Please the detailed factsheet of that cruise



Please the detailed factsheet of that cruise
From Labuanbajo to Denpasar on MV Ambai
12 Days / 11 nights – 33 Dives minimum
Departure: 08/16/2015 in Labuanbajo Arrival: 08/27/2015 in Denpasar
Komodo National Park is one of the greatest dive destinations, and one of the MOST diverse and rich marine environments in the world.These small islands fringed with sandy beaches are home of the famous Komodo dragon that you may patrolling the beach or see you from viewing a rock . The coral reefs in the north of the park are rich with colorful combination of hard and soft corals. Be delighted with the schools of anthias , wrasses , angelBish majestic , and predators like wide -­‐reef sharks , tunas , and giant – trevallies. In the South part you will enjoy fantastic critters dive sites, as well as in Bima area. A very reliable manta cleaning station is also waiting for you in South Rinca… Komodo offers a wide-­‐range of diving experiences: high voltage current dives, drift dives, gentle sloop, colorful walls dives along drop offs, monumental boulders , seamounts , pinnacles and sandy slopes . You can also see manta rays , turtles , and sometime even whale sharks . On the way back to Denpasar, we visit and dive the islands of Banta and Sangean, the area of Bima famous for it’s fantastic critter dive sites, as well as Moyo in the West of Sumbawa.
Diving Part
Some of the species:
- Barracudas, Surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrot fishes, Trevallies and giant trevallies,
spafefishes. Napoleon wrasse, wobbegon, tunas, bonitos, manta rays, mobulas,
- Seahorse, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish .
- Black corals forests, gorgonian fields, soft corals , gorgonian fields,
Komodo Park is well known for its consistent currents that can be dangerous. Wallacea dive
cruise has a real experience of the scuba diving sites. We pay very much attention to dive at the
right place at the right time in order to avoid those uncomfortable and dangerous currents.
Obviously before each dive, briefings will inform you about the diving conditions and advises will
be given to always keep the dives safe. However, a strong scuba diving experience is required
The visibility is excellent on the northern part of the strait and on the way to Denpasar, but
waters are more turbid in the South of the strait.
Water temperature is 27-28° on the North part of the strait and on the way to Denpasar, 22 to 24
in the South part of the strait.
Number of dives:
During the cruise you will perform a minimum of 33 dives.
No diving the day of arrival
3 dives / day every day of the cruise - one dive is usually sacrificed for land excursion
6 Night dives.
1 dive the day before disembarking, eventually 2 if your travel schedule allows. (We
apply the 24-hour rule of desaturation before flying).
Other information
Below are the maps showing the cruise itinerary. The itinerary varies between each cruise
depending on weather conditions, currents, visibility and diving.
- Weather:
The weather is generally dry and sunny with a refreshing breeze. The sea is flat rather flat within
the strait, can be more choppy and welly in the southern part.
- Insurance:
An insurance covering medical evacuation and diving accidents is compulsory. It will be
requested upon arrival on board.
- Visa:
Indonesian visa costs 35 USD (or equivalent in euros). The visa on arrival (VOA) is valid for 30
days. It is issued in Jakarta, Denpasar, Makassar and Manado international airports
- Airport taxes:
A departure tax is imposed in each Indonesian airport, to be payed cash in local currency.
- international: 200,000 IDR
- Domestic departure: 40,000 IDR
- Check in - Check out:
- Check in: the cruise starting date, before 12:00 AM
- Check out: The cruise ending date, before 12:00 AM.
Double bed cabin
Boat specifications
Wooden boat
32 meters x 7.5 meters
16 Divers
Launched 2012
3 Dinghies
8 air-conditioned double cabins with en suite bathroom and hot water.
* 4 cabins with double bed and single bunk above, lower deck
* 2 cabins with single bunk, lower deck
* 2 cabins with double bed on the upper deck (extra cost)
Camera room
Outdoor Lounge
At your service:
16 crew members including 4 dive guides, one skipper / instructor francophone
Engine: 600 Hp Mitsubishi Navy 2012
Generators: Generators Yanmar 3 respectively 40, 28 and 16 kW, 2012
Fresh water: 10 tons of reserves and watermaker capacity 10 tons / day
Compressors: air compressors 2 200 lts / min. Atlas-Copco low pressure compressor with membrane
production NITROX.
Navigation: GPS, GPS Plotter, Echo sounder, Radar,
Diving organisation on Ambai
1st Dive :
2nd Dive:
3rd Dive :
Night Dive:
07:00 am
10:30 am
14:30 pm
18:30 pm
Dive time: 60 minutes
Maximum depth: 35 mts
Dives into the safety curve
Bearing systematic safety
* Due to the large number of dives and the remoteness of the location, we urge divers to
stay within the safety curve, to comply with a maximum depth of 35 meters, and to systematically
perform a safety stop.
* Depending on the guests dive experience, aspirations (photography, macro etc …), and
eventual use of nitrox (available at extra cost), the cruise director will arrange the diving groups.
These groups are made up of four divers and a dive guide. The dive guides are rotating on a
daily basis. Each diver is given a dive tank (DIN & INT available, no need for adapters) and a
single location for the duration of the cruise.
* A short briefing will be conducted by the director of cruises or one of the guides before
each dive. It will provide guidance on the site topography, depths, currents and potential hazards,
as well as on marine life and the species represented.
* The divers should always carry a marker buoy.
* The staff carries your tank between the Ambai and the dinghies and back. In the
dinghies, tanks are disposed in slots and the guide will help you to gear just before to roll back
for the dive.
* Identification books of flora and local fauna are available on board, and the dive guides
or the skipper will always help you to identify the strange animal you just saw underwater!
* There are some dive equipment to rent on board: However, all sizes are not necessarily
available, so please book for it before the cruise.
* Our cruises are open to divers Padi Advanced Level 2 or equivalent with at least 50
dives logged. Less experienced divers can also participate with a specific supervision that have
to be arranged before the cruise.
* Please bring a medical statement of diving fitness, you will be asked for it on board. An
insurance covering medical evacuation and diving accidents is highly recommended.
*We will ask you to carefully respect the fauna and flora: have adequate buoyancy to
avoid touching the substrate or break any corals; do not touch the animals, do not collect
anything; do not to harass wildlife to photography and moderate the number of flashes you
impose on them. The use of gloves is not allowed.
*Thank you to read our rules of diving here. By booking a cruise with Wallacea you agree
with these few basic rules.
- Accommodation in a shared twin or double cabin.
- All meals, snacks, drinking water, soft drinks and hot drinks.
- All guided dives
- Aluminium tanks (12 lts), weights and belts
- Airport - boat transfers from/to the place of departure and arrival.
- Park fees and Harbour clearance: 125 € / cruise (to be settled cash on board)
- Alcoholic beverages, espresso (1€)
- Diving equipment rental (see prices below)
- Nitrox: 12 € per day; Package € 100 / cruise.
- 100 cf (15 liters) tanks : 35 € / cruise
- Upper deck cabin supplement: 20 € / night / person.
- Laundry (1 € / piece)
- Crew gratuities
- International and national flights, Visa fees and airport taxes
All extras are payable in cash on board. We can not receive payment by credit card.
Currencies accepted on board: €, USD, CHF, IDR.
Tipping: optional, they reflect your level of satisfaction with the service on board. As an
indication, in the area tips are around 10 € / day / passenger.
Are provided on board, towels and toiletries, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.
Electrical outlets round European type. Room for storage and loading photos / videos and
accessory devices with many outlets. Taken in the cabins and bathrooms also. Hair dryer
available on request.
Available on board: rods and hooks in stainless reef for snorkeling, € 10
Complete regulator with octopus and pressure gauge
7€/ day
7€/ day
Wet suit
5€/ day
5€/ day
Dive Computer
5€/ day
2€/ day
• Diving mask
2€/ day
- Accommodation in Bali:
For your night in Bali we recommend (depending on the expected arrival time of your international
Hotel Sukun Sanur : 70 euros/deluxe room (breakfast included).
Harris hotel Tuban : 65 euros/room (breakfast included). Location : 300 m far from
Denpasar Airport !
A surcharge of 15 € (one way) per person is to be expected for transfer: airport - hotel - airport.
- Air transport:
We recommend for your domestic flight one of the airlines below:
- Lion Air 15 kg baggage on JT flights, 10 kg on JT flights + 2€ to 4€ per extra kg
- Garuda Indonesia (baggage included = 20 kg personal effects + 23kg free of charge for
diving equipment)
Your domestic flight:
Denpasar - Labuanbajo:
Lion Air
Labuanbajo - Denpasar Tariff
IW 1887
08:25 - 09:35
10 kg (+ 2€ to 4€ per extra kg)
IW 1831
08:30 - 09:50
10 kg (+ 2€ to 4€ per extra kg)
Garuda Indonesia Labuanbajo - Denpasar Tariff
GA 7027
16:05 - 17:30
€135 20 kg (+ 23 kg free of charge for equipment)
NB : GA Blights are not blacklisted by the European Community. Extensions: Whether you want to precede or continue your cruise circuit in Indonesia or stay a few days in a resort, Wallacea Dive Cruises can probably arrange everything: do not hesitate to contact us. Examples of possible extensions: 5 or 6-­‐day tours in Tana Toraja (funeral ceremonies and other big celebrations) on the island of Sulawesi, or in the island of Flores (the famous three-­‐colored lake caldera, and villages which take you back in time), not to mention the island of Java with its Kawah Ijen and Mount Bromo, so dear to the French people. Starting 400 euros/person. Our smiling and efficient crew awaits for you on the MV Ambai for an unforgettable
dive cruise in Komodo!

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