Naviance: Family Connection PowerPoint



Naviance: Family Connection PowerPoint
Visit: then double click on Parent Resources
Double click on Naviance Parent Portal
If you have not yet registered, you will need to select “I need to register>”
Type in your registration code given by the guidance department in the rectangle below, then select the register box.
You must type in the boxes below your E‐mail , then retype E‐mail to confirm, password, then retype password to confirm. Finally, scroll down to bottom of screen and check off the box “I accept “ under the subtitle “Your privacy” explanation, then select complete registration box. Congratulation, your account is set! Select Go button next to your child name.
This is the home screen with a “Welcome” to describe the Family Connection from Naviance. Select the “College” tab to perform a college search.
Double click on “college search”
This section starts an advanced college search which allow you to select criteria that is important to the student about the college. There are 6 screens to review to consider all criteria.
Below are the colleges that matched your search criteria. From January to June, the student and his/her counselor will work together to develop a preliminary list of colleges entitled: “colleges that I am thinking about”
Double click on “college I’m Thinking about”
“colleges I’m thinking about” is a preliminary college list with student and counselor input. This list is a working in progress and should be used to determine what colleges to visit in spring and summer months. To compare your child’s GPA and PSAT /SAT score to BHS Graduates, select “compare me”.
This is a comparison of your child’s GPA and PSAT to the average of BHS graduates that have been accepted to that particular college list below.
When you are finish viewing, select “log out” to exit program.
Thank you for attending this event. Please frequently use Naviance with your child from now until he/she graduates. For further information using Naviance, please contact your child’s guidance counselor

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