Your Tahitian Noni International Business Guide


Your Tahitian Noni International Business Guide
This guide is designed to maximize your
happiness and success with Tahitian Noni
International. Each step is integral in creating
success for you and those around you.
Creating Value in the Company, Industry, and our
Common Successful Business Practices.
Generating your Story.
Developing your Client Profile Database.
Understanding Personality Types.
Contacting and Connecting with People.
Retailing our Products.
Enrolling New IPCs.
Diagram of a Solid Structure. (500 Club)
Contact Information Sheet & Tools.
Ammo Sheet (commonly used excuses and how to
Presentations. (3 Sheets, Flipbook, One page)
Tahitian Noni International’s
mission is “To bless the whole
earth with the natural goodness of
Tahitian Noni as we tell the story of
lives transformed.” You are now an
important part of this mission.
"The promise of network marketing has
never been reward without effort. The
promise is that given the same amount of
effort and dedication, a network marketing
business will become many times more
valuable and rewarding than any other kind
of start up business."
Kelly Olsen, Co-Founder, Tahitian Noni
The Tahitian Noni product line has
been built around the amazing
benefits of the noni fruit. Noni is
unlike any other fruit known to man. It
was highly valued by ancient
Polynesians for its medicinal
properties, even though they didn’t
understand how it worked. Modern
science has begun to unlock the
secrets of this remarkable plant and
the mechanisms behind its potential
health benefits.
Decide whether you are a Business Owner or a Consumer.
Business owners invest in their business and work to get profit
(tangible or intangible). Consumers purchase products every
month with no actionable means of yielding a return. In
other words, you have a business plan; work it! You can be
in business part-time or full-time, but not sometime.
Separate your funds.
Document your time, expenses and profit. Keep your business
professional. In the beginning, you will have these areas of
your life combined, but in your first 100 days of NONI you
should be working to have a self funding business, and well
on your way to yielding profits. Also for Tax purposes, your
documentation is key. See Tax Preparation Sheet.
Common Successful Business
Practices 3.
With Integrity, you always have the best intent for EVERYONE. Doing the
right thing even when it seems you can get by with shortcuts will set
your business on the right path. Shortcuts will appear solid and timely
but will set your organization off course. For example, with the space
shuttle if you're going to the moon 1 or 2 degrees may be absent to
the naked eye on earth, but in space (much farther down the line), it
could be 1000's of miles off course. Remember "there are no
shortcuts to any place worth going."
Integrity: (1) the quality of being honest and having
strong moral principles.
(2) the state of being whole and undivided:
* the condition of being unified or sound in
* internal consistency or lack of corruption in
electronic data.
This appeals to people’s inner Sherlock Holmes; things have
got to add up. What you say and what they see have got to
add up; if not , you’re ignorant or even worse you’re lying.
You have to be mindful when you’re connecting with
people; perception is still everything. If a 400lb man walks
up to you and says "I can help you lose weight", instantly
you judge, but if that same man says “I use to be 500lbs
and I lost 100lbs using the FIT system; I can show you if
you’d like", now what he’s said is Congruent. The same
goes for success and health since they are both very
subjective for any individual. If you say you’re successful,
you better know what successful is to the person you're
talking too. If not, you’re full of it and your opportunity is
This may be the most talked about trait of Network Marketing.
It is the backbone of success in this industry. Duplicate is
defined as:
1. To make an exact copy of.
2. To make twofold; double.
3. To make or perform again; repeat.
In order to duplicate anything, action had to take place
and a difference had to be made. It was once asked of a
man who lost 50lbs, "how did you lose 50lbs?” He replied,
"I didn't; I lost 1lb 50 times.” If your organization is to
grow, you have to do one thing right, get a result and
show others what you did. That one thing is our 120 point
system. It is designed to get results the right way. The
more you follow this system, the more people will
duplicate your actions, and your business will grow.
Remember, make your business a VERB, not just a NOUN.
Your story is the most powerful tool you can have in any business.
We have created a simple way of creating your story. Ask yourself 3 questions:
A. Why did you get into this business?
B. What will the answer to (A.) allow you to do?
C. How would that make you feel?
Believe it or not, those 3 questions are enough to create your compelling story!! There is
a simple formula to get you started: (A = C + B)
Why did you get into this business? I wanted to make extra $.
What will the answer to (A) allow you to do? Pay some bills off.
How will that make you feel? A lot better about my financial situation.
Doesn't seem like much, but with the formula applied (A = C + B):
(A) I got started because (C) I didn't feel good about my financial situation at that time,
and (B) because I needed to pay off some bills and have some extra income.
Developing your Client Profile Database is one of the most important
steps of your business. Hint: This is a people business; without
people, you have no business. There are several ways of collecting
your Client’s info. To keep up with the fast growing and everchanging Social Media style of advertising. TNI has developed a
revolutionary database application for all of its IPCs. This database is
guaranteed to consolidate, organize and help you target potential
customers and business partners as well.
There is always the traditional method of creating your
Client Database. No matter if it is high tech with all the
bells and whistles or straight to the point…..the bigger
your Client Database, the bigger your business will be. We
have a full length version of the below database on the
next page.
The bigger your client database, the
faster you can achieve your goals!
(Make Copies of This Sheet)
The money-motivated Red Shark?
The fun-loving Blue Dolphin?
The caring Yellow Whale?
Or the factual Green Urchin?
Which one are you???
1. Getting immediate results
2. Making quick decisions
3. Persistence
4. Solving problems
5. Taking charge
6. Looking self reliant
7. Accepting challenges
Ideal situation
1. New varied activities
2. Opportunity to really get things done
3. Continual challenges, multi-tasker
4. Difficult assignments
5. Freedom to act from their instinct
6. Control over the situations
7. Direct answers from others, no innuendoes
1. Insensitivity towards others
2. Impatient
3. Overlook risks
4. Inflexibility, demanding of others
5. Talks too much
6. Inattentive to details at times
7. Resenting of restrictions
Needs others to provide
1. Attention to routine tasks
2. Caution
3. Focus on details and facts
Personal growth area
1. Greater patience
1. Optimism
2. Enthusiasm
3. Makes good impressions
4. Verbally articulate
5. Likes to help others
6. Creates entertaining climate
Ideal situation
1. Friendly warm environment
2. Freedom from control
3. Public recognition of ability
4. Opportunity to talk
5. Positive reinforcement
6. Enthusiastic response to ideas
1. Following through
2. Overestimating results
3. Misjudging capabilities
4. Talks too much
5. Acts impulsively
6. Jumps to conclusions
7. Over commits
8. Acts first, thinks second
Needs others to provide
1. Follow through on details
2. Focus on tasks
3. Logical approach
Personal growth area
1. Time awareness
2. Objectivity in decision making
1. Supportive
2. Agreeable
3. Loyal
4. Self control
5. Consistent
6. Good listener
7. Opportunity to develop personal
Ideal situation
1. Sincere appreciation by others
2. Minimal conflict between people
3. Security
4. Acknowledgement of work by others
5. Limited territory
6. Traditional procedures
7. Opportunity to develop personal
1. Resist change
2. Trouble making deadlines
3. Overly lenient with people
4. Procrastinates
5. Indecisive
6. Holds grudges
7. Overly possessive
8. Lacks initiative
Needs others to provide
1. Push to try new challenges
2. Help in solving difficult problems
3. Initiative and accepting change
Personal growth area
1. Facing confrontation & dealing with it
2. Moving at a faster pace and initiating
1. Orderliness
2. Conscientious
3. Disciplined
4. Precise
5. Thorough
6. Diplomatic with people
7. Analytical
Ideal situation
1. Being able to concentrate on detail
2. Opportunities to critique
3. Stable surroundings and procedures
4. Exact job description, expectations
5. Opportunities for "careful" planning
6. Sufficient time to do things right
7. Opportunities for reassurance from
1. Indecisive (looking at all data)
2. Get bogged down in details
3. Rigid on the "how to's"
4. Avoids controversy
5. Low self esteem
6. Hesitant to try new things
7. Sensitive to criticism
8. Can be pessimistic
Needs others to provide
1. Quick decision making
2. Optimism
3. Help in persuading others
Personal growth area
1. Be more open with their feelings
2. Be more optimistic
Now to be fair, we all have some of each of these qualities in us.
There are usually one or two which are dominant. For the types
you find yourself weak in, you should practice and develop those
by facing the fear of doing what that type of person does, be it
wearing more trendy clothes or stopping over-analyzing
something and taking the necessary action, even without all the
If you understand these personality types, you have put yourself
in a position to communicate with anyone. What better way “to
bless the whole earth with the natural goodness of Tahitian Noni
as (you) tell the story of lives transformed.”
When you contact people from your Client Database, they will fall
into 4 different categories. The below quadrant breaks down the 4
categories. If you look at your business as a vehicle, your Client
Database is the fuel. It can’t move without it.
People you
People you
meet through
other people
People often ask, “What do I say? What’s the script?” Here’s a secret: Scripts
don’t work for everyone and here’s why……. They aren’t your own words.
People know you and because they know how you are, if you say anything other
than how you would say it, they won't believe it/you. This is also true even for
people you don't know or who don't know you because then you'll be
uncomfortable about what you're saying. Talking to strangers may already be
uncomfortable enough without making it worse. And, we often spend more
time getting people to learn/conform to a script instead of tweaking the script
around them and their way of saying something.
Now that you know what not to say, what do you say? Here’s a key secret:
It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it and how you feel about what you
say (Remember congruency?)
#1 Smile & speak! Wait for a response. Comment on your surroundings (people feel
comfortable with people that they have something in common with). Let them
#2 Ask them a question about themselves (this is a non-personal question).
Wait for the response.
#3 Now ask a probing question geared toward creating an issue.
#4 Let them know whatever the issue is, you may have something that could
help them out.
#5 Give them your contact info. (Psychologically, when you hand them your
contact info, they may be curious about what you have.)
#6 Ask for their contact info. (For most people, when you give them
something, they want to give you something in return.)
The above steps are just an example.
The key to remember is that there
are 1000’s of ways to connect with
people. You just have to be genuine.
I’m a
I’m in the
Real estate!
Ugh, Ugh I Sell, I mean I
um get people too ugh
Buy um.. You want to
listen to this 3 minute
The “What Do You Do?” Question
Has this ever happened to you? If not, you’re not talking to people. This
question is one of the most debilitating questions about our business
simply because people don’t know how to respond.
#1 I tell my story.
#2 I retail products.
#3 I enroll people into Tahitian Noni International Network Marketing
The hard part is how do you describe what you do……………
The most important thing to remember is it’s not what you say, but how you feel about
what you say (posture is everything). How you respond depends on who you’re talking to
(Remember personality types). It also depends on your personality as well. Depending
upon your personality, the tone can come out completely different. Here are a few
1) I work with the 4th fastest growing
company of all time helping build their
brand in my area.
2) I’m contracted to TNI to increase
their monthly volume and brand
3) I help people I know make some
extra income.
4) I help people have better health.
5) I help people build their personal
6) I show people a system that can help
them get things they want.
The key to each of these examples is the client says “How?”. To answer the “How” question is
simple – It’s a presentation and training! And the method to get someone to these events is
edification up and down, more commonly used in a 3-way call.
Edification: The act of instructing or benefiting, especially morally
or spiritually; uplift.
In Network Marketing, the only thing edification is supposed to do
is create validity (the act of being credible or valid) in you and the
people you work with. Edification is only effective if it happens UP
& DOWN!!!, and of course, if it comes across as being congruent.
That is, if you know the person you’re edifying, and the person
being edified knows you also.
4 points of edification:
1. Categories – fun to be around, helping a lot of people, making lots of money (or
has made positive financial changes in their life) and knows 100% of the facts of the
2. Make it personal for you; respect the person or thing you’re edifying. Don’t sound
like you’re reading a script.
3. Do not edify your client at this point. You’re trying to create an environment, and
you want them to want to be a part of it. If you edify them at this point, they may not
feel compelled to join your environment no matter what you have.
4. Have a “what’s next” plan. (Presentation, website, training, research, trying your
products, etc.)
The main purpose of the 3-way call is aid in getting your client to a
presentation. There is no better way to get your new client to a presentation
and no better outcome than to have him or her on the front seat listening,
and taking notes firsthand, from your successful up-line or another member
of your support team.
There are 5 significant objectives which must be accomplished while doing a
3-way call, and if these 5 objectives are not accomplished, then the call was
not successful.
Objective # 1:
This is where you, the new IPC, learn how to answer the prospect's initial
questions and how the expert skillfully leads the conversation towards the
client realizing that they need to see a presentation rather than continue to
ask questions.
Remember, in every conversation (interview), the person who is asking the
questions is the one who is in control of the conversation. You always want
to be in control of the conversation (interview) when speaking with a
Objective # 2:
This call should not be longer than 5 to 10 minutes. If it is any longer, either you
or the expert are talking too much.
As the call begins, your expert needs to take control and immediately begin
answering your prospect's questions. The next thing for the expert to do is to tell
his/her story. When that is done, they should then begin asking your prospect
some pointed question(s), based on the information you gave them about the
prospect so the expert can move the prospect to the next level. Then finally, the
call should end with a follow-up date either for the prospect to be taken to a
follow-up information session or to get prepared to start building their business.
Remember, this call must not be more than 10 minutes, mainly because you have
to respect your expert’s time and get your prospect to see this objective in action.
This is a business, not a social event.
Objective # 3:
Showing the support system available to all.
Even though you will not mention this fact, underneath everything there is
another positive which your prospect will quietly observe, and that is the
tremendous support you are getting from your successful team members,
which is also available to him/her when they decide to get started in their
business. And, this is critical because most prospects can be very
apprehensive at this time and might be looking for all the support they can
find. As a result of this desire for the expert support, it may be quite easy for
your up-line or side-line to get a commitment from your prospect to actually
get started a lot faster than you might.
Objective # 4:
Throughout this 3-way call, it is extremely critical that both you and the expert
effectively use the wisdom and skills of edification and transferring credibility
back and forth. It is your urgent responsibility to immediately edify in the best
possible way, and as often as you can, as you introduce the prospect to your
expert. Once you have done your part, it now becomes just as critical that your
expert transfer that credibility back to you so that the prospect will be eager
and excited to look at you as his/her leader. If your up-line does not do an
excellent job of projecting you as the leader, but instead showcases
himself/herself as the leader, there will never be any duplication and/or
eventual freedom for that up-line/expert.
Objective # 5:
The expert must move the prospect to the next level. Either get him/her
started in the business or invite him/her to another information session. Or,
have the prospect invite someone to look at the business, or set up a time to
help him/her with their list building or leads generation system.
The key point here is that there must be a continuation from that 3-way call
or else the call is not a success.
Procedure for the 3-way call:
Before getting the prospect on the 3-way call, you must make sure that you provide
your up-line with pertinent information about the prospect.
3: When they
saw the
4: What best
they liked
about the
business or
what concerns
they had.
5: What need
(want) or
discontent the
prospect has,
why he/she is
looking at the
Once you have the prospect and the expert on the call, you immediately
introduce the expert with tremendous edification, and you hand over the
conversation and you be quiet and start taking notes. Never, never interrupt
your expert throughout the 3-way call unless asked for your help, or you have
some important "tidbit" to include. But remember, you never want to take away
any credibility from the expert. Again remember, this is training, and you want
to always show respect because this is training for your prospect as well.
When the call is over, it is a great idea to thank the prospect and your up-line
for their time. You then should click off your prospect and continue the call with
your expert for his/her final wrap-up, so you can know your next move and for
you to ask a few questions about the techniques he/she used during the call.
You can also use 3-way calls to help your new IPCs invite their prospects to a
presentation and help them with their follow-up calls. This is also critical
because you always want to be sure that everyone in your group is duplicating
the system, the correct way.
Summary: Communicating with someone is like a
dance. There will be give and take. There’s a time to
talk and a time to listen. The more you listen, the more
effective your conversation is for your client (The more
you know about your client, the more genuine you
appear to be.).
Believe or not, the simplest way to retail our products is to use them. Think
about it! You can’t talk effectively about something you don’t use. This is
probably the easiest part of the business, but we make it hard. Retailing our
products can be done in many ways using various tools. We have included
some proven steps that will help you retail TNI products.
Contact = Initial Interaction
Connect = Ask questions about them (engage)
Listen = Listen for discomfort or issues. State a problem, discomfort or issue that’s now fixed.
Tell your story. If you use the products, you will have a story.
Give product information (catalog, website, brochure, product on hand, email, pdf).
Make it simple to try, but professional at the same time.
Have product on hand or invoice book. If you have invoice, add information to Client List. Get
money upfront & have it shipped to your/their house.
Know your prices. Keep PDF or text file of prices.
If a repeat/reoccurring customer (3 months or more) – put on Autoship and save them money.
Ask for testimonies. Do a study. Have study sheet (a sheet with blood pressure, cholesterol and
BMI input with 90 day check-off calendar) and enroll in Noni for 90.
When you’re at the point of enrolling an IPC from a
client, it must be simple and quick; and also, the new
IPC must understand what he or she is committing to.
It’s as simple as 1,2,3.
Call TNI
Choose a
Enroll on
you are a
Call (1.800.445.2969) and press 1 to enroll a new IPC. A live
TNI representative will walk you through the process.
NOTE: TNI offices are closed on Sundays.
Go to and click on Signup.
The original enrollment
option. This is our most
popular package. It
comes with a case (4 one
Liter Bottles) of original
Bioactive beverage and
Your Business Kit. All for
less that $200
Our Business Builder
Packs offer instant
profitability to anyone
looking to generate
income quickly. We have
3 packs to choose from:
Bioactive Double
Our newest program.
The FIT Business Pack
gets you started the right
way by taking care of
your bioactive needs
while providing a 30-day
supply of the entire FIT
Body Composition
$299 +S/H
All for $299 +S/H
Understanding Autoship – Autoship is the difference between bonus checks and residual checks.
Simply stated, enrolling in the Case AutoShip program means that an IPC has committed to
purchase at least 120 QPV of product each month. QPV = Qualifying Personal Volume = your
personal purchase points from products you've purchased yourself and/or points from purchases
made under your IPC ID# (by other people). Autoship has 2 options.
Conditional CAS Autoship. Choose a set shipment sent to you on the 15th of each month
(e.g. a case of noni juice) but maintain the freedom to customize! If you decide you'd
rather try a different combination of Tahitian Noni® products that month (i.e. change
your set shipment), simply call or go online and place a qualifying order (120 points) by
the 14th of the month.
Unconditional CAS Autoship. Your Unconditional AutoShip order is sent to you on the
15th of each month, regardless of any other purchases. No phone calls, no ordering - it's
all taken care of automatically.
Benefits of Case AutoShip
Enrolling in the Case AutoShip program qualifies an IPC to receive maximum commissions and
bonuses, making CAS the key to TNI's compensation plan. In order to receive CAS benefits, an
IPC must actually purchase 120 QPV every month, not simply be shown as Case AutoShip active.
Following are some of the many great benefits that only CAS-active IPCs can enjoy/qualify for:
Best possible
pricing on all
Tahitian Noni®
Waiver of
renewal fee
Global Bonus
Pools: Infinity
Bonus, Top
Bonus, Black
Pearl Bonus
20% personal
rebates on
purchases over
120 QPV
Business Pack
Fast Start
Warren Buffet says (not really but we’d like to think so)
Determine your monthly investment (FFSR). This is known as your Franchise
Fee & Stock Replenishment (Franchise Fee is a fee a person pays to operate a
franchise branch of a larger company and enjoy the profits. Stock
Replenishment is your personal product or product to retail.).
Determine what’s needed on the retail and enrollment side to not have to pay
your FFSR out of pocket.
For example, if your FFSR is $126.00 a month.
Retail 3 bottles of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage = $135 @ $45 a bottle.
Enrollment is (using 500 Club structure) You and Level 1 & 2 complete = $156.
Get to work!
Most people are conditioned to work a 9 to 5 job.
Many people do well in jobs because there is
structure…they know what to do and what's
expected. However, to have success in a Network
Marketing system, there is also Structure.
Build your Mastermind Team = at least 5 people that share your vision, or believe in the
team’s vision, and help them get what they want. Your goal - get them to $500 a month
5 to get 5 through 5 levels
Level 1.
Level 2.
Level 3.
Level 4.
Level 5.
$750 (A total of $906 on 3rd level)
Note: by the 3 level you have made it into the 500 Club.
500 Club - Help 500 people make 500 dollars residually.
Confucius Says:
Man with one chopstick
go hungry.
A part time job paying
$10 an hour (yea
right) at 20 hours a
week (an even bigger
joke) gets you $800 a
month before taxes.
Level 1.
Level 2.
Level 3.
IPC’s x(120) =
x(120) =
x(120) =
x(120) =
Building a Business
A total of $906 from your first 3 levels. This can be done in half the time of a
part time job, and everything you did to get it is a tax write off. (See your tax
Life is really
simple, but we
insist on making it
William Coppage (Jade Elite)
◦ 678-637-3622
◦ [email protected]
Chago Sababu-Butler (Pearl)
◦ 404-422-3433
◦ [email protected]
Cleorn Day (Pearl)
◦ 404-379-3616
◦ [email protected]
Ron Hines (Pearl)
◦ 678-665-4084
◦ [email protected]
Ammo Sheet (Commonly Used Excuses
and How to Respond)
I could never be successful trying to sell my friends something.
I don’t know anyone.
I’m happy right where I am and don’t want to change.
I’ve had a negative experience with network marketing.
I don’t have any time.
Don’t have the money.
Want to do my research. Is it FDA approved?
What makes your company better than mine?
Let me pray on it.
With Kelly Olsen, TNI Co-founder
A very large part of your knowledge base comes from the experiences of other people, not your
own. Imagine how difficult is would be if you had to find out everything by yourself. The truth is
this type of marketing, networking, is essential to our happiness and success. How then could we
imagine withholding information about a product or business opportunity from this information
networking process? You see, it’s natural to share; it’s important to share things that you’re excited
about. In fact, we have an obligation to share. Once you’ve felt the impact of Tahitian Noni
Bioactive Beverages and caught the vision of what we’re all about, it will be very natural for you to
share this information with others you know and even those you don’t. When it is shared in the
spirit of genuine enthusiasm and sincerity, it won’t be unwelcomed; rather, your sincerity will draw
your friends and associates to you like a magnet. So many of our TNI IPCs have experienced this
apprehension at first, but began to share freely and experienced an outpouring of love and
gratitude that they took the time to share this important message. Here are some tips:
 Think of it as “sharing/telling your story” instead of “selling something.” Avoid the word “selling.”
Tell them about it but don’t be attached to the outcome.
 Ask them what they do; listen to them until they mention “a need” in their lives and then you
share with them/tell them that you have a “solution” for them (i.e. they complain about having no
money and/or no energy, tell them about noni and how tons of people are getting increased income
and increased energy using the product (including yourself).
 Say “we’ve launched an awesome product from Tahiti and many people are experiencing
tremendous results both physically and financially.” Give them an information packet/brochure
and/or put them on a conference call and set up a time to follow-up (or say you’ll call them within
24 to 48 hours) to see what they liked best. Always remember that if they’re not interested in the
information, they’re not rejecting you but the information you’ve given/offered them. “No” lots of
time doesn’t mean they’re not interested, but it just means “not right now” so you can move on to
the next person.
Don’t let the “fear of rejection” keep you from reaping the rewards of your full potential!
With Kelly Olsen, TNI Co-founder
There’s little doubt that you know enough people to begin your business right now. In
fact, try this…..If you were given $100 for every name you could put on a list right now, how many
names could you come up with? The truth is if you are a typical individual, with a little help you
could make a list of 300 to 500 names of individuals that you either know or have had contact with.
And the real truth is that the names on this list are far more valuable than $100 each.
TNI has developed a simple way to help you assemble a dynamic list of people who are within your
sphere of influence to begin to work with. Most people you know or whom you have had contact
with are exactly like you. Who do you know that could benefit from improved health and vitality or
has been trying to lose weight, but has been frustrated with other programs? Who do you know
who is very health conscious? Who do you know who could use an extra income to help meet
expenses or improve their lifestyle? You see the exact things that are appealing to you about TNI
will appeal to everyone you know.
If you could make a list of 300 names, everyone on that list could probably do the same. You see
in network marketing, you literally multiply your influence geometrically. Can you imagine your
sphere of influence growing to 1000’s of people in many countries? That’s the power of duplication
and networking. TNI has tools to help you make contacts and build lists i.e. TNI
Talking to your friends and your family, your warm market, is a good place to start.
With Kelly Olsen, TNI Co-founder
One of the great things we all have in common is the desire to improve, the desire to be
better than we are. Unfortunately, the day to day realities sometimes lead us to believe that
improvement is impossible, our dreams are silly and we’d better get use to our lot in life.
Newspapers and magazines everyday are full of success stories of people who would not accept
those realities. They are really no different than you and me; they simply decided to start listening
to that voice inside of them which whispered “you are meant for great things; you can accomplish
anything you desire!” Every great invention, success, or enterprise began with a dream, a vision
first. The TNI opportunity is helping thousands of people, just like you, everyday to achieve their
With traditional business, if you don’t work you don’t get paid, but with network marketing you can
earn residual income (getting paid even if you’re unable to work) which equals security.
TNI helps ordinary people earn/make extraordinary income. Yeah, you may be okay right now,
but you could lose your job, your other business could decline, etc.
Is all of your retirement income tied to your current or past job(s) – what if they go bankrupt or
something? Look at what happened to the people at Enron.
With Kelly Olsen, TNI Co-founder
Network marketing is the most powerful entrepreneurial concept there is. More
average people have achieved financial freedom through networking than any other business
method. Network marketing has never been as exciting as it is today. It has never been embraced
by as many as it is today. Concepts like multiplication, duplication, time leveraging, residual
income and relationship marketing were not even taken seriously by traditional businesses 10
years ago. These concepts are powerful. The concept of network marketing is itself phenomenal.
Leverage your time by enlisting the energy of an army of associates to add to your income.
Leverage your resources by eliminating the need for heavy investment in a traditional business or
Network marketers have learned and teach others the difference between traditional
income and residual income. You see most of us earn income the traditional way – we swap time
for money. As long as we have time that we’re willing to sell, the money continues; but when the
time runs out, of course the money stops. We experience this sometimes with sickness or cutbacks. This one-dimensional approach can never provide the kind of financial freedom that we all
dream of. We hope it can, but it really can’t. Residual income is not dependent on you selling your
time. It continues ran or shine, day or night. And this is why networking is so powerful because it
actually helps you build a residual income. For example, if somewhere someone in your
organization is holding a meeting or doing a presentation right now, regardless of whether or not
you know who they are or where they are, the result of that meeting or presentation would be that
you’d be making more money that month. You see the power of that realization will have the ability
to change everything that you’ve ever considered about financial security and freedom from debt.
Restaurant servers and laborers, for example, people from all walks of life have become
millionaires through network marketing. The power of this business is amazing – love it for its
ability to reach our dreams and our potential.
But network marketing is not a game. It’s important to pick a company that
you feel good about in your heart. There is nothing more powerful than that feeling. Here’s
a very simple formula for you to evaluate a network marketing opportunity. This formula
consists of 3 elements: product plus marketing plan plus system equals success. The
product represents the identity of the company, the vision, the passion, the mission.
Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages continue to be the drive behind everything we’re doing.
That kind of product and vision just doesn’t come along everyday. “Me-too” products are
everywhere, but understand that the outstanding opportunities in networking do not come
from “me-too” products.
The marketing plan of a company represents how you’re rewarded for your
efforts and much more. It represents the philosophy that a company has for rewarding it’s
distributors for their efforts and for expansion into new markets and new vistas. It
represents the vision of a company for years to come. To be successful, a marketing plan
must have 3 things….1. a source of quick income, 2. a long term residual income that will
help people reach their financial dreams, 3. must allow people to benefit from the growth of
the entire company – we call this wealth-building.
The system part of our formula is simply the means of duplicating yourself and
your efforts over and over. You need a system that becomes a formula for success that
literally anyone can follow. In this way, you can build a huge profitable organization.
Remember this - people who have never been able to make money in any other network
marketing opportunity are building tremendous incomes with TNI. This is the greatest
compliment to any marketing plan – period!
TNI has all of the above elements. Now imagine a culture that has been
carefully nurtured as a foundation for our business that encompasses the dreams and the
history of Polynesians 1000’s of miles away. This company was not just thrown together –
the roots go very, very deep. Imagine a company that is actually revitalizing an entire
country by simply sharing a special, healthful/helpful product. Every time you’ve ever heard
someone tell you that network marketing doesn’t work, it’s because they’ve not learned the
secret of activity and duplication.
A mediocre product and so-so marketing plan will make you rich if you master
the concepts of activity and duplication, but TNI has the most outstanding products in the
industry and a marketing plan that’s second to none. You do something once and get paid
again and again and again, year after year after year. Network marketing, per se, didn’t let
you down; it’s just been the circumstances because of being with the wrong company that
didn’t have the right financial backing or the right product. As some people in our
organization like to say, “you can be the best jockey in the world, but if you’re on the wrong
horse you’ll lose every time.”
With Kelly Olsen, TNI Co-founder
Time is a constant…. 24 hours make a day, 7 days make a week,
52 weeks make a year. There is no inequity in time. Everyone has exactly
the same amount. It is also important to know that we spend our time by
choice or by default. When we make choices about how we spend our time,
we generally receive a tremendous return on our investment. When we
make no conscious choice, we default and generally receive a very poor
return on our investment. There are many ways we default – spending time
in front of the T.V. is probably one of the most common. We will never reach
our goals in any part of our life if our time is controlled by default and not by
our good choices.
There are two resources that create wealth – time and money. Of the two,
only time is non-replinishable. Most of us take pain-staking care in
determining how we will spend or invest our money. We shop around for
the best bargains. We study investments with great care. After all, as
Benjamin Franklin said, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” It’s a pity
Franklin didn’t help us realize that time is actually more valuable than
money. We can always earn more money; we can never replace wasted
time. If we invested time like money, we would demand a high return for our
invested time. We would develop a portfolio of “time investments” which
would give us the greatest return. How are you investing your time? What
return are you getting from this valuable resource? How much of your time
are you setting aside to build a dynamic income source that will never retire
even if you do? How much of your time are you setting aside to build
You will find that there will always be enough time if your desire to
get beyond where you are is strong enough. You need to decide
how important creating additional income is for your family. TNI
will allow you that income, but you need to re-evaluate what you
are getting from the current use of your time. Once you sit down
with your schedule, you will find hours to build your TNI business.
That’s been true of most IPCs. And once you see the results from
our product and feel the satisfaction received from helping people,
you’ll even find more time because time is found by our view of
If you work a full-time job, start with the hours you can
squeeze out at first and then expand
on them as you
create more time. But you got to take the first step.
Trade T.V. time for noni time.
If you see the vision, you will work the business as if your life
and your family’s lives depend on it.
Time invested wisely will yield personal happiness, spiritual
growth, self improvement and wealth. Time invested poorly will
yield frustration, anxiety and debt. With TNI, you are free to invest
as little or as much time as you desire. Most TNI entrepreneurs
begin part-time and fit it into their weekly schedule. It’s really not
important how much time you commit to; you will find that over
time you actually find more time to do the things you’ve always
wanted to do. So take a serious look at your “time portfolio” – how
you spend your time.
“I Don’t Have the Money!”
If you are in Network Marketing or ANY kind of Sales, you have most definitely heard the objection
“I don’t have the money.” So how can you get past it? If they don’t have the money, they don’t have
the money… right? Wrong. If they don’t have the money, they haven’t seen the VALUE. When they
see the value, they will FIND the money. So when people say they don’t have the money, they are
really saying “I don’t see the value.”
How can you overcome this objection?
Tell your story and make sure it's worth more than the cost of getting started in business.
Remember, people are emotional and they move farther and faster if they have something to lose
verses something to gain. They feel like if I don’t have it now I'm not missing it, but if you paint a
picture that states how they are consistently losing by not being in business with you, that builds
What if they see the value?
If they see the value, then it’s just a matter of finding the money. When you are finding the money,
it almost always comes down to giving something up that is not beneficial for something that is.
Here's an example:
A woman said to me that she could not budget our $126 auto-shipment. I painted her a picture:
“$126 dollars a month, that’s only $4.20 a day, Cathy. What do you spend $4.20 on now each
day?” After asking some questions, we uncovered the fact that she was going out for lunch almost
every day, and she’s a smoker. “If smoking more cigarettes got you paid, would you do it more?”
She replied, “Of course!” “So, Cathy, you have to start investing your money in things that get you
paid.” She agreed. Here’s another one you may have heard before… There’s the old analogy that if
your favorite car, say a black Mercedes Benz, was parked out front and you only have to get
$500.00 to own the keys… You would find the money wouldn’t you? It’s never about the money; it’s
always about the value.
What if we can’t find the money, now what?
If time is money, then find the time. What it takes to get started is: $126 Case of TN Bioactive
Beverage, $35 business kit, and tax, handling and shipping; total is approximately $180. There are
4 1-liter bottles in a case, and each bottle retails for $45. If you presale all 4 bottles, that will get
you the startup money, and now you have the money to start your own business. Get started. Get
your kit and your case of Bioactive Beverage, deliver your bottles to your clients and begin to build
a business.
The bottom line is if you have Value in our opportunity, money is not an issue.

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