American Chevrolet 4742 McHenry Ave. Modesto



American Chevrolet 4742 McHenry Ave. Modesto
Waffle Day
Middle Left-Handers
Hot Dog
Sit Back
& Relax Day
Ernie &
Lucy Day
Be an
1st Lincoln Watermelon Chocolate
Cake Day
Boss Dice
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American Chevrolet
4742 McHenry Ave. Modesto,
Dear ZORCH: I knew that someday you would do it and you did
it in your May edition; a centerfold. Fantastic! Or as I should
say, ZORCH. I had the picture of Angela framed and it’s on my
wall in my den, right next to one of my Mountain Aire posters.
You guys keep me guessing all the time as I have no idea on
what you are coming up with next!
Gerald Knoles
Dear ZORCH: About six months ago we formed a secret
organization and we called it, “The ZORCHERS”. Our mission,
to introduce more people to the world of ZORCH and to meet
some good looking girls. ZORCHers have a secret handshake,
password and smile. Each of us, there are only six, are require
to walk up to a total stranger at least once a month, give them
a copy of ZORCH and tell them, ZORCH is the word. To date,
no one has hit any one of us and the question most frequently
asked is, ‘Where can I get a copy of ZORCH?” Look for us in the
4th of July parade!
Sincerely, ZORCHers
Dear ZORCH: On behalf of all the people who follow car events,
we want to thank you for your continuing effort of keeping us
informed about car shows. You don’t do it just one a year, but
always. Also, you sure have some pretty girls in ZORCH…don’t
change. Life with ZORCH is great or as I should say, ZORCH.
Richard Sonders
Sad note: For the third straight year, Lost Isle in the Delta
won’t be opening this year, but there is hope for next year.
Also, Oakwood Lake won’t be opening this year either! If you
have never been to Lost Isle, you don’t know what you missed.
As ZORCH is a family type publication (?) we won’t elaborate.
When it finally opens next year we hope a lot of things that
made it so great won’t be missing. The county has put some
strange rules and regulations on Lost Isle. No, it won’t be like
Disneyland, but it will never be what it used to be.
On Page 16, if you get that far, you will see one of the most
beautiful plaques ever seen! It’s from the Vintage Restaurant,
formerly in downtown Modesto and now a parking lot. On it,
many of the bands that played there in the 70’s and 80’s. A lot
of great memories, the Vintage was a restaurant and a nite club
with live music six nights a week. On Sunday it was audition
night; the Lights were one of the bands that auditioned there.
No music on Mondays in honor Monday night football. Single
performers on Tuesday. Up and coming bands on Wednesday.
Thursday was Nite at the Vintage, the hottest bands in Modesto.
Friday and Saturday nights were good too as there was a lot of
talent in Modesto then. In taking a closer look at the plaque,
the Milkhouse Boys later changed their name to Triggerhand
and Raven changed their name to Blackbird and then back to
Raven. Too many good times!
Anyone who follows sports knows that the great Ralph Barbieri
was recently terminated from his radio gig in San Francisco. In
respect for ‘The Razor’, ZORCH Mazagine will not be doing any
advertising in the future on that station. Not that we were going
to, but we just won’t and we are cancelling the subscriptions
that we have sent them in the past! ZORCH reminds you;
listen to local radio. The Bear at KAT Country has requested
a subscription of ZORCH. We will be sending Bear the one we
used to send to San Francisco.
Visual Effects
Set Designer
Amazing Ralph
Bill Slayter
Dorrie Hunkie
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Guitar George
Eddie Wilson
Editorial Creative Director
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Senior Account Manager
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Music Director
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1st Round Pick
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Eleanor Rigsby
Program Director
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Off Stage Announcer
Digger O’Dell
Systems Administrator
Mister Peepers
Pat Kelley
Relief Pitcher
Rufus Caldonia
Uncle Albert
Boogie Man
Athletic Director
King Kong Kerr
PO Box 577893 - Modesto, CA 95357
And remember: ZORCH IS THE WORD!
Victor Laszlo
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Substitute’s Substitute
Bob DiPierto
Audio Specialist
Jenny 867-5309
Uncle Albert
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Louie Louie
Produce Manager
Reb Roan
Marko the Mailman
(209) 569-1218
Moss Landing Cafe...a place where locals gather
By Capt Ron Posey
(It wasn’t planned this way, but since I had such a great response to last month’s Zorch travel story about Phil’s
Fish Market in Moss Landing, I decided to highlight another favorite eatery in this quaint seaside village.)
At first glance, this small square funky looking building may not present much on allure or curb appeal to the
average Monterey Bay tourists. After all, a tourist’s restaurant choices can be quite challenging considering all
the rather famous food destinations available along the Monterey Bay shore that stretches from Santa Cruz
to Carmel. However, this building does offer an attraction on its south wall for photo seekers searching for
a landmark to stand in front off for the proverbial vacation snapshot...that of a huge and very colorful mural
depicting a bustling fishing harbor scene painted by local artist, Dong Sun Kim.
Inside the little boxy unpretentious building is another story. In keeping with the theme of this historic seaside
village, there are framed local pictures of ships, fishing boats, and famous ship captains from years gone by.
There are sailing and diving artifacts placed around for decor and all the while observing the cafe activities from
behind one of the booths...a giant stuffed lobster.
The Moss Landing Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and in addition to their extensive selection of menu
items, there are many daily featured specials handwritten in all directions on a large chalk board. If you want
something special or prepared a certain problem. Chef Mark Couts and wife, Gay pride themselves on
their hospitality and quality food presentations while always taking advantage of the area’s year-round bountiful
harvest of fruits, vegetables and seasonal catches from Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
Being located in the heart of the Artichoke Capital of the World, you’ll find a wide choice of recipes for artichokeenhanced menu items. Breakfast features the Castroville Omelet. Castroville is the neighboring town to the south
that actually lays claim to the title of Artichoke Capital. One of their lunch menu choices features, when in season,
a basket of their famous deep-fried artichoke hearts.
Their seasonal fish includes a wide choice of cooking preparation styles; you can have it Oscar-style which
means the fish is prepared with sautéed crabmeat and artichoke hearts topped with a Béarnaise Sauce...or try
your fish selection with the Hot & Spicy Cajun Rub with avocado salsa...or rolled in crusted Macadamia nuts with
mango salsa...or sautéed with lemon butter and white wine. If you like a steak, the same applies...a wide choice
of preparation styles in which to choose.
If you would like some wine with your dinner there’s no fancy printed wine list, but rather a selection of Owner/
Chef Mark Couts’ favorites. It’s not really a true selection either, but rather “here’s what we’re pouring today”.
Moss Landing Cafe is not the kind of place you go dressed up and not the place to impress an important date
or visiting dignitary; however, it is where you stop to kick back on a trip between Santa Cruz and Monterey or
while antiquing in many of the fascinating nearby shops. Most of all, it is where you go for a true taste of local
culture, beyond the fancy shops and restaurants of the neighboring cities. Whether you are an aficionado of fine
restaurants, quaint hole in the wall roadhouses, or historic diners, the Moss Landing Cafe will definitely find its
way to your “places to re-visit list”.
Centrally located between Santa Cruz and the Monterey Peninsula off Old Hwy 1, Moss Landing, California
(Home of Capt Ron’s Sailing Adventures) is a small eclectic fishing village rich in history, culture and flavor. There
are many antique shops to browse. Many activities in the area include kayaking, fishing, hiking, and watching the
abundant wildlife in the area. Seals, sea otters, pelicans and sometimes whales, frequent the area. A nice walk
on the beach, browsing through shops or a walk through the harbor always completes an enjoyable afternoon in
Moss Landing.
Moss Landing Cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily, 6:30a.m. - 3p.m. 7 days a week. Dinner is served only
on Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30p.m. - 8:30p.m. If you are setting your car’s GPS, enter 421 Moss Landing
Road, Moss Landing, California.
The Olympic Club
Recently I had the privilege to play golf and have lunch at the famed Olympic
Club Lakeside Golf Course, site of this year’s Men’s U.S. Open Championship.
We started with lunch in the Sun Room consisting of tomato bisque soup, Caesar salad, and grilled salmon fillets on couscous with flan for dessert. While the
meal was wonderful, the most significant thing was the venue. The clubhouse
was built in 1922 in a distinctive hacienda style. The era in which it was built
was less “politically correct”. There were separate men’s and ladies facilities in
those days. We ate at the Sun Porch which was once the ladies lounge. It has
a beautiful gilded glass dome in the center of the room. It overlooks the sun
porch and the 18th hole of the Lake Course. Though I have been to the “O”
Club many times, I had never been in allowed in that room. It was a delightful new discovery for me. It was a sunny day on the peninsula which made the
experience all the more delightful.
Next came the golf. The afternoon air was brisk, and the course was decked
in all its finery in anticipation of the upcoming U.S Open. The Lake course is a
difficult test of golf. It is one of only three courses that have hosted the men’s
Open Championship for a fifth time. Something magical always happens at the
“O” Club when the U.S. Open visits San Francisco. I expect nothing less this
It was the early sixties and our country was experiencing prosperity like never
before. Looking back, as I compare it to today’s madness, it was a simpler time
when everything seemed in order. I was in grade school and our family was
like many others. We had recently moved to the suburbs of San Francisco’s East
Bay Area at the base of Mount Diablo. This is what people called moving to “the
country”. This was also the era of “keeping up with the Jones’s”. One family
would have a swimming pool put in and suddenly the backyards in the entire
neighborhood resembled a resort-like setting. This was when the dads went
to work and the moms stayed home to raise their young families and socialize
with the other moms. I remember the card game of Bridge being a big deal
back then. There was also a sport that was just beginning to gain popularity on
network television. That sport was golf. No longer did this pastime belong only
to the Country Club set but public golf courses were being constructed. “Womens
Clubs” at these courses were beginning to become common, so at least in my
neighborhood, the moms decided to trade the Bridge tables and chairs for a set
of clubs and the fresh outdoors. Little did I know at the time that this would lead
to one of my life long obsessions.
Buchanan Fields Golf Course in Concord, California had been built adjacent to a
small municipal airfield (Buchanan Fields Airport) where the “Women’s Club”
would play every Tuesday. I don’t know how it exactly came about, but my Mom
talked me and my Dad into making a starting time on a Saturday. My Dad had
played some but I don’t think I even had a set of clubs (probably had to rent
them). The memory of that day has somewhat faded but I remember arriving
at the course and my Mom introducing
me to the golf pro from which she was
taking lessons. He would turn out to
be one of the heritage pros in our area.
Francisco Lopez had recently relocated
to the United States from his native
South America and was a complete
gentleman, a great striker of the golf
ball and a good instructor (and also
one of my first swing coaches). Then,
without any warm up, we were next on
the tee. That very first round was more
than a bit challenging. I had never been on a golf course or held a club in my
hand. I would go on to a respectable junior career and play for my high school
team at De La Salle High School in Concord. Buchanan Fields Golf Course is still
there. It’s where I put time in a bottle. It’s where it all began.
Pat Kelley is a broadcaster and writer and also Host of the Golf Guys Radio
Show hearde every Saturday morning on AM 970 ESPN Radio
Empowering youth to create music and artistic media.
Professional Live Sound service
Professional Recording Studio with
discounted rates for teens!
Educational and fun
Recording Arts camps
for ages 8-17
Non-profit located at a
public high school
Modesto Sound
Open since 2005, we have:
- Recorded 437 artists
- Trained 68 interns
- Held 43 concerts
- Created 76 radio shows
- Taught 5 Recording Arts Camps
Next camps are: June 11 - 16 and July 9 - 14, 2012
at Gregori High School
3701 Pirrone Rd.
Modesto, CA 95356
49ers/Raiders for 2012
It could be a tale of two polar opposites for 2012 Bay Area football. There is a clear Super Bowl
favorite, and then a team in flux? Can you guess who is who? I won’t bother to answer that as I
do not want to insult football fans’ intelligence. I cannot really make any predictions as my boss,
ZORCH, has asked me to write this article a bit too soon for the upcoming football season. I can
predict this though, the 49ers are a Super Bowl contender and the Raiders are not.
Yes, it is the Oakland Raiders in flux. Heck, the whole city of Oakland is in flux. They just lost the
Warriors to San Francisco and will soon lose the A’s to possibly San Jose, Sacramento, or even
Fargo. This leaves only the Raiders, and even they could bolt to Los Angeles one more time. The
49ers are clearly not in flux. All the pieces are there.
The Raiders bring in Dennis Allen who was the defensive coordinator for Denver the past few years.
Reggie McKenzie is now the General Manager and there is no Al Davis (RIP). McKenzie and Allen
have some work ahead. They have to revamp their secondary and they already did in releasing the
overpaid Stanford Routt. Routt was a solid player, but not for the pay he was getting. McKenzie is
a believer in paying for depth. The addition of free agent Ron Bartell from the Rams is a coup. He
was injured all of last year but he is highly rated.
The Raiders moved both Michael Bush and Jason Campbell to the Bears. They signed Matt Leinart
so the quarterback depth is now Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Terelle Pryor. Free Agent, Mike
Goodson will take the place of Bush as a compliment to Darren McFadden. The wide receivers are
in place with some up-n-comers; Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, and yes, even Darrius HeywardBey. Watch out for rookie Juron Criner from Arizona as he has really impressed.
The Raiders will not dominate anyone but they could, I say could, have enough wins to win the AFC
West. Unlike the Peyton Manning and his Broncos, the Raiders have a favorable schedule.
The 49ers were a botched punt away from making the Super Bowl last year. That was a remarkable turnaround from a 6-10 season in 2010. They have it all; a solid run offense, good enough
passing game, a solid defense, and even more impressive, incredible special teams players in Andy
Lee and David Akers. Can the 49ers improve on a 13-3 mark with a tougher schedule? Yes. The
offense was a bit limited last year and the Giants took advantage of that in the NFC championship
game. The Niners could not get the ball deep thus resulting in a 1-for-13 performance on third
downs. Enter Randy Moss and Mario Manningham and another year of Harbaugh’s tutelage of Alex
Smith. Adding rookies AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James will give the 49ers even more added bigplay potential. The Niners now have more options on third down and in the red zone. That is scary
This is a team with great depth and flexibility and a culture of winning. Everyone has bought in.
Great success will be a result.
My favorite restaurant in the Bay Area is not in San Francisco, nor Oakland, but in Hayward.
Banchero’s Italian Dinners at 20102 Mission Blvd. was discovered in the late 40’s by my parents and it has survived. First established n 1948 at Castro Street in Hayward, they moved
to their new location in 1952. If you look at the building from the front it looks 1980 modern,
but from the back you can tell is was originally a Quonset hut.
Banchero’s is a step back in time to an old world Italian restaurant. Great ambience, old world
customer service. The food is served family style. First you get the salad, followed by the
soup, then the relish plate. Next comes the pasta and then comes the main entree. The last
time I was there after a Giant’s game, I had the Cutlets ala Parmigina. There was then dessert followed by the cartons to take home with the food you couldn’t eat.
Harmony Wynelands is an 18 acre, family-owned boutique winery created by Bob and
Linda Hartzell. Nestled in Lodi among lush wine grapes, surrounded by picturesque
gardens and grounds, the venue is the perfect place for any special occasion whether it
is a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event. Bob Hartzell is a former president of the
California Wine Grape Growers Association.
Winemaker and consultant, Shaun McKay has created many award-winning wines,
including the Wyneland Estate GMA, Rhone Blend which received ‘The Best of California’
award at the 2010 California State Fair. The Harmony Wynelands selections include Old
Vine Zinfandel, GMA Rhone Blend, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé, Alicant Bouschet, and a
Zinsation Dessert Wine.
Harmony Wynelands sets itself apart from other wineries in two respects. First, at center
stage in the tasting room, is a full-size 2/11 Robert Morton pipe organ that is placed in
the structure for which it was built. The organ dates from 1921, originally from the old
San Francisco Castro Theatre. Its extensive baffling and pipes are a marvel to see and
hear. The owner, Bob Hartzell can often be found at the multi-keyboarded instrument
during most operating hours. The winery holds regular concerts and events here,
including silent movie nights.
Secondly, keen on seeking out what Hartzell and his winemakers consider exceptional
pairings of grape and sites, Harmony Wynelands is rare among Lodi wineries. The lineup
includes a Riesling, a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir, all which come from grapes from
Monterey County vineyards. Their flagship Zinfandel, which is made with an old-world,
fruit-forward style using Hungarian oak aging (produced from their 30-year-old Estate
Zinfandel vines with a little Petite Sirah to enhance the spiciness and aging potential of
the Zinfandel grapes) and their Alicante Bouschet, (a cross of Petit Bouschet) are made
from Lodi fruit. The Grenache is made in the style of a Spanish table wine. Harmony also
offers two sparkling wines on their menu.
In South Africa, vineyards are known as “Wynlands” and after a visit, the owners added
a letter and created their Wynelands name. To find the big blue “barn,” look for the
large wine barrels along the road and be ready to be greeted with art, music and wine.
Located in the middle of old-vine vineyards, this is an oasis of country tranquility. There
is a spacious rose garden and patio with its entry marked by mature redwood trees. The
patios and gardens meander throughout the property and are the setting for numerous
events during the year. There is a long veranda along the edge of the winery providing
shade as well as a view of the gardens and fountains. Inside, the backside of knotty pine
paneling is used for all the walls of the tasting room which doubles as a music studio.
With its thirty-foot beamed ceilings, the room is spacious and almost cathedral-like.
Cheers and Enjoy!
Harmony Wyneland Winery | 9291 East Harney Lane | Lodi, Ca. 95240| 209-369-4184
The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar, a great old
classic restaurant dating back to right after World War
II, is located in the basement floor of the Fairmont
Hotel, high atop Nob Hill in the city. The Tonga Room
is, in my estimation and the estimation of my favorite
ex-girlfriend, the beautiful Corina, the most unusual
restaurant in all of San Francisco. It offers a tropical
atmosphere with live entertainment, good food, and
unusual drinks. Corina said, “It’s like the Pirates of
the Caribbean, but with good food and booze.”
In the center of the Tonga Room is a water-filled
lagoon with a small ship in the middle where a band
plays Hawaiian music. With a little imagination and a
few drinks, you can almost see Captain Jack Sparrow
sitting there. The lagoon was formerly a swimming
pool built in 1929. Every thirty minutes, a rain storm
starts, complete with thunder, lightning and rain.
The best time to check out the Tonga Room is from
5pm-7pm Wednesday through Friday for their awardwinning Happy Hour. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet
for $9.50 with a one drink minimum. My favorite exgirlfriend Corina likes the Tonga Itch. I sometimes
miss Corina. Myself, I liked the Ace Pilot.
The Tonga Room; the real San Francisco treat!

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