Bass by Muzz Skillings - Fingerstyle Funk Rock Bass



Bass by Muzz Skillings - Fingerstyle Funk Rock Bass
Memories Can’t Wait
by Living Colour
Bass by Muzz Skillings
This transcription is Memories
Can’t Wait by Living Colour
from their Grammy winning
album Vivid.
A few weeks ago I said that it
was a loss for bass players that
there are only a relative handful of Stevie Wonder’s synth
bass lines out there for us to
Well I believe that another
great loss for bass players was
that Living Colour didn’t get the commercial success they (IMHO) deserved and that Muzz Skillings didn’t stay with them for longer than 2
albums. Muzz left after their 2nd album for “musical reasons” - and
went on to sing and play guitar in another band.
And I believe that Muzz could have become as influential as someone
like Flea - without disrespecting Flea, I think Muzz was a better bass
player and musician. And sadly we only have two CDs - plus some live
shows and demo recordings - that we can learn from.
Muzz could do it all - he could slap, tap, play finger style, play chords but it was all done in the context of socially aware rock-funk songs. And
it wasn’t just Muzz who was laying it down - the rest of the band were
equally talented.
But rather than fixating on what might have been, there is still a ton of
good stuff we can pick out from the material we do have access to. And
this track from the Vivid album has got some great material for us to look
at and learn from.
Here’s how Muzz’s bass line lays out:
2 | Memories Can’t Wait |
Letter A - Intro - 0.00
Letter B - Verse 1 - 0.20
Letter C - Pre-Chorus - 0.40
Letter D - Chorus - 0.59
Letter E - Guitar Solo - 1.17
Letter F - Verse - 1.37
Letter G - Pre-Chorus - 1.58
Letter H - Chorus - 2.14
Letter I - Bridge - 2.34
Letter J - Bridge/Rockier Feel - 2.58
Letter K - Outro - 3.18
As always, the tab reflects my fingering system, hand size and scale
length. If any of these differ for you - the probability of which is high then feel free to change the tab positions around to suit YOUR playing
system, hand size and bass length.
3 | Memories Can’t Wait |
4 | Memories Can’t Wait |
5 | Memories Can’t Wait |
6 | Memories Can’t Wait |
7 | Memories Can’t Wait |
8 | Memories Can’t Wait |
9 | Memories Can’t Wait |
10 | Memories Can’t Wait |
11 | Memories Can’t Wait |
12 | Memories Can’t Wait |
13 | Memories Can’t Wait |
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Paul Wolfe
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