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Trust Sealy For
Utmost Comfort
Established in 1881, the Sealy story all began when founder Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, started making cotton-filled
mattresses for his friends. Today, Sealy Corporation is the largest bedding manufacturer in the world. Sealy manufactures and
markets a broad range of mattresses, among them being Sealy Posturepedic®, Stearns & Foster, and Bassett. With the largest
market share and consumer awareness of any bedding brand in the world, you can count on our exquisite product quality and
exceptional customer service wherever you are. Our product line offers many designs at various prices, and we demand excellence
from each and every Sealy product.
It is Sealy’s vision to be First, Best, and Most innovative – we aim to satisfy our customers by being the first in product quality;
best at service and meeting customers’ needs; and offer the most in every facet of our business relationship. At Sealy, we provide
the world with “a good night’s sleep”.
Your Assurance
of Quality
The saying “firmer is better” is not always true. A mattress that is too firm
does not support your body evenly, and may result in discomfort in various
parts of the body such as the shoulders and the hips. This may also increase
pressure points, thus reducing blood circulation. Needless to say, this will
give you a poor night’s sleep and a far less productive day ahead.
Designed in cooperation with orthopaedic surgeons, our Sealy Posturepedic®
sleep systems have been offering correct back support since 1950. As your
unique body type determines which type of mattresses is best for you; at
Sealy, we subject our mattresses to rigorous testing under professional
consultation so as to ensure that our products give you the right support
and spinal alignment while you sleep.
Engineered Mattresses
For Comfort And Durability
The Dual Support System is the first sleep system ever to combine two kinds of support – the orthopaedic correct support of the
PostureTech® core and the cushioning comfort of the Syner-Flex™ surface which micro adjusts to cradle every curve and contour
of your body, reducing pressure areas and delivering better comfort.
The Sealy Posturepedic® Palatial Crest mattress is made up of various components that are specially engineered to give you ultimate
comfort. Sealy’s exclusive UniCased™ mattresses provide unsurpassed quality and support that will last for years. The carefully
designed UniCased™ Key Guards interlock with the innerspring of the mattress, stabilizing comfort regardless of where you rest.
The UniCased™ Base plank is a shock absorber engineered to work in unison with the Dual Support System innerspring by lessening
the impact of weight and pressure.
With these advanced components, the Sealy Posturepedic® Palatial Crest guarantees reduced partner disturbance and a longer life
span for our mattresses.
Dual Support System
Made out of a Syner-Flex™ surface, this cradling support
bends, flexes and adjusts to your body. The deep-down
firm support you need comes from the PostureTech®
core to keep your body aligned while you sleep.
MicroTek Foundation
Using patented MicroSpan support elements made of
the same advanced materials used in bridge and aircraft
construction, it is the reason why a Sealy mattress is 10
times more durable.
New StayTrue™
Comfort Technology
Made from high-density fibres and superior in performance
foams, they are designed to support targeted areas of the
body, such as the shoulders and lumbar.
Support you trust.
UniCased™ Baseplank
UniCased™ Key Guards
you will love.
The cutting edge UniCased™ technology acts as a shock
absorber that reduces partner disturbance and prolongs
comfort life.
Interlocking between coils to further stabilize the spring
units, Sealy's Key Guard system helps to reduce partner
Thermo Bond
By fusing the Key Guard and Baseplank together, Sealy
provides all-round stability for consistent edge-to-edge
comfort and support.
Latest Innovation UniCased XT
Latest Evolution in Technology - Designed to integrate with the Posturepedic spring unit to provide superior stability. UniCased
XT is the latest evolution in edge support technology, whilst utilising the same manufacturing process as the existing UniCased
program with the keyguard welded to the Baseplank.
Reduced Partner Disturbance - A wider edge provides even more stability all round which further minimises partner disturbance
and provides further improved edge to edge sleeping surface.
Transitional Edge - A wider edge with channels provides a more flexible and transitional edge which provides more stability
all round. The channels are engineered to have the same compression characteristics as the inner spring unit. This then creates
a seamless transition from the spring unit to the edge.
Latest Evolution in Technology
Reduced Partner Disturbance
Transitional Edge
UniCased XT
Support you trust.
you ll love.
Specially Designed &
Moulded To Suit Your Needs
Featuring the breakthrough Dual Support System, the Sealy Posturepedic® Palatial Crest range is a new dimension
of unparalleled luxury designed to provide strong foundation and support for your body. The Sealy Posturepedic®
Palatial Crest range is specially engineered to adapt to your unique body needs while providing a luxurious and
comfortable feel when you lie on it.
No more tossing and turning – this remarkable system is a synergistic formula that adapts to your unique body
shape. Your body activates the system as you rest, and it will snug you into bed with secure back support.
Exotic materials and
Personalized Name Embroidery Service
Just as your Sealy Posturepedic® Palatial Crest™ mattress is
designed to meet demanding standards, every detail is
meticulously attended to with you in mind. This is why we
are offering a unique service of having your name exquisitely
embroidered on your very own Sealy Posturepedic® Palatial
Crest™ mattress. Now you truly have a bed to call your very
Exotic Materials Found In Some Of Our Palatial Crest Models
Cashmere fibre is prized for its silky softness and great
thermal properties. It keeps your body warm in Winter
and cool in Summer.
Alpaca is strong and resilient fibre that has more thermal
capacity and luxury than almost any other animal fibre.
Silk Fibre
Silk fibre is prized for its lustrous sheen and luxurious
touch. It is highly resilient and durable.
Wool Fibre
A natural fibre which is inherently springy and soft. Wool
will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Research, Develop.
As a global leader in bedding, Sealy has established the Orthopedic Advisory Board (OAB) in 2006 to further develop and gain
advancement in orthopaedic health through the understanding and study of natural sleep patterns and occurring problems.
Led by the OAB team of renowned orthopaedic surgeons and clinicians, the patented PostureTech® coil has been designed to
give sleepers of different body mass the right spinal support, thus reducing pressure points while you sleep.
Sealy strives to provide sleepers with more restful and recuperative nights by adjusting to your sleeping habits and catering to
your evolving needs.
*Source: Furniture Today, 18 June 2007.
Robert G. Addison, M.D.
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery.
Founder and Senior Consultant of the
Chicago Centre for Pain Studies
William E. Garret, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & team physician
Duke University Medical Centre
Gary G. Poehling, M.D.
Member of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas L. Smith, Ph.D.
Head of Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre
*Designed in cooperation with leading orthopaedic surgeons.
Alan Letton, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research & Technology Innovation
Sealy Corporation
Julius Nagy, Ph.D.
Senior Material Scientist of Research
& Technology Innovation Sealy Corporation
Sealy Posturepedic–
Preferred Mattress Supplier
To International Hotel Chains
Sealy is not only a household name but also a reliable and preferred brand amongst commercial and
hotel establishments.
We have given a good night’s rest to the special guests of our local and international clients such as:
Grand Hyatt
Crowne Plaza
Holiday Inn
The Luxury Collection
Four Points
Le Meridien
The Venetian
Four Seasons
Ritz Carlton
Grand Copthorne
St Regis
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