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July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Vol. 8 No. 12
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Arroyo out on bail in electoral sabotage case ...
China pushes aggression ...
Gloria is free!
Chinese Military eyes air, water spaces in disputed sea...
Former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during her happy days as Head of State
in Malacanang Palace. She does not have the last laugh, however, as there’s still
the PCSO plunder case recently filed against her. (File Photo)
‘We want peaceful resolution’- Aquino III
Special guest. President Benigno Aquino III delivers his speech during celebrations marking the 114th foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
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The Comedy King is laid to rest..
Farewell, Dolphy!
Dolphy, whose
full name was
Rodolfo Vera
Quizon, Sr., was
born the second
of 10 children
in Tondo, Manila, on July 25,
1928, to Melencio Espinosa-Quizon, a ship mechanic and
Salud Vera Quizon, a home-based tailor.
(Photo courtesy of
Please see page 15
Vice Ganda returns to Toronto!
‘Gandang Gabi, Vice’ TV host Vice Ganda returns
to Toronto after producer JREM Productions received hundreds of request for the topnotch comedienne’s return engagement in this City. ....
Pls. see page 17 ...
Story on page 9
Lolita Carbon ng ASIN
LIVE in T.O.!
FPJ affirmed as national artist
ANG PAGBABALIK: Iconic folk singer Lolita Carbon
ng ASIN returns to Toronto September 29 as the featured performer in the 2-in-1 TPC/EDCILLE Productions
show. .
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Photo shows Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, more popularly known as Fernando Poe Jr., the National
Artist. (File Photo)
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Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
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Master of Pressure Points
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Real Estate, Wills,
Powers of Attorney,
Divorce, Small Claims
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
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Same striped tiger
Trust thy neighbor
It took the adroit diplomacy from Indonesia to come up with an agreement that gives a lot
of promise on defusing tense situations in the South China Sea involving territorial claims
where China is staking an aggressive claim.
Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa shuttled among Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (Asean) members to mend the rift at the recent Asean Regional Forum meeting in Cambodia where a traditional statement affirming unity and at the same time come up
with a binding code on disputed territories did not materialize.
It was a mediation coup since the code of conduct that would likely come out from the
issuance of the six-point Asean statement had China’s commitment to abide by.
The Chinese government would likely use the Indonesian move to illustrate the effectiveness of settling disputes within the region without the involvement of the United States
which is what the Philippines wanted and was among the reasons China was vehemently
against the proposed communiqué in the Asean meeting in Phnom Penh. A heated debate
erupted over the mention of territorial disputes in the statement that resulted in an impassé,
with the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Cambodia of being influenced by China while the
Philippines and Vietnam were accused of holding up an agreement.
The agreement, if China does agree to it, may result in a long-term resolution of the conflict and it will provide a clear basis for settling disputes since it extensively referred to the
1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) which the country has been
pushing as basis for dispute settlement.
In the end, China seems only to be after a measure of respect on recognizing its capability of resolving disputes that had festered in the region for so long.
With the Unclos as basis, China would show it is willing to abide by international norms
on its South China Sea claims.
China’s position had always been bilateral or at most regional settlement of disputes and
making it to commit to the code of conduct will bind it to the Unclos that indeed would be a
big breakthrough in the South China Sea conflicts.
The Philippines would have been better off if it had negotiated bilaterally such a commitment from China.
Natelagawa did a statesman’s job and the Indonesian effort was in stark contrast to the
recalcitrance shown by the Philippine government which had avoided a formal dialog and
instead preferred to bring the United States and other Western powers into its territorial rift
with China.
That was a big mistake on the part of the Philippine government, knowing that China has
rejected many times over any involvement in these regional talks of the United States.
If Vietnam sided with the Philippines on this specific issue, it is because Vietnam, which,
apart from its claim on the same Spratlys, also had other territorial claims against China.
Still, it is doubted if Vietnam would want the interference of the United States in its internal affairs, especially in sovereignty issues, something which its neighbor, the Philippines
under the stewardship of Noynoy, makes it too clear that the country welcomes with open
arms the US involvement even in its internal affairs.
Crafting a code of conduct for the region was the chief goal of the Asean meeting in
Cambodia and the hardline posturing of the Philippines almost resulted in the efforts on it
to go to waste.
The diplomacy practiced by Indonesia was the right move amid the conflicts and it clearly
showed that disagreements can be resolved within the region without always pulling in the
United States which clearly has a vested interest in the push for third-party settlement amid
its Asia-Pacific policy pivot.
It is a simple matter of trusting your neighbor to which the Philippines seems not to be
(Daily Tribune)
With elections coming up in
2013, and with Noynoy and Dinky
Soliman’s gargantuan budget for
the outright dole-out known as the
conditional cash transfer program
(CCT), suspicion is high that some
P40 billion of that administration
dole-out will be used to buy votes
for the Noynoy candidates.
But there went Malacañang’s
Lady Gaga, allaying fears that the
funds will be misused and neither
will the local politicians use the
CCT program for poor families to
campaign for the 2013 elections.
Abigail Valte, aka Lady Gaga,
was quoted as saying that the CCT
program is insulated from politics
because local leaders are not allowed to pick the beneficiaries and
the assistance is being given under
certain conditions.
“That was the system under the
previous administration. But under the Aquino administration, the
beneficiaries are selected by conducting the National Household
Targeting System (NHTS). That
is done through surveys,” Lady
Gaga said.
Valte explained that even if the
NHTS had recommended particular beneficiaries, they were immediately delisted if found to be
unqualified for the program.
She went further by saying that
even if this agency identified these
beneficiaries correctly and qualifies them to be included in the program, they can still be removed if
they fail to comply with government requirements.
If such is the case, and if that
CCT program undergoes such
tight screening, why then have
Dinky and her department not
come out with complete list of
the beneficiaries or even provide
the public with a thorough report
and feedback on the improvement
in the lives of these beneficiaries,
and whether conditions have been
strictly followed, because certainly monitoring is poor.
From the time the billions were
provided for the CCT, Soliman
has not come up with a full report,
and all they claim is that the CCT
is successful, this despite the fact
that there have been many reports
of some funds going to teachers as
well as some beneficiaries not getting the funds at all.
The problem with this admin-
istration and its officials is that
they think that anything they say
is credible, and all they need to do
when faced with reports on such
irregularities — especially when it
comes to the dole-outs is to claim
They should start realizing that
they are not fooling the people
with their claim of their honesty
under the Noynoy administration,
because as sure as hell, there is
still so much graft and corruption
and prostitution of agencies under
this government.
Apart from which, it is hardly
any secret that the Noynoy administration does resort to bribery, as
has been evident during the impeachment complaint drafting, as
well as the trial.
If they can bribe congressmen
with their pork barrel release and
more besides, why not bribe the
voters too, and with government
funds, too?
What Lady Gaga misses out on,
as usual, is the fact that while local politicians may not be choosing the beneficiaries, the use of the
funds is still controlled by Dinky
and naturally, by Noynoy.
For the past two years, with,
and through the CCT, Noynoy and
Dinky have established a grassroots network, and by excluding
the local politicians from the selection process, the so-called poor
beneficiaries will be beholden
to them, and vote for whoever
Noynoy and the Liberal Party say
for their campaign victory.
That is the way it works, which
is why it is the DSWD that handles
the program. Dinky, even during
her stint with the Gloria administration, had later admitted that she
had used the poor to the point of
bribing them to join rallies in support of Gloria. Remember too, that
she was with Gloria during the
2004 campaign.
If she could use the poor to rally
for Gloria and use them for her
presidential campaign then, what
makes anyone think that she won’t
do the same for Noynoy and his
candidates, and now with the CCT
funds, which amount to tens of billions, for the poor’s votes?
As it is always said, a tiger,
whether a Gloria or a Noynoy tiger, can’t change its stripes.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Reprinted from
Malaya with the
author’s consent
By Mon Datol
Natameme ba si Kabayan?
Mark Barriga conquered his first round
foe in boxing competition of the ongoing
London Olympics to barge into the next
round and needs to post three more wins
to enter the gold medal round of the lightflyweight category, the lightest division in
the Summer Games.
In Olympic boxing, a boxer has to win
five times to pocket the gold medal, the
only Olympic metal the Philippines has
not bring home, yet, since our country participated in the quadrennial Games in 1924.
Boxing, however, came near in ending
the Philippines’ gold medal drought in the
Summer Games twice. First in 1964 Tokyo
Games when Anthony Villanueva entered
the final of the featherweight class, and
Mansueto ‘Onyok’ Velasco crashed the gold
medal hunt in the light flyweight division of
the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
Villanueva lost to Stanislav Stepanskin
to settle for the silver while the younger
Velasco yielded the gold to Daniel Petrov to
pocket the Philippines second silver medal.
Roel Velasco, Onyok’s elder brother, won the
bronze in the 1992 Barcelona Games also in
the light flyweight category and Leopoldo
Serantes also settled for the bronze in the
1988 Seoul Games, again, in the light flyweight class.
One glaring fact about the Philippines
Olympic participation, particularly in boxing, is that only in the lighter weight divisions could Filipinos gun for the elusive
gold. A silver and two bronzes during the
reign of former Manila Mayor and PSC
chairman Mel Lopez as ABAP head did the
country harvested 3 of 5 Olympic boxing
medals, all in the light flyweight categories. Jose (1932-Bronze-bantamweight) and
son Anthony (1964-Silver-Featherweight)
Villanueva were the other boxing medalists
for the Philippines.
How I wish Barriga chalk-up four-straight
victories to lay claim on the country’s firstever Olympic Gold and end the Philippines
88-year search for the elusive golden metal
in London.
And as what my partner Ron delos Reyes
and I were saying in our ABAP-GMA7 TV
boxing program from 1989 to 1996, ‘Go
Mark, Go’....
‘Go for Gold!’
True, PNoy scored a direct hit on Noli Boy
de Castro that even if the President did not
name names in his speech, it was Kabayan
Noli he was castigating during the 25th
anniversary party for the TV Patrol news
program of the ABS CBN held at the Manila
Hotel where not less than 600 people were
‘shocked’ on hearing the Presidential blast.
But remember, PNoy was invited by ABS
CBN as special guest where top officials and
employees of the giant TV network, which
is widely known as the President’s staunch
supporter, were supposed to hear congratulatory message, but instead, ‘an attack to the
network’s top anchor.’
Kung baga sa ating mga Pinoy, inimbitahan kita sa aking tahanan, lumugar ka at
huwag maging pasaway.
It took only 20 minutes for PNoy to say
his ‘sermon’, came down from the stage
after which he obliged for some picture taking with ABS CBN officials and staff, one
of whom was Noli Boy de Castro, who was
said left the pavilion before the President say
his piece and came back only to have a photo
with his ‘basher.’
Was Noli Boy affected by the President’s
tirades? Nobody could not say, but, by the
look on his face the next day he was anchoring TV Patrol, I could surmise Kabayang
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Noli is really affected and is now pondering
what PNoy would do next to him once he
started cracking side comments against the
Aquino administration in his TV news program. Could it be ...
‘Mga nagbabagang kaso’ kontra De
In fairness to PNoy, he was just asking
valid questions that intrude on public welfare and the conditioning of the public mind,
especially on Filipinos abroad like us who
watched TFC showing spate of crimes, sex,
scandals, showbiz bits and pieces, teleseryes,
etc. that do not represent the state of affairs
in the Philippines.
The President said he could not understand
why some media men would promote conflict when there is already harmony. He continued by saying: “How many tourists cancel
their vacation to the Philippines every month
because of everyday negativism? How many
of our fellowmen lose their opportunity for
livelihood because of bad news? If you’re
one of the 10 million who work and sacrifice
abroad, will you be encouraged to come back
when news on television is more frightening
than ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’?” Aquino said.
“Since when did it become bad to report
good news?” He added that there were positive stories that could inspire and uplift the
people rather than make them feel hopeless.
Tama naman si PNoy dito. Pati mga
kababayang Pinoy dito sa abroad ay ‘natatakot’ na rin umuwi sa Pinas dahil sa napapanuod sa TFC TV Patrol at GMA 7news
hinggil sa walang puknat na patayan, rape
cases, nakawan, kidnapping, holdap-an,
drugs, rallies, corruption, at kung anik-anik
pang balita na talaga naming nakakawindang
ng puso at isipan.
And besides, the President only asks
media to present the true situations in the
Philippines and be fair in their reporting of
the development, progress and the like in
the country, not just negativity of the issues.
PNoy is not dictating on media as critics
want to lark about. Press freedom is still
foremost on PNoy’s government.
I don’t like PNoy style of governance, but,
I believe he is sincere in his ‘daang matuwid.’ Kaya nga niya pina-impeach si Corona,
eh, dahil hindi matuwid ang daan tinahak
nito sa administration ni GMA. Ang disgusto
ko lang sa gobiyerno ni PNoy ay ang ilang
gabinete nito na pulos bulong ang ginagawa
sa Presidente at patuloy na gumagamit ng
puwersa para magka-pera. Sino-sino mga
Mga lasenggo at babaerong sekretaryo.
The PIDC Mabuhay Festival held July 28,
2012 at the Metro Convention Centre was a
big flop at the tills, as only some few hundred wandering souls pulled out from their
pockets hard-earned $50 for VIP tickets and
$25 for admission tickets. And the booths,
specially the food vendors could not believe
what hit them. ‘Talo’, was the Tagalog word
that aptly described the vendors plight whole
day of that fateful Saturday.
What caused the collapse of the previously No. 1 Mabuhay Festival in the GTA? Was
it the sky-high VIP Tickets? Was it the neophyte artistic director’s touch of the Festival
programming my friend Tess Cusipag of
BALITA mentioned in her article? Whatever.
Mabuhay Festival could rise again to where
it used to be. But PIDC must regain the trust
of the community and the sponsors and most
of all, the support and backing of the media,
which the PIDC top hierarchy ignored in the
last two years. Hindi sine-censure and media
at hindi pinipili ang media people na papasukin sa venue to cover your event, dahil ...
Sa Canada may Press Freedom.
‘Who will take over in 2016? Is there
anyone who can be as honest and
straightforward to take his place and
continue the work that he has started?’
The long SONA
PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino gave
the best State of the Nation Address
(SONA) ever. Yet, looked at in another
way, he did not say much; in fact, he said
nothing new, We all knew what he has
been doing the last two and some years
of his six-year term – mostly that he
has been on his Daang Matuwid – the
straight and narrow path – all along.
Thus, the fact that he continues on
that path and promises to continue to do
so for the rest of his term is not surprising. What is a revelation is that the path
has been good for the country. It brought
us an improved economy, without increasing taxes and lot of other benefits,
including LGUs that have reformed their
ways, too, after the way that the national
government did.
This is his answer to an early observation he notes in his speech: “I cannot
help but remember a woman I spoke
with during one of my first house-tohouse campaigns. She lamented: “It
won’t matter who wins these elections.
Nothing will change. I was poor when
our leaders campaigned, I am poor now
that they are in office, and I will still be
poor when they step down.” This is a
grievance echoed by many: “Our leaders didn’t care about us then, our leaders
don’t care about us now, and our leaders
will not care about us tomorrow.”
He cites changes in Public Works:
“We are eliminating the patronage politics that had been prevalent in DPWH,
and replacing it with a culture in which
merit prevails. All projects must have
work programs; we will require those involved in projects to submit well thought
out plans for consideration, so that each
project complements the other. We have
also instituted an honest and transparent
bidding process to provide equal opportunity to interested contractors.
“Because of this, we have already
saved 2.5 billion pesos, and expect to
save 6 to 7 billion by the end of this year.
The most important thing, however, is
that now, we can count on well-paved
roads–as opposed to the fragile potholeridden paths that our people had grown
used to. Once, we believed that the system in the DPWH was impossible to fix;
but look–it’s possible, and we’re fixing
And in agriculture: “Before we came
into office in 2010, the Philippines imported 2.3 million metric tons of rice,
which was already a million metric tons
more than the 1.3 million that we needed. We even had to pay extra for warehouses to store the rice acquired through
excessive importation.
“How many years have we been
over-importing rice? Many Filipinos
thought that there was nothing we could
do about it.
“We proved them wrong in the span
of a year. What was once an estimated
yearly shortage of 1.3 million metric
tons is down to 660,000–that’s almost
half of the original amount. Even with
our buffer of 200,000 metric tons as
contingency against natural calamities,
it is still significantly less than what was
once the norm.
“Our success in this sector was not
brought about by mere luck. This is simply the result of doing things right: using the most effective types of seedlings,
and careful and efficient spending on
irrigation. In the past year, we irrigated
an additional 11,611 hectares of fields,
not to mention the near 212,000 hectares
of land we were able to rehabilitate. The
result: a 15.6 percent increase in rice
“We envision two things: first, an end
to over-importation that only serves to
benefit the selfish few. Second: we want
rice self-sufficiency–that the rice served
on every Filipino’s dinner table is planted here, harvested here, and purchased
And for our soldiers and policemen:
“The average salary of a common PO1
in Metro Manila is around 13,000 pesos.
Around 4,000 pesos or about a third of
their salaries goes directly to paying the
rent. Another third goes to food, and the
final third is all that is left for electricity
and water bills, commuting, tuition fees,
medicine, and everything else. Ideally,
their salaries match their expenses–but
this is not always the case. Those whose
salaries are not enough would probably
resort to taking out some loans. What
happens when the interest piles up and
they end up having to spend even more
of their salaries? Will they still be able to
do the right thing when tempted with an
opportunity to make a quick buck?
“This is why, this July, we have followed through on the housing promise
we made in February. We were able
to award 4,000 Certificates of Entitlement to Lot Allocation. This is only the
first batch of the 21,800 houses we will
have constructed by the end of the year.
Awarding our men in uniform these
houses will turn their 4,000 peso rent expense into an initial 200 peso per month
payment for a house that is all theirs.
The cash they once paid for rent can now
be used for other needs.
“I hear that there are still more than a
thousand houses left, so for our policemen and our soldiers who have not yet
submitted their papers, this is the last call
for this batch of houses. But do not worry, because this housing program will
continue next year, covering even more
people and more regions. The NHA is
already preparing the sites for housing
projects in Visayas and Mindanao, with
an expanded list of beneficiaries that will
also include employees of the Bureau of
Jail Management and Penology and of
the Bureau of Fire Protection.”
The speech was long -- over an hour.
All it did was to point out that long-festering problems had been solved with
the simplest of solutions. It proved to me
that we had chosen the right man in 2010
to lead this nation. I expected a speech
that would make excuses for tasks still
undone. Instead, it was a triumphant
one – the speech of one who had proven
himself right and everyone else wrong.
One man doing the right thing could
make everything right.
Now, I worry. Who will take over
in 2016? Is there anyone who can be as
honest and straightforward to take his
place and continue the work that he has
started? Or will it be back to the way it
was before Ninoy and Cory’s only son
continued the work they started? Will
we have a new standard of public service by then or will it be a return to the
old ways?
Readers who missed a column can
This is updated daily. Your reactions are
welcome at [email protected]
Philippine Courier
My Cup of Tea
By Dr. Leto Tigley
Reprinted from
Malaya with the
author’s consent
The killing of Nixon Kua and PNoy’s fantasy picture of the country’s peace and order situation
Is he aware of peace and order
situation outside Malacanang?
We mourn the passing of a colleague and friend, Nixon Kua, former head of the Philippine Tourism
Authority, who passed away late
Monday evening, two days after he
was shot by what police said was a
robbery incident in the posh Ayala
Greenfields in Calamba, Laguna.
The incident happened in front of
the house of his brother, Allyxon,
who was also shot several times but
Aside from his brother. Nixon
was with his wife, Susan, and two
children, Sue Anne and Daryl.
Imagine how traumatic it must be
for the wife and children.
Nixon’s wake is at Sanctorium
on Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.
Nixon’s started his journalism
career in the mid-80’s with Tempo,
the tabloid sister publication of the
Manila Bulletin. He was one of the
pioneers of the Philippine Star after
the 1986 People Power Revolution.
He was assigned at the Presidential
Commission and Good Government and that was where I first met
Nixon, who was close to Sen.
Panfilo Lacson, was PTA head during the Estrada administration.
At the time of his death, he was
writing a column for the tabloid
PangMasa, sister publication of the
Philippine Star.
Nixon has a generous heart. He
would have boxes of books delivered to me which I brought to
Magdalo officers in detention and
to the Scout Rangers who were accused of mutiny (but were eventually cleared) and were detained in
Camp Capinpin in Tanay, Rizal in
connection with the 2006 attempt
to withdraw support from Gloria
We will always remember your
kindness, Nixon. We will miss you.
Gerry de Belen, Sen. Lacson’s
media officer, the police in Calamba have arrested three suspects who
were positively identified by Nixon
wife and children as three of their
four attackers. They were identified as John Esquivel Reycortez,
Darwin Samiano Alcantara, at Noel
Esquivel Garcia, all residents of
Bgy Maunong, Calamba.
The incident with Nixon that
happened in a place where security
is tight is just one of the many incidents of crime that citizens witness
and experience and have to deal
with. Bag snatchers and hold uppers are so brazen, they operate in
busy places and in broad daylight
and have no qualms of killing their
That’s why we can’t quite relate
with President Aquino’s “We have
suffused the nation with light” declaration in his third State of the nation address.
That “light” Aquino exulted “has
exposed the crimes that occur in
the shadowed corners of society.”
“What the Filipino works so hard
for can no longer be pilfered,” he
declared. What???? Does he have
any idea what’s happening outside
He enumerated figures to back
up the illusion that he was feeding
the citizenry: “ Crime volume continues to decline across the country.
In 2009, over 500,000 crimes were
recorded—this year, we have cut
that number by more than half, to
246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases of carnapping has
likewise been reduced by half—to
966 cases this 2011.”
He even took a snipe at media:
“It is these facts that, we hope,
will be bannered in headlines. We
do not claim that we have ended
criminality, but I’m sure no one
would complain that it has been
reduced. In the span of just a little
more than a year, haven’t we finally put Raymond Dominguez in
jail, after years of being in and out
of prison? Charges have been filed
against two of his brothers as well,
and they are now serving time, too.
Of the two suspects in the Makati
bus bombing of the past year—one
is dead, and the other is living in a
jail cell. He shares the same fate as
the more than ten thousand individuals arrested by PDEA in 2011 for
charges relating to illegal drugs.”
The President, for all his good
education, years in public service
and dealings with the press, does
not seem to understand journalism.
The famous quote by a British
newspaper magnate is a good guide
of how reporters and editors decide
what to highlight when reporting:
“When a dog bites a man that is
not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that
is news.”
Government workers performing
their job are not news. That should
be a normal happening. If there are
dysfunctions in the organization,
that is news.
A good example of news, which I
think has been reported before was
what Aquino said: “When this administration began, 45 percent of
our police carried no guns.”
Imagine the absurdity of a policeman without a gun running after a
criminal. Only in the Philippines.
Aquino said: “Pacquiao does not
fight every day, and so we can’t rely
on him to bring down the crime
rate. This is why we’re strengthening our police force. When this
administration began, 45 percent
of our police carried no guns and
probably relied on magic charms as
they chased criminals. But now we
have completed the bidding—and
we are now testing the quality—
for an order of 74,600 guns, which
we will provide our police, so that
they may better serve and protect
the nation, our communities, and
In an ideal situation, providing
arms to each and every police officer would not be news. But in a
perverse situation like what is happening in our police system, Aquino is right: that is news.
China is courting global war in Kalayaan issue
Like a thief in the night, death came
to one of our kababayans last July 15.
He was attending a community BBQ at
the Morningside Area, Scarborough and in
almost midnight a sudden burst of gunfire
ensued and in the aftermath, 2 were killed
and 33 were wounded. Joshua Yasay, a
promising new graduate of Criminology of
York University lost his breath, a loss that
will never be retrieved by whatever means.
The culprits are still fugitive and as far as
the Police are concerned, they have already
the clue but not the person or solution, yet.
Ironically, what a crazy wonderful world?
In Aurora, Colorado, Ryan Lumba, also
a Pinoy was also injured in the massacre
inside the theatre, on the premiere night of
Batman sequel Dark Night Rises. Was it
Friday, the 13th? The alleged shooter is now
in custody for further investigation.
In the Philippines, our Police are still
in a dilemma of how to solve the problem
of Killers in tandem. Crime rate increased
maybe 30% compare to 2011, and mostly,
the killings were perpetrated by riding in
tandem. Some are hired assassins and some
are members of criminal gangs, and some
are group of addicts that wanted to have
a show and to solve also their problem of
dependence. And those who wanted for
fast money, they are also vulnerable to this
avenue. Robbery, by hold ups, or in group
are also noted and what is worse is that uniformed entities were also accountable. Gen.
Bartolome of the PNP said that there are
1.2% of the 120 thousand plus Police who
are considered bad eggs and they are always
monitored. Rapes and murders at whatever
means is almost our daily bread. It is almost
a culture and people now start to understand
it as normal. If there would be no changes
on penalty that can scare the culprits, the
situation will end up dormant with no solution in sight. It is the real Cancer of the
society. When we reach this kind of peak,
I believe there is no other way, but to ask
the Lord Jesus, to help find the right way to
solve this problem. (I John 5:14). We have
to 1000 % rely on Jesus Christ. And that is
the most basics we have to do.
Now, the Chinese are constructing edifices in our Kalayaan territories. This is a very
clear encroachment to our sovereignty, thus,
should not be understood as a simple problem. The Lima Hong mentality of Mainland
China is still fixated in their culture. They
have their impressions that all countries in
their grasp can be robbed anytime if needed.
They used their fictions as a reason of invasions. They never care that all countries
respect each other through an accepted
accords that governs territorial waters. This
is not good, because it might spark giant
upheavals and may trigger a global war.
They have to remember that most of the
Filipinos have the blood of Bonifacio that
will never cower against foreign invaders.
Once Rizal’s diplomacy is no longer effective, the young Bonifacios as usual will take
over and fight for our country. Nothing is
impossible with the Lord Jesus. We have
to pray hard so that the mainland Chinese
demons will be awakened from their nightmares of being a warmonger. Most of the
Filipinos have Chinese bloods but it does
not mean that we are going to abandon our
country. Like me, my Cuizon relatives in
my mother side, can not be denied that they
have Chinese blood. But we are born to
have peace as our guiding principle of love
and respect. And this is what we ask them
to do also, so that peace will reign supreme
on the region. As of this time, most of their
actuations are very provocative. Like the
formation of a regional governing bodies
of the controversial islands. Nevertheless,
God will stop them. When? We don’t know.
Goliath was stopped by David, and nobody
however believes it will happen. Let’s find
In Cebu, politics is getting hotter, and like
putting a magnet, leaders jumps to political
party they believe it can be of help in winning their local politics too. Bakud Party of
Ramonito Durano, which was allied with
the One Cebu Party of Governor Gwen
Garcia before has forged alliance with the
Liberal Party. The whole membership from
their Representative to mayors down to the
barrangay Captains took their oath before
PNoy. So, it was then formed the DavideMagpale tandem for the Capitol positions
by 2013 elections. The tandem gains so
many admirations by all walks of life in
the province. It also makes Gwen’s rooster
PJ Garcia hard to find a partner because
Magpale as a candidate for vice governor
is a giant by itself. She is the younger sister
of the current DOE secretary, a very close
friend of Pnoy. Not to forget also, Gwen
became Governor because of Ramonito’s
Bakud Party. It was the bailiwick of Bakud
that knocked out Davide on that election.
Davide almost won all the districts except
the 5th. This time, one bloggers call One
Cebu party sooner as Once Cebu party, well
that is if the Jun Davide’s dreams will come
As usual, the Barilinians had their feast
of St. Anne in Toronto at the backyard of
Dolping Tigley’s abode last July 21, where
two bands played, and naturally, the air has
more fun and music. The group did expect
the presence of the Editor-in-chief and proprietor of this prestigious newspaper, Mon
Datol, Tenny Soriano, the former boss of the
Philippine Press club of Toronto, Butch and
the new boss Ricky. They are considered
adopted-friends of the Bisaya Community.
The Bisaya group will never forget their
Beatle’s rendition, especially, if Chito is
around. Anyway, this is a busy day for them
too. Maybe, that is the reason that they did
not show up. But truly it was a wonderful
Cambodia currently succumbed into an
epidemic of Paediatric Illness which scared
9000 school children, prompted them to
close earlier before vacations. It had predated 60 children already, and the aetiology
is a virus classified as EV 71. It has some
relation to food and mouth diseases being an
enterovisrus. The Philippines also reported
that it has 2 positive patients which as far as
they are concerned it is already safe. When
it comes to viral affection, one must have
to consider the virulence, and also the kind
of approach of its treatment. Although, it is
self limiting, various approaches are tended
toward making the physical body strong
enough to withstand the destructiveness of
the disease entity. I think, we are very well
equipped compare to our Asian neighbours.
Agence de France reported that one John
Falcon was stopped at the international airport of San Francisco, due to a big bulging
shadow in the left upper thigh. It turns out
a huge penis, the size of 9.5 inches. It was
claimed that when it erects it reached as
large as 13 inches. The hugeness is the pride
of the family, because it runs in their genetics and maybe, this manhood may salivate
the opposite sex. God Bless.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
China pushes aggression ...
‘We want peaceful resolution’- Aquino III
Chinese Military eyes air, water spaces in disputed sea...
MANILA, Philippines (July 28,
2012) - Despite Malacañang’s efforts
to downplay the ongoing conflict in
the South China Sea, Beijing on Thursday continued its aggressive stance on
the issue following a statement from
a high-ranking military officer asking the Chinese government to put up
“maritime and air spaces” there.
The latest development happened
even as Chinese Ambassador to the
Philippines Ma Keqing was conspicuously absent during the 114th anniversary of the Department of Foreign
Affairs Thursday morning, an affair
usually attended by all diplomats stationed in Manila.
In his speech during Foreign Affairs’ anniversary, President Benigno
Aquino III said talks of a possible
armed conflict over the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea would
only escalate the tensions in the region.
“Let us reiterate: our interest is a
peaceful resolution of this conflict,”
the President said in an interview.
She is now 7
Proud parents William and
Sarah Chavez of Richmond
Hill gifted their daughter
Catherine Chavez a Children Party July 28, 2012
when the couple’s 3rd child
turned 7. (Photo courtesy of
TPC’s Miguel Caducio)
Zhang Hua said Ma was “out of town”
and instead sent Chinese Senior Col.
Chen Fagming in her behalf. Zhang
said Ma would also not be able to attend the 85th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army on
July 31 in Beijing.
Ma’s absence has fueled speculation that Beijing is slowly distancing
itself from Manila due to their spat in
the South China Sea.
People’s Liberation Army Maj.
Gen. Lou Yuan, meanwhile, suggested
to Beijing that it establish three maritime spaces and three air spaces to underscore China’s military presence in
the South China Sea.
“We didn’t clearly define these
three maritime spaces in the past, but
they will be clarified from now on,”
Luo said.
The “air space” or air identification zone, meanwhile, will be tasked to
identify and monitor any aircraft flying
over Chinese territories.
“The air identification zone serves
mainly to identify what model the air-
craft is, whether the aircraft is a civilian one or a military one, what country
the aircraft belongs to, and so on,” Luo
“The defense zone is our country’s
air territory, where any hostile aircraft
will definitely be shot down if they are
Lou said the classification criteria
for the “air spaces” would be set up
in accordance with international standards and formulated with references
to “relevant” rules and regulations.
“In this way, the defense tasks of the
garrison command can go by the book
and follow rules and regulations with
the reasons, advantages, and controls
justified,” he said.
Luo said the establishment of the
garrison aimed to “maintain an effective deterrence against those countries
with inordinate ambition towards Beijing’s national territories.”
“After establishing defenses in Sansha City, China is bound to arouse a
new round of ‘China’s military threat
theory’ in the neighboring countries,
which we should just disregard,” he
The fishery administration and the
Navy, according to Lou, are responsible for protecting China’s fishing maritime territories and managing conflict
in the South China Sea.
Beijing’s standoff with Manila at
Scarborough Shoal may have sparked
China’s aggressive claim over the islands in the South China Sea. Last
month, it established Sansha City to
administer control over the three major
islands in the South Sea—the Spratlys, the Paracels and the Macclesfiled
Bank–despite strong objections from
Manila and Hanoi.
The city government, which is located on the 2.13–square km Yongxing
Island, has a small airport, a sea port,
roads, a clinic, a post office, a radar and
an observatory. Its establishment was
followed by the establishment of a military garrison and the deployment of
troops from the PLA. (By Sara Fabunan- Manila Standard Today: with reports from Joyce Pangco Pañares)
RETIREMENT - Fred Lachica
(exteme left) retired after 32
years of service at the St. Joseph's Health Centre. A group
of Filipino nurses threw a party
in his honor recently at the Maple Leafs Bar and Grill at Lake
Blvd West, Etobice. Shown in
photo seated (L-R) Rose Cruz,
Cora Saavedra, Rebecca Felizarte. Standing (L-R) Fred
Lachica, the honoree; Mae
Jopillo, former Canadian Idol
contestant; Gabby Pavao,
Maria C. and Janina. (Romy
Zetazate, St. Jamestown News
PPCO Meeting held July 30, 2012 at HEAVENS GRILL with ConGen Junever Mahilum-West as special guest speaker. (Ariel Ramos)
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Stars of the Month
FPJ affirmed as national artist
By Ores Ting
Vi Deidre Manthorne
When I asked this amiable person how she would best describe herself, I was rather
impressed to say how she responded to my request. Her positive attitude and determination to meet challenges surely has all the qualities of being a STAR:
Her name is Vi Diedre Manthorne, the only daughter of Frank and Tess Manthorne.
Born and raised in Toronto; her father is from Nova Scotia, Canada and her mother is
from Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines.
As the only child, she found herself being independent, easy going, and simply enjoys
life as whole. She graduated from Wexford Collegiate Institute in 2007. Throughout high
school, she excelled in all areas of academics and extracurricular activities. She received
exceptional marks in Business and English and was on the varsity basketball team for
four years.
Always up for a challenge and start a new chapter in her life, she began the Honours
Science program at the University of Waterloo. The choice to attend this university was
one of the most significant decisions of her life – to live away from home for the very
first time.
During the course of her undergraduate career, her scholarship grants from University
of Waterloo brought kudos and admirations from her friends and relatives. Also, to receive the Dean’s List Scholar, only awarded to the top 10% of students in the faculty with
a GPA of 3.5/4.0 was something one can be proud of.
She received Volunteer Service Awards for her participation with Univ. of Waterloo
Well-Fit, which specializes in the fitness recovery of relapsing cancer patients. She participated at the Chemistry Open House as Student Chemist, and as a Frosh Leader mentoring first-year Science Students.
Under the supervision of Dr. Steven Forsey, lecturer and medicinal chemistry advisor at the University of Waterloo, she gained experience in establishing herself to excel
and have a solid background in Chemistry and Microbiology. Hence, in June 2011, she
graduated with Honors in Biology (specializing in Microbiolgy) and minor in Psychology. “My greatest accomplishment of my life was having that diploma, my family and
friends were very proud and supportive”, she said.
Presently, she is working at IBM Canada as an IT Administrator. She is looking forward to start a career in her major field – Science. I am proud to say, Vi Diedre will always
be successful in life for she has the strength and the passion to be the best!!!
“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and do not
worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest” - Unknown
MANILA, Philippines (July29, 2012) - President Aquino has approved and
signed Proclamation 435 affirming a previous proclamation of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declaring the late movie icon Fernando Poe
Jr. a National Artist, posthumously.
“It’s essentially confirming the previous proclamation that was issued. As
we all know, for personal reasons or for reasons of their own, the family was
not able to accept the award previously,” deputy presidential spokesperson
Abigail Valte said yesterday.
Poe, Ronald Allan Poe in real life, was officially defeated by Arroyo in
the May 2004 presidential elections. He died in December of the same year.
His family did not attend the formal conferment of the award in May
2006. His wife, veteran actress Susan Roces, accused Arroyo of rigging the
votes in her favor.
When he assumed office in June 2010, Aquino appointed Poe’s daughter,
Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares, as head of the Movie and Television Review
and Classification Board.
Binay, meanwhile, expressed gratitude to the President for issuing a new
proclamation declaring Poe a National Artist.
The National Artist award is the most fitting recognition of a man who
embodied the hopes and aspirations of the masses, Binay said.
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Member: Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC)
"Full Member" M041454
John Frederick Ostonal Cabanela: A Grade 10 Filipino-Canadian, played the male
lead role in the musical adaptation of the movie “Legally Blonde” last May 10, 11,
& 12, 2012 held @ East York Collegiate Institute. He was also the Stage Manager
of said musical. John is the only child of Nilo L. Cabanela of Calauag, Quezon,
and Baby Ostonal Cabanela of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Gloria is free!
from page 1
MANILA, Philippines (July 26, 2012) - Former President
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has left the Veterans Memorial
Medical Center (VMMC) Wednesday, eight months after
being placed under hospital arrest, when her motion for
bail in connection with her election sabotage case was
granted by Pasay City Regional trial court Branch 112 under Judge Jesus Mupas.
Gloria Arroyo in a very happy mood as she leaves VMMC
after the Court grants her petition for bail on electoral
sabotage Case filed agaits her. (ABS-CBN photo)
Mupas, however, denied the motion for bail of former
Maguindanao Election Supervisor Lintang Bedol.
Mrs. Arroyo, after signing court documents, was seen
walking hand in hand with a young boy, presumably her
grandson, outside the hospital before boarding a coaster at
around 2:30 pm.
Her legal spokesman, Raul Lambino, said the former
President will pass by the VMMC chapel before going
home at La Vista Subdivision. He said Mrs. Arroyo will
seek alternative medical treatment in Tagaytay on Thursday.
He said the former President will return to the VMMC
every day next week to continue her therapy.
Lambino said there were “tears of joy” when the order
for Mrs. Arroyo’s release was finally delivered. “It got quit
emotional a while ago when the release order was delivered,” he said.
Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio said among those who
came to visit Mrs. Arroyo during her release are her
daughter, Luli Arroyo, chief of staff Elena Bautista-Horn,
Occidental Mindoro Rep. Amelita Villarosa and former
congressman Benny Abante.
“She is happy that justice has been done. We’ve always
said that this case was weak,” Topacio said.
Mrs. Arroyo’s release came on the same day a Pasay City regional trial court allowed her to post bail of 1
million pesos in the electoral sabotage case against her.
Arroyo, 65, was arrested at an exclusive hospital shortly
after immigration authorities blocked her at Manila airport
while trying to leave the country in November.
Arroyo was charged with “electoral sabotage”, a crime
punishable with life in jail, for allegedly conspiring with
a feared political warlord to rig the 2007 senatorial elections.
Her successor, Benigno Aquino, had vowed to have
her brought to justice for many acts of corruption he alThey are:
leged she committed during her nine years in office that
- Sergio Valencia, former PCSO
ended in 2010.
Arroyo has also been charged with corruption for ap- Chairperson
- Rosario Uriarte, former PCSO Genproving an allegedly graft-tainted contract to set up a national government broadband system as well as siphoning eral Manager
- Manuel Morato, former PCSO
off $8 million in state lottery funds. (With Agence FranceBoard Member
- Jose Taruc, former PCSO Board
Meanwhile, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Member
- Raymundo Roquero, former PCSO
said they may file an appeal following the court’s decision
Board Member
favoring Arroyo’s motion for bail.
- Ma. Fatima Valdes, former PCSO
“We will probably file a motion for reconsideration
with the same judge. In the meantime, what we’re try- Board Member
- Benigno Aguas, former PCSO Buding to verify now if it’s immediately executory or it will
not become final until a motion for reconsideration is re- get Officer
- Reynaldo Villar, former COA Chairsolved. Yun lang ho ang gusto naming malaman muna,”
Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes said.
- Nilda Plaras, former COA IntelliBrillantes said they have yet to receive a copy of Mupas’ resolution. “We would like to read it first. I was talk- gence Officer
Meanwhile, the Office of the Oming to our prosecution team immediately and they said
they have to see first what were the reasons why the for- budsman last week filed plunder charges
against former President Gloria Macapamer president was granted bail,” he said.
He, however, reiterated that Arroyo won’t be able to gal-Arroyo and nine other former state
leave the country, as a hold departure order was issued by officials, mostly of the Philippine Charthe Sandiganbayan against her in the plunder case for the ity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), for alalleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office legedly misusing P365,997,915 in PCSO
(PCSO) intelligence funds.
It was the first plunder case against
“I know for a fact the Sandiganbayan has already issued a hold departure older in the plunder case. I don’t Arroyo who is under hospital arrest at
Veterans Memorial Medical Center in
think she will be able to leave the country, but she’ll be
able to go out of the hospital and go home if she wants Quezon City for electoral sabotage during
the 2007 senatorial election.
to,” he said.
Also named respondents in the 10Aside from Arroyo, nine other co-accused in the plunder case who are former officials of the PCSO and the page complaint filed before the Sandiganbayan
are former PCSO General Manager
Commission on Audit are included in the hold departure
Rosario Uriarte, Assistant General Manorder.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
ager for Finance Benigno Aguas, and former PCSO board members Sergio Valencia, Manuel Morato, Raymon Roquero,
Maria Fatima Valdez and Jose R. Taruc V.
Former Commission on Audit (COA)
Chairman Reynaldo Villar and COA Region 5 head Nilda Plaras were also named
in the complaint.
PCSO Director Aleta Tolentino earlier said the COA officials were included
because of their “conspiracy and connivance.”
No bail was recommended for the accused, said the Sandiganbayan. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales approved
the plunder case.
Based on the information filed by the
Ombudsman, Arroyo and her nine co-accused conspired and connived to acquire
ill-gotten wealth from the PCSO from
January 2008 to June 2010.
Morales underscored the evidence
that indicated Uriarte wrote to Arroyo
eight times requesting that she be allowed
to draw from the agency’s intelligence
The money to be drawn from the
fund was supposed to have been used “to
monitor the PCSO’s charitable activities
and projects; to buy information to determine if the funds were being used for the
purposes for which [they] were intended;
to fund an investigation of how medicine
given to beneficiaries marked “Botika ng
Masa” had ended up in commercial markets, and to counter various scams vic-
timizing lotto bettors and winners.”
Morales earlier filed a graft case
against Arroyo in connection with the
$329-million national broadband (NBN)
deal with China’s ZTE.
An inquiry by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee earlier showed Arroyo
approved Uriarte’s request to draw from
the intelligence fund. The investigation
showed the money was used instead to
purchase relief goods and pay “blood
money” for the freedom if detained overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).
Uriarte allegedly got nearly P310 million, more than half of which were withdrawn in the first six months of 2010, an
election year.
The investigation showed that the
funds were liquidated with a mere certification, and transferred in the respondents’
possession and control through irregularly-issued disbursement vouchers and fictitious expenditures.
The Ombudsman said the accused
took advantage of their positions, authority, relationships, connections or influence to enrich themselves.
The complaint sheet alleged that the
respondents “conspired in withdrawing,
amassing, accumulating public funds
from July 2008 to January 2010 and by
circumventing and/or violating the subject COA circulars relative to the liquidation of complainant PCSO’s intelligence/confidential funds.” (By ROLLY T.
Philippine Courier
for all RN's / RPN's aspirants
Program elibility requirement:
• Have a degree in the field of Nursing
• Have a VALID Work Permit in Canada (under any program category)
• Have the desire to pursue your Nursing career in Canada
Financing solutions also available for applicants
We also conduct Program Orientations
Sunday, July 22nd & Saturday, Aug 11th, 2012
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Toronto, ON M4T 1M9
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Gloria calls P-Noy
By Perry Diaz
After ex-prez Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was granted
bail in her election sabotage
case, she called President
Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino
III. Their conversation went
as follows:
P-Noy: Hello, this is President P-Noy speaking. Who
is this?
Gloria: Hoy, P-Noy! This
is Gloria.
P-Noy: Gloria… who?
Gloria: Aba! Eh, sino pa?
This is former President and
Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
P-Noy: Huh? Is this some
kind of a joke? Gloria is in
Gloria: Not anymore.
Judge Mupas granted me a
P1-million bail.
P-Noy: Well, I have to
verify that. But why are you
Gloria: This is just a courtesy phone call since I cannot
go to Malacanang personally
lease it?
P-Noy: Courtesy? Well,
P-Noy: Well, there is a hold
what can I do for you?
Gloria: I want to make order on your pork barrel, Glothree personal requests, kung ria. I can’t release it.
Gloria: What hold order?
puwede lang.
me to do with your husband?
Gloria: Maybe arrest him
for some plunder charges and
detain at the New Bilibid Penitentiary in
P-Noy: You haven’t submitted all the necessary documents required for the release
of your pork
Gloria: Could you do something about it, P-Noy?
P-Noy: But I can’t do that
without any evidence.
Gloria: Well, how about the
chopper scam?
P-Noy: If it’s within my
power, okey lang. What are
your requests, ba?
Gloria: First, can you put
my picture back on the wall
in Malacanang? I’m a former
therefore, I’m entitled to have my picture on
the wall just like other former Presidents.
P-Noy: I don’t mind doing
that but a lot of people said
that you don’t deserve it because fake
President ka daw!
You stole the presidency
twice, sabi da!
Gloria: Anong peke? Hoy,
watch what you’re saying
P-Noy: My hands and feet
are tied, Gloria. Sorry.
P-Noy: Maybe I can do
something about it in a few
days, okay? What’s your third
Gloria: Well, I found out
that while I was in detention
my husband was gallivanting!
P-Noy: What do you expect
him to do? Watch old movies
15 hours a day?
Gloria: That’s what I’ve
P-Noy: Okay, okay. I’ll do
been doing for the eight
it for you, Gloria.
Gloria: Second, I haven’t months I was in detention!
received my pork barrel yet.
P-Noy: What do you want
When are you going to re-
P-Noy: I don’t know the
status of that case, Gloria.
Wait a minute… Something is
coming out of
the fax machine.
Hold on… Hmm…
Gloria: Hmm… what?
P-Noy: Well, I have good
news and bad news. Which
one do you want to hear first?
Gloria: Let’s hear the good
news first.
P-Noy: There is a warrant
for the arrest of your husband
on the chopper scam case.
Gloria: That’s fantastic! I
hope that two-timer will rot in
jail! What’s the bad news?
Gloria: Let’s hear it, P-Noy.
I’m a big girl. I can take the
bad news.
umm… I’m afraid you have to
go back to detention. In Muntinglupa this
Gloria: What? I posted my
P1-million bail already!
P-Noy: That’s correct. But
the anti-graft court -- the Sandiganbayan -- issued a warrant
for your
arrest for the plunder complaint against you for
the misuse of P360 million in
Charity Sweepstakes
Office funds. I believe the
sheriff is on his way to serve
you the
arrest warrant. But
don’t worry; I’ll make sure
that your cell will be next to
husband’s cell. You
can then keep an eye on him.
Gloria: Walang hiya!
P-Noy: I don’t think you
want to hear the bad news,
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Edited by: Miguel Caducio
MVP willing to pay a premium for GMA 7
MANILA, Philippines (July
22, 2012) –Businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan said Friday
his group was willing to buy
local broadcasting giant GMA
Network Inc. (GMA 7) at a
price higher than how much
the stock market was currently
valuing the company.
As of Friday’s close,
GMA 7 has a market capitalization of P33.95 billion
based on outstanding common
stocks, on top of which were
Philippine depositary receipts
(PDRs) worth P8.7 billion.
The Inquirer earlier reported that Pangilinan’s
group was moving closer toward a deal to acquire GMA 7
for P52.5 billion based on an
enterprise value for the entire
company, close to 80 percent
of which may be acquired
from controlling shareholders.
“We’re still in discussions,” the chair of Philippine Long Distance Telephone
Co. told reporters at the sidelines of the launch of the 2012
search for Ten Outstanding
Young Men of the Philippines.
Pangilinan was reluctant to talk about pricing
issues and only smiled when
asked whether he had a price
tag in mind. “It will be higher
than the existing market capitalization,” he said.
As to when a deal may
be firmed up, Pangilinan said:
“It’s difficult to predict.”
Pangilinan said Mediaquest
Holdings would likely be the
vehicle to be used in acquiring GMA 7 although ePLDT
Inc. could purchase the PDRs.
Pangilinan answered in the
affirmative when asked if the
group would expand the bal-
ance sheet of Mediaquest for
this acquisition.
Mediaquest is a unit
of the Beneficial Trust Fund of
PLDT that was also used as a
holding firm for media assets
such as the stake in Associated
Broadcasting Co. (TV5) and
minority interest in various
national newspapers.
Asked whether PLDT
was considering to place out
shares to the open market to
raise fresh funds, Pangilinan
said there was “no contemplation of raising debt or equity at
the PLDT level.”
The prospective acquisition of GMA 7 is seen
giving Pangilinan’s group a
leading market position in
the broadcasting industry for
convergence with the flagship
telecommunication enterprise.
The earlier estimated
Feds probe Ford Escape for sticky throttles
DETROIT, July 24, 2012 (AP)
— Government safety regulators are investigating complaints
that throttles can stick on oldermodel Ford Escape and Mazda
Tribute SUVs and cause them to
The probe, announced
Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, affects 730,000 SUVs from
the 2001 to 2004 model years
that are powered by V-6 engines.
The safety agency said
it has received 99 complaints
from owners of the SUVs alleging 13 crashes, nine injuries and
one death caused by the problem. The throttles on the SUVs
can fail to return to idle when
the driver takes his foot off the
gas pedal, according to agency
Sixty-eight of the complaints were about the Escape, and
31 involved the Tribute, a nearly
identical vehicle made by Ford
for Mazda. Dearborn, Michiganbased Ford used to own about
one-third of Mazda. But Ford
began cutting ties in 2008, and in
2010 lowered its ownership to 3.5
Investigators are looking
into whether the sticky throttles
could have been caused by repairs
made as part of a 2004 recall of
the same vehicles. About 590,000
of the vehicles were recalled in
December of 2004 to fix an accelerator cable defect, and the documents say the repairs could have
damaged the cruise control cable.
Ford spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel said Ford is aware of
the investigation but won’t com-
ment on specifics. “We will fully
cooperate, as we always do, with
NHTSA,” she said.
The Escape has been one
of Ford’s most popular vehicles
since it went on sale in 2000, with
more than 2.1 million sold. It was
the top-selling small SUV in the
country in three of the four years
covered by the recall. It was outsold by the Honda CR-V in 2002.
The investigation is among
the larger probes started by NHTSA in 2012. While many affect
fewer than 100,000 vehicles, the
agency this year began looking
into door fires affecting 1.4 million Toyota Camry midsize sedans
and RAV4 small SUVs. It also expanded a fuel tank fire probe in
older-model Jeep Grand Cherokee
SUVs to include 5.1 million vehicles.
NEDA-ICC approves two huge projects
MANILA, Philippines (July
24, 2012) — The National
Economic and Development
Authority (NEDA) Investment
Coordination Committee-Cabinet Committee (ICC-CabCom) has approved two new
transportation projects worth
P48 billion.
Approved were the
Cavite-Laguna Expressway
(CALAX) project and the Bicol International Airport Project, aimed at improving transportation efficiency in Luzon.
The CALAX Project
involves the financing, design
and construction of a new fourlane expressway that stretches
47.018 kilometers from the
end of Cavite Expressway in
Kawit, Cavite to Mamplasan
Interchange of the South Luzon Expressway in Biñan, Laguna.
“The project is consistent with the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016’s
transport sector objective of
providing dependable access
to production areas such as
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Cavite and Laguna, being rapidly growing industrial and
commercial centers south of
Metro Manila,”
Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio M. Balisacan said.
The project is estimated to cost P43.319 billion
and is proposed to be financed
partly through public-private
partnership (PPP) and Official Development Assistance
(ODA) from the Japan International Cooperation Agency
(JICA). The Department of
Public Works and Highways is
the project’s proponent.
The Bicol International
Airport project involves the
construction of a new domestic - Principal Class 1 airport
of international standards in
Daraga, Albay to replace the
existing Legazpi Airport due
to the latter’s limitations and
safety concerns.
The project is estimated to cost P4.799 billion
that will be sourced from the
Department of Transportation
and Communication's budget.
The ICC-CabCom also
approved the restructuring of
the bridge construction and
replacement project, where the
expanded project scope would
entail additional works that
will augment the total cost to
P4.97 billion.
The MRIP’s change
in scope is due to the expansion in civil works that will increase the cost to P3.91 billion.
Also, implementation period
will be moved from January 1,
2012 to December 31, 2014. In
terms of financing, the project
is partly funded by the SFD
and the Department of Public
Works and Highways’ budget.
The project schedule
was revised to accommodate
activities for the air navigation
component of the LADP for
the completion of civil works.
This component is targeted to
be completed in September
2013 for the airport to be operational by December 2013.
P52.5-billion price tag for the
acquisition was based on an
“enterprise value” for 100 percent of GMA 7. Enterprise value factors in preferred stocks,
debt and cash reserves that are
usually not captured by mere
market capitalization. In this
case, the package includes 1.5
billion preferred shares that
have five times more voting
rights than common shares
(now at 3.36 billion) but convertible at par to common
shares at a 1:1 ratio.
GMA 7 is controlled by
three families—the Jimenez,
Duavit and Gozon clans. After buying out the controlling
group is also expected to make
a tender offer to minority investors.
Pangilinan, who is also
managing director of PLDT’s
controlling stockholder First
Pacific Co. Ltd., earlier said
his group would likely pay for
the acquisition in cash.
(By: Doris C. Dumlao Philippine Daily Inquirer )
Manny V. Pangilinan
Canada may hike PAL entitlements
MANILA, Philippines — Canada has expressed willingness to
negotiate for additional entitlements to Philippine Airlines (PAL)
and for Air Canada to have direct
flights to Manila.
Visiting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, guest speaker
of the Joint Membership Meeting
of the Makati Business Club said
during the open forum that he was
open to such proposal.
At present, Philippine
Airlines flies daily to Vancouver.
There are also over 400,000 Filipinos accounting for the bulk of
Southeast Asian migrants to Canada. Air Canada, however, does not
fly directly to Manila but connects
from other ASEAN countries such
as Hong Kong. Baird said he will
bring the suggestion on the table
when he goes back to Canada.
Canadian Ambassador
to the Philippines Christopher
Thornly also said that Canada and
the Philippines have an air servic-
es agreement.
A couple of years ago,
both countries an air agreement
at the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Peru.
The new provisions
provide greater market access
options for airlines from both
countries for passenger-cargo
combination services. In addition, both governments reached
agreement on a new, flexible
regime for the operation of aircargo services, which will also
contribute to the success of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and
Corridor Initiative.
Bilateral trade between
Canada and the Philippines is
growing and is now estimated at
$1.5 billion with agri-food products as the largest component of
this relationship. There are also
more than 400,000 Canadians of
Filipino origin.
7 commercial giants eye P10.2-billion FTI property
MANILA, Philippines (July
23, 2012) - Seven of the country’s biggest business groups
are vying for the government’s
Food Terminal Inc. (FTI) property, which is up for bidding next
month for a minimum price of
P10.2 billion, the Department of
Finance said yesterday.
The potential bidders are
the Gokongwei group’s Robinson’s Land Corp., Andrew Tan’s
Empire East Land, the Ayala
group’s Ayala Land Inc., the Lopezes’ Rockwell Land Corp., the
Sy family’s SM Land Inc., Andrew Gotianun’s Filinvest Land
Inc. and Century Properties
Group Inc., owned by the family
of Jose Antonio.
The seven property firms
obtained the necessary documents and are expected to participate in the public bidding set
on Aug. 8 for 74 hectares of the
103-hectare FTI Complex.
The government tried but failed
to bid out the FTI property in
the past, with the MacapagalArroyo administration even lowering the floor price to P7 to P8
billion. One valuation pegged
the value of the property at P12
The last attempt to auction
FTI was in 2009 when private
companies snubbed a public
bidding for the property.
In an interview, Finance
Secretary Cesar Purisima said
the P10.2-billion floor price,
though lower than the P12-billion valuation, is based on the
current market price.
“There is no plan to
drop the valuation. We believe
in markets,” Purisima said.
The remaining 29 hectares of
the complex will be used for
other various purposes including a five-hectare integrated
bus terminal, which is being
constructed by the Department
of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and the
Department of Public Works
and Highways (DPWH).
Proceeds of the sale
will go to the Department of
Agrarian Reform for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform
Program and to the Department of Agriculture.
The 103-hectare FTI
agro-industrial complex is one
the largest industrial complexes in Metro Manila and is currently home to more than 300
Philippine Courier
By Miguel Caducio
U.S. personal computer sales sagged
during the spring as shifting technology trends, upcoming product releases
and a shaky economy dampened demand for the machines currently on the
Reports further said that the secondquarter decline in the U.S. ranged from
6 percent to 11 percent compared with
the same time last year, according to
separate reports released Wednesday
by Gartner Inc. and International Data
Corp. Gartner came up with the lower
of the two figures in the research firms’
quarterly look at shipments of desktop
and laptop computers.
Worldwide PC shipments held up
better during the quarter, dipping by
just 0.1 percent from last year. This
marks the seventh consecutive quarter
in which global PC shipments have either decreased or edged up only slightly from the previous year, according to
Gartner’s calculations.
Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc.,
the biggest PC makers in the U.S. market, suffered the steepest drops during
the three months spanning from April
through June.
PC sales in a slump as Facebook in a losing trend
back for HP, a Silicon Valley pioneer
that has been struggling to boost its
profits during the past two years.
At one point last year, HP considered selling or spinning off its PC
business, but that idea was abandoned
after the company hired Meg Whitman as its CEO nearly 10 months ago.
Since her arrival, Whitman has drawn
up plans to eliminate 27,000 jobs during the next three years to save up to
$3.5 billion annually.
Dell also is planning to trim more
than $2 billion from its annual expenses as it adjusts to the upheaval in the
PC market.
Consumers and businesses have
been buying fewer PCs during the past
two years amid the growing popularity
of smartphones and tablet computers
such as Apple Inc.’s iPad. The iPad’s
success has spurred Apple’s rivals to
copy the concept, causing some analysts to predict that tablet computer
sales will surpass PC sales within the
next few years.
HP’s second-quarter shipments in
the U.S. fell by 12 percent or 13 percent, according to the reports, while
Dell’s sales in the country decreased
by about 9 percent.
PC makers have tried to adapt by
releasing sleeker laptops known as
“ultrabooks,” but IDC said many of
those devices remain too expensive
for many households at time of high
unemployment and persistent fears of
another economic downturn.
The slump represents another set-
Meanwhile, a report from San Fran-
cisco said being unhappy with Facebook’s first financial report as a public
company Thursday, investors fled the
stock in droves even as Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive,
extolled its growth prospects to industry analysts.
Reports also claimed that Facebook’s stock lost 18 percent of its value Thursday. The first blow came during regular trading largely because of
the poor results posted by Zynga, the
social game company that uses Facebook as a platform.
But the stock continued to plummet
in after-hours trading after Facebook
announced its own numbers, dipping
below $24, a record low. Since going
public two months ago at $38 a share,
Facebook shares have lost 37 percent
of their value.
Mr. Zuckerberg has rarely spoken
publicly about the company he built
in his dorm room eight years ago. But
nothing he and his lieutenants said
Thursday about their plans to make
money by advertising to Facebook users seemed to reassure investors.
The financial report for the company’s second quarter did contain some
good news as revenue was up 32 percent, beating analysts’ predictions. But
profits were not impressive, and the
total number of users inched up only
During the call with analysts, company executives emphasized their efforts to make Facebook accessible on
mobile devices. The company only
recently started surfacing advertisements in the mobile newsfeed. And
while company executives said they
were seeing promising results, they
also said they were being careful not
to crowd the mobile platform with too
many advertisements, lest it spoil the
user experience.
The company also said 543 million
people looked at Facebook on their
mobile devices at the end of June, a
67 percent jump from last year. “The
shift towards mobile is incredibly important,” Mr. Zuckerberg said during
the call.
The company said its revenue for
the quarter climbed to $1.18 billion,
from $895 million; most of it came
from advertising. The company reported a net loss of $157 million, or
8 cents a share, compared with net
income of $240 million, or 11 cents
a share for the same quarter last year.
Much of that was because of stock
compensation, and on an adjusted basis, the company posted a profit of 12
cents a share, or $295 million, meeting
analysts’ expectations.
Facebook, which already has nearly
a billion users worldwide, is facing an
inevitable slowdown in growth, the report said. The real issue, analysts have
said, is whether the company can keep
users glued to the site and profit from
them by offering targeted advertisements, particularly on mobile devices.
(With reports from The New York
4500 Sheppard Avenue East Units 25 & 26 Scarborough, ON M1S 3R6
(416) 335-8555
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Palace declares July 13 as Dolphy’s Day
MANILA, Philippines (July 13,
2012) - President Benigno Aquino
III declared July 13, as a National Day
of Remembrance in honor of Rodolfo
“Dolphy” Quizon Sr.
Dolphy died last Tuesday after a
month of confinement at the Makati
Medical Center where he was treated
for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney
complications. He
was supposed to
turn 84 on July 25.
The presidential proclamation,
however, does not
make July 13 a
non-working holiday.
There was no
order to fly flags
at half staff, as
the Palace said the
emphasis of the
celebration should
be Dolphy’s life,
and not his passing.
Deputy presidential
spokeswoman Abigail
Valte said the President, in signing
Proclamation 433, recognizes how the
country “deeply feels the passing of
Aquino awarded Dolphy the Order of
the Golden Heart rank of Grand Collar
in November 2010. The only other recipient of the award was Helen Keller.
“In the proclamation, the President
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
cited Dolphy as a man who will live
on in Philippine cultural history, and in
the hearts of many of his countrymen.
President Aquino in his proclamation
said that every milestone that Dolphy
marked in a career that spanned decades raised the standards of the entertainment industry, and strengthened
our cultural identity, giving innumerable aspirants an
example to look
up to,” Valte said.
She said Aquino
also cited Dolphy
as a philanthropist, “whose encouragement of
charitable causes
was driven by a
deep-rooted recognition of the
his fellowmen and
a genuinely generous heart.”
The proclamation also recognized
contributions to
Philippine culture,
arts, and entertainment. It said that Filipinos should
never forget how he made generations
of Filipinos laugh.
It was the wish of the late comedian
to be remembered not with sadness
but with the same warmth and joy that
he has brought to the lives of millions
throughout his career.
Aquino paid his respects to Dolphy
yesterday afternoon after attending an
event at the Mall of Asia complex in
Pasay City.
Aquino, before proceeding to the
wake, said he favors the bestowing of
the National Artist award on Dolphy
but the actor’s nomination must still
undergo the screening process.
If he hurdles the vetting process,
Dolphy will join the King of Philippine
movies Fernando Poe Jr. (Ronald Allan
K. Poe), Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal,
Gerardo de Leon, and Eddie S. Romero
among the national artists for cinema.
Artist Manuel Cartagena, Jr., who
was among the many fans who attended the wake, brought along a portrait of
the actor, which he sketched in 1997.
Cartagena, 48, handed the caricature
to Dolphy’s two sons – Epi and Eric
Quizon. – With Angela de Leon and
Regina Bengco
Philippine Courier
Edited by: Ross D. Tierra
Eddie Garcia has got it all figured out
MANILA, Philippines (July 24, 2012) - Like Dolphy, the 83-year-old prized actor Eddie Garcia is prepared for his death. He has chosen to be cremated.
Then, he wants his ashes strewn into Manila Bay.
“Ganyan talaga ang buhay, may hangganan. Sabi nga nila only two things are inevitable in
life: Death and taxes,” he told Bulletin Entertainment
and select members of media at the grand launch of
TV5’s latest shows on primetime this season.
“Walang problema sa akin [ang ganitong
usapan] –1995 pa lang, bayad na ang cremation ko.”
Garcia finds it impractical to spend on his coffin and
burial lot. He doesn’t plan to have an obituary nor
have his remains up for public viewing.
“Para di n’yo na malaman,” he said, somewhat
in jest. “Para may magsasabi na lang sa inyo later na
‘Patay na, nung isang taon pa…’ “Para di na maabala
ang lahat.”
Asked if he feels that Dolphy getting a National Artist award would be useless at this point even
if he gets it, Garcia simply said that the comedian is
more than deserving of it.
Has he thought of getting the same award
“Kung dumating, dumating. Kung ibibigay
sa’kin, ha. Di ko naman ipipilit o ipangangampanya.”
Garcia doesn’t work in order to build a
catalogue that he hopes would lead to any award. For
him, any work he does is hoped to lead to the next
one then the next and so on, no more but no less.
“Trabaho lang ito.”
Still very active, Garcia indulges in target
shooting every weekend and shoots or tapes with no
time limit several times in a week. He even tells his
director to shoot as many sequences as they can in a
“Hinahamon ko pa nga ang mga nakakasabayan ko na mga bata na mag-shooting pa kami.
Pag sumusuko sila, I tell them ‘Quitters!’”
Garcia is cast in TV5’s suspense series, “Third
Eye.” Also starring Eula Caballero, Lorna Tolentino,
and Daniel Matsunaga, the series revolves around a
young girl who discovers she has third eye while investigating the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend. The show premieres on July 29 at 9:30 p.m.
Other new shows on TV5 are “Enchanted
Garden” and “Artista Academy.” Willie Revillame’s
“Wil Time Big Time” will be moved to a 7 p.m. time
slot. The station will also cover the London 2012
Olympics. (By JOJO P.
EDDIE GARCIA doesn’t plan to have an
obituary nor have his remains up for public
Vice Ganda to star in his first MMFF flick
MANILA, Philippines (July 23, 2012) – Comedianhost Vice Ganda is excited to shoot his first-ever Metro
Manila Film Festival entry, Star Cinema's “Sisteraka,”
with co-star Kris Aquino.
“Noon pa ‘yun gusto ko makasakay ng [festival]
float. Dati dream ko maging part ng ‘Shake, Rattle and
Roll.’ Hindi horror ang pelikula ngayon ni Kris, comedy naman ‘yung ‘Sisteraka,'” Vice told
in an interview posted on July 21.
According to him, filming for “Sisteraka” will start
after he wraps up work on his movie with Toni Gonzaga, “This Guy’s in Love with You Mare.”
On his close relationship with Kris, Vice shared,
“We’re the best of friends. Actually, asawa nga ang
turingan naming dalawa. Kaya hindi kami nahihiya sa
isa’t isa. Napapayag ko naman siya. Sabi niya, ’Balahurain mo ako ha? Itulak-tulak mo ko!’
“Hindi ako hesitant na lokohin siya kasi malalim na
pinagsamahan namin,” said he.
Meanwhile, Vice proudly showed his support for
his alma mater anew, the Far Eastern University (FEU),
as he was reportedly spotted at the FEU vs. De La Salle
University (DLSU) Green Archers men’s basketball
game held yesterday afternoon at the Mall of Asia Arena for the 75th Season of the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines).
“When the comedian was shown on the big screen,
the FEU crowd exploded into cheers. Ganda acknowledged the applause with a wave,”
reported on Sunday.
Various online posts and articles have reported
that Vice finished high school and college at the FEU
where he got a degree in Political Science. The story mentioned that Vice would often
attend the Tamaraws’ basketball and volleyball games.
The FEU Tamaraws’ men’s basketball team standing is, as of this writing, at first place with two wins
and no loss. (By JULIEN MERCED C.
Independent Consultant
ID# 115623585
[email protected]
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
It’s Ricky’s Moment
Veteran entertainment columnist and former PMPC president Ricky Calderon recently celebrated another milestone with a gathering of close friends and associates bringing nostalgia to his natal day. Here are some photos of Ricky’s party courtesy of his FB wall.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
AEGIS in another spectacular show
in Toronto!
TORONTO (July 27, 2012)
– AEGIS Band showed another electrifying performance
Wednesday night at the Toronto International Celebration Church (TICC) sending
the capacity crowd that braved
the fury of a thunderstorm that
battered this city into several
frenzied moments with its alltime hits that made Showbiz
in Motion producers Philip
Beloso, Ramos Esturis and Joseph ‘Érap’ Alilio promised to
bring back the popular group
next year.
Composed of Juliet
Sunot (lead singer) and her
sisters Mercy and Ken Sunot, Stella Pabico (keyboard),
Vilam Goloviogo (drums),
Rowena Pinpin-Adriano (bass
guitar) and onopy male member Rey Abenoja (lead guitar),
AEGIS has already performed
in Toronto and other Canadian
cities almost yearly, also coming from US Tours in several
cities in the West, and other
European countries, including
London last year.
‘They are really good.
Fanstastic group!” said Margie Bueno who came from
Brampton together with her
friends just to watch her favorite band. Änd besides, Bisaya
kami kaya’t suportado naming
talaga ang AEGIS.”
Lead singer Juliet
and her sisters Mercy and Ken
were lustily cheered by the not
less than 600 fans that paid $55
for a VIP ticket after dishing out
their trade mark songs ‘Halik’,
‘Luha’, ‘Sinta’, ‘Basang-Basa
sa Ulan’, Freddie Aguilar’s
“Bulag, Pipi’t Bingi’, among
other ditties popularized by the
Front act singers led
by 2011 World COPA Singing
Champion Gian Carlo Bobila,
Bong Castillo, Marco Roqueno, Little divas Maria Theresa
Panaligan, Jheo Navarro and
Edessa Andrada also received
wild cheers anf deafening applause from the very appreciative crowd; so as the 5-man
Breeding Grounds Band.
Pandemonium broke
loose, however, when AEGIS
climb the stage to start their outstanding concert. Here are some
photos of the show courtesy
of TPC’s Miguel Caducio and
Norma Arms-Lewis of ATIN
American Idol pursuing Mariah Carey
American Idol may be getting
a worldwide idol as a judge
— Mariah Carey.
A person familiar with
the show’s negotiations says
Carey is being pursued to
join the judging panel of the
Fox talent competition. The
source requested anonymity
because of the private nature
of negotiations.
There are two openings: Both Jennifer Lopez
and Steven Tyler announced
last week that they were leaving as judges after two seasons. Randy Jackson, who
is a manager, producer and
friend of Carey's, is the only
judge left. There are reports
that Jackson's role may shift
as well.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
If Carey were to
join, she’d bring considerable
expertise on hitmaking: The
Grammy-winner is one of the
bestselling artists of all time,
with numerous No. 1 hits.
She’s currently working on a
new album, the first since her
twins were born last year.
popular program for nearly a
decade, but has had a marked
downturn in its audience.
Once a ratings juggernaut,
its last finale drew its lowest
ratings in its 11-season history.
It would
also give the show
a heavy dose of superstardom, which
is key considering
the star power on
shows like X Factor,
which added Britney
Spears and Demi
Lovato as judges
and will begin its
second season in the PHIL MCCARTEN/REUTERS - A person
familiar with the American Idol's negotiafall.
tions says Mariah Carey is being pursued to join the judging panel of the
American Idol Fox talent competition.
has been TV's most
Philippine Courier
Welcome to the Club, Frances!
Ms. Frances Bachini Moscare-Datol, this paper’s comptroller and adorable wifey to publisher-editor Mon Datol, joined the 60th Club July 28, 2012 with a lavishHawaiian-motiff dinner party at the Prestige Banquet Hall & disco club located at 4544 Dufferin St., North York, Ontario. Sisters Mabelle and Rosaline joined their
father in making their Mom’s natal day a very memorable one by inviting the celebrant’s closest kin, friends, childhood friend, co-workers at CHATS & York South,
and hire hula dancing group Southern Pacific Dance Troupe, to spice up the short program. World COPA 2011 Singing Champion Gian Carlo Bobila dished out
two ballad songs for his Tita Frances. 15-year-old fast-rising singer Nicole Datol Bello also sang two songs for her Grandma Frances. Guest singers include Malou
Viloria and country singer JayAr. Here are some of the photos of affaircourtesy of TPC’s Miguel Caducio and Junah Cagang. (more photos on page 33)
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Barriga raises Philippines' hope for Olympic medal
31, 2012) – Filipino
boxer Mark Anthony
Barriga lived up to
his lofty billing as
the Philippine best
bet for a medal with
a smashing 17-7 win
over a much taller
Manuel Cappai of
Italy Tuesday night to
open his gold medal
quest in the London Mark Barriga, right, reacts after defeating Italy's
Manuel Cappai during a light flyweight 49-kg
The 5-foot-2 Bar- preliminary boxing match at the 2012 Summer
riga dominated the Olympics, Tuesday, July 31, 2012, in London.
fight from the open- (AP/Patrick Semansky)
ing bell, using his
tried to answer back but Barcounterpunching skills to throw riga was too smart and eluded
off his 5-foot-6 opponent. The the Italian’s punches, pushing
Philippines’ lone medal pros- his lead to 9-4. Barriga then finpect in boxing unleashed a com- ished off Cappai in clinical fashbination that forced Cappai to a ion in the third round.
standing-eight count right in the
The Filipino will face Biropening round.
zhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan
Sensing that he is way be- in the Round of 16 this Saturday.
hind in the scorecard, Cappai
Edited by: Laurence Tierra
Diaz fails 3 attempts; Rosario in 32nd
LONDON (July 30, 2012) – Four years of preparation
and sacrifices that included putting on hold a computer
degree and separation from her family ended in frustration, tears and despair for 21-year-old Hidilyn Diaz who
dropped out of the weightlifting event of the 30th Olympic
Diaz did a snatch of 92 kilos on her first try and attempted 118 kg in the clean and jerk, but her first three
attempts failed as the Filipina lay flat on the floor before stunned spectators at the Excel-South Arena 3 of the
Olympic Village.
“I committed a foul when my arm hit my leg in the
first attempt. In the second the bar pressed the lower part
of my throat and I choked. I felt dizzy and dropped the
bell,” she said.
In her third time, she simply could no longer make a
lift and dropped to the floor. She was showed out of the
stage by sports officials.
“All the preparations I’ve done for four years and the
sacrifices my coach and others who supported me to help
me succeed are gone,” said Diaz in between tears after
leaving the stage .
“This is the first time I had a zero in a competition.
I knew I could lift 118 kilos. In fact, I had done 123 before. I was running second before that lift (118) but I
don’t know what happened,” she added. “I apologize to
the Filipino people for my performance.”
Prospects also turned bleak at The Royal Artillery
Barracks where Paul Brian Rosario finished 32nd among
36 participants after 75 shots in
the qualifying round of the skeet
Rosario had a perfect 25 in
the third round, bettering his 22
and 19 in the first two rounds for
a 66, eight points behind the near
perfect mark of 74 by world and
Olympic record holder Vincent
Hancock of the US.
The 36-man field returns
today to complete the last two Hidilyn diaz failed in
rounds which will determine the her attempt to lift 118top six to advance to the finals kg in three attempts in
later in the afternoon.
the clean and jerk to
Over at the Lord’s Cricket bow out of the London
Ground, Cabral, who ranked Games. (File photo)
48th after the classification
round, faces No. 17 Inna Stepanova of Russia in the Round of 64, start of the women’s
individual archery event.
If she wins the match at 3:13 p.m., she advances to
the round of 32 at approximately 4:05 p.m. Her opponent
will be the winner in the duel between top-ranked Ki Bo
Bae of Korea and No. 64 Rand Al-Mashhadani of Iraq.
Team Phl is backed by ICTSI, Bank of Philippine
Islands, Mizuno, Samsonite, Philracom, Petron, Procter
& Gamble, Smart Sports, TV5 and the Philippine Sports
Again, boxing is our top hope in London
By Al Mendoza
BARRING a hitch of catastrophic proportions – as in the English Channel suddenly drying up, maybe – the Olympic
Games will blast off on July 27 in “foggy
Seriously now, I pray that our 11 athletes achieve their dream in London, a
dream this nation had long wanted to
happen: A first gold medal ever in the
quadrennial event.
We’ve won Olympic medals in athletics and boxing, yes, but not gold. Never.
Bronze medals were what we had in
Olympic athletics through Misters Toribio and Yldefonso.
Twice we struck Olympic silver in
boxing but not gold. Never.
In the last 48 years alone, we’ve won
only two Olympic medals: Both silver.
They came in boxing.
Anthony Villanueva won the first silver for the country in the 1964 Tokyo
Olympics, losing the gold to a Russian in
a closely-fought contest that saw the late
Joe Cantada, covering the fight by radio
from ringside, virtually raising hell.
“We were robbed of the gold medal!”
boomed the incomparable Joe Cantada,
albeit saying that repeatedly.
In 1996, Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco
likewise settled for the boxing silver,
also dropping a close decision in yielding the gold medal to a Bulgarian in the
Atlanta Olympics.
That was the last time we had been that
close to winning our first Olympic gold
as we went home empty-handed from
our last three Olympic stints in 2000 in
Sydney, 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing.
It seems bleak likewise again for us in
London as we only have a solitary bet in
boxing through Mark Anthony Barriga
after a bright prospect in Charly Suarez
had narrowly missed an Olympic boxing
slot in China only some weeks back.
As history tells us, it is in boxing
that, traditionally, we have the strongest
chance to win a medal. In fact, our other
two post-war Olympic bronze medals
came also in boxing through Leopoldo
Serrantes in the 1988 Seoul Olympics
and Roel Velasco in the 1992 Barcelona
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Barriga, as our chief golden bet in
London, is in high spirits after topping
his qualifying event in China to make it
to the Olympiad. He is only 19, but his
demeanor is that of a full-grown fighter
It helps that the Philippine Sports
Commission (PSC), the government’s
financial arm for sports, has dangled a
P5-million bonus to anyone from our 11
Olympians who can bring home a gold
medal. A silver medal is worth P2.5 million and a bronze P1 million.
Business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan
(MVP), the country’s big boss in boxing,
isn’t saying anything but I’m sure he’ll
give more bonus once Barriga achieves
the ultimate dream that all of us had been
dreaming of all this time: the first-ever
Olympic gold.
I'm sure even Rey Fortaleza, now
based and doing well in Vancouver, Canada, who boxed in the Montreal Olympics in 1976, will surely pitch in to the
bonus coffers of Barriga should a medal
come Barriga's way.
And, of course, it goes without saying that our 10 other Olympians have as
much chances to win as Barriga, even
though many of them are in disciplines
where winning is almost next to impossible.
I refer to swimmer Jasmine Alkhaldi, long jumper Marestella Torres,
5,000-meter bet Rene Herrera, shooter
Brian Rosario, weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz
and archers Mark Javier and Rachelle
Anne Cabral. They are in events where
competition is at its toughest so that
should anyone of them wins even a
bronze, it would glitter already like gold.
But who knows, maybe, judoka Tomohiko Hoshina and BMX rider Danny
Caluag might stun us, if not the world,
by successfully snatching a medal?
In everything that we do, luck always
plays a vital role.
And if Lady Luck gets to smile at any
one or two of them, who knows a shower
of bonanza could also pour in?
This nation is never lacking in big
hearts and if there’s another one wor-
thy of mentioning here apart from MVP,
that’d be Ramon S. Ang, the San Miguel
Corporation chieftain known simply
now as RSA.
If RSA could so easily toss in P500
million for housing to the typhoon victims of Cagayan de Oro City last year,
wouldn’t an additional P10 million more
from him for every Filipino gold medalist in London be a mere drop in the
Try him.
ALL IN Happy birthday to both Mayasoh M. Sadiwa [July 21] and Sol F.
Juvida [July 23)]. Here’s a fervent prayer
that the both of you have more birthdays
to come and continue to have a healthy
life for many more years to come. Cheers
for beers!
Ricky Brown in nostalgia trip to Manila
RICARDO Brown came as quick and
left just as quick.
That’s probably why he is called, “The
Quick Brown Fox.” That moniker was
coined by Pinggoy Pengson, the late, lamented sportscaster.
Now 55 years old, Brown played in
the Philippine Basketball Association
(PBA) from 1983 to 1989. He played
with distinction. His forte is dribbling
and shooting.
He was the first to popularize the
behind-the-back dribble here. He could
also shoot from afar with ease. And he
was among the coolest to ever play the
In 1983, he was the PBA’s Rookie
of the Year. In 1985, he was the PBA’s
In 1989, he was part of the San Miguel
Beer Team that won the PBA Grand
Slam (a sweep of all three conferences
staked every season).
A naturalized Filipino as his mother
is a Filipina (Consuelo Vidal, from Sta.
Cruz, Manila), Brown went home to Los
Angeles, California, in 1990.
Hurting from basketball-related injuries, including back pains, he retired that
year.Two weeks ago, he was back – af-
ter a total of 22 years being away from
Manila. “The first thing I noticed was the
traffic,” he said. “Terribly horrible.”
I was flattered when Brown personally
requested his dear friend, fellow journalist Tet Andolong, to join his group in the
lunch hosted by Danding Cojuangco last
week at the Executive Lounge of the San
Miguel Corporation building in Mandaluyong City.
It was Danding who brought Brown to
the country in 1981 to play for Northern
Consolidated Cement, the Sison-based
(Pangasinan) company owned by Cojuangco.
The nostalgia lane was quickly revisited once Danding and Ricky met again.
“Was it 1987 when we last saw each
other?” said Danding. “Yes, Boss,” said
Ricky. “Time flies, indeed.”
Actually, Brown came home primarily
to collect his Hall of Fame trophy from
the PBA, which also selected him one of
the Greatest 25 Players of the league.
I was seated next to Danding during
the historic lunch and, aside from basketball and Brown, Danding and I had
touched on Pangasinan politics, as well.
“I heard your son, Mark, is interested
in becoming governor of Pangasinan?”
“Of course, not,” Danding said. “Espines should continue the good work he’s
been doing in your province. I heard he’s
been really doing well. Someone told me
Espines is the best governor Pangasinan
has ever had.”
I mentioned Nani Braganza, the mayor
of Alaminos. “Oh, he will be no match
against Espines,” Danding said. “At this
stage, I believe Espines is unbeatable.”
And he next turned to me. “How about
you, when are you running for Congressman in your district?” Danding asked.
In 1992, when Danding ran for President, he egged me on – together with the
great Tio Condring Estrella – to run for
that post.
“I will support you all the way,” he
said to me then. I politely declined.
“How about next year?” he said. “Just
tell me when you are ready, OK?”
I just smiled, and said to him, “Thank
you, Boss. I’ll keep that in mind.”
Philippine Courier
Another title for Pacquiao
... named Peacebuilding President of Rotary Club Manila 101
MANILA, Philippines (July 26,
2012) - Champion boxer Manny
Pacquiao adds another feather in
his cap by being named Peacebuilding President of the Rotary
Club of Manila 101, inducted by
Vice President Jejomar Binay, no
“Gusto kong mapabilang sa
grupong ito. Isang grupong may
malasakit sa ating pinagmulan at
may layuning makatulong sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng pagsulong
ng kapayapaan,” Manny said on
“24 Oras,” July 25.
The report added that
Manny is confirmed to run for reelection as congressman of Sarangani under the United Nationalist
Alliance (UNA) party.
“Regular member po siya
ng PDP-Laban so magkakandidato po siya sa UNA. Ang alam ko
congressman uli, eh,” Vice president Binay said.
Manny Pacquiao welcomes his new role as
On “TV Patrol” that champion of the poor
evening, Manny expressed gratefulness to have been given the opsaid.
portunity to champion the rights
Dyan Castillejo reported that
of the poor Filipinos.
“Malaking karangalan para sa Pacman’s next opponent is still being
akin ito. Thank you sa tiwala. Magan- decided on as he is yet to speak with
dang ‘yung adhikain na magbigay ng his promoter, Bob Arum, who will artulong sa mga mahihirap na tao,” he rive in Manila next month.
The Game
of My Life
By Bill Velasco
How much is a 2”x2” patch of real
estate on an NBA player’s jersey
worth? That’s a $100 million question the league is seeking an answer
to. Whether it makes fans uneasy or
not, it’s going to happen come the
2013-2014 season.
In seeking to increase its revenues,
the NBA is allowing advertising on
actual game jerseys for the first time,
leaving the Olympic Games as practically the only major international
sporting competition where corporate
logos are not allowed. The International Olympic Committee does not
even allow sponsor placements inside
its venues, unless the TV franchise
holders are able to place them there
Why is the NBA leasing out its most
precious space? The league is, at the
end of the day, a business, a very large
investment for its team owners. We
see this all the time in collective bargaining agreements when the players
try to flex their muscles: a group of
athletic young millionaires challenging the authority of older, more savvy
billionaires. The winner of that tugof-war is obvious to everyone but
the players. In this case, with some
tweaking of contracts, the decision
will be implemented next year.
In other major sports leagues
overseas (all international football
leagues, the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) and even the
Torre set to make history in Istanbul Olympiad
By Marlon Bernardino
Philippines (July 27, 2012)
- GRANDMASTER Eugene Torre’s strong finish
in the 2012 National Open
didn’t go unrewarded.
The 60-year-old brand
new grandfather will
make a record 21st appearance in the World
Chess Olympiad as GM
Julio Catalino Sadorra
begged off to continue his
studies at the Texas Tech
University where he is
taking B.S. Applied Mathematics.
This year’s Olympiad
is slated on August 27 to
September 10 in Istanbul,
“This is unexpected. I
never envisioned myself
representing the country
in the biggest stage of
chess competition as a senior citizen,” said Torre,
who will break a tie with
Hungarian GM Lajos Portisch for the most number
of stints in the Olympiad.
Portisch has played in
20 consecutive Olympiads while Torre has represented the country in 19
straight Olympiads and 20 overall – the
first in Siegen, Germany
in 1970 and the latest in
Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia in 2010.
He credited his longevity and durability to
a healthy lifestyle that
includes regular workout in a popular gym.
“It’s not just about
talent anymore. My re- GM Eugene Torre in this file Photo
cent success is a testaof the Philippines (NCFP)
ment of the importance
headed by chairman/presof living a healthy life.”
His amazing fitness is ident Prospero “Butch”
in full display during the Pichay Jr. exercised its optournament dubbed as the tion to pick the last player
“Battle of the Grandmas- in the team on GM Oliver
The country’s top
Instead of fading in a
15-match marathon, Torre player, GM Wesley So,
won his last four matches is seeded in the team and
to share third place with will man the top board folInternational Master Oli- lowed by Barbosa, Torre,
ver Dimakiling although Paragua and Dimakiling.
Woman International
he missed the last outright
seat to the Olympiad via Master Catherine Perena
will anchor the women’s
GM Mark Paragua team followed by Woman
won the tournament fol- FIDE Master Rulp Ylem
lowed by Sadorra and Di- Jose and Woman National
Masters Janelle Mae Fraymakiling.
Meanwhile, the Na- na, Jedara Docena and Jan
tional Chess Federation Jodilyn Fronda.
NBA jersey ads: Necessary evil?
WNBA), advertising is all over the
place, from the uniforms to the flooring of the playing court itself. Some
even go so far as to place sponsor
stickers on the backboard. This brings
in additional revenues for the league
and does not really have an effect on
the game itself. Of course, purists will
always argue the aesthetics, but they
will eventually get used to it. Not that
they have any choice.
As it is, the NBA has an agreement
with Adidas to manufacture and sell
jerseys and other merchandise. The
agreement even requires players to
wear the brand’s warm-ups and nongame jersey sportswear regardless of
their individual endorsement deals.
The only exception is the official
game jersey. Now, that area is being
opened up to advertising, as well.
There are several questions that
have to be answered before any advertising contract can be implemented.
Can teams negotiate their own deals?
Will existing league sponsors be given first crack at the precious real estate? How will it impact existing television agreements? TV advertisers
may object to the fact that broadcasts
will inadvertently be giving exposure
to rivals of their sponsors, particularly
if the deals are league-wide. Remember, there are several layers of television contracts: regional, national and
international; regular season, playoffs
and finals. That will keep the league’s
vast battery of lawyers busy working out the legal intricacies for quite
a while.
Will the new ad patch also be on the
replica jerseys sold at retail outlets?
Most probably not, though their absence would somehow diminish the
“authenticity” of the merchandise being sold to the public. Perhaps they
will just be sold as limited premium
items. And how will fans respond to
the jerseys when they are sold? Will
fans just accept them as a necessary
evil, shun them, or opt for the oldstyle (and most likely cheaper) patch
less jerseys they’ve been used to? It
will be interesting to see what the
market will actually bear.
This development will also complicate the endorsement contracts of
some players, more so if the eventual league sponsor on the patch is
a market rival of the brand they are
already endorsing. On the other hand,
players benefit from 50 percent of all
Basketball Related Income (BRI) that
the league generates. That’s a case of
double-dipping sponsors would definitely object to.
About 20 years ago, Ivan Lendl
was the number one tennis player and
one of the leading product endorsers in the world. He actually had a
contract with an eyewear brand that
ensured he would be paid a certain
dollar amount for every photograph
of him in an international publication
wearing their sunglasses. Means of
assuring advertising exposure have
evolved further since then. Turtleneck
sweaters became fashionable in golf
and other sports because the logo on
the upright collar would unavoidably
be included even in close-up shots of
the athlete. At the Atlanta Olympics,
a sprinter even wore luminous contact
lenses with his brand of sports apparel
on them.
For NBA teams in smaller markets, it will be an additional revenue
stream. Just three years ago, some
teams sought relief from financial
burdens, and last season, the league
earned significantly less because the
lockout shortened the season. The
extra money will definitely be welcomed, regardless of whether or not
fans feel the league has “sold out”.
The bottomline is keeping the teams
afloat, especially since player salaries
and other expenses continue to escalate, and the burden is often passed
on to fans in higher rates for parking,
tickets to games, food at venues, and
merchandise. This may be a way to
alleviate that problem.
This is a big step for a league
steeped in tradition. But there are also
many precedents. The arenas many
teams play in are named after the corporations and brands that built them,
and this precisely the point, to get as
wide an unavoidable exposure as possible. You can’t avoid calling the Lakers’ home court the Staples Center or
the Rockets’ gym Toyota Center. And
when the new advertising deal pushes
through, you can’t avoid seeing the
ads on your favorite player’s chest,
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July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Born to be a boxer
... make way for Marc “Gwapo” Pagcaliwangan
By Robert Cruz
The Philippine Courier Exclusive
TORONTO, Canada - The rigorous lifestyle of hard work, dedication and sacrifice is Marc Pagcaliwangan’s daily routine since becoming a professional boxer.
From the age of seven, Marc’s dream is
to become a boxer, a prize fighter. That
dream came to fruition a few months ago
after seven successful years of fighting in
the amateurs. From the break of dawn until the sun sets, the Filipino prize fighter
endures the daily challenges of training
camp in Peel Region. His heart, mind and
soul are pushed to the limit for a full tenweek of preparation for his professional
debut. When Marc reaches his peak conditioning, only then will he know his true
self and what he will be capable of.
Marc Pagcaliwangan was born in Toronto,
his family relocated to London, Ontario
where he has spent most of his life. He has
never been to the Philippines; however
he is very proud of his Filipino heritage.
Marc permanently wears the iconic Filipino Tribal Sun on his shoulder, his personal
trademark as a proud and fearless Filipino
Before turning Pro, Marc fought in the
OBA Amateur Boxing Association in
Southwestern Ontario. He has fought up
to 155lbs in his amateur fights. However,
Marc discovered his ideal fighting weight
is in 130lbs. In that weight class, he remained undefeated and went on a nine
fight win streak before turning pro.
As an amateur with over 40 fights, Marc
has won several notable awards such as the
OBA Summer Hayes Tournament and a 3
Time Golden Gloves Award Recipient in
Ontario. Marc fought out of the Boomerz
Boxing Gym Stable of London, Ontario
and was coached by Lawrence Boom.
For over five years as his amateur coach,
Boom has been a father-figure to Marc; he
groomed and honed his skills and lifestyle
inside and outside the ring. To this day the
bond is strong with Coach Boom and the
boxers that originally trained with Marc
at the Boomerz Gym. They remain a big
part and positive influence in Marc’s life.
Heading into his debut pro fight, Coach
Boom with be present in Marc’s corner.
Mark Erwin from Win Sports Management is Team Pacgaliwangan’s Manager;
he has recently acquired Marc’s first two
fights. Marc’s Pro debut will be held in
Montreal, Quebec on Sept. 22, his second
fight will be on Oct. 27 in Brooklyn, New
York which will be a televised fight card
with a major US network. Marc Pagcaliwangan was a highly regarded amateur
boxer that boxing scouts and managers
covet. Mark Erwin describes his newest
prospect as; “Marc has an honest approach
to the nature of the sport. His demeanour
speaks volumes of his character. He is the
proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing…..
kind and quiet but a ferocious tiger in the
ring. Marc’s work ethic and approach to
this sport is both honest and humbling. A
manager’s dream and a trainer’s gift”.
The coach for Team Pagcaliwangan is
Socrates Celestial, who also serves double duty as the strength and conditioning
coach. Born in Baguio, Philippines, Coach
Socrates resides in Brampton. He is a well
known personality in the GTA boxing
community and has been in the boxing industry for over 15 years. Coach Socrates
passion and dedication to the sport of boxing makes him the ideal coach for Marc.
Coincidentally, the two Filipino Canadians have many characteristics in common
making them a perfect coach-boxer rela-
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
tionship thus far. Socrates has now joined
forces with a young boxer with unlimited
potential and promise. Marc’s dedication
and work rate is nothing short of incredible. Coach Socrates describes Marc as “A
natural phenom. This unassuming warrior
possesses vast amounts of natural raw
power and skill beyond other pugilist he
has worked with in his weight class”. It’s
a beautiful partnership, a Filipino coach
with all the necessary skills to groom a
young professional boxer partnered with
a young Filipino boxer who is hungry and
driven to excel in the sport of prize fighting.
The timing for a Filipino boxer and coach
partnership in Canada is impeccable since
the emergence of several Filipino World
Champions; Manny Pacquiao, Nonito
Donaire Jr. and others who continue to
dominate the sport, media and pound for
pound rankings. Now it can be said that
the day has come that Filipinos in Canada
has produced their own brand name in
Boxing. Marc Pagcaliwangan has arrived;
he represents the presence of a highly
visible, developed and proud Filipino establishment here that he will carry on his
back when he fights in the ring.
Kombat Arts Training Academy owned
and operated by Joey De Los Reyes, Lee
Kim and Edgar Obregon is Team Pagcaliwangan home gym in Mississauga. This is
a Gym known for its popular membership
and support to amateur and professional
prize fighters from a diverse cultural
membership. The Filipino owned gym is
definitely a World Class Facility where
the Filipino culture and fighting spirit
flows freely. Kombat Arts has welcomed
Team Pacgaliwangan unconditionally
with open arms. The relationship between
Marc, Socrates and Kombat Arts exemplifies everything that is great about Filipino
hospitality, culture and training to achieve
a common objective; to produce a Filipino Canadian Boxing Champion backed
up with the best Filipino talents available
surrounding Marc Pagcaliwangan.
What can we expect from Marc Pagcaliwangan? He is humble, hungry, determined and driven; he is mentally strong
and has exceeded expectations with his
heart and work ethics. When you finally
see this young Filipino phenom fight, you
will see a diamond in the rough and a
work in progress at 22 years old. He has
several years ahead of him to evolve and
time is on his side.
What can be said now is Marc is a heavy
handed boxer with a serious punch that
will be reckoned with in the 126lb division. Marc has all the traits of an exciting
and explosive Filipino toe-to-toe fighter.
His fluid footwork commands the ring
quickly and his chin is very durable. You
may see some similarities of the legendary
Filipino Boxer Flash Elorde mixed with
angles and straight punches notoriously
associated with the best Filipino Boxers.
Part of Marc’s development under Coach
Socrates is learning the finesse of the
sweet science. Although Coach Socrates
is a Filipino, he is known for developing a slick American boxer, puncher style
that has been introduced to Marc. There
is much work ahead; however, it cannot
be denied that Marc Pagcaliwangan and
his Coach Socrates Celestial are breaking new ground together. When training
camp is all said and done Marc “Gwapo”
Pacgaliwangan will bring his best into the
Philippine Courier
Community Potpourri
2011 Anghel ng Tahanan Canada 2nd runner-up Sheryl dela Pena celebrated her 30th
birthday July 27, 2012 with simple family gathering. With Sheryl in this TPC’s File Photo
are her loving parents.
COOL AS CUCUMBER: Eduard Que celebrated his birthday July 25, 2012 as simple
as it could be, but, loving partner Cecille
Araneta made the most of Eduard’s day by
preparing the celebrant’s favourite foods for
a candle-lit dinner at home.
Logan Gabriel Carl Segovia Moulton entered the Christian world when he was baptized at St. Ambrose
Church by Father Edward Smith on Sunday, June 24, 2012. Logan celebrated his special day with family
& friends at Christ the King Hall, with mom Fen, brother Dylan and Dad Larry. (Text & photo by Dr. Belle
THE DIVA CELEBRATES: Ms. Josie de Leon-Crescini turned
another page of her very colourful book of life July 23 with
her son Jomil and loving husband Mark and family and close
Samson, another popular singer in Toronto, celebrated her 40th birthday with a
party in their modest home July 22 with
Dr. Belle Tumbokon, owner of the first Filipino-owned loving partner Rodney Roquillo leaving no
Optical Clinic in the GTA, celebrated another mile- stone unturned in making her ‘ Miss Saistone July 25, 2012 with a simple birthday celebration gon’ gig a very memorable one.
with her family.
YENG’S DAY: Rosaline
‘Yeng’ Datol-Tierra, this
paper’s entertainment
editor, celebrates her natal day July 30, 2012 with
a two-day-2-night family
bonding in downtown Toronto. In this photo, Yeng
is with better-half Lenny,
Iyam Lauren and 3-yearold ‘Bunso’ Yumi Lara.
BAPTISM - Niam Allen Nepomuceno Zetazate (middle) held by his father, Jeff Zetazate beside her
(TPC’s File photo taken
mother, Sarah Nepomuceno Zetazata, after she was baptized at the St. Rose of Lima Church which
during Iyam’s 7th bday
was officiated by Fr. Godofredo Claudio on July 15, 2012 (Sunday). Also shown in photo (L-R) include
Niam's paternal and maternal grandparents, Oscar and Divina Zetazate, Lea (Alfon) and Robert
Nepomuceno. (Photo by Lei Marie Zetazate)
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Joke Time
Ni Edgar Bello
Our Journey
By Eva Agpaoa
Pasosyal ang isang girl sa bus…
GIRL: Manong conductor, can you get
my luggage, please?
It’s kinda heavy kasi, eh!
KONDUKTOR: Alin dito, miss?
GIRL: Uhmm… that one, o! ‘Yung sako!
Ang mga tunay na kaibigan…
KUBA: mapagkumbaba
PILAY: hindi ka tatakbuhan
BULAG: walang pakialam sa itsura mo
PIPI: hindi nagbibitiw ng bad words
DULING: hindi ka hahayaang mag-isa
Sa karinderya ni Aling Karen…
PUROY: Bakit ganito ang sabaw n’yo,
masyadong maalat?! Tapos, ang pritong
parang bakal sa
ALING KAREN: Hoy! Araw-araw
ka nang nakikikain dito, ikaw pa’ng
Apo ni Juan Tamad
NANAY: Anak, bumili ka ng asin.
ANAK: Ayoko po! Madilim na! Takot
NANAY: Huwag kang mag-alala, kasama mo ang anghel mo.
ANAK: Siya na lang po ang utusan ninyo! Dalawa pa kami, para asin lang!
Turo ni Itay
TATAY: Saan mo natutunan ‘yang paginom ng beer, pagyoyosi, pagbubulakbol,
pagbabarkada?! ‘Yang mga bisyo mong ‘yan, ha?! Ano ang sasabihin
ng mga
kamag-anak natin, ha?!
ANAK: ‘Tay, ano po…
TATAY: Ano?!
ANAK: Sa inyo po. ‘Di ba, tinuruan
n’yo po ako?!
Gay sila
BRUNO: Pare, mga bakla pala ‘yung
mga nag-aati-atihan!
SAM: Bakit mo naman nasabi ‘yan,
BRUNO: Bingi ka ba? Sabi nila, ‘Hala,
bira! Hala, bira! Hada, hada!’
SAM: Oo nga, ‘no?! Hada, hada!!!
Simple lang
Lahat ng tao, may pangarap.
Tulad ng, “Gusto kong matapos ang pagaaral ko.” “Sana, tumama ako sa lotto.”
Meron pa ngang, “Sana, magkaroon ng
world peace!”
Sa akin, simple lang. Makasama lang
kitang kumain ng sago, fulfilled na ‘ko!
Humble daw
Sabi nila, kung ano’ng meron ka, tumahimik ka lang. ‘Wag mong ipangalandakan!
Parang ako… kita n’yo naman, ang ganda ko… nag-iingay ba ‘ko?!
Hindi, di ba?! Humble kasi ako, eh…
Dalawang bobo nagpunta sa Amerika
para pumunta sa Disneyland.
Nag-rent pa sila ng kotse para pumunta
duon. habang nasa daanan, nakita nila
ang isang road sign: "DISNEYLAND
LEFT" agad-agad na umuwi ang dalawa.
"Sayang pare!" sabi nung isa. "Oo nga
pare, di na natin na-abutan! BAD TRIP!"
When someone tells you, "ANG PANGIT MO TLAGA!"
Reply by saying:
"Excuse me, hindi ako SALAMIN"
Ang kawawang nanay
Nanay: Juan bili ka nga suka
Juan : Nay nalaglag sa ilog
Nanay: ‘Wag muna pupulutin dirty na
Nanay: O, sige, bumuli ka na lang toyo
Juan : Nay nalaglag sa ilog
Nanay: Huwag muna pupulutin dirty na
Nanay: Buti pa bumili ka na lang itlog
Nanay: Huwag muna pupulutin dirty na
Nanay: O, sige na nga ako na lang bibili
Biglang tumakbo ang kapitbahay
Juan, ‘nalalag ang nanay mo sa
Juan : Huwag muna pupulutin dirty na
Eskwela o barkada
- sa barkada may addiction
- sa skwela gigising ka ng maaga
- sa barkada uuwi ka nang maaga
- sa eskwela may guro
- sa barkada may gulo
- sa eskwela may libro
- sa barkada may sigarilyo
San ka pa eskwela o barkada
French Lesson
Cough: O vou
Ashes: A vou
Car: Re vou
Baloons: Lo vou
Drugs: Sha vou
Good bye: Va vou
Cute: A cou
Ikaw: Mol tou
Sabi nila:
"Masamang magtanim ng galit sa
Pero para sakin,
"Mas masamang magtanim ng baby
sa hindi mo syota! "
Anak: Tay, ano po yung SEX
Tatay: Ang sex ay pagtatalik sa Tagalog.
Isang ritwal na ginagawa pagkatapos
Mag tatabi ang dalawang nagmamahalan hanggagn sa sukdulang ligaya na
magbubunga sa nilalang na gaya
Anak: Ay!!! hindi na kakasya sa BioData
Doc Kagaw
DUKTOR : Umubo ka!
PEDRO : Ubho! Ubho! Ubho!
DUKTOR : Ubo pa!
PEDRO : Ubho! Ubho! Ubho!
DUKTOR : Okay….
PEDRO : Ano po sakit ko doc ?
DUKTOR : . . .Ubo, . . .May ubo ka….
Utos ni Nanay
NANAY : Ang Ten Commandments ay
ang sampung utos ng Diyos…
ANAK : Mas makapangyarihan po’ pala
kayo kesa sa Diyos, nay !
NANAY : Bakit naman anak?
ANAK : Mas marami po’ kayong utos
sa akin eh….
College Degree
PEDRO Batumbakal : Ako, natapos ko
ay education, ang tawag sa akin ay SIR
TEOFILO Calma : Ako ay abogasya, ang
tawag sa akin ay ATTORNEY Calma…
PAMFILO Dokturan : Ako, nakatapos
ng medicine, ang tawag sa akin ay DOCTOR
Mekaniko, daw...
MEKANIKO : Sir, hindi ko po’ naayos
ang preno ng kotse eh…
CUSTOMER : Ha?! Paano iyan?
MEKANIKO : Nilakasan ko na lang po’
ang busina! Happy trip na lang po’!
Our children are smarter than us
Every day we make some sort of sacrifice. Usually it’s a small thing, hardly worthy of the name sacrifice. More like a compromise. But sometimes we sacrifice
big. And it can take a lot out of us. We do it. We live with it. We come to terms
with it. Accept it. Maybe even start to like it. But there is a seed of bitterness that
is planted at the moment of sacrifice which starts to grow slowly.
Every parent has made some kind of sacrifice for their children. That’s what we
do. Living in a loveless marriage. Working low paying jobs to give them what
they want. Accepting a situation, that if you were single, you would never accept.
But here’s the thing. Our children need things from us which are not always
material. In fact the most important things are never material. And too often we
misunderstand that. Our child cries for a new pair of boots but really they are
crying out for attention and focus from us.
The father who works 70 hours a week and only comes home to sleep. Thinking:
I am doing this for my little boy. I am fulfilling my obligations and providing.
But really that boy is neglected. Growing up an orphan. Learning a lesson about
The mother who enters into a marriage of convenience so her child has a roof
over her head and food on the table. Thinking: This is my lot now. I have secured their future. My needs are less important. But really that child is learning
a powerful lesson about self worth and happiness. And it’s not necessarily a
positive lesson.
Our children are smarter than we think. They study us every minute of every
day. Their survival depends on it. It’s not a conscious thing they do. They learn
to recognize our different moods by the look on our face, the slant of our shoulders. And they absorb our behavior unconsciously. Everything we do, or don’t
do, gets imprinted in their brains. It’s the template they will use later on to guide
them through their lives.
What we do, how we live, is a powerful example to them. This brings me back to
how we sacrifice for them. If we believe we can hide from them the true motives
for our sacrifice, allowing them only to experience the façade we want to them
to, we are wrong. Their eyes and ears may see and hear what we want them to,
but their body and mind will know better. The two stories won’t be in harmony.
They see and hear one thing but feel and absorb something else entirely. These
are powerful lessons we are teaching them.
Each time we make a sacrifice, we lose a little of ourselves. That’s the meaning
of sacrifice. But we also burden our children with some of that loss. The light
goes a little dimmer and, eventually, could go out all together. At that point, if
you ever get there, then you’re no longer the only one sacrificing. Your child is
also being forced to sacrifice with you. They are losing as much as you.
With the HOTTEST
in Town
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July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Edited by:
Maria Isabelle D. Bello
School kids set the example for this Fall’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
TORONTO - Gillian Archibald, a
teacher at Jackman Avenue Public
School in Toronto, is passionate about
water. Her enthusiasm is infectious
among her students, who joined her in
the Great Canadian Shoreline
Cleanup, presented by Loblaw
Companies Limited, and a joint conservation initiative
of the Vancouver
and 50 students
cleaned up part of
the Don River in
May as part of the
spring educational
program, a youthbased
supplementing the
fall national shoreline cleanup.
cheered as Gillian announced that together they picked up over 58 kg of
trash, including plastic dog poop bags,
cigarette butts, an old yoga mat, plastic
utensils and food wrappers.
“Clean water is one thing no one
can live without, and yet we take it
for granted,” said Archibald. “This
is a great opportunity for kids to see
the human impact on our waterways
and the environment. Hopefully, they
will go back to school and talk to their
friends and other students about it.”
Archibald plans to register her students and other teachers for the fall
shoreline cleanup, taking place September 15-23, 2012. The fall cleanup
is one of the largest direct action cleanup efforts in Canada. People all across
Canada can take part
by adopting their
local shoreline as a
site coordinator, or
joining an existing
cleanup, by registering at
To keep the event
fun and engaging is
key, according to Archibald, especially if
you are with young
children. She likens
the cleanup to having a mini adventure
in your own backyard, which is the
best kind of learning experience for
kids or adults.
Like Archibald, you can help keep
Canada’s shorelines and waters clean
and healthy for everyone, including the
wildlife and communities that depend
on them. The cleanup is open to everyone across Canada and takes place
anywhere where land meets water.
Register today at
Shoreline Cleanup is supported by
partial proceeds from Loblaw’s national pay-for-plastic shopping bag
program, which funds green initiatives
and helps reduce the number of plastic
shopping bags in landfills and shorelines. The fewer plastic bags in use, the
fewer will end up littering our waters.
In 2011, Loblaw customers used 71 per
cent fewer plastic shopping bags than
they did before the company implemented the program. Since 2007, Loblaw has reduced the number of shopping bags from its stores by 3.8 billion.
(Press Release)
SMALL BUSINESS IN THE PHILIPPINES Lawmakers propose to criminalize Phishing
MANILA, Philippines – Lawmakers are pushing for the passage of the
proposed “Anti-Phishing Bill of 2012”
siting illegal internet activities in the
country are already alarming.
Reps. Mariano Michael Velarde, Jr.
and Irwin Tieng (Partylist, BUHAY) stressed
the need for the early
passage of House Bill
for Prevention, Investigation and Imposition of Penalties Therefor and For
Other Purposes,” and the other one is
House Bill 5808 or “An Act Preventing
Cybercrime, Providing for the Prevention, Suppression and the Imposition
of Penalties Therefor and for Other
The bill defines
Phishing as an act of securing personal information such as username,
password, bank account
numbers and credit card
details for the purpose of
using it in fraud, or for
participating in fraudulent business practices,
or for the purpose of
identity theft and misrepresentation.
Under the proposed
bill, any person who
willfully abets or aids in
the commission of any of the offenses
will suffer 12 year imprisonment and a
fine of P200,000.
To date, there are two cybercrime
This tricycle driver travels from one town to another in La Union and Ilobills pending approval. One is SencosSur to sell baskets and other handwoven items.
ate Bill 2796 otherwise called “An
(Photo by Andy Zapata, Jr.)
Act Defining Cybercrime, Providing
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Purposes,” which were passed on third
“Currently, these bills merely define and penalize cybercrimes in general. The intent of this measure is to
specifically define and penalize Phishing in the Philippines,” Velarde said.
Philippine Courier
Not-so ‘magandang gabi’ for Kabayan ..
PNoy criticizes Noli Boy
(July 31, 2012) - As
“TV Patrol” anchors
Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro
walked to the stage at
the celebration of the
news program’s silver
anniversary last Friday,
July 27, all eyes were
on the last. The reason?
“TV Patrol’s” most
senior anchor was just
the subject of an attack
by the night’s guest of
honor, President Benigno Aquino III.
De Castro had not
heard the President’s
speech as he was outside. As he took to the
stage De Castro managed a smile before delivering his trademark
introduction – Magandang gabi, bayan.
He bantered with his
co-anchors and even
said in jest that the creators of “TV Patrol” –the night’s first awardees – were
the reason why he was singled out by
However, his daughter, Kat de Castro, who was also part of the celebration, was not as gallant. She took to social networking site Twitter that Friday
and posted: (@KatDeCastro) “Kapag
inimbita ka sa tahanan ng isang tao,
huwag mong titirahin. Napaka-walang
kwenta lang di ba? Yun lang po.” She
later said: “Dad and Mum told me not
to make an issue out of it. Sorry guys.
Good night. :).”
She also uploaded a picture of her
and her father taken at the “TV Patrol”
affair with the caption: “My Dad...
Who [sic] I’ll defend forever. I love
you so much Daddy.”
PNoy never mentioned De Castro,
a former senator and the Vice President of Gloria Arroyo, in his speech.
He started innocuously, praising the
role of media and then repeated several “facts” in his SONA, enumerating
glowing figures to illustrate the accomplishments of his two-year-old administration.
He shifted gears mid-speech. He recalled a “TV Patrol” report in October
about the increase in passenger arrivals
at the NAIA 3.
“Magandang balita, at higit sa lahat,
fact po iyan. Sa kabila nito, nakuha pa
pong humirit ng isang anchor n’yo at
ang sabi po niya, and I quote, ‘Nasa
NAIA 3 ka kasi; kung nasa NAIA 1 ka,
doon malala.’
“Sa loob-loob ko po, anong kinalaman ng ibinabalita sa NAIA 3 sa NAIA
1? May nagsabi po bang ayos na ayos
na ang NAIA 1? Kung mayroon man
ho, hindi kami. Nakaligtaan niya atang
mahigit 30 anyos na ang istrukturang
He added: “Napapaisip nga po ako:
‘yung nagkomento nito, hindi ba’t
anim na taon ding tumangan sa renda
ng gobyerno?”
This was followed by two more instances. He cited the story of a successful operation of the National Bureau of
Investigation (NBI) to recover a kid-
nap victim.
“Mukhang ang hindi lang masaya,
ito nga pong anchor natin na nagawa
pa uling humirit na baka raw na-set-up
lang raw ang rescue operation, at binayaran lang talaga ang ransom…
“May naitutulong po ba ang mga
walang-basehang spekulasyon, lalo na
kung lumalabas ka sa telebisyon at sinusubaybayan ng sambayanan? Kung
nagbabangkaan lang tayo sa kanto,
hindi problema ang mga walang-basehang patutsada. Pero kung alam mong
opinion-maker ka, alam mo rin dapat
na mayroon kang responsibilidad.
Sana po, sa tuwing sasabihin nating,
and I quote, ‘magandang gabi, bayan,’
ay totoong hinahangad nating maging
maganda ang gabi ng bayan.
“May isa pa po: Ang pagtaas-baba
po kasi ng pamasahe, dumadaan sa
mahabang proseso. Minabuti po nating
makipag-ugnayan sa transport groups,
sa pangunguna po ni Secretary Mar
Roxas, upang bumuo ng kasunduang
makatuwiran. …
“Ibinalita po ito ng field reporter
ninyo. Good news po talaga: Ang
risonableng mungkahi, napagbigyan;
ang pamahalaan, grupo ng tsuper, nagtulungan. Panalo ang sambayanan. Ang
problema, nagawa pa rin itong sundutan ng komentaryo. Matapos i-report,
ang pambungad na tanong ng inyong
anchor: Ano raw ba ang angal ng mga
grupo sa akin po. Ang reaksyon ko,
‘Saan naman nanggaling ‘yun?’”
It is not his intention to suppress
media, said PNoy, he only wished for
balanced reporting.
“Hindi ko hinihiling na kumatha
kayo ng mga gawa-gawang kuwento, o
pagandahin ang imahen ng gobyerno.
Ang akin lang po, kung naibabalita ang
mga nagaganap na krimen at trahedya,
ibalita rin naman po natin sana kung
paano ito naresolba. Kung inilalantad
po natin ang kabulastugan; matuto
naman din po sana tayong kilalanin
ang mga nagagawang kabutihan. At
kung may maimumungkahi kayo para
lalo nating mapagbuti ang pagsisilbi
sa bayan, kami po ay makikinig. Ibalanse lamang natin; tandaan na natin
sa bawat sulat, sa bawat ulat, ay nag-
iiwan kayo ng marka sa publiko; nakakaapekto kayo sa buhay ng kapwa
Pilipino. Ang pagkiling sa negatibismo
ay mag-aatras lamang sa dapat sana’y
pag-usad na ng ating bayan at mga
kapwa Pilipino.”
He softened the blows in the end.
“Ako po’y pagpasensyahan ninyo kung
masyadong prangka nagsalita ngayong
gabi. Maganda na ho siguro ‘yung
totoo ang sabihin para magkaunawan
tayo nang maliwanang.”
De Castro has not
released a reaction. On
Twitter, his daughter
Kat sent this tweet to
Josh De Castro Arcaya,
who wanted to know
how his lolo was doing after PNoy’s attack:
“Papu will be okay. He’s
strong. :) We all get our
strength from him.”
chief of News and Current Affairs, said in a
statement last weekend:
“Criticism is not a monopoly of journalists and
media practitioners. The
President had as much
right to free speech as
every citizen.
“But the focus of Friday’s celebration was
‘TV Patrol’s’ 25 years—
the people behind the
stories, the unsung heroes behind the cameras and unforgettable events that shaped history.
“We did not just remember the disasters, anomalies and political upheavals that ‘TV Patrol’ covered.
“We also celebrated stories of remarkable achievers and everyday heroes, whose triumphs over adversity is
a testament to resiliency of the Filipino
spirit.” (Malaya-Entertainment)
(416) 755-0909
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
More photos of
Frances 60th
(from page 24)
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Ontario Filipino Women’s Club celebrates 30th Year
One of the oldest established Filipino women’s associations in Canada will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary Foundation with a
Masquerade Ball on September 22, 2012, at
the Ellas Banquet Hall, 35 Danforth Road,
Toronto from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.
The Ontario Filipino Women’s Club
(OFWC) was initially conceptualized and
formed by Filipino working women in Canada in 1982 to offset homesickness & loneliness while assimilating to the Canadian
way of life, working in their various field of
dreams. They banded together as a family
oriented association involved with several
charitable endeavors, community outreach
programs, cultural presentations and other
worthwhile projects, as their way of contributing to the economy, multiculturalism and
voluntarism in their adopted country, the
land of Maple Leafs.
The OFWC President, Ms. Annabelle
Migalbin, Rebecca Reyes, Vice-President
and other officers cordially invites members,
friends, benefactors and guests to join them
as they celebrate his milestone. For ticket
sales, please contact Annabelle Migalbin
(416-560-0115) and Rebecca Reyes (416844-1131).
Robert Valle’s Diamond Gift
Family, friends and co-workers
came to their home in Guelph,
Ontario July 7, 2012 to greet
and celebrate with Robert
Valle’s 50th birthday where
his loveable wife Gloria and
only child 17-year-old Gilbert
jointly prepared a very sumptuous Filipino dishes topped by
‘Pinapaitang Kambing’ with
the help and support of Gloria’s sisters and mother. Here
are some photos of Robert’s
birthday party thru the lenses
of TPC’s Miguel Caducio, who
came from Richmond Hill together with his wife Zeny and
this paper’s Editor-in-chief
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Hot Time in the City!
By Miss Rubi Talavera
So many things to do, so little time.
This has always been our dilemma every summer.
Friends – new and old alike – have
constantly invited us – to their homes for
a barbeque, to a picnic, to a night out – a
weekend at the cottage. And sometimes,
we wish we could go to all the affairs.
But with the dog days of summer we
are all experiencing, we could not, of
course! Ang init!
We are not complaining though. Just
stating the obvious. Talagang napaka init.
However, let us give big congratulatory
hugs to our June and July birthday celebrants. To Aling Nene, to Loida Maghirang, to Lito Martin, to Juliet and Vince
Masongsong, to Yoly Ladines, to Frances
Datol, to Carlos Comendador, to Frances
Datol, and to my mom. Happy happy
birthday to you all! And also pahabol to
May celebrant, Seth Aniceto, our guru at
the Seniors in Symphony.
Seniors in Symphony
Yes, you read it right. Seniors in Symphony. Symphony, as in singing. And seniors, as in us. And yes, we are singing.
The Markham Federation of Filipino
Canadians recently received a grant from
the New Horizons Program of the Ontario
government and we, the young at heart,
formed a choir, or, appropriately a choral
group headed by Seth Aniceto, Lito Martin, Elsa Hung and Vince Masongsong.
Every Thursday afternoon, you will find
us exercising our lungs and diaphragms at
MFFC, under the able tutelage of Musical
Director, Thelma Antazo.
We are now into our fourth song, the
three being: If You Love Me, Ikaw ang
Mahal Ko, and Walk Alone. Did you miss
our Spring Dance on June 2nd? What
about June 10th, when we celebrated Philippine Independence Day at the Markham
Civic Centre? Sayang!
But don’t fret, because we will once
again “perform” during our MFFC Gala
event in October. Watch for future details!
Filcrea Picnic
The Filipino Canadian Real Estate Association or Filcrea for short held its annual summer picnic last July 15th, at Noel
and Betty Frias’ estate home in Unionville.
Despite the rain, we were able to gather a great group of realtors and associate
members. We had games, organized by
Filcrea Acting Secretary Alene Barcia, karaoke singing led by no less than former
TREB president, Cynthia Lai and Filcrea
past president, Benny Jose. We also started a friendly black jack game which was
eagerly joined in by Jess Carlos, Tony Ar-
royo, Ramon Cezar, Benjie Frias, Resty
Ragragio, Cynthia Lai, and yours truly.
Bangka was casino man himself, Joe Evangelista.
Others who attended included Virgie
Tigas and her sister and friend, Eddie and
Marita Lee, Isabel Gonzalez and Krista,
Evelyn Orjalo and JP, Willie Reodica, Albert and Pete Lintag and their spouses, Cecile Ragragio and kids, Rowland Warwick
and Josephine Dasario, Rose de Ocampo,
Val Abalos and friends, and former First
Lady, Ludy Jose.
Thanks to the catering by Tagpuan, everyone enjoyed the palabok, tokwa baboy,
ginataang sitaw and kalabasa, beef steak,
daing na bangus, turon, and platters of
Good fun was had by all. Thank you
once again, Betty and Noel.
Daughters of Isabella
Congratulations to the ladies who organized the Summer Ball at Our Lady of
Assumption OLA church.
A new member, Nellie Bautista invited
us and reserved a table of us at the venue.
Her BFF, Elsa, took us along on this hot
and humid Saturday night and our Knight
in shining armour, Seth, was kind enough
to chauffeur us in his bright, sparkling,
luxurious Lexus.
At the dance, we were overjoyed to see
old friends, Justice of the Peace, His Worship, Rick Manankil and his lovely wife,
Lulu. Also chatted with Aida and Jun Villaruz. And met the smiling sister of another old chum, Belle Tumbokon, kamusta ka
na ba, Belle? Where are you these days?
Eva’s Picnic
The Philippine Press Club of Ontario
girls and boys were treated to a barbecue
cum committee meeting at Eva Agpaoa’s
home in the west end of Toronto early July.
With Eva’s husband, Peter, and her
mom, Eva made us feel so welcome at her
place serving us barbecued ribs, grilled
vegetables, corn, jerk chicken, inihaw na
baboy, and lots and lots of other delicacies.
And, of course, when there’s a singing machine, there’s karaoke!
Leading the way in a queue were Jess
Carlos and Larry Torres and Eva. PPCO-ers who joined us were Prexy Ricky
Caluen, Eugene Deocareza, Jess Cabrias,
Imelda Ortega, Ariel Ramos, and other
guests, Eddie and Marita Lee and Eva’s
Thank you once again, Eva, for opening
your home to us. Sa uulitin definitely, ano?
And just a heads up – PPCO will be
holding its Gala Event and Induction of
Officers on Saturday, September 8th. Details soon to be released.
Visiting FARH members who also attended the wondrous event were: Cynthia Caducio, Flor and Al
Diwa's President and CEO, William Tam, donated Gift Certificates worth $200. Shown above with Hopkins, Fannie Caducio and Cristy and Conrad Caiyod. Of course, el Presidente Miguel Caducio
took our pictures.
his lovely wife and friend and barkada, Tito Comendador.
Seniors in Symphony was launched early June at the Markham Federation of Filipino Canadians Centre and show above are the Altos,
the Sopranos, the Tenors and Baritones. From left to right are Bina Comendador, Elsa Hung, Nene, Juliet Masongsong, Jean Todas,
Enjoying the Daughters of Isabella dance were Seth Aniceto, Lily Raines, Yoly Ladines and Weldon De Leon. Behind are Jess and Sue, Aling Conchita, Chao Lay, Romy Camacho, Vic Todas, Seth
Aniceto, Vince Masongsong, Keith Binette, and Pany Ladines. Also in photo are Louie Locsin, Rubi Talavera, emcee, and the Musical
Rubi Talavera, Elsa Hung and Justice Rick Manankil.
Director, Thelma Antazo.
Filcrea realtors and associates got together at the Frias Mansion in Unionville for a day of frolicking From an email sent by a chum from long ago. Lorena Cabrera Tiqui, amidst the calm waters and
the gorgeous boats at Royal Harbour in Georgian Bay.
and camaraderie.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
Suntok sa Buwan
Ni John Agustin
By Chuchi Punzalan
Good morning . . .. At present we are not at
home but, please leave your message after you
hear the beep.
..............Beeeeeeeeeeeppp ....
If you are one of our children, dial 1 and then
select the option from 1 to 5 in the order of "arrival" so we know who it is.
If you need us to stay with the children, press
If you want to borrow the car, press 3
If you want us to wash your clothes and ironing, press 4
If you want the grandchildren to sleep here
tonight, press 5
If you want us to pick up the kids at school,
press 6
If you want us to prepare a meal for Sunday
or to have it delivered to your home, Press 7
If you want to come to eat here, press 8
If you need money, press 9
If you are going to invite us to dinner, start
talking we are listening!!!!!!!!!!!
and kicking up his heels. He looked closer
and saw that this man didn't have either arm!
He started thinking, "What am I
doing up here feeling sorry for myself? I still
have one
good arm to do things with. There goes a
man with no arms skipping down the sidewalk,
so happy and going on with his life."
He hurried down and caught up with
the armless man. He told him how glad he was
see him because he had almost committed
suicide. He thanked him for saving his life and
said he knew he could make it with one arm
if that guy could go on with zero arms.
The man with no arms began dancing
and whooping and kicking up his heels again.
The one-armed man asked, 'Why are you so
happy, anyway?'
He said, 'I'm NOT happy!! My balls
A heart-warming story like this just makes
one want to cry.
The Jewish Elbow
A Jewish grandmother is giving directions
to her grown grandson who is coming to visit
with his wife. "You come to the front door of
the apartment.
I am in apartment 301. There is a big
panel at the front door. With your elbow , push
button 301. I will buzz you in.
Come inside, the elevator is on
the right. Get in, and with your elbow push 3.
When you get out, I'm on the left. With your
elbow, hit my doorbell."
"Grandma, that sounds easy, but, why
am I hitting all these buttons with my elbow?
"What ... You coming empty handed?"
Wise Italian Grandfather
Why Italian Fathers and Grandfathers pass
their handguns down through the family.
An old Italian man is dying. He
calls his grandson to his bedside, Guido, I wan'
you lissina me. I wan' you to take-a my chrome
plated .38 revolver so you will always remember me."
"But grandpa, I really don't like guns.
How about you leave me your Rolex watch instead?"
"You lissina me, boy. Somma day you
gonna be runna da business, you gonna have a
beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and
maybe a couple of bambinos."
"Somma day you gonna come-a
home and maybe finda you wife inna bed with
another man.
"Whatta you gonna do then? Pointa
to you watch and say, 'times up' "?
An Uplifting Story
There was a man who lost one of his arms
in an accident. He became very depressed because he loved to play golf.
One day in his despair he decided to
commit suicide. He got on an elevator and went
to the top of a building to jump off.
He was standing on the ledge looking
down and saw this man skipping along, whoop-
George wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party.
George is not normally a drinker, but the drinks
didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even
remember how he got home from the party. As
bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did
something wrong.
George had to force himself to open
his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple
of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side
table. And, next to them, was a single red rose!!
He sits up and sees his clothing in front of him,
all clean and pressed. He looks around the
room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean; so is the rest of the house. He takes
the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black
eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror.
Then he notices a note hanging on
the corner of the mirror written in red with little
hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in
"Honey, breakfast is on the stove. I
left early to get groceries to make you your favorite dinner tonight. I love you, darling! Love,
He stumbles to the kitchen and sure
enough, there is hot breakfast, steaming hot
coffee, and the morning newspaper. His 16 year
old son is also at the table, eating.
George asks, "Hey Kid... what happened last night?"
"Well, you came home after 3 a.m.,
drunk and out of your mind. You fell over the
coffee table and broke it, and then you puked in
the hallway, and got that black eye when you
ran into the door."
Confused, he asked his son, "So,
why is everything in such perfect order and so
clean? I have a rose, and breakfast is on the
table waiting for me?"
His son replies, "Oh THAT... Mom
dragged you to the bedroom, and when she
tried to take your pants off, you screamed....
"Leave me alone, I'm married!!"
Broken Coffee Table $239.99
Hot Breakfast $4.20
Two Aspirins $.38
Saying the right thing, at the right time..
PNoy kinastigo si ‘Kabayang’ Noli Boy
Hinambalos ni Pangulong
Benigno Aquino III si dating
Vice President Noli de Castro
sa kanyang talumpati sa ika-25
anibersaryo ng TV Patrol, na
mismong programa ni Kabayang
Noli sa ABS CBN.
Anim na taon bilang Vice
President maliban pa sa pagiging senador ngunit walang nagawa para sa bayan! Pero may
gana pang bumanat sa pamunuan
ngayon! Ano ba ang kanyang
nagawa para sa bayan noon?
Yan mga kakabsat ang mabibigat na salita ni PNoy sa harapharapang banat ke Kabayang Noli
Boy na ikinatigil at ikinangaga ng
pamunuan ng ABS CBN at halos
lahat ng nga mga empleyado at
bisita sa nasabing pagdiriwang
ng ika-25 anibersaryo nga ng
TV Patrol na ginanap sa Manila
Hotel. In fairness sa ABS CBN
Network, ha, ipinakita ito sa TFC
na napanuod ng buong mundo na
kung saan mayruon satellite feed
nga ang nasabing network kaya
nga sari-sari ang opinion ng mga
OFWs sa nasabing isyu.
Kung santambak ang mga
problemang minana ni PNoy
mula sa administrasyo ni dating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal
Arroyo, tiyak na kabahagi si
Kabayan sa mga ito dahil siya
ang bise-presidente ni GMA.
Pero, hayun nga naman at lagi ng
nabibigay ito ng mga di kanaisnais na komento sa kasalukuyang
TV Patrol News gabi-gabi na inilalabas nga sa TFC Worldwide.
Tama naman si PNoy, mga
kakabsat, diba? Laking puntos ni PNoy sa masa. Kaya nga
kahapong pinanuod ko ang TV
Patrol, eh, nakasara bibig ni
Kabayang Noli Boy at halos di
masabi ang ‘Magandang Gabi,
Bayan’ sa pagtatapos ng programa. Natameme si Kabayan!
plastic kaya’t di natutunaw at
talaga namang bumabara sa mga
daanan ng tubig papuntang Pasig
River tungo sa dagat. Mayruon
na yatang Bill sa Kongreso na
huwag ng gumamit ng plastic bag
sa mga palengke at mga shopping malls para wala ng plastic
bags na itatapon ang mga tao sa
ilog at mga estero. Pero may mga
kaanak at kaibigang Kongresmen
daw ang Plastic King na tagaisang siyudad diyan sa Metro
Manila kaya’t di yata makapasa
ang nasabing Bill na magpapatigil na ng pagamit ng mga plastic
bags sa buong bansa. Magkano..
err... Papano kaya lulusot ang
Bill na ito?
-0Nakalaya na palang pansamantala si dating pangulong
Gloria Arroyo, Nag-bail umano
ng P1-milyon para kaso tungkol sa 2010 Election Fraud.
Pero, may kaso pang kasasampa
ng Sandigangbayan hinggil sa
Plunder Case na may halagang
P365-million. Mahina raw ang
kasong Election Fraud kontra
Mrs. Arroyo kaya’t pinayagang
mag-bail ng Pasay RTC Judge.
Paniguradong umusok ang ilong
ni PNoy ng maka-bail si GMA,
pero, anong magagawa pa niya,
eh, nagpunta na sa kaniyang
teritoryo sa Pampanga bilang
Kongreswoman, at kapag ipinahuli pa niya ulit si GMAS
ay paniguradong hahara ngin
na siya ng mga Kapampangan.
Hayaan na lang ni PNoy na
Ombudsman ang magpahuli ulit
ke GMA sa bisa ng court order at
huwag na siyang pumapel muna.
Si Kabayang Noli Boy na muna
ulit ‘upakan’niya at tumatameme
ang dating VP kapag nabibira.
Hehehehe ..
-0Grabe na naman ang baha sa
Pinas dahil sa bagyong si Gener
na kasing-tulad umano ni Ondoy
sa dami ng ulang ibinuhos sa
halos buong bansa. Akala ba
natin ay mababawasan na ang
baha lalo na Metro Manila dahil
nga ipinalinis na raw ng MMDA
ang mga baradong estero? Hindi
naman pala lahat ay natanggalang
ng basura. Lumabas tuloy na ang
ibang estero sa Metro Manila ay
natakpan na at ginawang daanan
‘o tirahan ng mga iskuwaters.
Pati nga barangay opisyales at
hindi raw alam na may mga
estero sa kanilang nasasakupan!
Tutuo kaya yon, Ka Ramon?
80 percent ng basurang nakukuha ng MMDA staff sa mga
estero ay plastic bag or gawa sa
Ibang klase talaga ang mga
Chinese athletes na lumalaban
sa London Olympics, mga kakabsat. Leading sila sa Medal
Standings after Day 3 of the
17-day Summer Games at nasa
buntot nila ang powerhouse USA
at Italy. Magandang laban ito sa
team championship, pero, sa USA
pa rin ako. Ang ating mga Pinoy
athletes? Well, isa-isang bumabagsak na. Mabigat talaga ang
Olympics. Mahihirapang manalo
ng medalyang ginto ang ating
mga atleta. Grabe kasi sa pulitika sa ating bansa, eh. Regular
na pulitika at Sports Politics!
Yong mga sports leaders nating
nagsasabing puwedeng manalo
ng ginto kahit isang atleta natin?
Suntok sa buwan yon.
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
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BICOL CANADA PICNIC - The Bicol Canada Community Association Inc. (BCCA) headed by President Rafael Nebres and officers of the association held this
year's picnic on July 22, 2012 (Sunday) at Earl Bales Park, North York, Ontario, Canada. It was highlighted by a novena honouring Bicolandia's Patron Saint, Our
Lady of Penafrancia, and the participation of the youth and adult members of the BCCA in parlour games and sports events. It was dubbed as Bicol Kaogmahan
2012. (Photo by Eugene Deocareza, PPCO, text by Manuel Papa)
32 The first television station in the Philippines
35 Tagalog slang for girl
37 Food and drug administration (abbr.)
38 Newsman Rather
39 Short for aluminum
40 Information
41 Association (abbr.)
42 Helps
44 Tthe only province in
the Philippines named
after a First Lady
45 Winter time precipitation
47 Dry red wine
48 Halloween mo.
49 Aspect
50 Red pigment
54 Ocean movement
55 False god graven
42 Speak without prepara- 3 Filipino Mount Everest 56 Hint
58 Palayaw ni Joseph
1 Wild dog
4 Loving
5 Staves off
5 Artist Andy
44 Land mass
61 Escudo
10 Clock time
46 Philippines is the larg- 6 Lager
63 Past
13 Tub spread
7 Tatters
est producer of these
64 Oxygen
14 Wing shaped
8 Haul
49 Begin
65 Bard’s before
15 Mexican sandwich
9 Monetary unit
16 Lighted sign
10 Apolinario
52 Staff
17 Kingly
53 Word arrangement
18 Black
having a hidden message 11 Quick bread
19 Dit’s partner
12 Island
57 Dined
21 What sport would
Solution to June 2012 issue
move fastest by doing the 59 Grub
15 Allure
Australian crawl
20 Hole
62 Anger
23 Wonder
punching tool
66 Goofs
26 Pan
22 Galore
28 Sleep disorder
23 Academy
68 Seaweed substance
29 “Boat” car
69 Thirst quencher
32 Negative (prefix)
24 Eight in
70 Make a choice
33 Like a wing
71 puzzle with a difficult tagalog
34 Pacquiao’s younger
25 Cheese
27 Capital of
36 Stadium
37 Gasses
30 Anger
38 Nineteenth century art 1 Licked
31 Opp. of
2 Bullfight cheer
Q. How come the dollar sign features an “S” and not a “D”?
A. The peso sign is greatly responsible for this. When the Spaniards
brought their peso to the New World in the 16th century, they had
abbreviated the currency’s name to a “P” and pluralized it by placing
an S above and to its right. Eventually the “P” was simplified to a single stroke, and the “S” place astride it. In the 1700s, young America
patterned its dollar after the peso and adopted the peso sign. But this
dollar mark somehow, and with no explanation whatsoever, now
appeared with a second line added to its configuration.
There are no income taxes in Bahrain, Brunei, Kuwait and Qatar.
No-So-Famous-First. Credit cards were first issued in 1900 by
American hotels to their most prestigious customers. In 1950 Diners
Club introduced a “new” kind of credit card. Instead of directly providing specific goods and services, Diners club acted as a “middleman” who paid for all charges made in restaurants belonging to Diners
Club. The plan soon grew to cover general travel and entertainment
Coin: from the Latin Cuneus, meaning “a wedge.”
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
Philippine Courier
July 7 - Aug. 6, 2012
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