Kim Komando via Google Search



Kim Komando via Google Search
Kim Komando via Google Search
Why This Campaign?
- A lot of people are looking for cheap traffic and a lot of people
say that celebrity traffic, although cheap, is junk quality. I wanted to
show an example of a campaign that worked great for me.
- This is similar to trend jumping, except it’s not necessarily based
on news blips.
The Proof...
Bottom Line:
$323.93 in ad spend on AdWords
$2,330.64 in revenue
$2006.71 Profit
Not a huge amount for 2 weeks, but not bad for a
campaign that was essentially set and forget, with a great ROI.
The Process...
For those that don’t know,
Kim Komando is a Tech-Radio
talk show host in the USA.
She has a strong following of
people looking for tech advice
and recommendations.
This campaign illustrates a method very similar to trend
jumping, except in this case it’s “celebrity jumping”. A lot of
times celebrity traffic is junk traffic, unless they’re considered
an authority of sorts.
The Process...
Step 1: Keyword Research
As we know, step 1 is usually market research and market segmentation. However, here we
knew our market. Kim Komando fans and searchers. So we could skip right to keyword
Google Keyword Tool
Low Competition
Decent Search Volume for Exact Match
The Process...
Step 1: Keyword Research
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americas digital goddess
I used broad, phrase, and exact
match right from the start in Adwords,
which is rare. I almost start and
recommend exact match at first to
establish a high CTR. In this case I
figure if it had her name in it, it would
be targeted for the most part.
The Process...
Step 2: Offer Selection
We needed a product to sell or an offer that could appeal to the Kim Komando crowd.
Something techy, possibly a computer fix, maybe even software. Believe it or not we went
with registry cleaners.Very old school, but it worked. We went to Clickbank and looked at
the top registry cleaners available...
In the Clickbank Marketplace
I clicked on Software & Services, then
Registry Cleaners on the left hand side.
Based on it’s popularity and reputation,
we knew Registry Easy would be the
top dog. So that was our #1 choice. #2
was ErrorFix, and we went with
RegDefense as #3.
Honestly, other than Registry Easy, we
didn’t really care what other ones we
tested. Registry Easy was going to be
positioned as the top recommendation.
The Process...
Step 3: Landing Page Creation
Since Kim Komando is someone that makes reviews and recommendations in the tech
space, it was best to go with a review/comparison style lander. Nothing fancy really. As
always, I split tested between a few different styles...
The Process...
Step 4: Tracking & Ad Setup
For the most part tracking here was standard, I used Prosper202 and tracked the following
- keywords (shown before)
- landing pages (shown before)
- offers (shown before)
- text ads
Question marks are important here!
The Process...
Step 4: Tracking Setup
FYI, I rotated landing pages in Prosper202 with the following script:
//Tracking202 Landing Page Rotation Script
//landing pages filenames, theses will be rotated between eachother
//theses landing pages must be in the same DIRECTORY as this file
//you can add as many landing pages here as you like
$landingpage[1] = 'l1.php';
$landingpage[2] = 'l2.php';
//this is the text file, which will be stored in the same directory as this file,
//count.txt needs to be CHMOD to 777, full privlledges, to read and write to it.
$myFile = "count.txt";
//open the txt file
$fh = @fopen($myFile, 'r');
$lpNumber = @fread($fh, 5);
//see which landing page is next in line to be shown.
if ($lpNumber >= count($landingpage)) {
$lpNumber = 1;
} else {
$lpNumber = $lpNumber + 1;
//write to the txt file.
$fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");
$stringData = $lpNumber . "\n";
fwrite($fh, $stringData);
//include the landing page
//terminate script
• 2 LP folders
• 2 files for each offer
• 2 images folders
• 2 CSS files
The Process...
Step 5: Data Collection/Optimization
Just to show you the elements I tracked that gave me an idea of what was working and what
wasn’t, here are some screenshots from Prosper202 for this campaign:
Top 2 Landing Page Results:
Text Ad Results:
The Process...
Step 5: Data Collection for 1 week
Just to show you the elements I tracked that gave me an idea of what was working and what
wasn’t, here are some screenshots from Prosper202 for this campaign:
Top Keyword Results:
The Process...
Step 5: Data Collection for 1 week
Just to show you the elements I tracked that gave me an idea of what was working and what
wasn’t, here are some screenshots from Prosper202 for this campaign:
Top Keyword Results continued:
The Process...
Step 6: Optimization
Once data was collected, I was able to tell which keywords to pause and which to keep
running. The keywords on the previous screen which showed profit, I kept running.
In terms of ad copy, both ads converted very well so I kept both running.
Landing page CTR was comparable on all pages, but the page with the best conversion rate
was this one:
My thoughts on this are that the font I used and the
blue I used were very similar to the official Kim
Komando site. I wouldn’t say that Kim actually
recommended these products, but it’s about sub
conciously connecting the dots in the persons mind.
Overall a pretty successful campaign with
great ROI.
This type of campaign utilizes very cheap
clicks and an “implied” social proof. After
the first week once optimized, I began to
lower CPC bids slowly, and on some days
was getting clicks at 1 cent on Google
Search USA!
This is a similar method to trend jumping
but is not as reactive.
What other targets can you come up with?
And in what other channels?
• Jim Cramer >> Penny Stock Offers
• Jillian Michaels >> Weight Loss Offers
• Target celebrity sites with PPV and these style of
**Make sure not to cross the line of actually saying
the celebrity has endorsed your offer.You are only
making subtle connections.You will receive a cease and
desist most likely if you cross the line.Yes, you might make
money before, but be careful!**