Current Issue - Deputy Sheriffs` Association of San Diego County



Current Issue - Deputy Sheriffs` Association of San Diego County
Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County
JULY 2013
INSIDE | Baker 2 Vegas
DSF Scholarship Recipients
It is not how these officers died that
made them heroes, it is how they lived
Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County Board of Directors
VOL. 29 NO. 7
Cindy Olson - Office Manager
Adah Mathias - Executive Assistant
Louisa Hicks - Bookkeeper
Daphne Williams - Admin Asst.
We know what
Law Enforcement
Officers Need.
Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents
Bodily Injury • Worker’s Compensation • Death Claims
Retirement Law • On & Off Duty
Our Outstanding History of Success for Our Clients Includes:
$63,000,000 verdict for medical malpractice
$6,000,000 recovery for a workplace injury involving negligent
operation of a forklift
$3,700,000 verdict for a propane explosion
$3,500,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident
$3,250,000 recovery for a fire aboard a ship
$3,200,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident
$2,800,000 recovery for a fall from a skylight in an unsafe work environment
$2,750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident
$1,000,000 recovery for medical malpractice
We also have been successful in litigation regarding a police officer’s
right to have uninsured/underinsured coverage extended to his work
as a motor officer.
1-800-LAW-1199 or 1-800-CHP-1222
Matt Clay
Vice President
Steve Purvis
Tim Petrachek
Dave DiCarlo
Dustin Lopez
Ed Macken
Ken Docken
Kristie Macris
[email protected]
Tammy Bennetts
Deadline for submitting an article
is t he 15t h of t he mont h prior
to publication. All copy must be
submitted with the name of author,
work location, and phone number.
Pl e a s e e -m a i l s u b m i s s i o n s t o
[email protected]
The promotion of professionalism
in law enforcement by providing
service to the community, working
with the Department and County
to represent deputy sheriffs of all
ranks in negotiating and protection
of their rights.
Honesty, Integrity, Dedication,
Accountability, Respect,
Compassion, Courage and Trust.
The views, expressions, or opinions
of those writing for the Silver Star do
not necessarily express the opinions
or views of the DSA, the Publications
Staff, or any person or agency of the
County of San Diego. The Silver Star’s
editorial policy is to allow members
to express their individual opinions
and concerns within the necessary
considerations of legality and space.
Submissions that are racist, sexist,
or unnecessarily inflammatory or
offensive will not be published. The
Silver Star will not publish any article which contains inappropriate
content as deemed by the editor,
staff of the DSA, and/or the Board
of Directors. The Silver Star may not
be used to air personal grievances or
engage in a debate with an individual,
unless it directly relates to the DSA
membership as a whole.
Dave Schaller
Director Hank Turner (not pictured) | Fern Steiner, Legal Counsel | Robert Wexler, Labor Counsel | John Wainio, Political Consultant
The Badge
Baker to Vegas
Remembering badge numbers
Challenge Cup Relay
DSA in Pictures
President’s Report I&B
DSA News
DSA Dates
Classified Ads
Contest: Spot the Star
Find the Differences
Services Classified Ads
10-7 EOS
18 DSF
2013 Recipients
Rape Elimination Act
23 Prison
What deputies need to know
station reports
28 Rolling 90’s
25 Chaplain’s Corner
San Marcos by Casey James
by Chaplain Herb Smith
29 SDSO Kennels
26 County Line Transmissions
K9 by Nathan Rowley and Car
by Robbie Bethea
27 Pert Perspective
by Kathy Rose
The Law Offices of
Scott A. O’Mara
O’Mara & Padilla
San Diego • Del Mar • Riverside & Orange Counties
Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine
of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.
Silver Star is the official monthly
publication of the Deputy Sheriffs’
Association of San Diego County
13881 Danielson Street
Poway, CA 92064-6891
Mailstop N241
(858) 486-9009 or
(800) 266-5950
Fax (858)486-8318
ON THE COVER: Jesus Yniguez runs 5.1 miles
during Stage 4 of the Baker to Vegas relay.
Silver Star (ISSN 1539-9982) is published monthly by the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County at their headquarters, 13881
Danielson Street, Poway, California 92064-6891. No portion of this publication may be reprinted without the written permission of the
editor. © Copyright - Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County. All rights reserved. Periodicals Postage Paid at San Diego, CA.
POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Silver Star, 13881 Danielson Street, Poway, CA 92064-6891.
Silver Star  July 2013 1
You may use the numbers below
to speak with a board member
about an issue you may have.
sa n di e g o fa i r Deput y Sea n
McGillicuddy and Aaron Ritt at the San
Diego County Fair. San Diego County
Deputy Sheriffs once again patrolled the
fairgrounds this year.
President Matt Clay
(949) 246-1385
[email protected]
Line of du ty scholarships
Recipients of the Line of Duty and Member
Scholarships were honored at the June 13
meeting. For more on all of the scholarship
recipients, see page 18.
Padres law enforcement day At the annual Law
Enforcement Day at the Padres on June 21, the sheriff's
department recognized Dep. William Dunford from the
Encinitas Station. Standing beside him is Capt. Robert
Haley. Dep. Explorer Marcus Ballesteros Perez from the
Fallbrook Station held the sheriff's flag. Assistant Sheriff
Mark Elvin served as umpire during the throwing of the
first pitch. Law Enforcement Day recognizes the men and
women of law enforcement. Hundreds of officers attend
the game at a reduced price ticket to support the team and
local charities. This year the game against the
Dodgers was attended by over 3,000 local
law enforcement officers, including 350
from the sheriff 's
News on
Page 8
Vice President Steve Purvis
(760) 484-0115
[email protected]
Tim Petrachek
(760) 315-6465
[email protected]
Director Tammy Bennetts
(760) 390-6665
[email protected]
Director Dave DiCarlo
(619) 929-4906
[email protected]
Director Dustin Lopez
(760) 484-1347
[email protected]
Director Ed Macken
(760) 419-4614
[email protected]
Director Dave Schaller
(760) 504-8185
[email protected]
Director Hank Turner
(619) 322-1132
[email protected]
2 Silver Star  July 2013
Political action, fundraising, legislative
involvement, and attention to our upcoming
contract for 2014 have been at
the top of my priorities since
taking office at the beginning
of the year. It just so happens
that all of these areas are
dependent upon each other.
We cannot give due diligence
to the betterment of our
contract without engaging
heav i ly i n t he pol it ic a l
process. We need to expand
ou r f u nd ra isi ng ef for t s
to increase revenues into
our foundation in order to
turn around and provide
assistance to our members in
need. This allows us to better maintain adequate
funding levels in the association, so that we may
consider beefing up political action committee
funding without having to raise your dues.
Yes, you read this correctly. Our plan is to
strengthen our PAC levels without even
coming to our members to ask for increased
contributions. We will, all be told, soon seek
your approval to increase those levels by a reallocation of funds. This will have no negative
effect on any member benefit fund levels.
The foundation has been blessed by the financial
giving of many individual and corporate
sponsors so far this year, totaling well over
$25,000. This does not include event specific
support, such as sponsors and funds raised
during our annual dinner dance. I would like
to see our foundation revenue exponentially
increased by the end of the year.
Our scholarships, community contributions,
and sickness and distress funds come out
of the foundation, including our ability to
assist members and their families following a
tragedy—something we have seen far too much
of in recent months. The creation of the Critical
Incident Support Fund within the Foundation
will specifically address such events and their
aftermath, allowing for more immediate use of
funds in an emergency.
We have the most giving association members I
have ever seen. Nothing makes me happier than
to see our members getting involved in events
that raise funds for such honorable causes like
assisting an injured brother.
Last year, we witnessed a small group of DSA
members come together on a shoe-string budget
to pull off an incredibly successful motorcycle
ride for Ali Perez and Craig Johnson. The ride,
held last October, began on
the coast and concluded
at the DSA office in Poway
with a BBQ, DJ, raffle prizes,
and great fellowship. The
ride, only planned as a onetime event, was so successful
t hat pe ople wa nted to
see it become an annual
This year’s motorcycle ride
to support our deputies and
their families, has become
known as the, “Save the
Bacon Ride.” It takes place
on Saturday, Oct. 5, and
will begin at El Cajon Harley, concluding once
again at the DSA with great food and drinks,
entertainment, and a terrific raffle. Go to our site
at for continued updates,
information, and registration.
We are offering a new commemorative badge
to our members. It is part of a national project
to honor the public safety personnel who
perished in the events of 9/11. Law enforcement
agencies throughout the country will wear these
badges for the month of September. All of the
municipal police badges share the same badge
as a background. As for sheriff’s departments
throughout the country, they will have our
badge as the background of their 9/11 badge.
We were the first sheriff’s department in the
country to adopt the commemorative badge,
which is now being ordered by counties all over
the country. A special thanks to Sheriff Gore for
taking part in this project with the DSA. It has
had overwhelming response.
We also have our Wave waterpark event next
month in Vista, which is the best deal out there
for a day at our “private” water park. It is always
a fantastic day with our families. See our website
and this issue of the Silver Star for details.
So the department grows, so grows our DSA. As
our numbers begin to increase, the largest law
enforcement association south of Los Angeles
will grow even larger. Our building too will
make accommodation as will the number and
magnitude of our member events. If you have
not been to the store recently, come see our new
merchandise and member services. We have
several more events coming this year, so please
stay tuned, and as always, please feel free to
come get involved. 
Silver Star  July 2013 3
These benefits require purchase and/or enrollment. Some may be
enrolled at any point, while others are subject to open enrollment
periods. Please visit the DSA Member’s Only website ( for
more information.
California Casualty Auto & Home
Inez Morales
(877) 999-8927
[email protected]
Liberty Mutual
Cynthia Michel
760-930-0841, ext. 58245
[email protected]
1-877-491-5089 (Mention DSA)
UnitedHealthcare Vision
Customer Service: (800) 638-3120
Provider Locator: (800) 839-3242
The members listed below have
volunteered to be DSA liaisons.
Chula Vista Court - Don West
CID/Fraud - John Cannon
UnitedHealthcare HMO Dental
Customer Service: (800) 228-3384
CID/Sexual Assualt - Luis Chavez,
UnitedHealthcare PPO Dental
Dental PPO Customer Service:
(877) 816-3596
Encinitas Station - Dawn Patterson
Chiropractic Plan
Administrative Health Fund
(619) 656-7304
[email protected]
Free Estate Planning
Kevin Day & Associates
740 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana
Beach, CA
(858) 755-6672
MetLaw Legal Plan
El Cajon Court - Cydney King,
George Bailey - Brian Baker,
Daniel Cruz, James Downhour,
Shane Bartlett, Tim Stine
Homicide - Glenn Giannantonio
Julian Station - Fred Duey
Las Colinas - Scott Johnson
Lemon Grove Station Daniel Gutierrez, Jerry Jimenez
San Diego Central Jail - Jim Bennetts
San Diego Court - Steve Bowen
San Marcos - Scott Carter, Allan Paez,
Steve Morace
Wave Waterpark
101 Wave Drive, Vista
Friday, August 23
4:30 - 8:30 p.m.
$7 per person
8 Ticket Limit
Tickets on Sale July 10 - August 17
Santee Station - Rob Bueno
SDCJ - Michael Arroyo,
Miguel Martinez
Southbay Detentions - John Grinceri
• (Retired SDPD)
Attorney at Law
Personal Injury • Discipline Appeals
Civil Service & Skelly Hearings
If you have any legal questions,
feel free to call:
(619) 445-8650
(619) 466-2335 (FAX)
[email protected]
4 Silver Star  July 2013
Transportation - Jon Currie,
Robert Pierson
Valley Center Station - Ken Simon
Vista Station - Marco Weston
Vista Courts - William Yvano
Become a station rep!
Contact Adah Mathias
at [email protected] for
more information. We need
at least one rep per team for each
station or unit.
June 13, 2012 - President Matt Clay called the Meeting of the Board of Directors
to order on June 13, 2013 at 4:07 pm.
Present: Clay, Schaller, Bennetts, DiCarlo, Macken, Petrachek Absent: Turner/
work – excused, Lopez/illness – excused, Purvis/vacation - unexcused
Upon motion by Schaller , Second by Bennetts and passed by unanimous vote,
the June 13, 2013 meeting of the Board of Directors entered into closed session
at 4:09 pm for confidential communications to include Fern Steiner, Cindy Olson
and Adah Mathias.
a) Closed session minutes from April 25, 2013, legal
MOTION/Petrachek, SECOND/Bennetts to come out of closed session at
4:22 pm. Motion unanimously carries.
The Executive Meeting of the Board of Directors was recessed at 4:24 pm and
President Clay called the General Membership Meeting to order at 5:41 pm.
Randy Levitt
Don West
Cydney King
John Cannon
JD Downhour, Joel Fluharty
HOMICIDEGlenn Giannantonio
Daniel Gutierrez
Jim Bennetts
Rob Bueno
John Hintz
Chris Serritella, John Hintz
Disneyland Resort
1-Day Park Hopper
2-Day Park Hopper
*Please visit the DSA website or call the DSA Store for complete price list
and availability. Visit for blackout dates.
3 Park Hopper
SeaWorld Fun Card
Universal Studios
(Visit the member’s only section online for tickets)
Zoo or Wild Animal Park
Edwards, Regal
AMC, UltraStar
$ 6.50
$ 6.75
$ 7.50
These tickets are available in the DSA store, by calling the DSA Store or sending an e-mail
to [email protected] A $5 fee is added to all mail orders. A service fee is added to all
non-member purchases. DSA not responsible for tickets lost in mail. Tickets cannot be
purchased for these prices at the admissions gate at any of the parks. Tickets are NonRefundable. Ticket prices are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead
to see if tickets are available. DSA Store (858) 486-7153.
a) Director Bennetts recognized Alanna Serritella, Courtney Lovelace,
Samantha Elvin and Jennifer Giddings as recipients of scholarships
at board meeting. Mark Kelley and John Hintz received the member
a) Review of court cases
a) Minutes from May 23, 2013
b) Affiliate
Harold Carter
c) Retirement
James Madsen, Jr – 6 years membership - $1,200
MOTION/Petrachek SECOND/DiCarlo to approve the consent calendar.
Motion unanimously carries.
a) Assistant Sheriff Mark Elvin briefed the membership on sheriff
department news and answered questions from the audience.
a) Meetings update
Undersheriff, Steiner and Pinckard to discuss issues affecting
the membership
b) Board Retreat to plan rest of year regarding PAC issues and
negotiations will be held on September 19th – 21st.
Discussion regarding SB 313 and SB 485. Board direction to send
letter of support for SB 313 and SB 485.
c) Discussion regarding the 2015 DSA Album. Board direction to
sign contract with Acclaim Press for 2015 album and appoint Greg
Reynolds as project manager and Hank Turner as board liaison.
d) Board is researching possibly upgrading portions of the building
to make better use of the square footage available in the building.
e) Discussion regarding hiring a professional fundraiser to help raise
money for the DSA and foundation. Board direction to have Ann
Bosanac submit a proposal for 2013 fundraising.
MOTION/Schaller SECOND/Petrachek to approve $250 for tee sponsorship.
Motion unanimously carries.
a) Store is now selling guns and accessories along with handling gun
transfers. Discussion regarding security of building due to selling the
guns and the possibility of upgrading the security system.
AJOURNED 7:20 pm
June 27, 2013 -
Present: Clay, Purvis, Lopez, DiCarlo, Petrachek, Turner, Bennetts, Schaller arrived
at 12:51 pm.
Absent: Macken/department business - excused
President Matt Clay called the Meeting of the Board of
Directors to order on June 27, 2013 at 12:22 pm.
Upon motion by Purvis, Second by Turner and passed by unanimous vote, the
June 27, 2013 meeting of the Board of Directors entered into closed session at
1:13 pm for confidential communications to include Fern Steiner, Cindy Olson
and Adah Mathias.
a) Closed session minutes from June 13, 2013, legal
a) Minutes from June 13, 2013
b) Ratification of Director poll
To approve $300 to SDPOA for their officer who lost his leg in the
Alpine motorcycle crash from undesignated funds.
(1) AYES – Turner, Schaller, Purvis, Bennetts, DiCarlo, Macken,
(2) NO RESPONSE - Petrachek
c) Retirement
Orvil Berrios – 29 years membership - $7,200
ii) Ellen Vest – 28 years membership - $6,900
MOTION/Turner SECOND/Bennetts to approve the consent calendar. Turner,
Lopez and Schaller abstained. Motion carries.
a) Big 11, SCALE, and Alliance meetings were held in Los Angeles.
Discussion held on labor contracts and legislation.
b) “Save the Bacon” Motorcycle Ride meeting will be on July 18th at the
DSA office. The ride will be on Saturday, October 5th. Anyone wishing
to volunteer the day of the ride should contact James Bovet.
c) Director retreat on September 19th, 20th and 21st at Lowes Coronado.
Board direction to authorize the president to sign the contract with
Lowes Coronado for the Board retreat.
d) Remodel committee will be meeting with space designer to discuss
options for the building.
e) Discussion regarding Retiree Medical Trust progress.
f ) DSA vs. County of San Diego update
Court date on July 12th for case management conference.
Review of midyear budget
PORAC -Petrachek
San Diego/Imperial County PORAC Chapter will be hosting a DA
forum at the San Diego POA office on July 12th at 6:00 pm.
POLITICAL ACTION: Petrachek/Schaller
Discussion regarding doing a bylaw change for dues allocation
to allow more money to be put into PAC fund.
Discussion regarding rumors about negotiations and what the
county has offered. Turner reminded the board the DSA is not
in talks with the county and has not submitted/received any
MEMBER EVENTS: Purvis/Turner
First Responder Day at the Races will be on Sunday. August 11th.
Shop with a Cop softball tournament request for sponsorship.
Moved to July 25th foundation meeting.
Changes to Article V Finance, Section 6 credit cards. Board
direction to make following changes to the standing rule – A
credit card will be retained by the President and Office Manager
for Association business.
Issues addressed at Meet and Discuss
(1) P&P 6.116
Discussion regarding insurance vendors attending briefing.
California – Bennetts
(1) Bennetts would like to rent car for July CPOMF meeting.
MOTION/Bennetts, SECOND/Purvis to approve up to $150 for a rental
car for the July CPOMF meeting. Motion unanimously carries.
MOTION/Petrachek, SECOND/Turner to come out of closed session at 1:53
pm. Motion unanimously carries
a) Mid-year budget review was discussed. Discussion regarding bylaw
change to restructure the allocation of dues money.
b) Discussion regarding securing a credit card for the President which
will earn points on purchases. Points can be used for gift cards, air
travel or other DSA needs.
a) PORAC – Petrachek
Review of PORAC chapter meeting.
b) POLITICAL ACTION: Petrachek/Schaller
Endorsement interviews will be starting in late August.
Discussion regarding Retiree Medical Trust (RMT) with the
county. The county has submitted a proposal to the DSA for
the RMT
d) MEMBER EVENTS: Purvis/Turner
Wave Water Park event will be on August 23rd.
ii) Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament will be on Sept. 23rd.
iii) 9/11 badges are available until July 12th.
iv) Day at the Races will be on Sunday, August 11th. Cost will be $25
per person including lunch and entry to the racetrack.
e) DONATIONS: Purvis
San Diego POA Golf Tournament - $250 for tee sponsorship
MOTION/Petrachek, SECOND/Turner to adopt the midyear budget
adjustments as presented. Motion unanimously carries.
a) Station rep raffle prize was won by Jim Bennetts.
MOTION/Petrachek, SECOND/Schaller to approve opening a credit card
through SDCCU in the name of Matthew Clay with Cindy Olson being an
additional signer with a credit limit of $40,000. Motion unanimously carries.
Review of proposed changes to P&P.
San Diego County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation raised
$66,000 for the memorial; cost of the event was $42,000.
Anyone who is interested in being an employee rep please
contact Tammy Bennetts.
National – Clay
(1) Discussion regarding possible options for fundraising and
hiring a professional to assist with the effort. Board direction
to move forward with research for possible fundraiser for
July meeting has been cancelled due to the July 4th holiday.
SB 13 – clean up language for PREPA. Unanimously passed and is
now in the Appropriations Committee for approval.
a) Discussion regarding challenge coin options. Board direction to contact
Ed LaValle to create the challenge coins.
a) Discussion regarding a display at Ridgehaven and a request for the DSA
to assist with the costs. Bennetts is waiting for more information on this.
Tree Care, Inc.
(619) 596-0990
Mike Pratko
Cell: (619) 726-3000
Certified Arborist #WE-7165A
Cont. Lic. #428898
Fax: (619) 334-4360
Certified Tree Worker #1520
(Reserve Deputy)
Schaller left the meeting at 6:53 pm.
6 Silver Star  July 2013
Silver Star  July 2013 7
Welcome new DSA members
The DSA welcomed the following new members
in the last month. Remember to get involved
with the DSA by attending the monthly member
meeting on the second Thursday of each month.
The DSA Store now has its Federal Firearms License. All firearms
transactions require a state DROS fee of $25. When receiving your FFL for
internet purchases, there will be a fee of $25 for the first gun and $10 for each
additional gun. There will be no additional fees for your private party transfers.
The store has a current stock of Stripped AR lower receivers, Ruger LCP’s,
Ruger LC9’s, Mossberg 500 shotguns, S&W M&P 22 pistols, and S&W M&P
15/22 rifles. There is also a large supply of AR magazines and a full range of
ammo in stock,
Follow the DSA online
Date: September 7‐8, 2013 Team cost: $350/team
Includes team insurance, umpires, and game balls.
Game minimum depends on number of teams
registered. There is a $2.50 entrance charge to enter
SPORTSPLEX USA for everyone 16 years and older. In
return, you receive a token worth $2.50 towards a
purchase of any beverage at our Sports pub.
Underserved Children Location: Sportsplex USA Santee 9951 Riverwalk Drive
Santee, CA 92071
-3 Turf Fields
-Sports Pub
-Batting Cages
Men’s Tournament and Co‐ed Tournament
SIGN UP NOW! Contact:
Deputy Probation Officer
Michael Keeley
Each year, “Shop with a Cop” provides a joyful
holiday for over 300 underserved children with a
morning of shopping at Target with their law
enforcement partner. Each child is provided with
a $100 Target gift card to spend on themselves
and their family.
8 Silver Star  July 2013
Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament
Proceeds from this popular tournament benefit the
DSF scholarship fund, which awards a scholarship
in the name of each fallen deputy from the San
Diego County Sheriff’s Department. This event
sells out each year, so get your team together now!
Reservation forms are available at the DSA office and
online at
[email protected]
Donations can be sent to Supervising Probation Officer Yoakum‐Latimer at: San Diego Probation, 2901 Meadowlark Drive, San Diego CA 92123 We are supported by a 501(c)3 non‐profit association. WHAT IS SHOP WITH A COP ALL ABOUT? Affiliate
Harold Carter
Alfred Lopez
Attorney at Law
(619) 206-3811
(619) 741-3961
National City ♦ San Diego ♦ La Mesa
Office & Store Closures
July 4, September 2
The DSA office and store are
closed on most holidays, but the
after hours answering service
will direct your call if you have
an emergency. Please plan
accordingly, especially when
purchasing discount tickets for
use over holiday weekends.
First Responder Day
at the Races
August 11
Join the DSA and the San Diego
POA for a family friendly event
at the Del Mar Racetrack on
August 11. Your $25 ticket
includes admission to the track,
access to a VIP area with a private
betting window and bar, a buffet
lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.
Tickets available now at the DSA
and select sheriff ’s stations.
Wave WaterPark Picnic
August 23
HELP Law Enforcement
Paul Hegener
Michael Merriken
Bret Willat
The 26th Annual Lonny Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament will take
place at Stoneridge Country Club on Monday, Sept. 23. The $100 per
person fee includes cart rental, green fee, and dinner at the award
banquet immediately following the tournament. All members of your
foursome must be currently working for or retired from
law enforcement.
All firearms transactions must be handled by Store Manager Ken Docken.
Please call prior to arrival to confirm he is available that day. For any
firearms related questions or to check availability call (858) 486-7153
or email [email protected]
Leonardo Garcia
Michael Jarvis
Stephen Kaminski
Patrick Smith Jr.
Steven Gill
Joshua Yuhas
John Roberts
The DSA will once again take
over the Wave Waterpark in
Vista, closing it to just DSA
members, for a great dinner and
gathering. Admission is just $7
per person and includes access
to the park and dinner. The
park will be closed to the public
for DSA members to enjoy
the waterslides and lazy river.
Tickets on sale July 10.
Retiree Luncheon
September 8
Save the date for the fall retiree
luncheon at the El Cajon Elk’s
Lodge. More information will
be mailed to retired member
homes and available online
when it is available.
Lonny Brewer Memorial
Golf Tournament
September 23
Get a foursome together for
some fun on the links to raise
money for the DSF Line of Duty
scholarship fund. Just $100 per
person includes green fees, cart
rental, and dinner. Visit www. for a registration
DSA (858) 486-9009
Silver Star  July 2013 9
Say good bye to summer with a fun-filled evening at the waterpark.
Join the DSA for a private member event at the Wave Waterpark
in Vista on Friday, August 23, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Bring the
whole family to enjoy the waterslides and a BBQ dinner. The park
will be completely closed to the public with all attractions open
for DSA Members. Just $7
per person. All members
and their immediate family
are invited with a limit of
eight tickets. Tickets go on
sale July 10 at the DSA store
and online.
Reach over 3,500 retired,
active and affiliate members of the
DSA and San Diego County
Sheriff’s Department.
DSA Members & their families receive a
discount on all display advertising.
Call Kristie Macris at
(858) 486-9009 x 109
or e-mail [email protected]
Have a Safe
and Enjoyable
FINE JEWELERS and a name you can trust
Gold, Jewelry, & Estate Buyers
Work Done on Premises!
Cash paid on the spot
Any quantity, any condition, in strict confidence
(Bonus paid for larger diamonds)
Custom Design
Stone Setting
Gold & Platinum
Laser Repair/Weld
Appraisals by GIA graduates
Inside Ring Engraving
Don’t forget to ask for
your DSA discount!
(Not pictured: Ed Zwibel
SDPD #5475-Eastern Division)
The Zwibel family has provided
over 30 years of exceptional
service in San Diego
With three generations in both
Jewelry and Law Enforcement
We are located in the Vons Shopping Center at the intersection of Fletcher Parkway and Navajo
2812 Fletcher Parkway • El Cajon, CA 92020 • (619) 698-3583 •
10 Silver Star  July 2013
These badges are approved for wear during the month of September. Your badge will be
In June, the San Diego County
to your
rank. Retired
will also feature “HONORABLY RETIRED” banner.
We Look
The Same
We Domembers
The Same
may purchase one badge for each rank up to your current
Badges Foundation
are available for
We Save
and Honorably
never Reserve,
been a project
like thisRetired
- where
public of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Brutten
of Brutten Global, which is a highsafety agencies across America take a month
of every
year to make
a unified
due June
12 before 5level
p.m.investment firm with offices in
Brutten Global operates,
Cash, Check or Credit Card Orders due July 10 before
5 p.m.
seal, these optional duty badges are identical. That’s
through its various international
of theMembers
agency, is
the for Agency
a broad
Active and
Retired DSA
| $105
and Non-DSA
fallento brethren
8% Just
Sales Tax
be added
each order who made the
of industries and services.
ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001, we are the
first responders
we save
be picked up at the DSA Office. No badges
be the charitable
The will
arm of the DSA, which provides
relief and support to deputies and
The centerpiece, surrounding the official seal, is the Pentagon. Framing it are
the communities they serve. Each
the words “Never Forget” and America’s First Responders United.” To each
You may purchase one badge for each rank up to your current rank.
year the foundation awards nine
side are the twin towers. Behind them, our national bird, the majestic bald
LE eagle. On one building
is “343” and “71” on the other.
The numbersRESERVES
in the name of the fallen
☐ Deputy
☐ Deputy
☐ Deputy
the more than 400 EMS
personnel who died as☐first
responders. ☐
San Diego
deputies. The foundation
eagle are seven stars,☐
for each agency that lost a member that ☐
☐ Sergeant
☐ Sergeant
also supports
widows and children
personnel who
☐ Lieutenant
☐ Lieutenant
☐ Lieutenant of law enforcement
☐ Lieutenant
Order Your Commemorative Badge now to wear this September
☐ Captain
☐ Captain
☐ Captain
☐ Captain and provides
The badges cost just $100 for DSA members, and are available for active,
distress assistance to
☐ Commander
retired, and reserve members. A department I.D. verifying rank is required.
families who are in
☐ Asst.
check or credit card orders due July 10 before 5 p.m. Order forms are
needs that
available on the DSA website at, at your station, and
by health
at the
$108 for DSA Members/$113.40 for non-DSA
Members or
have 8%
The Worst Thing We Could Ever do is to Forget
Diamonds Ltd.
Specializing in:
Responders United BADGE
ƑMy CHECK is enclosed for_______________________
Make checks payable to: DSA
ƑCHARGE my American Express, Visa, or MasterCard (circle one)
Sell Your Dress Jackets
The DSA will purchase your gently worn dress
jacket for $50. Women’s jackets needed! The
ƑI authorize the use of PAYROLLjacket
(2) two
DSA Members
in very
rips, holes, stains, or missing buttons. You do
Signature: _______________________________________________
not need to dry clean the jacket, as the DSA
Mail Orders with a copy of your ID to: Deputy Sheriffs’ Association,13881 Danielson Street, Poway, CA 92064-6891
Fax: (858) 486-8318 Mailstop: N-241 will
or droptake
off yourcare
order form
your ID in person
at the DSA
office infor
of and
sale in the DSA Store. To take advantage of
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
this offer, bring your jacket to the DSA Office
Phone: __________________________________ Cell Phone:___________________________________
Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Billing Zip:________________________Signature:_________________________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Silver Star  July 2013 11
Join the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
and the SDPOA for a family friendly day at the races!
Sunday, August 11
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Del Mar Race Track
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
$25 includes Admission to the Track, Exclusive VIP Area, Private Betting Window & Bar,
Buffet Lunch, and Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Buffet served 1–3 p.m.
Open to all first responders, their families, and their friends.
DSA Store - 13881 Danielson St., Poway | SDPOA - 8388 Vickers St., San Diego
Deputy Dawn Anderson-Armstrong (760) 801-3081 San Diego Courts
Deputy Tim Petrachek (760) 315-6465 Encinitas Station
by Russ Moore
As the resident “old guy” of Downtown Courts, I am often called upon
to hold court with the new deputies, who want to hear war stories of
times gone past and of the “good old days.” One thing having 33 years
on the department (that’s 23 years retirement-wise post-divorce) is
having a plethora of “stories” to fit any request. Be it stories of Old
Central Jail, Old Descanso, patrol before MDCs and laptops, or 1992
Rodney King Riots, I’ve got more stories then Steven King.
I was recently talking about my academy days in 1980. Of course, none
of the deputies I was addressing were even born yet, but they pretended
they were interested. I told them of the days when your badge number
defined you as a deputy. You placed your badge number on all reports,
citations, and correspondence. A low badge number meant you had
seniority and were someone to be respected. If a citizen wanted to
complain about you, they demanded your badge number (standard
veteran deputy response, “Nosal 295”).
I explained this all changed mid-academy when we were all issued
Arjis Numbers. None of the Training Officers could explain what these
new numbers were or how they would be used. We asked what number
should we place on our reports and were told “both.” So for many years
I wrote both my badge and arjis numbers on all reports. It was not
until 1982 we were told to use only Arjis numbers on all departmental
reports. The use of badge numbers for any purpose quickly faded.
One of the deputies who was still awake asked me what my badge
number was? I had to think for a minute, but remembered “886.”
One of the other deputies woke up and she announced, “That’s my
number,” and showed me the badge pinned to her uniform. There was
my old badge, the badge I’d worn through thick and thin, with a new
I thought back to 1980 and all the hard work I put in to chase the carrot
of that badge. I still remember the pride on my parents’ faces when I
walked up and shook Sheriff Duffy’s hand after he pinned 886 on my
chest. My being a deputy sheriff was a tremendous source of pride for
my father right up until the day he died.
Badge 886 was with me when my K9 partner Belker and I chased all the
bad guys from Lemon Grove to Encinitas to Alpine. Belker was the best
partner a guy could ask for—wouldn’t touch my food, never asked to
drive or talk on the radio,
and never expected me to
chase the young crooks.
Silver Star  July 2013 12
When I joined the fast
paced world of Area
Detectives, 886 was clipped
to my belt to prove to
citizens and crooks that the
good looking, tie wearing
specimen towering over
them was in fact a deputy
sheriff. Many times I was
confused for the Hulk or
Sonny Crockett (youngsters
or the job does
not define who
you are...
Google it).
It was an exciting day
in June 1999 when I
received The Call from
Sheriff Kolender telling me I was
promoted to Sergeant (seems he was
not in on the joke?). At the promotion
ceremony, I was relieved of 886 and given
my new shiny sergeant badge. I’ve never bothered to learn its number,
as it doesn’t matter to anyone anymore.
As the sun sets on what’s been a fabulous time on the San Diego Sheriff
Department, I can reflect that a badge or the job does not define who
you are. Don’t do this job for ego—do it to support your family. Just
like the Graysons, McClintocks, or Reynolds before me, I know when I
leave this job, there will be someone to take my place, and I will be just
a name in a select few memories.
I look at my eager young deputies and know the department is in good
hands. I also know 886 is still out waiting for another round of fun. 
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Silver Star  July 2013 13
San Diego County Deputy Sheriff ’s Foundation presents the 26th Annual
Lonny Brewer Memorial
Golf Tournament
Benefitting the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund
Monday September 23, 2013
11:30 a.m. Check-in � 1 p.m. Shotgun Start � 4 Person Scramble
StoneRidge Country Club
17166 StoneRidge Country Club Lane
Poway, CA 92064
Putting, Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive Contests
$100 per player – includes green fees, cart and dinner
Awards to top 3 Teams
For More Information Contact Steve Purvis (760) 484-0115
Entry Forms available at and at the DSA office in Poway
Deadline for Entry: September 9
All players must currently be working for or have retired from law enforcement
to win. Play will be limited to first 144 paid golfers. Get your entries in early, as
we always sell out before the deadline.
Sheriff’s team moves up in ranks at the Challenge Cup Relay
by Denese Deal
You may have already heard, but your one and only
in April and has lots to be proud about.
We were blessed with a handful of retirees this year. Jim Skill returned
as our sworn volunteer again and spent his eight hour work day hanging
out in the heat at Stage 6. Dan Settle was stuck in the follow van with
Jim Cady for five or so hours. Norma Nares returned to the race and
didn’t miss a beat as a shuttle driver. Kathie Mosher conned Carolyn
Jones to come out and she learned quickly about shuttling runners.
Dann Nielsen returned and drove a mean follow vehicle.
The team completed the 120-mile relay race through the hot, windy,
barren desert of Baker, CA, into the very quiet, lonely town of
Shoshone, CA, into lovely Pahrump, NV, and finally into the oasis
that is Las Vegas in a total of 16:32:31. That is 37 minutes faster than
last year. The team broke into double digits finishing in 69th place
overall out of 279 teams. Every team is comprised of Law Enforcement
Personnel from all over the world.
Assistant Sheriff Mark Elvin joined us again for his second year in a
row. This year Hank Turner “tricked” Assistant Sheriff Mark Elvin into
actually working the race. Both men were in charge of shuttling two
runners to their stages, catching them and returning them to Vegas.
This was Hank’s first year and he has not stopped talking about the fun
he had watching members of this great department work together to
achieve a goal and our new team number of 69!
We finished 13th in the Invitational Category, which includes teams
comprised of both sworn and non-sworn personnel. This year’s runners
consisted of a wide-cross section of our department, including three
non-sworn personnel, eight Deputy Sheriff Detentions/Court Services,
and nine Deputy Sheriff Law Enforcement, ranking from deputies to
Once again, we were short on alternates (without injuries). Karlos
Padilla came back from Afghanistan just weeks before the race and
sent me an e-mail requesting to be on the team. There were no running
spots available at that time. Due to a family emergency, Stage 3 was
San Diego Sheriff B2V Team participated in the 28th
annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Race back
The department was well represented in our alternates and support
staff, having ranks ranging from deputy to assistant sheriff, along with
retired personnel, reserve lieutenants, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends,
friends and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service; a group
of fine men and women who volunteer their time to make sure there is
communication on the race course). All working throughout the day
and night making sure the race ran smoothly and without flaw.
Fred Hunting ran the fastest at 6:56 minute per mile for his 5.8 mile
stage with a difficulty of 15 (1 being the toughest and 20 being the
easiest). One of our three females, Kim Odell, ran 7:38 minute per mile
for her 6.1 mile stage with a difficulty of 9. Other runners in the 7:20
– 7:38 minute mile club were: Samuel Murray, Doug Majorsky, Dan
Deese, and John Kelleher.
Miguel Hernandez runs 6.1 miles during Stage 5, all of it with a smile.
14 Silver Star  July 2013
The old farts at Shosone: Jeff Miller, Scott O’Connell, and Jim Skill.
Silver Star  July 2013 15
(above) Gearing up for a
night leg. (left) The first
follow-up vehicle drivers
are Doug Sanders and
Joel Wiggins.
unoccupied just three days before the race. I called Karlos and told him
he was running. At the beginning of January, we had approximately
13 alternates. By race day, we were down to two. Alternates have a very
important spot in the race.
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department B2V Team is quickly becoming
the most feared team throughout the world. This competitive team has
jumped from 210th place to 69th place in just two short years. That is
a competitive increase of 141 places and over 3 hours faster on the run
Dan Lopez thinks, “Why did I give up my day run for a freezing cold night
16 Silver Star  July 2013
Preparations are already in effect for next year’s race. Start training and
asking for time off for March 22 and March 23, 2014. Contact Denese
Deal or Sgt. Kathy Cruz if you are interested.
Relaxing at the finish line: Kathy Cruz, Denese Deal, Mark Elvin,
Esther Quinones, and Sam Murray.
Thanks to all of the runners and supporters of San Diego Sheriff’s
Baker to Vegas Team #69: Sean Byrne (Stage 1, 5.4 miles), Robert
Martinez (Stage 2, 4.0 miles), Karlos Padilla (Stage 3, 4.2 miles),
Jesus Yniguez (Stage 4, 5.1 miles), Miguel Hernandez (Stage 5, 6.1
miles), Kim Odell (Stage 6, 6.1 miles), Evan Paulson (Stage 7, 6.2
miles), Samuel Murray (Stage 8, 6.6 miles), Doug Majorsky (Stage 9,
7.5 miles), Fred Hunting (Stage 10, 5.8 miles), Jorge Maleno-Huerta
(Stage 11, 5.3 miles), Marilyn Mendez (Stage 12, 4.7 miles), Dan Lopez
(Stage 13, 6.9 miles), Kenny Lawrence (Stage 14, 10.7 miles), Luke
Vories (Stage 15, 5.5 miles), Richard Fischer (Stage 16, 6.7 miles),
Travis Johnson (Stage 17, 7.3 miles), Jennifer Colyn (Stage 18, 5.7
miles), Dan Deese (Stage 19, 5.6 miles), John Kelleher (Stage 20, 4.6
miles), Jim Cady, Eric Hanigan, Jorge Dueno, Dan Settle, Kathy Cruz,
Jeff Miller, Jim Skill, Scott O’Connell, Cindy Davis, Dann Nielsen,
Norma Nares, Kerry Deese, Marlene Kelleher, Joel Wigand, Douglas
Sanders, Pat Morrissey, Karen Stubkjaer, Lisa Hardin, Ed Short,
Esther Quinonez, Paul Lewis, Jeff Maclymann, Hank Turner, Mark
Elvin, Dave Onate, Dawn Washburn, Carolyn Jones, Kathie Mosher,
Cristina, Tanya Johnson, Andrea Serros, Bob Ehrhorn and RACES.
Also thanks to the great donations by the DSA, Instant Replay, and all
who donated through the garage sale and t-shirt purchases. 
John Kelleher a blur coming into the finish line in Las Vegas. (middle) You
can’t tell from this picture but Evan Paulson is actually running, we swear.
(above) The newest Sheriff’s Department 69th place team.
Silver Star  July 2013 17
motivator toward my career, as I was selected to intern at Scripps Mercy
Hospital. During a five-week period, I shadowed in every department
of the hospital and learned what it takes to work there. This experience
confirmed my career decision to become a nurse. I will be studying for
a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing at Gonzaga University in
Spokane, WA, this coming fall. I would just like to offer one final thank
you to my parents who have instilled in me an amazing work ethic and
inspired a great amount of motivation within me to succeed. Without
them I would not have been able to make it as far as I have.
My name is Sean Cutrell and I am a graduating senior at Valley Center
High School. During the last few years I have been involved in several
community service organizations, which have allowed me to make a
difference in my hometown as well as my school. I also played both varsity
football and volleyball for my high school. Although I have been involved
in sports my whole life, over the last few years I have sustained some
serious injuries that required physical therapy. Although these injuries
were painful, they introduced me to some men and women to whom I
will always be grateful. The help and encouragement I received from the
physical therapists who worked to heal me, inspired me to help others in
the same way. My aptitude for physical sciences and my longing to help
people are what guided me to decide to become a physical therapist. The
chance to work with people and make positive changes in someone’s life is
what motivates and drives me toward my future goals. I will be attending
Azusa Pacific University this fall, majoring in Applied Health, with an
emphasis on physical therapy, and ultimately plan to earn a doctoral
degree in this field. I am extremely grateful to the DSA for choosing me
as the recipient of the Kenneth Collier Memorial Scholarship. Along with
my thanks, my prayers also go out to the family of Deputy Collier. I am
excited for what the future years of schooling have in store for me. I know
that with hard work, I will have the means to support myself and my
family wherever life takes me.
My name is Brianna Brewer and I am a graduating senior from Ramona
High School. I would like to thank everyone for this scholarship,
which I am extremely proud to receive. A little over a year ago, I began
volunteering at Sharp Grossmont Hospital as a Candy Striper. I worked
there as a patient floor aide, assisting nurses by doing small errands and
taking care of patients in anyway possible. This last summer was a huge
My name is Samantha Elvin and I attended Vista High School. Throughout
my high school career, I have remained active and involved in school
activities such as Character Leaders (2 years), my high school soccer team
(4 years), Soccer Club (Treasurer), and the Calculus Club. In addition to
my strong involvement in my school, I have always felt involvement in
my community is just as important. I have spent the last six summers
volunteering at Sierra Vista High School (a special education high school),
two seasons of volunteering as a youth soccer coach, and volunteering as
Becca Berlinsky
Your Real Estate Specialist!
Selling San Diego County
for over a Decade.
Broker Associate • Realtor® • Cell: (760) 525-5625
[email protected] Lic # 01416788 Owned And Operated By NRT Incorporated.
18 Silver Star  July 2013
Haley Ford is a recent honor graduate from Steele Canyon High School
in beautiful Rancho San Diego. Haley is a very outgoing and ambitious
young woman who enjoys staying busy and taking the opportunity to
partake in many activities. Throughout her four years at Steele Canyon,
she was a very active participant in athletics and clubs, while taking time
to volunteer in her community. Along with participating in these many
activities, Haley held many prestigious leadership roles as well. Haley
values giving back to her community so much that she was even awarded
the 2013 Presidential Volunteer Service award for her dedication and
two letters of recognition from our local state and senate representatives.
Alongside being a part of so many extra-curricular activities, Haley was
able to maintain at least a 4.0 average all four years of her high school
career. She highly values her academics and believes it is so important
to stay educated in order to achieve the career and future she wishes
to lead. Haley will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall,
perusing a major in biology, working towards a career in forensic science
or the medical field. With Haley’s career, she wants to be able to make
a difference in people’s lives, whether it be through bringing justice or
curing sickness. Haley would like to thank her mother and father for
their endless love and support, because without them she would not be
as successful as she is today. Most importantly, Haley would also like to
thank the San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation for awarding
her this scholarship and making an influential impact on her life.
Jennifer Giddings, an ambitious senior at Mission Hills High School, has
dedicated her high school career to academics as well as the community.
Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center for those who serve and their families. BECAUSE
Daughter of Lt. Flo Helms
a teacher’s assistant at Empresa Elementary School. I was a high school
student who remained involved in school activities (both sports and
clubs), as well as helping the community and I plan on continuing that
similar type of involvement in college. I appreciate the potential that not
only my family sees in me but community members as well.
I will attend Arizona State University in the fall where I will study
Speech Pathology with a minor in Education. I was extremely fortunate
to receive the Lonny Gene Brewer scholarship from the DSA and I am
honored. My dad has shared stories of Deputy Brewer’s heroism and it
is a privilege to have received this scholarship. It will help provide me
an opportunity to further my education and career goals. I would like to
thank the DSA Directors, the DSA members, and specifically Director
Bennetts who took time from her evening to attend the Vista High
School scholarship awards ceremony and personally present me with the
scholarship certificate.
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Call us at 858.452.3937
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Jennifer has taken many advanced placement and honors classes
throughout high school and has achieved an overall 4.21 GPA. She has
also been a part of the Associated Student Body program for four years as
freshmen and sophomore class president, commissioner of marquee and
web, and ASB executive president. Aside from academics and ASB, Jennifer
takes pride in her community service and memberships, as she actively
volunteers with AYSO soccer and is a part of the California Scholarship
Federation, National Honors Society, Link Crew, and numerous clubs on
campus. As of her senior year, Jennifer is treasurer of Rachel’s Challenge
club and Free the Children club. Jennifer has received the Presidential
Community Service Award, the Spirit of Leadership Award, the Laurels for
Leaders Award, and the California State Senate Outstanding Leadership
Award. Jennifer plans on attending the University in California, San Diego
in the fall.
I just finished my high school career at Elsinore High School as a
Valedictorian for the class of 2013. I will attend York College in Nebraska
to pursue a degree in psychology while playing softball. After receiving
my degree, I plan on working with Child Protective Services. I would like
to mentor and provide guidance to the kids and let them know their dark
past does not have to affect how great their future can be; I want them to
know their lives are still important. My mother has been involved with
law enforcement for sixteen years, basically my entire life. She taught me
how to work hard and accomplish my goals. I could not have achieved
so much without her by my side. Thank you mom, the Deputy Sheriff’s
Foundation, and the brave and honorable Will Ward for giving his life in
the line of duty. I will put it to great use and will always be thankful for
those who helped me get this far. I know my future is bright and cannot
wait to begin a new chapter of my life.
Alanna Serritella
My name is Alanna Serritella and I am the fortunate recipient of the
Deputy Andrew Kriss Scholarship Award for 2013. I was born and raised
in San Diego County. I attended La Costa Meadows Elementary School
in Carlsbad and San Elijo Middle School in San Marcos. For high school,
I took advantage of the opportunity to attend High Tech High North
County in San Marcos. This charter school focuses on the philosophy
of project based learning, integrated into core curriculum. Not only did
20 Silver Star  July 2013
my experiences at High Tech High help me grow and mature, they also
taught me the skills of teamwork, critical thinking, professionalism,
and public speaking, along with many other valuable traits.
My father, Christopher Serritella, is a recently retired sheriff ’s
sergeant. His career inspired me to choose a path that would allow
me to benefit the community, as his did. Growing up, I was always
taught the importance of giving back to the community and becoming
a productive member of society. Instilled with these values, I decided
that nursing would be the career best for me. As a nurse I will have
the opportunity to make a difference by helping others, undertake
individual challenges, all while working in a team environment.
In the fall I will be attending California State University
Long Beach where I have been accepted as a pre-nursing/health
sciences major. While my immediate goal is to earn my Bachelor
of Science in Nursing, my long term goals include continuing my
education to become a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant.
Monetary value aside, receiving this scholarship is an honor because
of the significance of the organization behind it and all that it represents.
I am truly thankful to be receiving this award.
While the nine Line of Duty scholarships awarded to dependents of DSA
members receive a lot of attention during fundraising events throughout the
year, the Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation (DSF) also awards two scholarships
to active DSA members. Any active member attending an accredited
university may apply for the scholarship. The DSF is the charitable arm of
the DSA. Beyond awarding scholarships, the foundation also contributes
to community programs in the areas we live and protect.
My name is John Hintz, and I have been
with the Sheriff’s Department for just over
18 years, after working for about 2 years
with Tribal Police; prior to that I served in
the Marine Corps for just over 6 years. My
first duty station was the old Central Jail.
From the jails I went to work San Marcos
patrol and later to Vista patrol. After patrol,
I became a member to the stations new
G.E.T. (Gang Enforcement Team), where I
spent about 18 months, and finally I landed
in my current position in the Detective
Bureau at the Vista Station.
I am graduating from Vista Murrieta High School, in Murrieta.
Throughout my high school years, I participated in football, basketball,
baseball, student leadership, AVID, and an academic organization called
Renaissance. I have done most of my volunteer work for an organization
that works with athletes with special needs, called Sports for Exceptional
Athletes. I also spend a lot of time volunteering as a youth football coach,
mainly at the Kindergarten level. I am graduating from Vista Murrieta
with a 4.4 overall GPA. I have taken 10 AP and Dual Enrollment classes.
I will be attending Colorado State University next year, studying
Engineering with a minor in Business. At Colorado State I will be playing
football as well. I hope to earn my Bachelor’s Degree after two and a half
years, and then earn my Master’s Degree by the time I finish my football
career at CSU. After leaving Murrieta, I hope to be remembered as a
person who gave back to his community and inspired the local youth. I
want to break the stereotype that has been set on athletes; that they do
not achieve high in the classroom. My favorite high school moment was
leading my football team to a CIF Championship my junior year as the
starting quarterback. My dad is my inspiration, because he is unselfish
and is always doing things for others, putting their needs before his own.
When I grow up I hope to be a man like him, doing things for others,
never needing anything in return. My family means the world to me and
they have shaped my life and helped me become the person I am today. I
treasure those around me and try my best to have a positive influence on
others. Thank you!
Michelle Tyndall
My name is Michelle Tyndall and I was born and raised in Julian,
California, a small country town. Ever since I was young, I have loved
sports and participated in every one offered to me. Whether it was
basketball, soccer, track, volleyball, 5K’s, or powderpuff, I would be there
alongside my peers playing. I ended up loving the game of basketball
and from the time I was in first grade all the way to my senior year in
high school, I played competitively. When I wasn’t playing sports, I was
reading, anything and everything, ranging from Harper Lee’s To Kill A
Mockingbird to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In a way, I became an
autodidactic learning from the literature’s themes about politics, satire,
and even the importance of speaking up. These novels helped me decide
that I wanted to keep learning more, so when I entered high school, I
enrolled in classes that consisted of honors, accelerated, and AP courses.
This past semester I had four AP classes, one advanced class, and obtained
a 4.67 GPA making my overall GPA a 4.18; thus making me third in my
class. Like so many of my peers, I applied to several colleges this past
November, and was accepted into my top choice. I would like to say thank
you, for I am able to attend college because of the help the DSA has done
by graciously choosing me for this scholarship.
In about 2002, I joined on our department’s
Peer Support Team as a collateral duty and
in time and through experiences I was asked
to work on Peer Support’s Critical Incident Response Team and Officer
Involved Shooting team. While performing these
collateral duties, I began to feel a strong pull to the
field of Psychology and Crisis Counseling.
John Hintz
Mark Kelley
First, I’d like to thank the association for selecting me to receive one of
the education scholarships for 2013. I feel honored by this selection and
view it both as a privilege and a responsibility. It is privilege because I
have more than a few partners who are also pursuing their education at
great personal cost. It is a responsibility, because I know it is not given
for my benefit alone. I recognize this support is given to me in trust; that
it will benefit my partners, the larger department, and the residents of
San Diego County.
I am currently assigned to the Lemon Grove patrol station where I have the
best partners and supervisors. There is good work to be done in our patrol
area and plenty of it. As it true anywhere, the partners you have and the
commitment to good work you share with them makes all the difference.
Anyone looking to work hard and make a difference should put their
transfer in for the Lemon Grove Station! I am additionally blessed with
a beautiful wife and four wonderful daughters who maintain a positive
attitude about my patrol schedule and the extra time required by my
classes. I am fortunate indeed!
Because I don’t know what is in store for the future, I hold my career with
an open hand. Be it staying where I am as a patrol deputy, or moving to
some other role, my desire is to do the best job possible and progress only
as far as my ability and integrity allow. Hopefully this scholarship, and
the education it helps fund, will make me a more effective member of
this department. It is just one example of the many ways the association
supports me, and all of us, as deputy sheriffs. 
My passion became helping our law enforcement
family in their time of need, and so, I decided to
return to school and pursue my Bachelors of Science
in Psychology and Crisis Counseling, ensuring that
I am able to better help our uniformed brothers and
sisters in crisis or after traumatic events. I expect my
B.S. to be complete by the spring of next year (2014),
where I will move directly into a M.A. in Human Arts
and Leadership, a non-clinical counseling degree.
I am also currently teaching Suicide Prevention
for Law Enforcement through a POST and STC
certified private contract company. I have also had
the opportunity to co-instruct with the Counseling
Team International at their OIS-CISD training at the
UCLA conference center in Lake Arrowhead CA.
Mark Kelley and his family
Contact Rick Simica (619) 823-3677 or [email protected]
Noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday
Become a Museum Star
2384 San Diego Ave in Old Town |
Specialists in Transmission Overhaul & Repairs
Foreign & American  Work Guaranteed
10227 Prospect Ave. Ste. B
Santee, CA 92071
PH: (619) 448-1511
FAX: (619) 448-6034
Silver Star  July 2013 21
rP ogram
What Deputies Need to Know
by Lt. Lisa MontesdeOca, Sgt. Art Ortiz, Deputy Lucy Masterson
The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was signed into law by
President George W. Bush on September 4, 2003. The goal of PREA is to
eradicate sexual assaults in all correctional facilities in the United States,
establishing a zero tolerance standard for incidents of sexual assault and
rape. That includes detention facilities, patrol station lockups, holding
cells, and courthouses.
The law includes sexual acts between a staff member and a detainee/
inmate, or a detainee/inmate and another detainee/inmate. The law affects
all sworn and professional members, volunteers, clergy, and contracted
staff, such as nurses, doctors, food service personnel, instructors, vendors,
and mental health professionals who come into contact with detainees/
In May of 2012, the Department of Justice
issued a final rule adopting national
standards pursuant to PREA. There are
44 standards that are applicable to adult
jails, lockups, and holding cells that affect
our department.
The Webster University Office of Military Affairs and Office of Corporate Partnership is proud to
announce the First Responder Program for all qualified Law Enforcement, Fire and EMT personnel. As
a Certified First Responder, you may be eligible for a Webster University tuition rate that is the same as the
special discount rate for those who serve in the military. For complete information, including specific
requirements, visit
Degree programs in the classroom and online include:
• Undergraduate
• Graduate
• Doctoral (Available in classroom at Webster Groves campus only.)
Cohorts available for groups of 20-25 students.
No GRE/GMAT required for the graduate degree programs.
Webster University, founded in 1915 with its home campus based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA,
is the only Tier 1, private, nonprofit university with campus locations around the world.
The Prison Rape Elimination Act
Be a part of what’s next.
identification of an independent auditor, reviewing process for criminal
and administrative investigations, streamlining incident review, and
corrective action protocol for the department.
What Can We Do?
The prevention of sexual assaults in custody is no easy task, but measures
can be taken to assist in ensuring we provide a safe environment for
detainees, inmates, and staff. To assist in meeting our goal of detecting,
preventing, identifying, and deterring incidents of sexual abuse and
sexual assault, the department has reviewed policies and made changes
as necessary. The department created a new zero tolerance policy and
a website with vital information. You will soon see posters, signs, and
brochures in our detention facilities, patrol stations, and
courthouses making it clear sexual harassment and abuse
are not acceptable. The signs will also inform detainees and
inmates on how they can report sexual abuse.
The prevention of sexual
assaults in custody is no
easy task, but measures
can be taken to assist in
ensuring we provide a safe
environment for detainees,
inmates, and staff.
Lieutenant Rob Mitchell was selected
as t he interi m depa r t ment PR EA
coordinator on July 13, 2012. A PREA
committee was formed in order to gather
representatives from the affected units
and divisions. Some general agenda items
each bureau and division are reviewing
pertain to existing policies, practices, and
operations to include necessary verbiage and required elements to meet
PREA standards, and creating reporting signage for inmate housing areas
in order to develop necessary policy absent from existing policy sections.
Department training is being developed for all staff (sworn, professional,
volunteers, contractors who have inmate contact) as well as the inclusion
of PREA into the academy curriculum, Facility Orientation Program,
JPMU training, and ongoing specialized sexual assault training for DIU
and sexual assault investigators.
A Law Enforcement Services Bureau (LESB) representative is reviewing
field operation policy and evaluating detainee holding at each station and
substation; Human Resources (HRB) is reviewing department hiring
practices; Detentions Support Division (DSD) is reviewing/revising
existing Detentions P&P and developing a stand-alone department
PREA policy, incorporating new information into the inmate orientation
video and creating a PREA resource link on the DSB website; and Court
Services is reviewing court policies and protocol and evaluating their
respective holding cell areas. The Medical Services Division is reviewing
and updating policies and protocol, the Inmate Services Division (ISD) is
researching programming, service expansion and additional counseling
needs, along with the use of interpreters for non-English speaking
detainees and inmates. Last, the Division of Inspectional Services
(DIS) is assisting in developing and establishing audits, audit schedules,
As individuals, we can assist the department by knowing
and supporting the department's zero tolerance policy,
being professional and fair with the detainees and inmates,
making it clear sexual behavior is not acceptable, observing
our daily environment carefully, being diligent about security
and safety, and making suggestions on how to minimize the
potential risk in such areas.
In addition, similar information will be provided to inmates
in an updated inmate orientation video. These steps will help
to create a healthy reporting culture where inmates trust that
their allegations will be taken seriously with no retaliation
measures by staff.
In the event of a complaint of sexual assault, remain objective and take any
allegation of sexual assault or abuse seriously. Sexual abuse or harassment
while in custody is not part of an inmate's punishment. It is a crime.
If you would like to review information on PREA or test your knowledge
of the PREA standards, you will find a PREA section on the Detentions
Service Bureau Home page listed under “Resources”. 
Speaking For The Working Person,
Speaking For You...
Smith, Steiner, Vanderpool & Wax
Specializing in Labor and Employment Law, Personal Injury,
Medical Malpractice, Sexual Harassment, Product Liability,
and Workers’ Compensation
401 West A St., Ste 320 • San Diego, CA 92101-4506
Telephone: (619) 239-7200 • Fax (619) 239-6048
SINCE 1983
Silver Star  July 2013 23
columns <<<
Chaplain’s Corner
Friday, October 11, 2013
by Chaplain Herb Smith
Carlton Oaks Golf Course
“In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your
strength… Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and waits on
high to have compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice; how blessed are
all those who wait for Him… And the work of righteousness will be peace,
and its service quietness and confidence forever” (Isaiah 30:15, 18; 32:17).
$75.00 per golfer
Forever is a long time… in fact, the idea circumvents time and space itself.
Everything within our relative dimension bespeaks a beginning and an
end; a continuum that has cause and effect, the process and alchemy of
compound and chemical, energy and mass, heat and cold, light and dark,
of life and of death. It is what we can know and perceive by sense and
intellect, and wonder beyond our ability to comprehend. Terrestrial and
celestial laws of physics govern the bounds of limitation and potential,
and what we discover only serves to show us there is exponentially so
much more than we scarcely realize. The origin of our existence is a
mystery we can only generally postulate, and our control over the least
of it all is quantumly fractional and insignificantly momentary. So it is
no surprise that whatever we endeavor to contain the most cultivates
the greatest potential for chaos, confusion and corruption. How in the
world do we survive?
149200 Inwood Dr.
Santee, CA 92071
(619) 448-4242
(Includes: Continental breakfast, green fees, cart, range balls, goodie bag,
$15 in food/drink tickets, and NTF 40th Anniversary Dinner ticket)
Closest To The Pin, Longest Drive (men & women)
COB Friday, September 27, 2013
7:00 AM - Check in
8:00 AM - (4 Golfer Scramble Format)
For additional information, please contact Mark Carlson at (619) 719-8082…
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NTF 2013 GOLF TOURNAMENT ENTRY FORM
1. ___________________________________________________________(____)_____-_______ CK # _____
(Area Code)
Telephone No.
2. ___________________________________________________________(____)_____-_______ CK # _____
(Area Code)
Telephone No.
3. ___________________________________________________________(____)_____-_______ CK # _____
(Area Code)
Telephone No.
4. ___________________________________________________________(____)_____-_______ CK # _____
(Area Code)
Telephone No.
Please make check payable to:
SDPD Mail - MS 741
SDSO Mail - MS O-238
NTF Association
U.S. Mail: Mark Carlson
5810 Newton Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Fundamentally, we are at the mercy of the powers that be. “O God, Thy
Sea Is So Great and My Boat Is So Small” goes the French Fisherman’s
Prayer, displayed on many a sea captain’s desk. There is a God, and we’re
not Him. There was an uncaused cause mathematically proven by the
relatively short amount of time since the scientifically accepted theory
of the Big Bang occurred, given the spectacular order, mass and life that
exists on this globe alone. Whether such exists on any other planet is
immaterial given the astonishing verity that it is here before us, and
evidenced by us, in all of its undeniable brilliance. And it is brilliant
indeed, as well as striking that of all the instinctively guided creatures
that roam this world, humans are the only ones with a differentiating
self-awareness capable of, well, God-like functions. Such is our greatest
asset as humans, as well as our most devastating liability.
We can build a skyscraper, and then decide that we should intentionally
jump off the top of it, or worse, push off someone else. There can be
at work within us the darkness of the blackest hole or the brightness
of the whitest star, but at heart our self-interest more often has us in
the gravitational pull of the former. Life is either reacting to the forces
upon us and getting funneled toward what we were trying to avoid, or
responding with faith in the hope of knowing love.
We were made
to be more than
creatures driven
by impulse.
What separates us from the rest of
God’s created order is that ability to
communicate with and not lead, use or
manipulate, but follow, Him. “If you call
to me, I will answer and tell you great and mighty things you do not
know” (Jeremiah 33:3). Without getting in the way of what God is trying
to do in us, taking the time to call on Him and listen to what He says,
exercising the courage to embody integrity, uprightness and rectitude,
gives us residential qualities of an eternal dimension. And when we
do, that little corner of the world we happen to inhabit becomes more
responsive to the light than the darkness.
We can know and experience that eternity in our hearts by knowing and
experiencing the One Who put it there, and refusing to fall prey to our
own selfish ways. Power corrupts our self-centered heart, but the prayer of
faith corals and cultivates a conscience of compassion and conviction. We
were made to be more than creatures driven by impulse. We were made
in God’s Image to reflect Him, and express His attributes, and bring His
light, life and love into a dark world that was devoid of it. We can’t, but
He can, and instead of becoming trampled by our own waywardness, He
gives us the Truth that shows us the Way.
God is above and beyond our space and time, but we are tethered to Him
and His adequacy in us when we strive for and trust Who and what He
takes delight in. To protect and serve challenges our inherently corrupt
nature. But choosing to follow Who and what is right, and waiting on
Him, brings that peace, quietness and confidence that revitalizes the soul,
enlivens our spirit, and exponentially infuses us into a world without
end, Amen.
“And so we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which we do well
to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns
and the morning star arises in your hearts… I know (O Lord) that Thou
canst do all things, and that no purpose of Thine can be thwarted” (II Peter
1:19; Job 42:2).” 
There is no doubt that God’s lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness
is the only thing this world longs to embrace. We are wired that way.
We’re born with an innate sense of right and wrong, and for the life
of us we resolve to desire the lesser. “For the good that I wish, I do not
do; but I practice the very evil that I do not wish (Romans 7:19).” We’re
hopeless, but not helpless when we turn to the One Who by His Spirit
made us, the earth and its world for His glory and our good. Made in His
image, we inherited His communicable attributes to do things like create,
defend, serve, sacrifice, strive for the right, stand for the good, and seek
out that eternity He has placed into our hearts, an internal awareness that
instinctively knows we were meant to surpass the fallenness in ourselves
and yield to the One Who enables us to rise above it.
Silver Star  July 2013 25
>>> columns
columns <<<
County Line
by Robbie Bethea
Rick Arias
Ever since they were married, Donna and Rick Arias wanted to take
a cross-country trip, and when Rick retired in March 2012, they were
able to do it. While on their journey to Indiana to visit their daughter
and her family, they stopped at several locations to visit other family
members. They ventured to Chicago and began their trek west visiting
Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, and the Grand Tetons. In February, their
daughter in Valley Center presented them with another granddaughter,
and now they enjoy spending time with their two grandsons and two
granddaughters. Fishing season has started, so looking for that parttime paid work will have to wait.
Bill Cowles
Bill Cowles moved to Leavenworth, WA, after medically retiring in
1985. He worked in building materials sales, retiring in 2005. Bill is
a Viet Nam combat veteran and is involved in Veterans’ Affairs. He
served four combat tours of duty with the Navy SEAL teams in the
SEAL boat support units. He is also involved in the Republican Party
politics and was elected as a precinct committee officer. He later ran
for Chelan County Sheriff and planned on appointing his best friend,
Randy Anderson, as his undersheriff had he been successful. Although
he placed well, he did not get elected. Several years later, Bill ran
unsuccessfully for the Chelan County Commissioner.
Bill and his wife Alice live on nine acres in the forest on the eastern
slopes of the Cascade Mountains and tend their large organic
vegetable garden. Randy Anderson, a former SDSO Sergeant, moved
to Leavenworth, WA, just prior to Bill Cowles settling there. They
play pool together several times a week and watch the Chargers games
together. Randy recently retired from Executive Flight where he was
in charge of dispatching. Randy and Bill are both enjoying the retired
life and remain close friends. Bill describes himself as enjoying life by
being born again in Jesus Christ, and he and Alice are active in their
church. He also shared with me that leaving San Diego was the key to
becoming a “Recovering SDSO Deputy Sheriff.”
Lacing • Pruning • Stump Grinding • Complete Removal
Edward Gross - Owner
Certified Arborist
619-255-3719 Bus. Fax
619-850-9583 Cell
26 Silver Star  July 2013
Fully Licensed & Insured
Lic #731377
by Kathy Rose, , Ph.D, L.M.F.T., PERT
Responding to Mental Health Facilities
Part 2
Double wedding photo: Alice and Bill Cowles, Pastor Sam
Detweiler, Randy and Vickie Anderson
Lynda Martin
Lynda and D.Q. retired in 1986 and moved to Iowa. Prior to D.Q.’s
passing in 2003, they enjoyed a second residence in Texas to escape
the winter months of Iowa. Lynda reports that all the tornadoes have
missed her farm this year. Instead they have endured heavy rains and
most of her farming fields are flooded. Lynda said that even after all
the years being back in Iowa, she’d rather face an earthquake than a
Lynda loves tending to her flower garden. She spends a lot of her time
volunteering for her church as the treasurer, teaching Sunday school
and Vacation Bible School. This summer, Lynda will be working at
the “Camp for Kids.” She and D.Q. started a “campership” fund many
years ago. This year she will be sponsoring two children who can enjoy
being like the other kids who don’t have much in the way of a solid
family life, but for at least two weeks in the summer they can enjoy
being like all the other kids. Over the years, she has witnessed many
blessings when several children attended Sunday school after being at
Camp and went on to become baptized and join the church. She said
it’s still difficult without D.Q., but with the help of good friends, she is
able to manage. She also enjoys a group of crazy women as a member of
the Red Hat Society.
Burt Quick
For the past ten years, Burt Quick and his wife Mardi have been living
in Temecula. Burt has been employed for the past six years as the chief
of the law enforcement division of the Lake Hemet Water District. Lake
Hemet is one of two
POST-certified water
districts in California,
the other being the
Marin Water District.
Burt keeps his hand
in K-9 activity, mainly
as a consultant for
San Diego County
Counsel. He is also
the Director for
San Diego/Imperial
Counties Retired
Peace Officers of
California or RPOAC.
(The RPOAC is
not affiliated with
Bill Cowles, still a
Chargers fan.
Responding to Out-Patient Facilities
Last month’s discussion of law enforcement response at in-patient
psychiatric facilities will continue this month with a look at outpatient mental health facilities. As previously mentioned, many of the
questions that arise when responding to these types of calls will be
applicable to both in-patient and out-patient settings.
Why are we being asked to respond here—shouldn’t they
know how to handle people with mental illness?
Out-patient facilities and private practitioners in mental health
services generally have protocols in place for when to call law
enforcement. Their calls to police are driven by staff’s belief that
the patient’s ability to be safe or their ability to ensure the safety of
others has been compromised. These situations likely warrant law
enforcement intervention.
Do I need to remove my firearm or other use of force
the validity of a hold, you may write your own 5150 hold, which should
include information provided by staff.
This patient doesn’t meet criteria but the doctor
(therapist, Social Worker, etc.) is insisting that I take
the person on a 5150 hold. Must I defer to their clinical
Disagreements between officers and mental health clinicians will
occur. Patients frequently present a very different picture of their
circumstances when law enforcement arrives on the scene. Keep in
mind that staff qualifies as “reliable third party informants” (per
AB 1424 and 5150.05) and as such, can provide you with valuable
information which may support doing the detention. Also, they are
likely more familiar with the patient’s baseline level of functioning,
allowing for better insight into the patient’s current mental state.
Nevertheless, there will still be times when you will disagree on
whether criteria for 5150 are met. Once you have spoken with the
patient and taken into consideration the collateral information
provided by staff, you can make an informed decision. If conflict
persists, requesting a PERT team can help to resolve the issues and
facilitate an appropriate disposition. 
No. Removal of firearms is only necessary on locked, in-patient units
for the safety of staff and other patients when you have detained
someone and are bringing them in for treatment.
Why doesn’t the facility just write the 5150 and call an
In general, out-patient facilities will not have staff that is authorized
by the county to write 5150 detentions (although there is talk that
this could be changing in the near future). A detention cannot
be authorized over the phone, but must be written by someone a)
authorized by the county; b) who has face-to-face contact with the
patient; and c) determined that criteria for a detention are met. Off-site
psychiatrists, therefore, cannot initiate a 5150 detention. This is true
even though they may have county designation in a hospital setting. If
there is staff present that is able to write the hold, then an ambulance
can be utilized with cooperative patients. If the patient is agitated or
combative, an ambulance may not be appropriate and law enforcement
intervention will be necessary.
How will I know if staff is certified to write holds?
While out-patient settings will generally not have county-designated
staff, this can get murky when therapists or doctors mistakenly believe
that they are authorized to write detentions. This county designation is
given to sworn law enforcement officers, ER doctors, or psychiatrists at
in-patient facilities (only when working in the ER or in-patient facility,
or if working at an out-patient, can only 5150 to their in-patient
facility) and certain crisis response teams, such as PERT. Providers
sometimes believe that they have that authority by virtue of their
professional license, but this is not the case. If you have concerns about
Silver Star  July 2013 27
>>> station reports
station reports <<<
The Rolling 90’s
San Marcos Station by Casey James
SDSO Kennels
First North County
Gun BuyBack
On Saturday, May 18, the San Marcos Sheriff’s
Station hosted the first North County Gun
Buyback event. The event was perfectly
coordinated and well-orchestrated (down to the
last detail, well, except coffee) by COPPS Dep.
Dustin Nelson.
K9 by Brian Baker and K9 Beny
Busy Sniffers
Now that all four Detentions K9 teams are
up and running, they have been busy trying
to promote themselves and show DSB what
a great asset they are.
Personnel from the Vista Sheriff ’s Station,
Escondido PD, Oceanside PD, Carlsbad PD,
District Attorney’s Office, Palomar College
PD, Weapons Training Unit, Property and
Evidence, and Bomb/Arson all graciously
assisted the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station with
the event. The purpose of the event was to
provide an opportunity for the public to dispose
of unwanted firearms in exchange for gift cards.
The District Attorney’s Office, Oceanside PD,
and Sheriff ’s Department sponsored the gift
cards for this event.
The buyback was a major success and the
turnout was great. There were times when it
looked like the line of cars would never end.
By the end of the day, a total of 210 guns were
collected, 3 of which were assault-style rifles. A
military grade smoke grenade was also turned
The Sheriff’s Property and Evidence Unit took
possession of all the firearms. Records checks
were run through NCIC and any firearms
that are deemed stolen or used in a crime will
be returned to the investigating agency. The
remainder of the firearms were impounded and
will be properly destroyed. It is good to know
that crimes involving firearms may have been
prevented by this event.
Dustin Nelson conducts briefing before the
Who grew the best ‘stache? (standing from left) Jeremy Bedingfield, Christopher Perez, Brandon Shelton,
Mike Proffitt, Darrell McNeal, Jason Allen, Kristin Billieux, Sgt. Henry Lebitski, Erik Herrera. (kneeling
from left) Austin Smith, Adam Hipschen, Isaac White.
Several other gun buyback events are in the
works around the county and they will be
shooting to top our numbers. Thank you to
everyone who helped out and supported the
event. Thank you Sheriff
Gore for taking the time to
come out and support the
troops, and thanks to the
San Marcos COPPS and
GET units who made sure
the event went off without
Just some of the long guns turned in during the North County Gun Buyback.
28 Silver Star  July 2013
a hitch. Deputy Nelson congrats on a job well
done! (I am sure the station will be renting out
your consultant services by the hour to help out
on the next events.) 
Malcolm Horst showing off a shortened barrel single-shot shotgun with
pistol grip.
Mustache March
Teamwork is an important and essential
element to the success of our profession.
Uniformity projects a professional appearance.
Hence, Mustache March, San Marcos style. This
may have happened a few months ago, but is
definitely worth mentioning. Not many teams
can actually say they have gotten their entire
team to grow mustaches, but Team #4 in San
Marcos decided to make it happen.
It started with Dep. Erik Herrera rocking a
pretty solid mustache. He is that guy who was
born to have a ‘stache. Of course the team
made fun of him for it, but we all know it was
fueled by a little bit of jealousy. I mean, who
watched “Magnum PI” and didn’t want to be
Tom Selleck?
Our new sergeant, Sgt. Henry Lebitski thought
it would be great if we all gave Erik a little
hairy competition. At first he presented us
with a challenge to see who could grow the
best mustache in one month. One by one,
team members began taking on the challenge.
It wasn’t long before the challenge grew on
the team, literally, and everyone on the team
began growing a mustache, or at least sprouted
some peach fuzz. From the end of February,
to about mid-April, let’s call it 6 weeks, there
was some team bonding going on. We couldn’t
believe that nobody dropped out. But let’s face
it, we all knew we would get much more heat
for shaving our mustaches, than for having the
worst looking one.
I’ll let you decide for yourselves, who had the
best mustache. I think it would be a much more
interesting competition, though, as to who had
the worst one. I knew I wasn’t going to win the
best mustache, but I just didn’t want an explorer
to look better in a ‘stache than me. We had a lot
of fun, and it really brought us closer as a team.
Mo-vember is next, who’s in? 
M o s t r e c e nt l y, C a p t a i n C l a m s e r
orchestrated a narcotics sniff of CAI work
furlough per their request. The operation
was a multi-agency collaborated effort.
SDSO units involved were CPAC, DIU,
DTU, Los Colinas Transition Team, WTU,
and all four Detentions K9 Teams. Also
present was County Probation with their
two K9 Teams and Federal Probation. All
six K9 teams sniffed the entire facility in
just under three hours.
All personnel involved did an excellent job
in working together to ensure the operation
ran smoothly. Designated teams conducted
strip searches and assisted with searching
areas where the dogs alerted. Upon
completion of the evolution, two people
were remanded back to custody and items
found were some meth laced cigarettes, a
meth pipe, an iPod with “spice” hidden
inside, and prescription medications.
Captain Madsen offered his facility (GBDF)
as a venue for the detentions K9 narcotics
teams to do some dope training. We had
a good turn out with a total of six dogs to
parade around the facility for a few hours—
three detentions, two probation, and one
rural L/E deputy showed up.
Lieutenant Kania and Team Four gladly
assisted by providing us House One. They
cleared and prepared the modules and
conducted searches of the inmates in the
rec yard with a trio of dogs standing by
for deputy protection and crowd control,
while the other trio of dogs sniffed for
narcotics. Even though nothing tangible
was located in areas the dogs alerted, all
deputies involved were able to work safely
and with the confidence they had the dogs
as additional coverage ready for action
at their sides while moving the inmates.
Afterwards, we were allowed access to
the secured parking lot to hide some live
training aids for the dogs.
Up north, Deputy White received a call
from VDF to assist with a search. During
the search, his K9 Miki alerted to a few
areas. Though nothing tangible could be
found the effort was not a total loss. The
search yielded a shank and two razor
All of the Detentions K9 handlers are based
out of East Mesa Re-entry Facility. All four
K9 teams are dual purpose certified for
apprehension and narcotics. It works out
to one on each team, so if you feel the
need for a little K9 encouragement at your
facility just give us a call at (619) 661-2671.
We’ll be glad to help out, whether it’s to just
hang out and provide deputy protection or
crowd control during any evolution you’re
conducting that requires the movement of
inmates or to sniff out an area you think
drugs are located.
Bush Whacker
While on duty in the rough rugged town
of Ramona, Deputy Guthrie received a
radio call about a suspect (later determined
11550) wanted for felony spousal abuse,
felony vandalism and 459. The suspect
had left his vehicle (later confirmed 10851
and additional weapons inside) and fled
into the bushes armed with a knife. Barry
the dedicated tracker that he is quickly
took Deputy Guthrie and his team about
3/4 of a mile into the bushes to where
the upstanding citizen was hiding. After
Guthrie gave his announcements, the
suspect refused to give himself up. Barry
had no problem in helping him out of his
hiding spot by making contact with his
leg and pulling him out so he could get his
deputy issued tennis bracelets applied.
Fresh Recruits
Deputies Asami Minami, Aaron Boer, and
Brandon Carlos have started the academy
with their new K9 partners. They are very
excited to have their new partners, and I’m
sure they have been enjoying their bonding
time and can’t wait to start taking bites for
one another over the next few months. 
Silver Star  July 2013 29
august member birthdays
Jesiah Alvarado
Michael Barnett
James Birdsong
Scott Black
Karen Burmeister
Daniel Duncan
Maurice Freitas
Sabrina Johnson
Wayne Cameron
Israel Chapa
Kyle Dobson
Mark Johnston
David Legler
Stephen Nosal
Hemraj Rugga
Michael Spears
Robert Tockstein
Christine West
Michael Bryan
Christopher Campbell
Larry Kincaid
Roger Logan Sr
Benjamin Mac Beth
Earl Murphy
Robert Neil
Donald Salcido
Connie Sol
Julio Barrios
Eric Drogemuller
Robert Williamson
Jeffrey Winton
Margaret Calloway
David Cochran
Ronald Deboo
Dale Fritcher
Eric Garcia
Francis Gardiner
Cody Gilstrap
Scott Henton
Duane Johnson
Albert Julian
Angela Lopez
Lacee Lovisa
Jacob Macleod
Christine Robbins
David Stafford Sr
Warren Voth
David Weldon
Christopher Brigham
Michael Medearis
Patrick Morrissey
Andres Negron
Milan Patel
William Turtzer
Chad Boudreau
Howard Kluge III
George Lejeck
Donald Nix
Tyler Pickett
John Suenishi
Jeffrey Weber
Scott Bauer
Sarah Begley
John Boer
Jesus Cerda
John Greene
Christopher Johnson
Derrick Jones
Corey Mc Coy
Thomas Morton
Scott Prillaman
Arturo Ruiz
Wilbur Sewell Jr
Joey Billy Tennison III
Jarrod Vickers
Carl Brewer
Anthony Calvert
Rene Gonzalez
Karina Mansfield
Patrick O’Brien
10 Miguel Baca
Steven Bodine
Ralph Kraft
Nicholas Lupoli
Martin Martinez
Kyle Mc Garvey
Joseph Oviatt
Melissa Romero
Daniel Sloppye
11 Daniel Escajeda
Gregory Hampton
Ginger Jeffries
Jeremy Jones
Sandra Kane
Jerry Keck
Kenneth Matthias
Steven McNamara
Ronald Megrditchian
James Melton
Ray Miller
Michael Moore
James O’Neill
Mark Parmely
Rick Persichilli
Lynne Pierce
John Stubblefield
12 Robert Apostolos
Orvil Berrios
James Blackmon
George Downs
Dean Fitzgerald
Jeffry Guthrie
Robert Johnson
Robert Luke
Michael Nichols
Joanna Perez
Thomas Ricotta
John Robledo
David Smith
13 Russell Crandall II
Jesus Denogean
Rogelio Dominguez
Brett Germain
Teresa Gersch
Debra Hanlon
Terry Loll
Max Ostberg
Andrea Powell
Joseph Rodi
Scott Rossall
Steven Stone
Desan Tyson
14 Ricardo Aguilera
Agustin Arana
Sharlene Cutting
Juliann Johnson
Jorge Maleno-Huerta
Yancey Mayordeleon
Tina Pangalos
David Rosenthal
Angela Tsuida
Linas Yurkus
15 Lisa Di Meo
Sunshine Horton
William Jehl
Mark Katra
Aaron Ritt
James Roberts Jr
John Smith
Dennis Yoshonis
16 Michelle Aguinaldo
David Arnold Sr
Yvonne Callaway
Suzanne Dau
Michelle Dehoyos
Timothy Gracza
Shawn Guffey
William Hout
Joseph Leos
Christopher Lovato
Daniel Mancilla
Danny Martin
Pedro Martinez
Ronnie Mc Fadden
Kevin Nulton
Crystal Rubalcaba
Edward Southcott Jr
17 Mateo Black
David Jackson
Adam Kuder
Hector Rodriguez
Michael Saunders, Jr
Devera Scott
18 Vincent Albini
Aaron Miller
Judi Pollard-Brown
Kenneth Prue
David Ross
Saverio Spina
James Sumrow
Jamie Vanden Broeder
Jeffrey York
Receive an additional
5% off in the Poway DSA Store
during the month of your birthday!
30 Silver Star  July 2013
19 James Bennetts Jr
Matthew Buford
Edward Ebbert
Jeffrey Hamm
Douglas Hansen
Victor Lemos
Larry Nesbit
Brandon Powell
Neal Prall
Theodore Streete
20 Esdras Agundez
Alexander Brust
Cesar Cardoza
Kurt Fettu
Eugene Gillard
Robert Hudson
George Kuzukian
James Marmack
Danisha Neazer
Jason Scroggins
Michael Silva
21 James Balderson III
Charles Clements
Remy Dang
Daniel Elkerton
Cassey Hawkins
Frederick Henninger
Kenneth Larson Sr
Patrick Masis
Steven Mc Elrath
Asami Minami
Esther Quinonez
Javier Rodriguez
Trent Stroh
22 Linda Case
Stephen Chambers
Michelle Craig
Jeffrey Duckworth
Lenice Lopez
David Madden
Michael Merriken
Scott Miller
Steven Morace
John Pokorny
23 Jovin Adamos
Peter Astuto
Crystal Bartlett
David Davies
Nolan Edge
David Gilmore
Lisa Hardin
Jerome King
Michael Knobbe Jr
Stephen Maxin
James Mc Farland
Michelle Mc Phail
Albert Nyman
Luis Rios
Stanley Snyder
Terry Wisniewski
24 Howard Bradley
Thomas Calamia
Joaquin Ching
Charles Curtis
Steve Durso
Claudette Miller
Julie Sutton
25 Marcos Collins
Patrick Cummins
Kristina Fleming
James Givens
Pearl Kamoss
Theodore Linton
Robert Ring
Garrett Spencer
Michael Stilfield
26 Joseph Canchola
Telly Garcia
John Johnson
John Seiferth
27 Max Blumenshine
Michael Davis
Noe Flores
Don Nicholas
Daniel Psomas
Jason Smith
Kyle Tomkinson-Zdunich
28 Robert Bishop
Karen Boguta
Kelly Buchanan
Nelson Campbell
Carson Clark
Jeffrey Creighton
Scott Enyeart
Richard Faustino
Kenneth Harrison
Debra Haverkost
Mark Karo
James Mangen
Gerardo Mateus
Ruth Ortega
John Pedroza Jr
Kevin Ralph
Lawrence Thomas
29 Scott Amos
Michael Cruz
Jose De La Torre
John Fisher
Todd Frank
Joshua Geasland
Jason Jones
Veronica Macias
Iva Nanusevic
Robert Thornton
Alvin Vasquez
30 Mary Baier
Patricia Banning
Michael Clough
Patrick Farber
31 Matthew Billieux
Sean Gerrity
Alessandra Hoyte
Lily Lemos
Michael Mc Farlan
Loren Melero
Derek Ralph
Darrel Weiss
Rudy Zamora
Big Bear City Rental: Fully Furnished Cabin, 2
Bedroom, 1 Bath, Sleeps 8 Comfortably. Close to the
Lake, Slopes and Shopping. Call Bob at (760) 2317117 for Additional Information.
For Rent: Three bedroom two bath 1470 square
foot house for rent in Rancho Penasquitos. Available
July 1. Good neighborhood, Poway schools, walking
distance to elementary school. Two car garage,
remodeled master bath, nice back yard, pets OK.
$1900 a month. Contact Mike Forbes 858 335-9470.
Big Bear Lake Log Cabin Rental: Newer cabin
for rent in Big Bear Lake, 3 Br/2 Ba, sleeps 8-10.
Walk to the lake, and couple minutes to slopes and
Village. Perfect for family. Go to http://www.vrbo.
com/377748 for pricing, pictures, and contact.
Lake Havasu City Arizona Vacation Rental: 3
bedroom, 2 bath Lake View House. Beautiful beach
entry tropical pool. 3 car garage and RV parking.
Sleeps up to 7. $200/ night (2 night min.) Holiday
$325/night (3 night min.) $500 refundable security
deposit unless you cancel 2 weeks of arrival. $100
Non-refundable cleaning fee. Call (760) 613-6743 for
additional information
Mammoth Rental: Mammoth Mtn. Condo. 1
bedroom w/large loft—sleeps 7, 2 Baths. Pool,
Spa, Sauna, Wood (provided) Burning Stove, Fully
Stocked Kitchen, Washer/Dryer in Unit, Cable,
Restaurants/Bars/Shops, Unit #216. Mention Ad and
get 10% off total stay. (760) 934-2669.
Wyoming: Thinking about your summer vacation?
RV lot for rent in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming.
55 miles South of Jackson. Lot is available weekly
or monthly. If you have a group additional lots are
available($105 dollars a week, $375 a month). Park
opens mid May and closes in October. Fishing,
hiking, off road trails, river rafting, and plenty of golf.
Contact Valinda Sutton (619) 980-7474.
For Rent: Apartment / Granny Flat on cul-de-sac
in County portion of S.E. Escondido. 1 bedroom, 1
bath, approx 1000 Sq ft with private entrance & full
kitchen. Includes: All utilities, except phone, pool
and large walk-in closet in bedroom. Non Smoker
preferred. Small pets upon approval. $1100 / month
Contact Lewis or Lisa Norman (760) 749-1127, or (760)
For Rent: Vista. This 1322 sq. ft., Tri-level, 3 bedroom,
2 bath Town Home sits above 2-car garage. Living
room has laminate wood flooring and gas starter
fireplace. The kitchen has new counter tops, wood
cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, gas stove and
lazy Susan storage. The Master suite is located on
the private third floor and has a large walk-in closet,
window A/C, private bath and a glass slider leading
to an enclosed patio. The patio off the dining room
is covered and has a pet friendly “EZ-Turf” low
maintenance yard . Complex features a pool, hot tub
and sport court. Available May. Pet friendly (dogs
under 35 lbs.). Long term lease preferred. $1650/
mo which includes water and trash collection. First
months rent + negotiable security deposit payable
on installments. Ret. SDSO. Contact by email
[email protected]
Guns: Saiga 12 Shotgun, 5rd/10rd Magazine, Tapco
Stock: $850. Ruger LCR 38 SPL+P: $430. Call Jon @
1989 Pontiac Firebird: 2 dr coupe, red w/black
interior 2.8 liter engine, 5 speed transmission, t-top,
original paint, original owner, 46,000+ original miles.
Home garaged w/car cover, well maintained and well
cared for. Asking $8,000. Call Kelly at (619) 267-0604
Russian SKS: $700 Built in 1956, all matching serial
numbers. In excellent condition, works perfect.
Only approximately 500 rounds put through it
since purchase in 1991. Comes with sling, bayonet,
original oil can and cleaning kit, stripper clips, 100
extra rounds and more. [email protected]
Uniform Dress Jacket: 5 yrs. old, worn once, size
44Long-$150. Call Bob @ 760-822-6746.
Ruger Vaquero: (.40 cal.) SD Sheriff Commemorative
Revolver with display case (No badge). Never fired.
$700 or best offer. I will come to you for transfer.
Scott 760-518-2850
Semi-auto pistol: Browning Buck Mark Camper
Stainless- .22 long rifle, 5.5” bull barrel, adjustable
sights, black composite grips with four Browning
10 round magazines, all original paperwork, and
factory hard case. Excellent condition, less than 550
rounds fired. $475 OBO. FFL transfer fee included.
Call Jerry Jimenez (619) 384-8912
Christian Law Enforcement Retreat 25
Clearview Eye and Laser
Day at the Races
Diamonds Ltd.
Discount Tickets
DJ Services - Franco 33
East County Transmission 21
Evergreen Tree Specialist
Holmerud Studios 33
Kang’s Martial Arts Supply
Lonny Brewer Golf Tourney
Mauzy Heating & Air
NTF Golf Tourney
Perpetual Tree Care 7
Sheriff’s Museum
Shop with a Cop Baseball Tourney 8
Union Institute & University back cover
Wave Waterpark Event
Webster University
Wedding Videos
Uniforms & Duty Gear
DSA Store
Real Estate and Mortgages
Becca Berlinsky - Coldwell Banker 18
Steven Darling - Realty Executives 13
Lydia Seeley - Century 21 Award
Placing a classified ad: Free for DSA members.
Free ads are limited to about 100 words. Ads
may be edited for length. $20 per month for
non-members. E-mail ads to [email protected]
Include name, phone number and work station,
info does not need to appear in the ad. Ads are
considered public and appear in the magazine
posted on the DSA website. Deadline is the 20th
of the month.
Law Offices
Faunce, Singer & Oatman, APC
Ron Hauser, Attorney
Donovan Jacobs, Attorney
John Madigan - Schroth & Schroth 35
Law Offices of Scott O’Mara Inside Front
Smith, Steiner, Vanderpool & Wax23
858.486.9009 x 109
[email protected]
Silver Star  July 2013 31
WINNING PHOTO: Lt. Rob Mitchell,
Sgt. Kevin Kamoss (not pictured), Cpl.
Lucy Masterson, and Sgt. Arthur Ortiz
(winner of contest) recently attended an
American Jail Association conference
in Louisville, KY. They were able to tour
portions of the area while attending the
conference. One of the historical places
they attended was the Louisville Slugger
Museum and Factory, which has an
amazing history. From the replica Babe
Ruth bat that stands 120-foot tall at the
entrance of the museum, to the factory
that has been making Louisville Slugger
bats for major-league baseball players
since 1884, to the one-mile Louisville
Slugger Walk of Fame down historic
Main Street, it was an extraordinary look
at a piece of baseball history.
Where have you taken your Silver Star? Whose
been reading it and where? Send in your photos
of the Silver Star around the world or in the
hands of someone famous (or infamous). The
winning photo receives a $15 gift certificate to
the DSA Store. Non-winning photos are printed
as space allows. Send your photos to [email protected] with contest in the subject line.
San Diego County Fair (Hint: There are 12 differences)
Congratulations to Guadalupe and Robert
Catano on the birth of their son Robert Michael
born June 17, 2013, at 3:17 p.m. The newborn
weighed 8 lbs, 11 ozs and measured 21 inches.
Robert was welcomed home by his sister Alexis.
Guadalupe works at the Lemon Grove Station.
Congratulations to Marcello and Nicole Orsini on the birth of their
daughter Elia Maria born June 17, 2013, at 8:38 a.m. The newborn weighed
6 lbs, 13 ozs and measured 19 1/2 inches. Elia joins her brother Max, 3.
Marcello works at the Encinitas Station.
Congratulations to Aaron and Kristen Montan
on the birth of their daughter Hailey Madilyn
born May 1, 2013, at 10:08 p.m. The newborn
weighed 6 lbs, 12 ozs and measured 18 1/2
inches. Aaron works at the Encinitas Station.
Congratulations to Oscar Sanchez and Maria Tinoco on the birth of
their son Michael Amado born June 7, 2013, at 4:09 p.m. The newborn
weighed 6 lbs, 6 ozs and measured 19 1/4 inches. Oscar works at the San
Diego Central Jail.
Congratulations to Kyle and Linna Archibald on the birth of their twin
daughters Kylie Elizabeth and Allyson Valeen born June 10, 2013, at
12:49 and 12:50 p.m. Both newborns weighed 5 lbs, 9 ozs. Kylee measured
19 1/2 inches, while Allyson measured 19 inches. Kyle works at the San
Marcos Station.
Congratulations to Anthony and Heather O’Boyle
on the birth of their son Oisin Christopher born
May 31, 2013, at 9:01 a.m. The newborn weighed 7
lbs, 2 ozs and measured 20 1/2 inches. Osin joins
his sisters Saoirse and Aoise and his brother Ciaran
at home.Anthony works at the Encinitas Station.
Congratulations to Julio and Ruth Garcia on the birth of their daughter
Isabel born April 10, 2013, at 2:41 a.m. The newborn weighed 6 lbs, 12
ozs and measured 18 1/2 inches. Julio works at the Southbay Detention
Congratulations to Sam Knight, Jr., and Debbie Marie on the birth
of their daughter Sophia Raquel born April 16, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. The
newborn weighed 7 lbs, 1 ozs and measured 20 inches. Sam works at
George Bailey Detention Facility.
For birth announcements, please contact Daphne Williams at [email protected] or (858) 486-9009 x 100. For wedding, birthday, anniversary,
graduation, retirement, and other announcements, please e-mail [email protected] for publication in the announcements section. You may also send
photos to accompany any announcement.
32 Silver Star  July 2013
Affordable, Quality,
Wedding Video.
Professionally edited with titles,
chapters, and special effects.
Call now to book your wedding
day at (951) 259-2003 or e-mail
[email protected]
Short Sale or Foreclosure?
Latest News: A) Short Selling
your home is Better than
Foreclosing. Banks pay
delinquent borrowers up to
$30,000 to sell their home.
B) Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended 1 More Year. This
may be a good option for you.
Call/Email for FREE No-Obligation Consultation:
[email protected], 619.922.4609,
Ca DRE #01861649
Digital Video Editing
Now with High-Definition movie film capture and
Blu-ray Disc™ production. Your
old movies and videos should be
converted to digital video. Using the
latest technology, standard definition
DVD-Video™ or high-definition Blu-ray
Disc™ can be produced for you. Your
family’s precious memories make
wonderful and thoughtful gifts for any
occasion. Call Jon Holmerud (619)
370-8569 or [email protected]
DJ Services
Weddings, Formal Events, and
Parties. Dance Music & Light
Show for all occasions at a
70’s Price. Call DJ “Franco”at
(619) 829-1319 or e-mail at
[email protected]
To place a classified ad for a service or business, please contact
Kristie Macris at (858) 486-9009 or [email protected]
Silver Star  July 2013 33
This month’s EOS was submitted by Deputy Michael Moeller. If you have lighthearted humor or interesting photos to share, please e-mail all submissions to
[email protected] or mail artwork to the DSA office, ATTN: Kristie Macris.
34 Silver Star  July 2013
Call 858.486.7153
for information
Blood Type Patch
• Hook Backing attaches to any
velcro surface
• Available in A, B, AB, O
positive and negative
• Dimension: 2” W x 1” H
DSA Member Price $1.42
Target Master .22
Long Rifle
AR Conversion Kit
The Target Master .22 long-rifle
conversion unit is a drop-in,
blow back activated device designed to adapt to the
M16/AR15 family of weapons to fire the .22 long-rifle
cartridge. It is easily installed in less than 1 minute
without the use of tools. The conversion unit allows
the use of .22 long-rifle ammunition in lieu of the more
expensive full power 5.56 mm ammunition. Includes
one .22 LR magazine.
DSA Member Price $166.20
Combat Application Tourniquet
(C-A-T) Tactical Black
Official Tourniquet of the U.S.
Army Proven to be 100% effective
in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower
extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical
Research. Featuring NAR’s Red Tip Technology™ with
a red elliptical tip to assist user in locating and threading
during application. Reinforced windlass clip & highly
visible security tab includes a writable area to record the
time of application. DSA Member Price $33.20
with window
Glock Factory 22 Round
.40 cal Mags
DSA Member Price $12.49
DSA Member Price $15.95
CAT Molle Holder
The C-A-T® Holder was specifically designed to
allow personnel to place their C-A-T® Tourniquet on
their vest or gear for rapid and easy access. It is made
of 500D IR Signature Reduced Nylon with MOLLE/
PALS-style connectors. The C-A-T® Holder protects
your tourniquet from the elements and has an easyopen pull tab with Velcro® enclosure.
DSA Member Price $17.05
CAT Kydex Belt Holder
Ankle Tourniquet Holster
Allows easy access and quick deployment of tourniquet.
Made of 3mm perforated neoprene and weighing
2.5 ounces. Hook and loop attachment ensure
that Holster stays in-place. Provides rapid access
with either hand for fast deployment when needed.
DSA Member Price $15.15
Allows you to carry your CAT
Tourniquet on your duty/patrol/
pistol belt so you have life-saving
equipment on your person at all
times. Blade-Tech TekLok Belt
Attachment fits up to a 2.25” belt.
Can be mounted either vertically
or horizontally or attached to a Safariland Drop
Leg Shroud. Vacuum Formed Kydex® for strength,
durability and retention of the CAT without additional
straps or covers. Blue cross medical identifier patch
included. DSA Member Price $37.95
DSA Member Price $14.95
DSA Member Price $42.40
ONLY. All firearms transactions must be
handled store manager. Please call (858) 4867153 for any questions or availability.
High capacity magazines sold to sworn active LEO only.
ID required. Subject to availability and stock on hand.
Open Mon–Fri 9–6 p.m. & first Sat 10–3
Shop online at
13881 Danielson Street in Poway
(858) 486-7153
Dates to Remember:
DSA Office & Store Closed
11 Board Meeting
25 Board Meeting
8 Board Meeting
22 Board Meeting
23 Wave Waterpark Event
T h e S i l v e r S t a r D e p u t y S h e r i f f s ’ A s s o c i a t i o n o f S a n D i e g o C o u n t y 1 3 8 8 1 D a n i e l s o n S t r e e t P o w a y , C A 9 2 0 6 4 - 6 8 9 1
In Conjunction with the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego
Is offering an accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree in
Classes meet on Thursday evenings at the DSA of San Diego located in Poway, CA
$3,000 discount for the first (30) units you take in the program at an
on-site location.
32 Semester Credits for Basic P.O.S.T. Certificate.
Up to 28 semester credits for additional training.
AA or AS degree from a regionally accredited college satisfies all
general education requirements.
Financial Aid available for those who qualify.
Eight week sessions which meet five out of eight weeks; possible for
many to graduate in as little as eight months.
Yellow Ribbon certified for Veterans.
Courses taught by experienced professionals in the field.
Free Transfer Assessment.
Accelerated Bachelor of Science degree program; new classes start
every eight weeks.
UI&U is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a
member of the North Central Association (
For more information, please contact:
Don Crist, Site Coordinator
(858) 212-2416
[email protected]
This is what alumnus Tim
Curran had to say about
"My experience with the Union
Institute & University was very
positive. The instructors were
encouraging and the courses
were challenging. I truly believe
that completing my degree with
the Union Institute helped me
advance in my career."
Los Angeles Academic Center
6701 Center Drive West, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (800) 486-8328 ● Fax: (310) 417-3555
UI&U does not discriminate in its policies or procedures and conforms with federal non-discriminatory regulations.

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