foam mattress technology



foam mattress technology
Effective Skin Management
Begins with Prevention.
Pressure Ulcer Prevention at an Affordable Price
Because not every patient needs a true pressure-relieving surface,
in many cases a superior foam mattress can deliver the pressure
redistribution and comfort that is required. Offering an advanced
level of pressure ulcer prevention, KCI’s TheraRest™ Skin Management
Series mattress can help facilities manage the risks of skin breakdown
while helping to control costs as well. The TheraRest SMS™ is available
in two models:
TheraRest SMS Perimeter Plus™ Mattress
With innovative features like a firm foam perimeter, heel slope,
compression channels, enhanced stability and anti-microbial
components, KCI’s TheraRest SMS Perimeter Plus™ Mattress is a
cost-effective alternative to help deliver effective pressure
redistribution and help prevent skin breakdown.
TheraRest SMS Perimeter Plus™ VE Mattress
The TheraRest SMS Perimeter Plus™ VE Mattress is enhanced with
NASA-inspired Visco Elastic (VE) Memory Foam, replacing the
standard foam topper. VE foam molds to the patient’s body shape,
providing a “custom-like fit” each time the patient changes
position, helping improve comfort and pressure distribution.
Innovative Features of the TheraRest SMS™ Mattress
Standard Features:
Advanced Foam Construction Utilizes the same foam structure as
the AtmosAir™ 9000 MRS family
Superior patient comfort
and support
Compression Channels Engineered cuts into the foam
under anatomic zones
Help protect against pressure
and shearing
Sloped Heel Section –
Specially constructed foam with
a 5˚ incline
Helps prevent skin
breakdown by transferring
weight off the heel area
Firm Perimeter Firmer foam under the foam
topper on either side of
the mattress
Provides support for patients
during ingress/egress and for
caregivers during bedside
TheraTex™ Nylon Mattress CoverLow Moisture Vapor Transmission
(MVT) and Teflon® fabric protection
Helps reduce staining and
facilitates cleaning and
Options in Recognition of FDA Siderail Entrapment Guidance
Optional Features:
Optional Raised Side Bolsters 2” high bolsters with an
18” cutout
Serves as a passive reminder
of the edge of the mattress
and facilitates patient
Optional Customizable
Length and Width Available in multiple sizes
Helps ensure a proper fit on
a wide variety of bed frames
Product Specifications*
All models . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7”
All models meet the requirements of
the California Bureau of Home
Furnishing Technical Bulletins 106
and 117 and NFPA 701.
Bottom Material Choices:
All models . . . .75”- 84” by the 1”
All models . . .32”- 37” by the 1/2”
All models . . .360° zipper (top and
bottom covers can be
replaced separately)
Heavy Duty Handles:
All models . . . . . . . .2 on each side
All models
Standard . . . .A non-skid material
recommended for use primarily on
smooth, pan type bed frames.
TB 603, ASTM E 1590, TB 129 or BFD
IX-11 compliance is available with an
optional fire sleeve available at
additional cost.
Optional . . . . . . . .A vinyl material
recommended for use primarily
on spring type bed frames.
Top Cover:
All models-Inherent in both the foam
and the cover, except for the VE
Foam Topper of TheraRest SMS
Perimeter Plus™ VE Mattress.
Standard . . . .TheraTex™ nylon is a
durable, 7.5 oz./sq. yd,
70 denier/210 thread count,
butyl rubber-backed,
healthcare fabric with a MVT
rate of 1.37g/m2/hr.
All models . . .5 years non-prorated*
Recommended Patient Weight:
All models . . . . . . . . . . . .350 lbs.**
Mattress weight (35”x 80”):
Perimeter Plus . . . . . . . . . . . .33 lbs.
Indications: Indicated for early
intervention of skin breakdown on
low-risk patients or for those
patients seeking improved comfort.
Perimeter Plus VE . . . . . . . . .35 lbs.
*Specifications subject to change without notice. Ask your KCI representative for details.
**Consult frame manufacturer regarding individual frame capacity.
For more information about
TheraRest SMS™ Mattresses or
other KCI Therapeutic Surfaces, call
toll-free 1-800-275-4524 or visit
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