tina Roundtree, Catherine Lemoyne, Lou
Fogerty, Brenda Daussin and Gerald Daussin; Bottom right-hand photo
(left to right): Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes and Mary Miller.
Welcome Aboard!
Morgan Adams, CNA
Keyana Catchings, CNA
Ladenna Edwards, CNA
Olivia Henry, CNA
Gloria Ramirez, RN
Deborah Robinson, CNA
Chastity Saucier, CNA
Nichelle Scott, LPN
Phyllis Scott, CNA
Page 8
Charity Floyd
Rachalle Cuevas
Taylor Richardson
Ariel Wright
First row (left to right): Rocky Gaudin, Stephanie Griffis, Kim Garcia,
Missy Murphree, Regina Floyd, Alvin Walsh, Dominique Gardner,
Lisa Mitchell and Jessica Mizell; Second row (left to right): Brandy
Dupuis, Jincy Lind and Jenna Fitts
National Nursing Home
Week Festivities
WVNC will be utilizing the American Health
Association’s theme this year for National
Nursing Home Week, “Living the Aloha Spirit.”
We will have spirit days throughout the week of
May 11 through May 17, with a grand finale luau
on Friday, May 16 at 3 p.m. Each department
will be hosting an activity each day to promote
friendships and bonding. There’s so much
excitement in the building and, of course, a little
friendly competition!
Mary J. Miller, RN, LNHA
Director of Nursing
Regina Floyd, RN, MSN
Social Services Director
Heather Harris, LPN
Human Resources
Shelley Relan
Activities Director
June Griggs, CTRS
Dietary Manager
Steven See
Admissions Coordinator
Kim Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Sharon Stiger
First row: (left to right): Dawn Carver, “Buffy” Carver, Sharon Koger, Ruth Olivier, Lois Forest and Mary Bates;
Second row (left to right): Ann Latham, Joan Hill, Sherry Necaise and Ashley Curtin; Third row (left to right):
Janat Wooley, Mem Hill, Frank Cuervo and Jim Hill; Fourth row (left to right): Dr. Bertin Chevis, June Griggs,
Marina Dilley, Ron Forest, Phil Ramsey, Al Stevens and Jim Fisher.
Hosted April 7, the celebration to honor our volunteers included instructional line
dancing from the Diamondhead Chicks! Those dancing included residents, staff,
visitors and the dancers. Volunteers stated their personalized services, what they meant
to them and how long they had been visiting our facility. The residents applauded and
expressed gratitude for all of our volunteers’ visits! Each volunteer was given a “happy”
to express appreciation for all they do for our residents and the community.
Happy Mothers’ Day
Woodland Village Nursing Center will host a Mothers’ Day Tea at
3 p.m. on May 11. We’ll have crocheted corsages to honor all the
mothers and grandmothers. Happy Mothers’ Day!
The Villager
May Holidays
May 2014
Arthritis Awareness Month
Healthy Vision Month
■ Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month
■ Mental Health Month
■ National High Blood Pressure Education Month
■ National Military Appreciation Month
■ National Osteoporosis Awareness and
Prevention Month
■ National Women’s Health Month
■ Older Americans Month
■ UV Safety Month
May 1 – National Day of Prayer
May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
■ May 6-12 – National Nurses Week
■ May 11 – Mothers’ Day
■ May 11-17 – National Nursing Home Week
■ May 11-17 – National Women’s Health Week
■ May 12-16 – National Neuropathy Awareness Week
■ May 26 – Memorial Day
■ May 28 – National Senior Health and Fitness Day
Resident of the Month
And the winner is…
Mr. Tolbert Rice!
Mr. Rice is from Union, Miss. He was once a welder/painter and
served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Mr. Rice has one
son, two daughters and five grandchildren that he enjoys visiting on
a regular basis. He also has two Chihuahuas, Cody and Chopper.
Mr. Rice is a party every day! He enjoys fishing, action movies, table
games, going out to eat, courtyard time, helping others and reading.
He also loves listening to rock and roll and old country music. Mr. Rice
is pictured here as the Grand Duke for our Mardi Gras Ball last month.
For his prize for winning resident of the month, he’s chosen to go out
Mr. Tolbert Rice
to eat. Congratulations, Mr. Rice! We love you!
Employee of the Month
Family Council Meeting
Woodland Village Nursing Center would like to remind you that a Family Council Meeting will typically
be held on the second Tuesday of each month, alternating times between 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to
accommodate all family members. Should this day fall on a holiday, please contact the facility for alternative
dates. Our next meeting will be held May 13 at 12:30 p.m. in the activity room. A loaded salad bar will be
provided. Our topic of discussion will be National Nursing Home Week (May 11 through May 17).
For more information, please contact us at 228.255.4832. We hope to see you there!
Recipe of the Month
Carrot Pineapple Cake
- 2 C all-purpose flour
-2 tsp. baking soda
-1 tsp. baking powder
-1 tsp. salt
-2 tsp. ground cinnamon
-1¾ cups of white sugar
-1 C vegetable oil
-3 eggs
from Activities Director June Griggs
-1 tsp. vanilla extract
-2 C shredded carrots
-1 C flaked coconut
-1 C chopped walnuts
-1 (8 oz.) can crushed pineapple, drained
-1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese
-¼ C butter, softened
-2 C confectioner’s sugar
1.Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease and flour 9 x 13 inch pan.
2.Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Make a well in
the center and add sugar, oil, eggs and vanilla. Mix with wooden spoon until
smooth. Stir in carrots, coconut, walnuts and pineapple.
3.Pour into pan. Bake for 45 minutes. Don’t panic, the center will sink a little.
Allow to cool.
4.To make the frosting, cream the butter and cream cheese until smooth.
Add the confectioner’s sugar and beat until creamy. Frost.
And the winner is…
Martha Abbrecht!
Martha Abbrecht
Page 2
After moving to Mississippi 35 years ago, Martha Abbrecht began her healthrelated career at Hancock Medical Center as a physical therapy technician.
She continued her work at Quest Rehab Clinic as an administrative assistant/
PT technician/drug screener. Martha has been with WVNC since 2012 and
works in our Activity Department as an assistant. She has recruited, mentored
and trained three activity staff personnel over the past 18 months. Martha
enjoys helping and getting to know all of our residents. You can find her leading
numerous activities daily, from gardening, arts and crafts and bingo to table
games, table talk and sports. She’s always there to lend a hand or ear for our
WVNC family. In her free time, Martha enjoys gardening, spending time with her
two daughters and three grandchildren, and cruising in her Mustang convertible!
Thank you, Martha, for all you do! Enjoy your Belk gift card!
... to our residents!
Evelyn Schaefer
Ella Dulcich
Junius Braud
Lawrence Carver
Jacqueline Wynn
Marcella Wade
Gwendolyn King
Edith Jones
Louise Black
... and to our employees!
Kortney Wheat
Brittany Turner
Lauren Johnsen
Marivic Klein
Ariel Wright
Evan Roger
Missy Murphree
Melissa Frang
Marvella Grace
Justin Waits
Terecita Lane
Stephanie Griffis
Juanita Leger
Steven Waycoff
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The Villager
May 2014
Our Providers
Our Staff
Regina Floyd, RN, MSN
Director of Nursing
Shalonda Kelley-Davis, LPN
Medicare MDS Nurse
Stephanie Griffis, RN
Quality Assurance
The Villager
May 2014
A Letter from the Administrator
May Update | We’re Listening
From the Desk of the Director of Nursing:
Should I Be An Organ Donor?
The month of May will be a busy one for all of us! First comes National
Nurses Week (May 6 through May 12), where we honor a group of
people so important in building relationships with residents and
their families.
The following week ushers in National Nursing Home Week (May 11
through May 17), where we show our appreciation for our friendships
with you and your loved ones.
Mary Miller, RN, LNHA
And finally, the results are in! We asked because we’re listening! This
past January, a customer survey was mailed to residents and family
members to find out more about your experiences with Woodland Village Nursing Center and to see
how we can improve. We campaigned for your responses and appreciated all returned surveys.
You will be receiving a letter in the near future explaining the top three areas in which you, our
customer, said we excel and the top three areas in which you said we needed the most improvement.
An outline of how we can improve in these areas will also be included, and updates will be provided on
our progress throughout the year.
Then, we will continue asking you for your input again in July regarding how we’ve done with our plans.
We’ll also send out surveys with all discharged residents and/or their responsible parties.
Not only is your response to this survey important to us, but your daily input is also important to
your loved ones’ care. Thank you for choosing Woodland Village Nursing Center, and remember:
We’re listening!
Have a happy month of May!
Administrator Mary Miller
We are committed as a facility to understanding our patients’
experiences and identifying ways to continually improve. We have
recently partnered with the National Research Corporation, a survey
expert, to administer new patient surveys.
Shortly after your visit here, you may receive a questionnaire asking
about your patient experience. Please honestly answer the questions
and return the completed form. We need to hear from you in order to
improve our quality of care.
This is just another way that we’re listening to you, our valued patients.
Page 4
Regina Floyd, RN, MSN
More than 114,000 men, women and children in the U.S. are waiting for
organ transplants. And every 10 minutes, a new name is added to the
national waiting list of organs. Because of a shortage of donors, on average,
18 people die every day because of the lack of donated organs.
There are several myths about donating organs, from
the priorities hospitals give patients in need of organs
to who is eligible to donate. We’re here to sort out the
truth about organ donation and show you how you can
help others around you by being a donor.
Organ Donation Facts
• One organ donor can save up to eight lives. The
same donor can also save or improve the lives of
up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes.
• The success rate for organ transplants is between
80 and 90 percent.
• As a donor, your medical history is more important
than your age. For example, individuals who were
92 years old donated their livers in the U.S.
• It’s now possible for a living person to donate a
kidney, a portion of his or her liver, a portion of a
lung and in some rare instances, a portion of the
pancreas. Bone marrow can also be donated.
• All major religions support donation.
• Any time you are in a hospital, doctors will do all they
can to save your life. Donation only occurs after the
death of a patient is declared by physicians who are
legally not affiliated with donation.
• The factors that determine who receives an organ
include severity of illness, time spent on the waiting list
and blood type. Financial and celebrity status have no
bearing on determining who receives a transplant.
• If you’re a donor, your family does not pay any bills
related to donation.
• Donation takes place under the same sterile conditions
as any medical procedure. A donor’s body is never
disfigured, and donation does not interfere with funeral
arrangements. Open casket services are possible.
It is illegal to buy and sell organs in the U.S. The
system for matching donor organs and potential
recipients is regulated by the federal government.
Potential Organ Donations
• Eyes/corneas
• Heart/heart valves
• Lungs
• Liver
• Kidneys
• Intestines
• Pancreas
• Femoral/saphenous veins
• Skin
• Bone
• Tendons
How to Become an Organ Donor
There are a variety of ways to be an organ, tissue and
eye donor in Mississippi.
At the Mississippi State Department of Motor
Vehicles (DMV): Check off the donor box on your
driver’s license application or renewal form, or when
applying or renewing a non-driver identification card.
• Online: Fill out the Donor Registry enrollment form at
• By mail: Download a Donor Registry enrollment form
and mail it in.
For more information on organ donations or if
becoming a donor is the right choice for you,
visit the following websites:, or
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