resume for Godfrey Coppinger


resume for Godfrey Coppinger
Godfrey Coppinger, Storyteller
Songs, Stories & Other Eccentricities
809 N. Harrison
Fresno, California 93728-3025
phone: (209) 237-9387
GODFREY (X)PPINGER is a storyteller, a story gatherer, and a story maker.
She sings songs and she recites poetry. She has even been known to juggle
and dance - though not necessarily at the same time.
In her search for stories she has traveled from her home town of Madera,
California to Wyoming, to Oregon, and half way around the world to Ireland
the home of rain, fairy forts and outrageous liars. She has performed in
such diverse venues as a thatched cottage in the west of Ireland, a boat
on the River Thames in London and under an old oak tree in hills of Oregon
She has performed on stage, radio, television,and street comers. She has
(and will) tell stories anywhere anyone wants to listen.
GODFREY COPPINGER is a member of the National Association for the Perpetu
ation and Preservation of Storytelling since 1981. She was a founding mem
ber of the Eugene Storyteller's Association in Eugene, Oregon and was the
editor of their newsletter for several years.
Now that she's back in Fresno, she has joined the Fresno Ares^ssociation
o f S t o r y t e l l e r s a n d t h e F r e s n o F o l k l o r e S o c i e t y. S h e i s ^ - e u - r r e n t l y t h e e d
itor of the FFS Flyer, for which she^''!S''i'ites a short storytelling column
each month, and is also the Direuiur uf the upcoming 190P Freono Are^
Fresno Art Muoeum and the
1991 Currently the 'Energenius' in the PG & E sponsored ENERGENIUS EDUCA
TIONAL PROGRAM, PG & E program coordinator, Alan Goto, 265-5525.
1990 Regular performer, TEACH SIAMSA ('House of Entertainment'), Finuge,
C o u n t y K e r r y, I r e l a n d .
1989 ST. JOHN'S HERITAGE CENTER, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland.
1988 LOWENDER PER.AN, International Celtic Festival, Perrenporth, Cornwall.
S C H O O L , L i s t o w e l , C o u n t y K e r r y, I r e l a n d .
1986 Invited to be judge for ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE, Listowel, Ireland!
1 9 8 5 R O S E O F T R A L E E F E S T I VA L , Tr a l e e , C o u n t y K e r r y, I r e l a n d .
1984 WATERFORD OPERA FESTIVAL, County Waterford, Ireland.
1984 January-April, Artists-in-the-Schools, Eastern Oregon Arts Council.
1982 SEATTLE FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL, Seattle, Washington.
1981 OREGON STATE FAIR, Salem, Oregon.
Godfrey works well with both faculty &
a professional attitude towards her '
work and respect for her audience,
Alan Goto, coordinator
They listened spellbound to this woman .
from Oregon as she told them folktale
after folktale, never repeating herself.^
They kept her for a long time, she kept
them glued to their seats.
S e a n M c C a r t h y, T h e K E R R Y M A R
Tr a l e e , C o u n t y K e r r r y, I r e l a n d
Having a storyteller in the program
(Artists-in-the-Schools) was an exper
iment. I am pleased to report it turned
o u t t o b e a n u n q u a l i fi e d s u c c e s s , d u e
entirely to your charming mastery of
Bill Leering, Program Director
Eastern OR Regional Arts Council
G o d f r e y ' s p e r f o r m a n c e s a r e fi l l e d w i t h
her captivate audiences of all ages &
nationalities with her blend of stories,'
s o n g s , a n d p o e t r y, a n d i n m y o p i n i o n s h e i s n o t o n l y a g i f t e d p e r f o r m e r, b u t
a true,professional'.
A n n e K e n n e d y, C h a i r w o m a n
L a r n G a e l ( Vo i c e o f t h e I r i s h )
L i s t o w e l , C o u n t y K e r r y, I r e l a n d
D e a r G o d f r e y, T h a n k y o u f o r c o m i n g t o a r e s c h o o l , w e e n j o y e d y o u r s t o r i e s . I
injoyed th papper story best. As soon as I got home I showed my Mom and Dad.
Then I showed my aunt. Then my uncle came over and I showed him. My Grandma
and Grandpa came over for dinner. I showed them. Then I showed my sister. I
m a d h a t s a n d b o a t s f o r m y C a b b a g e P a t c h K i d a n d m y B a r b i e . Yo u s c a r e d m e w h e n
they went over the rock with the soldi-salda-relda.
Julie Anderson, third grade
Willow school, Le Grande, Oregon
Thankyou for sharing your spirit with us. I'm sure my class and I will carry
you in our hearts for years to come.
P a t O s b u m , Te a c h e r
Willow School, Le Grande, Oregon
As I recommend Godfrey I cannot overlook a gift you will probably notice
right away: her sense of homor! It comes out in her storytelling and makes
B a r b a r a S n o w, L i b r a r i a n
E u g e n e P u b l i c L i b r a p y, E u g e n e , O r e g o n
The adults in the audience were as delighted as the children, and one long
time member (of the Storytellers of San Diego) told me afterwards that you
are the best storyteller she has ever heard.
H a r l y n n e G e i s l e r, P r o g r a m C o o r d i n a t o r
Storytellers of San Diego